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Emerson Caldwell



Emerson Caldwell


Basic Info

Name: Emerson Michael Caldwell
House: Cervus
Pet: Red-spotted Toad named Lester
Birthplace: NYC, New York
Wand: 11" Unicorn Hair core, Pear

  • Bad jokes and puns
  • Quodpot
  • Charms
  • A good Group of Friends
  • Flying
  • The color red

  • August, too hot
  • People who think that they're better than everyone else
  • Potions
  • Falling
  • Exams


Emerson is cheerful, friendly, and loves a good laugh. Throughout childhood he always seemed to be happy and caused hardly any trouble for his parents. As he grew and his magic started to make itself known he became quite the handful. Uncontrollable giggles would erupt and consume the house as sugar pots exploded or the family cat floated into the air hissing and clawing to the curtains for support. His infectious laughter and broad toothy smile saved him from punishment most of the time. As he grew up he learned that his magic must be closely guarded until he went to school and kept his jokes to verbal and manual ones.

He made numerous friends in New York, where it seemed magic wasn't as closely guarded as he had been taught, Wizard and Muggle friends alike. Hardly one to show off his abilities without supervision he kept to the jokes. His favorite joke goes like this: "Did you hear the one about the peanut in Central Park? It was a-salted" followed immediately by his obnoxious laughter and then by the laughter of all his friends leading him to believe that he had told an awesome joke.

Emerson is a rather loyal friend and perhaps too trusting of people that he shouldn't put his faith in. However, when he does perceive that someone has done something to harm a close friend he becomes bitter and let's just say that jelly-legs and slug-vomit aren't symptoms of a big head. That being said, he does well with spells, charms, hexes and curses and Charms is his favorite and best subject. The rest, with maybe the exception of Transfiguration and Flying, he struggles with. His struggles with his other classes paired with test anxiety result in poor grades. He doesn't let his grades get him down and often has study sessions with friends that usually digress into untreatable cases of the snorts and giggles.

On the subject of romance, Emerson isn't afraid to let people know that he's gay and his sexuality has never really caused him any problems nor has it played a very large role in his life. His parents certainly didn't mind and made sure to display their unwavering love and support through any personal or romantic mishaps. Over the years he's had a few romantic flings in the summer or that lasted a few weeks but nothing consequential as Emerson prefers friendship with its fewer obligations and lack of emotional complexity. Really, if he were to date anyone he prefers Muggle boys, it removes additional problems and allows him to assume the mysterious role in the relationship. They're just plain fun to be around and he feels like he did in elementary school, guarding some big secret and coming up with stories to explain his odd life and the burns on his arms.


Emerson was born to a full-blood wizard and a half-blood witch. His father owns a shop that sells magical curiosities, relics, and mementos where Emerson spent much of his youth learning about the objects in the store, their history and the power they each hold. He garnered much interest in Charms while in his father's shop and while watching his father make repairs to his own inventory or for other Witches and wizards in the neighborhood. His mother works for the Spell Registry Office using Arithmancy to calculate the potency of and test the effectiveness of new spells. Emerson's parents have always been loving and supportive and he has always found much inspiration in them.

His parents sent him to a New York public school for his primary education and taught him about the magical world at home. He learned very early how to keep his family's secret and had a whole array of excuses for many things. He made many Muggle friends in school but could never have them over to their house, he would of course tell them that his parents were too busy to have additional children running amuck. His parents did know many plenty of witches and wizards in the area whose kids provided plenty of magical friendships as well. In school, many accidents did happen and most adults thought them the whims of silly children but sometimes other classmates were more persistent when during a boring lesson Emerson's pencils floated idly above his head. Of course, if they were too persistent, his father could always chaperon on a field trip or set up a play date and perform a quick memory charm. All in all kept his secret well and had a fun time in Muggle school, but he was quite relieved when it came time to go to Magus Grex.

His smile was broader than usual as he boarded the ship in his neatly pressed uniform, weighed down with books and supplies. He already knew a few people in his class and the classes above but he made lots of new friends on his way to the island and has a very close network of people that he's closest to. He was glad to be sorted into Cervus and had pretty much known that's where he'd end up. He found out rather quickly which subjects he took to and which ones seemed out of reach. Potions was the worst, his first attempt to make a potion -a cure for headaches- resulted in a grey sludge with bubbles that erupted into green smoke, not a success at all. Charms, however; proved to be everything he had hoped for, he already knew the proper pronunciation and form for the first three they were taught and lifted his feather into the sky with ease. In his third year, Emerson made the Cerus Quodpot team being one of five in his year to not leave the field on a stretcher and the only one escape tryouts with less than four burns. Quodpot was the highlight of his 3rd, 4th, and 5th years especially in the 4th when he scored the winning pot against Arietem.

(will probably add more once there are other characters for friends and stuff)


Do you know much about the Harry Potter Universe?: A lot, I suppose. I've read all the books and seen all the movies, plus I'm on pottermore and have read more than a few special messages from J.K.
How often do you get online?: Everyday
How often can we expect you to be able to post?: hopefully everyday
Password: Copper Cauldron

So begins...

Emerson Caldwell's Story

Four extremely large tables were situated in the Great Hall, each representing their own House. The Ferre table stood to the far left, next was the Vulpes table, followed by Cervus to the right of center, and Arietem on the far right. The Hall was full of bodies, the mixed sounds of hundreds of conversations filled the large stone room. It was the beginning of the year feast, and the students of Magus Grex School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were back for another year. At the back of the room, there stood a raised platform, where all of the faculty were seated.

To the far left sat Nolan Pillsworth, the Flying Professor, who leaned in to whisper something in Logan Applebome's ear, the Astronomy Professor, both laughing at whatever was whispered. Ivy sat to Logan's right, speaking politely to the Head of Cervus House, Simone. And to her right was Markum, head of Arietem House, who was watching Arietem's table with interest, no doubt scoping out the new students that had been sorted into his house. To the far right sat the Divination Professor, Quinn Tobar, who was dressed in robes of bright purple, her hair sticking out at all angles. Next to her was a new face at Magus Grex, Grace Ashby, who had replaced the most recent History of Magic Professor. She sat with a smile on her face, gazing out at the mass of students. Next to her was Oscar, Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor, whose face was neutral, almost cold, and sat with his arms crossed, not partaking in any conversation. Graham was in deep conversation with Margaret, who as the Deputy Headmistress sat to the immediate right of the Headmaster himself.

The Headmaster rose, and stepped forward to his eloquently crafted podium, which stood at the front of the platform. Quickly, the chatter died down, and the attention of every body in the room turned his way. No one was stupid enough to interrupt Headmaster Rockwell when he spoke. He gazed out among the many faces, looking sullen as he always did. "Welcome, new students and returning students alike. The faculty and myself are very excited for this school year." The statement might have gotten a few silent chuckles out of the students, seeing as the Headmaster never seemed excited about anything.

He continued on, ignoring the few snickers that echoed around the room. "I trust you are all as ready for the school year as we are." He paused, his eyes scanning the room. "You all know what is acceptable behavior in this school, and any students found participating in unacceptable behavior will be punished accordingly. Keep in mind that our wonderful caretaker is always watching." He gestured to the front corner of the room, where a figure was hiding in the shadows. If you looked close enough, you could see that he was an extremely weathered looking man who had a frown on his face. He bowed ever so slightly towards the Headmaster.

"The faculty are planning some rather large events just for you students, so I trust you will all treat them with the respect they deserve, especially since they are going the extra mile for you." One final look around the room. "Let's all have a great year, shall we?" He stepped back from the podium, and returned to his seat in the middle of the faculty table.

The chatter rose up once again.

It was just like Headmaster Rockwell to make his speech short and to the point. Rose sat picking at her food more than eating it, and listening to the multiple conversations that were going on around her. She had ended up sitting next to Micah, who she didn't know very well, but was nice to look at. Of course, she could hardly be bothered to watch him when Emerson was so close. She stole glances at him whenever she dared, but never for too long. He was always smiling or laughing, and it only made him look more attractive. She felt heat rising to her cheeks, and directed her stare down at her plate.

Her mind wandered, and thought on all the rumors she'd heard about Emerson. They just couldn't be true. He was so handsome and nice and funny. People were just jealous of him, so they tried to spread mean rumors about him. She just wouldn't believe what they told her. Although she would never be dull enough to actually tell someone she had a crush on him. They would probably just laugh right in her face, and call her stupid.

Rose picked at her potatoes, barely tasting them as she ate. She let a soft sigh escape her lips. She had no idea why she was feeling so down. Truly, she was excited to be back at Magus Grex once more. Her best friends were at the school, and she had Care of Magical Creatures to really look forward to. The thought brought a small smile to her face. She would see Bliss again, who made her feel like more of a person than anyone else. The girl had some crazy ability to make Rose climb out of her skin.

A loud ruckus came from the table next to hers, and she gazed past the person sitting opposite to see the Vulpes table. Of course it was Justin. She didn't know how one person had the ability to be so loud. She didn't think she could even if she tried. She glanced quickly to her left, seeing Micah. She didn't have any reason why she'd never spoken to him much. She tried to think of something to say to him, but couldn't come up with anything, so she gave up.

In all honesty, she couldn't wait until the feast was over, so she could retreat to the common room and read a good book. Out of habit, she wrapped her robes close around her, as if she could shrink within them and not be seen.

After the Headmaster was done with his speech, which was always gloomy, Finn began to eat hungrily, as he always did. He had to keep up his strength, after all. He was seated next to his best friend, Felix. He was extremely excited to be back, not having seen any of his friends for the entire summer. There was so much to catch up on. He hadn't had too much to do over the summer, and had mostly spent time on the beach, and surfed whenever the waves were good.

Braelyn was sitting across from him a few seats down, and he gave her a smile as he made contact with her. Georgie was also close, and he smiled at her as well. He couldn't believe it was his last year at Magus Grex, and made a promise to himself that he would do his best to make it his best year yet. These people were in his house, and while he was friendly with them, they weren't exactly great friends. He needed to work on getting to know everyone better before he left for good. That didn't mean that things needed to get out of hand, however. He didn't really approve of breaking the rules, and normally refrained from doing so, no matter who asked. He got a lot of crap for it, literally from everybody, but it didn't change his ways. It was rooted too deep down into him to change.

He nudged Felix and asked, "So how was your summer, man?" He still continued eating, grabbing the variety of foods that were sitting in front of him. "I'm just really excited for the Quodpot matches. It's my last year, and I'm determined to beat Arietem this year." It wasn't that he had any real problem with the house, but they had been rivals long before Finn had attended the school. It had even seeped into his blood a little.

"And ugh, we can't forget about our all important NEWTs this year. I swear that's all we're going to hear the entire school year. I'm going to be lucky to scrape a passing grade..."

#, as written by throne
Justin Hardy – Vulpes House

Justin just couldn’t help himself. He was elated to be back. The so-described ruckus, well… with a bit of Transfiguration and Charms work, the lanky young wizard had set most of the unused silver and flatware at the Vulpes table to performing an impromptu rendition of the beloved Disney musical number “Be Our Guest”. Forks hopped about, weaving between the dishes heaped with food with their tined heads bobbing back and forth. Spoons and knives spun gracefully around one another, occasionally colliding with a metallic clatter then falling inert to the table as his spell-work was broken. Plates rolled on their edges, making neat turns at intervals. It was a fairly impressive display, and yes, quite noisy, but he just couldn’t help himself. Brilliant though he was, he hadn’t worked out a means to shake The Trace just yet (not for lack of trying), and an entire summer without magic had nearly done him in.

The Muggle-born students of his house seemed quite amused as he swayed in his seat, using his wand like a baton to conduct the affair as, in a terrible French accent, he sang the song. Students from wizarding families were a bit perplexed, and more than a few were rolling their eyes at his antics, but he couldn’t help smirking as he watched them try to figure out exactly what combination of effects he was using to achieve the feat. It was pretty much the only reason that the bookish-by-large Vulpes were so accepting of a reprobate like Justin; lazy and goofy as he was, he was undeniable one of the finest wizards in the House, and his skills with Charms and Transfiguration paled in comparison to his Potions work.

Throughout his little performance, he did his best to catch two particular pairs of eyes; first Emerson’s, then Felix’s. They, surely, would have appreciated his showmanship and the raucous results it had. It wasn’t long at all before Professor Hutson arrived and “politely” asked Justin to discontinue… which he did, mostly because he couldn’t remember all the words to the song anyway. Besides, he had business to conduct. He’d noticed several of his more regular customers eyeing him since they’d been seated, and since he wasn’t all that hungry, he decided to get business out of the way so he could move back to pleasure. First, he slung a quick, one-armed hung around Bliss, then shot off a quick salute to Teiver. With that accomplished, he slipped from his seat, slinking down the aisle between his table and the Arietem table after slinging his messenger bag over his narrow shoulder.

What followed looked more or less like old friends catching up; he’d clap his hand on a shoulder, or shake hands, grinning and laughing and joking like a fool. Anyone watching very closely would note that vials of various colored liquids were changing hands, along with plenty of sickles and even galleons. The Arietem were his best customers- small wonder, there. When he caught sight of Bellona, he paused for just long enough to blow her a cheeky kiss before continuing on his way. He often wondered why he hadn’t been sorted into that House; he certainly had plenty of friends there. Like most things, it didn’t bother Justin for overlong. He had much more important things to think about.

This way the year. He’d decided it that summer in a fit of loneliness. This was the year that he would finally tell Emerson Caldwell how he really felt about him. This was the year that he snuck or begged or trampled his way out of the friend-zone and into the arms of one of his oldest friends. Wearing a crooked smirk that wasn’t at all indicative of his intentions, he changed course… making his way toward the Cervus table, where his not-so-funny crush could be found.


Vance Abernathy - Arietem House

“She’ll be finishing out her education at Beauxbatons, for the umpteenth time,” Vance drawled, his patience wearing extremely thin. His sister’s little coven was abuzz with Nevaeh’s absence, and they couldn’t quite seem to grasp a year at Magus Grex without her. They have no idea how little she thought of them. They were little more than tools, stepping stones, but even with her gone, they go through these motions, feigning how upset they are that she’s gone. “She’s lucky, frankly. The education in Europe is much better, there’s more… tradition. I’d hoped to transfer to Durmstrang myself, but… there’s something of a legacy regarding Abernathy men and this school, and I can’t blame Father too much for keeping it alive.”

He’d been rehearsing this little song and dance all summer long. It was all he could do not to grind his teeth as one of the little sycophants went on and on about how they should dedicate the first party of the year to Nevaeh, sort of as the going away party they’d never gotten to throw. Generally, that sort of party is called a wake, he thought grimly. Beneath the table, he flexed his right hand, working his thumb and fingers a bit. The craftsmanship of the mechanical replacement was goblin caliber, but he still didn’t trust it, even if the big-eared little things were renowned for this sort of thing.

As he looked across the table, slowly scanning the faces of Arietem House, he could see the way they were looking at him. The way they were sizing him up. Without Nevaeh, his stature in the school was halved or worse. They were wondering if they had what it took to unseat him and rise to the top of the social food-chain. He almost laughed aloud. It was a testament to what was left of his composure and his breeding that he managed not to. Let them have it; he wouldn’t even fight them for such an empty honor as to be the biggest fish in this dismally murky pond.

Could he actually trust them? Trust anyone? Nevaeh couldn’t have been the only student recruited for… whatever it was his grandfather and those hooded cohorts of his had been planning. There had to be others. Being at school might keep Vance safe from the adult wizards who might want him killed, but their student-pawns? Those he’d have to remove from the board by himself.

He watched his peers carefully, looking for any indications of ill-intention. Most of them smiled at him, but their eyes were unsmiling. Vance had no illusions about his status. It was built on fear and respect, not affection. Not a one of these cretins was a tenth as adept at playing the game as he was, though. Not a one of them had blood half as pure.

He was dragged into a conversation regarding this year’s Quodpot team. ”Well, Zinkley is out,” he put in quickly, almost automatically. ”We’ll have to hold a try-out to fill his spot, but otherwise, the championship roster will go untouched.”

”And who says you’re captain again this year, Abernathy? It was starting already. The querent, a brick-faced wizard of middling heritage who certainly could have beaten Vance in a Muggle-fight, was staring at him hungrily.

”Ah, no one did, that’s true…” He took that opportunity to cut his meat, revealing his dragon-skin gloved hand in full for the first time since he’d sat down. With deliberate precision, he dissected the ham he’d taken for himself into tiny pieces. The smile he directed at the other 7th year, Barstowe, yes, Barstowe, he recalled now, was absolutely pleasant… but there was murder in Vance’s eyes. ”But of course, it simply goes without saying. Do try to keep up.” He shone his smile around the table, and most of the Arietem began to laugh on cue. Outplayed and intimidated, Barstowe stared at his plate. Let them come indeed, he decided, spearing a rectangle of ham with his fork and levering it into his mouth.

Braelyn listened respectfully while Headmaster Rockwell gave his welcome speech, although her mind was elsewhere. It was always the same, short, to-the point "behave yourselves and listen to the teachers" speech anyway. She was much more interested in catching up with the people she had been away from all summer. She had only what seemed like a very short ship ride to the island to see Bliss so far, and that wasn't nearly enough time to catch up on what all they missed in each others' lived during the summer. Braelyn sighed. This was one of those times she really wished she and her best friend were in the same house, so that they could be at the same table now to talk.

When the Headmaster was done speaking, she looked around at those in her house, and it suddenly struck her: This was the last beginning of the year feast she would be attending at Magus Grex, and the last year she would be spending with a majority of the people here. As she looked around at them, she noticed Finn smile at her from a few seats down. Her heart picked up a beat as she smiled back and gave a little wave, then looked quickly away as her cheeks grew a little warm.

Luckily, Georgie was sitting just across from her and she could talk to her for a moment and play it off as if she was excited to be talking to a friend she hadn't seen in a while. "So, how was your summer?" she asked her almost a little too cheerfully. "Did you do anything fun?"


Micah barely listened to the speech at all, his attention momentarily fixed on a very attractive young woman who apparently was a new professor at Magus Grex. He wondered what she would be teaching and scanned the row of faculty, looking for what previous teacher was missing, coming to the conclusion that she must me the new History of Magic Professor. Hmm. Not one of Micah's best subjects, but he had a feeling that he would be able to pay a little more attention in class this year.

His attention was drawn away from the new professor when the speech ended and chatter rose up around him as people were greeting each other and talking about the summers and plans for this year. He began discussing Quodpot with some of his teammates, but his ever-shortening attention span didn't stay there for too long.

He had become aware that Rose, sitting just next to him, was staring at Emerson, again. He wondered if she even realized she did that so often. Why was that? Was she one of those people that gets weirded out by homosexuality? No, it wasn't exactly that kind of wary, uncomfortable glance. It seemed more like she was admiring him. Now, that thought made Micah uncomfortable. Surely she was aware of Emerson's orientation; it's not exactly like he's kept it a secret or anything.

He decided to draw her focus away from his friend, whatever the reason for it. "So, Rose," he said, giving her a warm smile. "It's good to see you. I hope you had a good summer. Read any good books lately? I brought a few back from my parents' shop back home, if you're interested in some extra reading material. You seem to go through it pretty quickly."

As the crowd hushed, the Headmaster started his annual opening speech in an elevated podium that looks over the whole faculty and students. Some acted bored while the first years listened with eagerness and doe-eyed looks. Personally, Bellona wouldn't care about anyone talking but she knows her manners and decided to give the Headmaster a respective attention and she was right, it doesn't usually last very long and soon hungry students attacked the food as if they haven't eaten for days. Bellona give each one of the hungry looking students a raised eyebrow, a shaking head and a judgmental look. She waited until everyone was satisfied with the pile of food on their plates. Luckily, Vance and some of her so called "friends" in Arietem were as composed as she was.

She was forking some fresh fruits on her plate when Vance gave a weary sigh and spoke, "She’ll be finishing out her education at Beauxbatons, for the umpteenth time,” Then he paused and continued, "She’s lucky, frankly. The education in Europe is much better, there’s more… tradition. I’d hoped to transfer to Durmstrang myself, but… there’s something of a legacy regarding Abernathy men and this school, and I can’t blame Father too much for keeping it alive.

And inside her mind she couldn't help but agree. She had always dreamed of attending Hogwarts instead of Magus Rex, she would have if her parents haven't attempted to disown her when she challenged them with her decision. She couldn't quite understand why, many years have passed and they still didn't want to talk about their reasons for not wanting to move back to London.

Bellona decided to speak up for Neveah's drones have been annoying the hell out of her as well. They've been talking and asking about Neveah since she saw them again from Summer break, "Ladies, relax. Can you not properly function without Niv? Has she accidentally brought her controllers with her back in France?" She gave them a mocking smile and took a bite of her strawberry. Then all of a sudden Justin started singing and performing for the crowd, Bellona couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy when he suddenly gave her a blow of a kiss. She looked at him with disgust and turned back to the girls.

"Really girls, I'd sooner than not advice you to work on your grades rather than wallow in sorrow for Niv's decision and realization that she is better off at France than in her with you." The blonde girl who regarded herself as Neveah's "right hand" suddenly sat stiff as the others looked at her with shocked look in their faces. Only Bellona dares defy their small group of "society girls", they would let Vance or Neveah talk mockingly to them but never other people. But somehow Bellona always does. She particularly disliked Neveah's little army of whiny girls and in fact she never got along with the girl herself. Yes the Venator's and Abernathy's are particularly close but since she was in diapers, Bellona never understood the fascination of other people with Neveah. Vance is another story, she really doesn't have a problem with the guy. As long as he doesn't harm her she plans to play civil towards him. His aura is a whole lot different than that of his twin sister but she'd rather talk about with other people than her best friend, Summer

Speaking of her best friend, the short time she get to spend with her before the great feast was too short for catching up. Not that she didn't spend some time with her over the summer but because she has a lot to say to share with her regarding her family's short vacation in Rome.

"How was your summer Vance?" She felt like she needed to ask him that. It was part of what her parents taught her. "Father and Mother wanted me to send their regards for your parents. They said that it has been too long since they've invited them over for dinner. They were wondering if the three of you would be willing to have dinner at the house on my parent's anniversary. Just a small dinner." She took a sip on her goblet and suddenly the flavors of rich Italian summer filed her taste buds with tang.

And as she savored the fine taste a small thought had entered her mind, it is indeed peculiar that she hasn't seen a single shadow of Neveah's. She would often see more of the girl than Vance during breaks but this recent has been very different. She shrugged and assumed that she was indeed busy with moving to France. When suddenly almost everyone's attention was interrupted by a wild cajooling from Justin's antics. Bellona rolled her eyes and instead continued to create a conversation with the only bearable person around her, Vance.

"I believe Father and Mother would like to send their regards to your sister and grandfather as well," Bellona smiled towards Vance and spoke again. "Now if you'll excuse me. This feast has immensely made me feel bloated. I guess a little walk would do me good," The girl excused herself and stood as she smoothened her robe and smiled at everyone. A lot of other students started looking at her plate, where a few melons and a few pieces of grapes and pears and looked at her with disbelief. How could anyone get too full from eating a few bites of fruits? But of course, Bellona would rather faint than to care about their thoughts. The left overs on her plate would be an obvious sign that she'd rather walk towards Summer's table than to sit with most of them and besides Vance was getting occupied with a little rift with another student about Quadpot. They can save their drama on their own. "I'll see you later at the Common Room. I have something to give you." She softly told Vance and tapped his shoulder. She turned and proceeded.

Bellona spun around and almost crashed into Justin. Luckily, Bellona's reflexes are as quick as that of Fidus', her pet fox. "Oh goodness, what would Magus Rex allow next time? Circus performers?" With a cold and crude voice, she made herself clear enough for Justin to hear and walked away.

Her newly bought shoes clacked on the marble floor as she sashayed with grace across the Great Hall. She eyed Summer's seat as she directly approach her from behind. When she was at near her best friend she spoke up, "Save me!" She sarcastically whined as she grabbed a piece of chicken strips from the girl's plate. "Seriously, how come your food is some much better than our's?" She chewed and grabbed another. Summer would know she was just being silly, foods that were served are all and the same in every house.


Savant let his gaze wander as the students, old and new alike, started filling their plates. He was always looking forward to his days inside Magus Rex even if he misses his family. One of the reasons why is the food, the comfortable beds and the reality that he is a wizard.

His attention was first caught by Summer Turner, the girl was indeed fascinating to look at. He should remember to ask her out for a pizza one time, one could never know what the friendship might lead to. Next was Georgie, the girl had fire inside her or so Savant usually portrays her in his sketches. And as he turned his head around his eyes landed on Teiver and most especially on her eyes, a nice hot cup of cocoa with her would probably be nice as well. He should remember that.

He was still scanning the Great Hall for a few familiar faces when Justin started singing and making tricks with his wand. Savant snickered and quickly glanced at the Faculty table and wondered what they would make Justin do this time.

He was still laughing from watching Justin's little show when saw the girl from Arietem stand up and walk across the Great Hall and towards their table as she sneeked behind Summer and stole some of her food. Sav never understood how a girl like Summer had managed to have a strong bond with a girl like Bellona. If his friend's name felt all crisp and warm, Bellona would soon freeze everything in her path in an instant. Maybe they were able to balance each other's personality. Sav shrugged and dug on his own plate. He was chewing on his pasta when he turned to two of his good friends in the same house, Emerson and Micah, and asked, "do you guys think of Bellona?" He asked curiously. "I mean how does a girl like Summer manages to put up with her? I'm not saying she's evil but Summer and Ice Queen?" He rarely asks about other people's business but the idea kind of bugged him.

And as soon as he was about to ask his friends a few more questions he heard a few other students arguing and betting about the year's Quadpot Tournament. "Oh shoot, I just remembered do any of you guys want to try out for the Quadpot team this year?". He looked at his friends with high hopes that at least one of them would join him.

Bliss Turner

Magus Grex School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The castle's beauty was breathtaking. As she took her first step on campus, the surroundings just wrapped her up in a blanket of beauty that made her feel more at home every time she made the journey each year. Something was different this year because this would be the last time she'd ever get the feeling of complete happiness from the school she had called home for so many years. She was just about to let the realization of it ending when she felt an arm around her waist. Summer.

"Bliss, it isn't the end. It's just getting close to the next chapter." Bliss took in Summer and all of her love as she could see her sister knew exactly what she was feeling. Before she knew it, she had her arms wrapped around her little sister. She knew her sister was right, but it didn't mean she wasn't still sad about it all. She was glad that she had her moment out here where nobody would notice instead of inside where plenty of students would be able to see her breakdown. She hadn't spoken a word because she felt like as soon as sound would escape her lips, so would the tears that she was holding back. "Come on, B." Her sister whispered as the arm that was placed on her waist gave a slight push forward.

It seemed as though nothing had changed once inside. She smiled at a few students who spoke her name, always flashing that smile of her's. She gave a quick kiss of the cheek to her sister before heading towards their own table's. Of course as soon as Bliss spotted Justin, she sat down beside him. She had no time to even say 'hi' as Headmaster Rockwell began his first speech of many that would give this school year the first sign of beginning. As soon as she saw the Headmaster step from the podeum she watched as Justin managed to steal the spotlight from all other houses as he very successfully performed a piece from Beauty and the Beast. "You are never a disappointment." She said with the quick hug she received from him.

With students getting up from their tables to mingle with other houses, Bliss took this time to look around to find Felix returning her gaze already. As he quickly changed his facial expression, she let a her smile come across her face before putting one finger up towards him as a symbol that she'd be over there in just a second. She stood quickly making her way over to Braelyn, giving the girl a hug from behind. "We have a lot to talk about." She whispered into her ear before continuing, "We will have to talk later though, okay?" She said as she tugged at the girl's arm. "Come on. Let's go talk with Felix and Finn."

Bliss knew that Braelyn would (hopefully) follow her over to the boys that seemed caught up in the conversation of Quodpot. "Really boys.. Always about sports." She spoke up before wrapping her arms around Felix from behind, squeezing as she felt her hands connect on the other side of him. "You do realize there are more important things to discuss.. Like how you have both underestimated the ability of Cervus to beat both Ferre and Atrietem." She couldn't keep a straight face at the unlikelihood of Cervus even winning one match. She let her arms unravel from Felix before they returned around the body of Finn. "I've missed you two so much." She said this directed towards Finn and Braelyn. "I haven't had time to miss you yet." She laughed with a soft kick to Felix's shin."


Summer Turner

Headmaster Rockwell never seemed to phase Summer because she somehow forced herself to see the good in everybody, so now as a few chuckles escaped throughout the Great Hall, she let herself smile as Rockwell didn't even hesitate with the words that continued to spill from his lips. She felt herself glancing throughout the hall to find a few faces of people she knew. She caught sight of her sister with Justin right next to her and rolled her eyes before hearing the Headmaster's speech end. It only took a few seconds for the whole student body to explode into conversation again.

She began grabbing various items from the plates of food from the table. She absolutely loved the food at Magus Grex, and she did not hide this as she at least grabbed a taste of every single tray of food. She nibbled here and there until she looked across to see Justin showing off again. This was like her enemy she didn't have. She just couldn't force herself to like him like Bliss did, but she couldn't say that out loud. Letting her hair fall in front of her face, she quickly caught it before it could touch the food on her plate. "How was everybody's summer?" She asked aloud getting quiet a few response before she saw the sight of a hand grab something from her plate.

She was about to grab the hand until she heard the voice that went with it. Hearing Bellona made Summer take a deep breath full of relief as she quickly spun around, "I've missed you!" She ignored the question Bellona asked her as she found her arms practically chocking Bellona's neck. "Me save you? Seriously.. Look what I'm having to deal with." She said as she pointed over to Bliss whose arms were around Felix. Bellona was the only person that knew that Summer had been crushing on Felix for years. "The only thing keeping me from killing her is the fact that I no longer care.. I think." She said as she felt her glance pull towards Savant. "He is going to keep me sane." She said as she looked at the people he seemed to be talking to.

Emerson and Micah, who Summer absolutely adored. "Let's go interrupt the manly talk for two seconds, please. I haven't said hi to Micah yet. You aren't my only friend, I think." She said with a laugh before dragging the girl further down the table to see the three boys. "Hello lovely gentlemen." She smiled towards Savant letting her eyes stay there a little too longer before facing the other two. "Micah! I've missed you." She gave him a quick kiss on the top of his head before giving them a quick wave of goodbye. "I'd love to stay and chat, but we have to catch up on a little girl talk.. Unless you three are dying to know the lately fashion in the Wizarding World?" She didn't bother hearing their answer as she turned all of her attention to Bellona, curious where she might lead them off to.

Braelyn smiled as Bliss came over to give her a hug. She nodded when asked to go with her to Felix and Finn. "If you'll excuse me," she said to Georgie. "We'll catch up later in the common room, okay?" She stood and followed Bliss to where the two boys were seated at her table and was a little taken aback when Bliss wrapped her arms around Felix from behind. She arched an eyebrow and placed a hand on her hip, giving Bliss a knowing look. "I missed you too," she said. "You haven't had time to miss Felix yet? What's that about?"


Micah was about to answer Savant when the girls in question came over to where they were sitting. He stood to give Summer a quick hug, and nodded briefly in greeting to Bellona. "Ah, no girl talk for me, thanks," he said to Summer with a laugh. "We'll talk later." He smiled at her as the two walked off, then turned his attention back to Savant's question. "I can't say I know too much about Bellona," he said. "But you know Summer. She's so softhearted, and sees the good in everyone. It doesn't surprise me too much that she'd somehow find a way to see it in Bellona too." He grinned at Savant's question about Quodpot. "Well of course we'll be playing this year," he said. "At least I will be, I'm assuming you still plan on it, too?" He directed the question at Emerson.

Emerson's smile was broad and unwavering, he looked around the Great Hall, elated to be back for another year at Magus Grex. He sat himself at the Cervus table across from Micah and next to Savant, his closest housemates. The feast was glorious and he was starving but waited respectfully through the address , knowing it would be a short one. As always, the close was short and unceremonious, Emerson tore into the food grabbing as much as he could from every plate near by.

This was his favorite time of year and not just because of the feast but because he got to see all his friends together after months apart, well mostly. He spent almost the whole Summer with Micah at a Quodpot field outside of the city or lazing about with whomever he could, even some old Muggle friends. The break was a ton of fun but he was happy to be back and had decided that this was going to be the best year yet. O.W.L.s were done with and N.E.W.T.s were still far away, so this was the last year he could goof off and enjoy being an adult, which would happen in just a few months but without really having to worry about the real world. Also, Emerson just knew the Quodpot team would be amazing this year, they had some really strong seventh years that could definitely carry the team to victory, despite what the other houses thought.

With musings of the championship and the intensity of his eating he nearly missed the clamor of plates and silverware going on behind him. He didn't even have to turn around to know who it was, but he did anyway and laughed heartily at Justin's intricate display. His friend's terrible singing and charmed utensils kept his attention and when their eyes met he gave a big smile and a wave then turned around as Professor Hutson put an end to the show.

The room moved around him, people got up to say hello to friends, Micah struck up some conversation with Rosina but Emerson did not waste the occasion to eat almost everything in sight, but he would be interrupted over and over again. He tore at a piece of chicken, dipped it in something and was happily chewing eyeing when Savant spoke, something about bologna and deciding to acknowledge his friend followed Sav's gaze and found Bellona and Summer. He drank from his goblet, then swallowed but the girls in question had already arrived at the table. He was no longer confused by the question and figured out pretty quickly why Sav cared who Summer talked to the way they gazed at each other. Their visit was brief and Emerson had begun eating again when Micah spoke first. With his mouth a but full, he agreed, “ Yeah, and maybe it's some kind of opposites attract deal, ya know, yin and yang.” He made fluid motions with his hands to illustrate the deities of balance. He couldn't stand all this unspoken love stuff, the stolen glances, the uncomfortable conversations, all the soft advancements that were never acted upon. He was glad for his friend but plucking petals off of daisies was never much fun.

The next question, however; got his full attention, he even swallowed before speaking, “Oh, I'll be on the team! You don't have to worry about me being there.” He looked at Savant now, ecstatically “ Are you trying out? Sav, you've got to try out, you'd be great!” he shouted “ And just think of how the girls'll swoon when they see you on the pitch, half the stadium will be out cold!” He threw his hand to his forehead, gave a high pitch sigh then slumped backwards almost all the way to the marble. He chuckled, and from his upside-down vantage he saw Justin walking towards the table, he grinned then struggled to get up. He looked again at Justin, right-side-up he could see the look on his face, a look that Emerson knew all to well. Justin may have been much smarter and could easily fool anyone with his expressions, but this one was a give away. There was no subtle gazing or daisy plucking, this was the face of determination, determination to throw one wild pants party that Emerson didn't want an invitation to. When would Justin understand that he just wanted to be friends, no benefits. If he weren't so terrified of the complexity of romantic involvement he'd prefer one to be more intimate than what Justin always seemed to propose.

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Justin Hardy – Vulpes House

Justin loped on up to the Cervus table, still very much grinning that grin of his. He might have had a bit of a blind-spot, so far as Emerson was concerned, when it came to his powers of mental dissection, but he could read the slight change in the other boy’s eye easily enough. He’d seen it a hundred times before, probably more. It was the way he reacted to inevitably being hit on, this slight contraction of his very being that was easy to miss.

”Hot guy,”, he greeted Micah with an upnod. He repeated the upnod in Savant’s direction. ”Other hot guy.” His hand delved into his messenger bag, and he extracted a bouquet, which he offered to Emerson.”M&M.”* No, not flowers; that was a bit too conventional for his tastes. Bunched up in his hand were somewhere in the vicinity of two-dozen popsicle sticks, sans popsicle. Half of the cheap would was discolored, faint red or purple or orange, but there were little words printed on them. During the summer month, Justin’s younger siblings went through frozen treats like Kleenex, and he’d managed to scavenge together and clean up some of the better cast-offs. See, each stick had a joke on it, the punch-line to which was only revealed once the popsicle had been removed. He figured Em would get a kick out of them (they were just the sort of terrible pun-driven bits of humor he delighted in), and this sentimental, sweet gesture was only the first step in his as-of-yet-undetermined-number-of-phases plan to win the Quodpot jockey’s big ole’ heart.

He was watching his friend’s reaction carefully as he casually folded his scrawny arms across his chest and regarded the three of them in a more general sense. ”How was everyone’s summer? Mine was awful, but then, they always are. Did you hear that Nevaeh Abernathy went to Beauxbatons?” His grin got even wider and goofier, a touch scandalous. Knowing just about everyone and many of their secrets meant that Justin was usually pretty on top of the school’s gossip grapevine, and he had just paid a visit to the Arietem table, where it was all anyone could seem to talk about. ”Oh, I almost forgot.”

He reached into his bag of tricks again, withdrawing three small vials of brown liquid. With somewhat frightening dexterity, he tossed them in quick succession, one to Micah, one to Savant, and then one to Emerson. ”New merchandise. Put three drops of that in anything besides milk or orange soda, and it’ll look and taste just like butterbeer, but… decidedly more potent." He wasn’t quite sure why orange soda was exempt, but, that was magic. ”Try it out, share it around, you know the drill.” Then he remembered something. ”Only three drops. Not four, unless you want some gnarly mutton chops. They only last a couple days, but, not everyone can pull them off.” He peered at Micah, canting his head a bit. ”You probably could, actually.”

He’d lost his train of thought, imagining Micah with gnarly mutton chops. He tapped one of his long index fingers on his chin. ”Where was I? Oh, yeah. Tentative name is ‘Betterbeer’.” He shrugged. ”But yeah, I just wanted to say hi and drop off presents. I’ll let you guys get back to your testosterone-fest.” This was crucial to his plan. Do something nice, something sweet, then disappear so that Emerson could reflect on how nice and sweet it was before Justin had the chance to slip up and say something perverted.

*Note: it’s worthwhile to mention that Justin’s favorite nickname for Emerson (a play on the common truncation “Em”) is best not spelled out phonetically in order to avoid confusion. Justin associates Emerson with the brightly colored candy, tough on the outside but sweet on the inside produced by Mars, Inc., not the American recording artist Marshall Mathers.

Rosina Garenne

Rose's cheeks flushed slightly as she heard Micah address her. That was definitely out of the ordinary. In the past five years, they hadn't really spoken to each other. Of course, it was his last year at Magus Grex. Maybe he was just trying to leave on a positive note, getting to know all of his housemates as best as he could. Whatever his reason, she had to respond in some way. Otherwise he would think she was positively dull... or deaf even. She cleared her throat, instinctively reaching up to run a hand through her hair. Although she forgot she had worn it in a ponytail. So her hand raked through and probably messed up her hair, making it look worse. Embarrassed, her hand shot down to her lap.

"Umm... y-yeah, I went through a lot of books this summer." She brought her eyes up to meet his, smiling lightly. "I would love to see what boo-" But she was interrupted by the two girls who had appeared by Micah's side. He stood to give Summer a hug, while Bellona just kind of stood to the side. Rose's eyes found her plate once more, staying silent as they exchanged a few words. She really did like Summer. She was just so sweet, and when the two of them were alone, they always had excellent conversations. Of course, Rose spent much more time with Bliss. She wasn't sure if that bothered Summer or not, she'd never really thought to ask. Still, she had no idea how Summer had become best friends with Bellona. The girl was just plain mean. To everyone! They were polar opposites, but Summer must see something in the Arietem that Rose herself did not see.

The girls took off, and Micah turned his attention to Savant, as if he had already completely forgotten about her. She let out a soft sigh, pretending to eat her food, but not really taking a bite. She knew the three boys were pretty much obsessed with Quodpot, so she listened to their conversation. Particularly when Emerson seemed to shout, and swoon backwards from the table. A smile spread across her face, but she quickly made it disappear. She didn't want them to know she had been listening in on their conversation.

Micah didn't seem to be returning his attention to her any time soon. So she glanced around the large hall, seeing everyone talking with friends. Suddenly, she felt so very alone. She wanted to run up to her room and just curl up under her covers with a good book. Life was so much better there. She saw Teiver slip out of the hall, and realized that she wouldn't be coming over to save Rose from her loneliness. And she didn't even see Bliss anywhere, so that wasn't going to happen either. She had the urge to cry, but wouldn't let herself do so in the middle of the feast.

As she thought about it, she guessed she couldn't really blame Micah. She wasn't that interesting anyway, and he had so much in common with the two other guys. And just then, Justin approached their table, standing across the way from her. He said some cheesy stuff to Emerson, and gave the boys each a little vial. She had no idea what he was up to, and didn't really care to know. She knew that Justin came from a Muggle family, just as she did. Did they also both have crushes on Emerson? Apparently so. She'd known they were good friends, but this was news to her. Perhaps she didn't know as much about others as she thought.

She felt the urge to run, but made herself stay put. She wouldn't let everyone else see her running from the hall alone, on the brim of tears. It was a new year, and she could create a new image, right? ....Maybe?

Finn Pollack

Braelyn gave a little wave back, then immersed in conversation with Georgie. He listened to Felix's response, smiling at his best friend's word. He'd been practicing his new move (it still needed an awesome name) all summer, and almost had it perfected. Felix was right, if he could get it down, the other houses didn't have a chance. Of course, once he did it once, everyone else would be trying to copy it. He'd have to cross that bridge when it came, though. He found it extremely interesting that Felix had spent his entire summer with Bliss. And the way that he stared at her after he spoke about her made Finn smirk. It surely seemed that something had bloomed between two of his best friends.

And speak of the devil, Bliss appeared at their table shortly after. She wrapped her arms around Felix, before doing the same to him. He graciously received the hug, squeezing her back with a chuckle. "It does seem like it has been forever, hasn't it?" he said, turning to face her. As his friends were chatting to each other, movement at the far end of the hall caught his eye. It was none other than Teiver, and she was slipping out of the large oak doors. He remembered taking a real notice of her last year, since she always seemed to be sneaking off when she wasn't supposed to. He'd even tried to follow her a couple of times, but she'd eluded him before he could catch her. He wasn't really breaking any rules leaving the feast. The speech had been made, and students were allowed to leave at any time. Most just stayed around for courtesy, until the faculty were done, and the first years were rounded up.

He narrowed his eyes, and stood up from the table. "Guys, I'll see you later. I need to take care of something." He clapped Felix on the back, and placed a hand on both Bliss' and Braelyn's shoulder for a moment, before he took off down to the oaken door. He slipped through as well, hearing the soft sound of footsteps, and he caught a glimpse of her disappearing around a corner to the left. He moved forward, approaching the corner, and peeking around it. Teiver was with her cat, which always appeared next to the girl when she wasn't in class. They were standing in front of a normal stone wall, and for a moment Finn was confused. He continued to watch though, and was filled with surprise when the girl brought out her wand and revealed a secret passageway, and a door stood in the place of what had been a wall moments ago.

Teiver was about to walk through, and he was afraid the passageway would disappear after she went through it. He didn't want to lose her once more. "Hey!" he called out, stepping from behind the wall and in to her line of vision. That was probably stupid, but he hadn't had any better ideas on such short notice. He looked around awkwardly, shoving his hands in his pockets. "Uh, what exactly are you doing?" he asked, thinking that was probably a stupid question as well. Too late now. At least he might find out exactly what she was up to.

Before even Bellona could refuse her best friend, Summer had dragged her all the way towards the table where the three boys were eating and talking. She remained quiet and just stared as Summer said her hi's and hello's but what caught her attention is the way her best friend locked stares with the quiet boy they called Savant. A little curious yet mischievous smile crept across her face. And before she knew it, Summer was dragging her away yet again.

The gardens are most likely full with students trying to catch up with summer stories with their friends who wanted a more peaceful place to talk than the Great Hall. Neither of them can go to each others House Common Room. "Where do you suppose can we-" Bellona was about to ask her friend when she paused and came up with an idea. She shut her mouth and held Summer's hand this time and lead the way. She went straight for the grand stairs but if some of the students would usually take the stairs going up she lead Summer towards the steps that went to the lower grounds, turned left on the first hall and then another left on a lower area. She exited an archway and they were welcomed by the cold wind and darkness only lit by a few torches rounding the archery field. This was her usual haven, most people would rush towards the Quadpot arena, either playing, practicing or girls drooling over the players while she targets the bulls eye with a sharp arrow.

She approached the stone bench supported by two small looking gargoyles that was probably made to scare most people but not Bellona. They were like her personal stone soldiers who kept her company. Most students would joke that she is as cold and expressionless as the stone figures but she knows she scares a lot of them as well. And that was Bellona's intention, she was never the social one it was always Summer who would talk to anyone and instantly become friends with them.

Privacy was a big thing for her, especially now. She was about to tell something to Summer but she guessed it can wait, but somehow she could feel the letter deep in her uniform pocket as if it was burning a hole.

As soon as her bum got comfortable on the cold slab, she let Summer take a seat and blurted, "I thought you liked Felix?!" She gave her a curious look and continued, "So why were giving Savant googly eyes earlier?" Summer unintentionally revealed her crush on Felix before she left for Rome.


Just as Savant was asking his friends about the two girls, the subjects of their conversation approached their seats. He grew silent and looked at Bellona then at Summer. But he was soon in an exchange of gaze look with the latter. He smiled and gave her a small nod, acknowledging her presence. Summer was the first one to break the stare and gave his friend a kiss on the head and was gone as fast as she came.

He knew he had to move fast and build up on that courage to ask her out- soon. Just then Micah spoke and interrupted his thoughts, "I can't say I know too much about Bellona," he said. "But you know Summer. She's so softhearted, and sees the good in everyone. It doesn't surprise me too much that she'd somehow find a way to see it in Bellona too."

Soft hearted, Savant thought.

Just then Micah directed his words towards Emerson."Well of course we'll be playing this year. At least I will be, I'm assuming you still plan on it, too?"

To which Emerson replied to, “Oh, I'll be on the team! You don't have to worry about me being there.” Savant was glad his friends were on the same rock as he is. Emerson then looked at Savant now, ecstatically “Are you trying out? Sav, you've got to try out, you'd be great!” he shouted “ And just think of how the girls'll swoon when they see you on the pitch, half the stadium will be out cold!”

Sav chuckled and shook his head, but it was true. Somehow some girls (or probably just one dedicated girl) had the habit of leaving Chocolate Frogs on his locker or desk often times. Some even have a poem or letter attached to it. But he didn't dare eat of any it, not that he was a snob or asshole he just didn't want to risk getting affected by probable love potions. He knew the effects are undesirable and silly.

"Yeah, I gave the thing a little thought over the summer as I was packing some grocery items," He then spooned some mashed potatoes and stuffed it inside his mouth and spoke with full mouth. "Any idea when the try outs will be and at what time? You guys have to give me tips, i don't think I know too much," He sipped his juice when Justin approached their table.

He each gave a supposedly praise on Micah and him but regarded Emerson with his own personal nickname. He almost choked on his drink when Justin blurted his pet name towards Emerson. He liked the guy for his humor even if sometimes it can be too much.

”How was everyone’s summer? Mine was awful, but then, they always are. Did you hear that Nevaeh Abernathy went to Beauxbatons?” Justin asked as he handed them a bunch of popsicle looking things.

"Muggle stuff," He mumbled as he continued to eat still thinking if he should care about Neveah's transferring. Maybe he should just be glad that the school had gotten rid of one Abernathy and now he just have to deal with just one. Somehow he wished that both of them had moved to another school and Magus Rex would be so much better.

”Oh, I almost forgot.” Justin then revealed something else. He explained his Betterbeer as Savant continued to eat and soon bid them his own personal of goodbye.

He returned his attention back to his friends as his stomach feasted on food.

Emerson Caldwell

With a low sigh he redirected his attention to Savant and said, “ I think try outs are in a week or so, maybe two, but yeah, until whenever that is we can go down to the pitch and toss it around, maybe go over some of the techniques, and see if we can get you at all used to the whole explosion in your arms thing.” Just as he finished, Justin had reached the table. He turned around and smirked at the way he addressed them, even at the goofy term of endearment he was given.

The little wooden sticks seemed like an unusual gift and a decidedly sober one, that is until he inspected more closely. He remembered these from Muggle school and lit up immediately. His teeth and head once ached from devouring the frozen treat to uncover the punchline at the end of the stick. He shuffled through them, with his grin spanning from ear to ear. He tried not to read them, not wanting to cause a scene but he also wanted to save as many for later as possible. He didn't want to say that this was the greatest gift he'd ever received but it was very thoughtful. He gave Justin an enthusiastic thanks and tried not to let his face give away just how excited he was.

Emerson didn't care much for gossip, this portion of the table as a whole probably didn't care at all that someone changed schools and all the social implications, but he responded anyway.

“That's interesting, I never really knew her though, she was kind of shady anyway,” he said so passively so that the comment didn't go wasted.

What Justin did next was expected, always peddling his ingenious concoctions but just like Savant he was wary to try out a gift from an admirer, even though a dazed and cuddly infatuation probably wasn't
what Justin was interested in. He chuckled at the thought of half the school sporting some hardy chops and more still at Micah's already unchecked facial hair.

Just like that Justin was gone and Emerson bid his goodbye, he'd really enjoyed the gifts but he couldn't help wondering why he ran off so quickly. He hardly said anything and certainly avoided saying anything perverse or suggestive. He had no time to be suspicious as too much food rested uneaten on his plate.

Micah Jeffers

Micah laughed at Emerson's pretty accurate imitation of girls swooning over Savant. "You really should definitely try out," he told Savant. "I'll help you out however I can."

Just then, Justin came over, handing a popsicle stick bouquet to Emerson. Micah smiled and shook his head. You had to give him credit for his determination. He gave little thought to the comment about Nevaeh Abernathy, as he didn't really even personally know the who who had practically been the queen of the Arietem house. He gladly accepted the vial Justin tossed his way, interested in how this potion worked. Betterbeer, he had called it. And definitely three just three drops, not four, even if he could pull off the "gnarly mutton chops" look. He attempted committing it to memory. Three drops, not four... Three, not four... Three, not--

His attention broke off there, even before Justin had left them, and he began looking around at his other housemates catching up with each other. Then he notice Rose sitting ever so quietly beside him still and wanted to hit himself. She probably thought he was completely blowing her off after having started a conversation with her just to turn right around and get into talk of Quodpot and the Summer/Bellona friendship and Betterbeer with the guys.

"I'm sorry about that, Rose," Micah said to her, sheepishly. "I don't have the best attention span in the world." His AD/HD was a long-time source of embarrassment to him since his diagnosis in elementary school, and he had found it easier to play it off like he just didn't care to focus on things rather than he couldn't. In this case, however, he definitely didn't want Rose to think he simply didn't care to pay attention to her. "Where were we?" he asked her. "Books, right?"


Braelyn Tanner

Braelyn watched the playful exchange between Bliss and Felix, completely not buying the whole "friends" nonsense that Bliss had mentioned, but satisfied for now knowing that they would be talking about it in more detail later. She laughed at Felix's comment about Finn leaving him alone with two beautiful ladies, but was disappointed that he had up and left so quickly. Brae couldn't help but wonder what had caught his attention and made him leave like that.

"Alright, courtyard it is," she said to Bliss. "See you later, Felix. Have fun with.. whatever that is," she nodded towards Vance heading their way. She grabbed Bliss's hand and headed for the door, waving over at Georgie. "We'll see you out there, okay?" she called to her.

As soon as they reached the courtyard, where some people had already gathered in small groups here and there, Braelyn led Bliss to a bench in a relatively quiet spot. "Arlight," she said, smiling and placing a hand on her hip. "Talk."

The opening speech was the same as always, but Myra listened intently, giving as much of her full attention as possible. She'd sat by the head of the table, as usual, so as to be near the teachers, should one of them need to talk to her. She tutored on occasion, so they needed her often. Once Headmaster Rockwell had finished his memorized speech, she turned and piled her plate high. Mentally thanking her mother for a fast metabolism, she pulled a book out of her bag and opened it, beginning to read where she'd left off as she maneuvered forkfulls of food to her mouth. She had become dimly aware of Beauty and the Beast being sung along her table when suddenly her fork flew out of her hand to dance along with the rest. Turning, she watched as Justin 'conducted' his impromptu musical. While she loved the movie, Belle had always reminded her of herself, she loved food more. Frowning, she was struck with an intense desire to talk Justin into harnessing his talents, and not for the first time. Not very many students could pull off such a sport (however un-elaborate the charms-work was in Myra's eyes). Taking out her wand, she waited for her fork to pass her again, and when it was in the perfect range muttered "Finite Incantatem," the fork falling promptly into her open and waiting hand. She began eating and reading again, letting the professors take care of Justin's rouse.

She listened in momentarily to some of Vulpes' house Quodpotists talking about the up-coming try-outs and winning the house cup. A short burst of excitement hit her in the stomach, practically causing her to choke on the water she'd just gulped down. She thought of her broom and the practice quod up in her room. She bit her bottom lip, considering whether she'd be brave enough to try out this year, then let the thought go as a blush ran up her cheeks at the thought of being scrutinized. What if she wasn't as good as she thought she was?

Losing herself in the book again, the chatter of all the separate tables became white noise. She lost focus of time and only ever glanced up to add more food to her plate. Vaguely she was aware of Professor Hutson briefly chatting with her. Something about someone needing a tutor for Potions, which Myra agreed to help with, of course. Politely disengaging herself from the conversation, she returned to her book. She glanced up every now and then, when movement caught her eye.

She'd noticed as Summer and Bellona had found each other and had a brief twinge of guilt hit her. She should put the book away and go talk to them too, but then they wandered to talk to Savant, Emerson, and Micah momentarily. There went Summer's very light blush, and Savant's posture changed ever so slightly just now. Myra couldn't help but smile softly at the interaction, and Bellona's minute boredom. She watched as they dismissed themselves and wandered from the great hall. They'd most likely seen her with a book and known she'd catch up with them later, besides, talking to cute, funny guys was not Myra's strong suit. She made a mental note to ask Kaplan to find the girls for her later.

She'd also noticed Bliss' laughter, trickling down the table like a warm Autumn shower. How was she just so perfect? It seemed that at least everyone had stopped by Vulpes' table just to say hi to her, or smile at her. Myra considered that for a moment and shot a short glare at her book. She knew that it was sort of her own fault that she didn't have too many people beating down the door to get to know her, and that it was probably that she always had her nose in a book, but what could she do? You cherished what you cherished, and some people were better at some things than others. I bet if I was on the Quodpot team people'd want to talk to me... The blush returned, so Myra picked up her book again.

After reading a couple more paragraphs, Myra was startled when her consciousness pricked as Vance passed by. He'd been talking to Arietem's house head, and was now making his way towards Professor Hughes. Their conversation seemed less than amicable to say the least, but they both were professional as far as Myra could tell. As Vance turned to leave she caught that look in his eye again. Her heart gave a small throb of sadness for the boy, her lips turning down in a small pout as she watched him. Where did that pain come from? It wasn't there last year, that's for sure... Damn! She ducked her head quickly as he passed by her, hoping against hope he hadn't seen her looking at him.

She decided it was a good idea to return to her book and only emerged for more chicken a page or two later. She conspicuously watched as girl after girl stopped by the Ferre table to talk to Finn. He smiled at them, that warm, tender, polite smile and talked to each of them. He was always so genuinely pleasant, so friendly. Myra smiled in spite of herself, enjoying her candid viewing of Finn's Flock (as she liked to call all the girls who fawned over him.) When his head started to turn in her direction though, she immediately dropped her eyes to her book and "read" as intently as she could. She'd never be able to go talk to him like the other girls, so what did it matter? She watched out of the corner of her eye as he excused himself from the table and left the hall. Was it just her, or did a little warmth leave the room with him?


Some time later Myra sighed, placed a bookmark in The Dream Oracle and pushed her plate away from her. She'd overeaten again, and chided herself as the inevitable "food baby" made itself known. Thank god for robes, she thought with chagrin. Tilting her head to the left she looked down her table. "Oh!" The exclamation left her mouth before she had a chance to register she was making noise. There were very few people left. She looked around, surprised to see how empty the main hall was. How long had she been reading? Better yet, how much had she eaten? Oh dear... She noticed Naire, then, wandering out of the hall with his owl and his camera. Her first genuinely large smile spread itself across her face. Near! Oh, how she'd missed him! They'd spent a week over vacation together, and sent owls back and forth, but that was not nearly enough contact. She wiped her hands on her linen, daintily wiped the corners of her lips, took one last sip of water, and stood. Tucking her book into her side bag, she scanned the great hall again, and waved to Professor Kass, reminding herself she'd have to stop by her office later or the next day to chat.

Hurrying out, Kaplan slinked up beside her, rubbing on her ankles and purring. Scratching behind his ear, she picked him up and followed Near to the Willow tree. Myra smiled to herself at the adorable little owl playing in the water. Setting Kaplan down, she grabbed a couple of owl treats from her bag, then pointed her wand at Near's camera. "Geminio!" she whispered, an exact (if useless) copy of his camera creating itself at the tip of her wand. Grabbing it, she tossed a couple treats to Chopstick, and plopped next to Naire, making clicking noises as she snapped fake pictures of him. "Hey shutterbug! How are you?" She smiled warmly at him as Kaplan immediately curled into Naire's lap, his tail lazily wrapping around his waist.

Things really had slowed down at the Cervus table, Emerson finally had a chance to eat his fill and a little extra still. His eyes roamed the room as he let out a yawn- eating always made him sleepy. With very few people left he decided it was best to head up to the dorm and chill there for a bit before going to sleep, but he what he saw right across the table kept hims around for at least a little while longer. Micah and Rosie, talking idly about books, or were they books? In his mind he smirked and waggled his eyebrows then realized he was doing it on his face's face too...his real face?..his face. Wherever it was going on, he stopped it but continued to eave's drop on their chat. The possibility that they could be more than literature connoisseurs excited Emerson, maybe this quiet girl would open up and start talking to people once she realized what good could come from it and maybe instead of just lookin' at him she could talk to Emerson about Micah and the well of intel he had on his friend.

She was so nervous; her hands were obviously being wrung beneath the table, she kept looking down then back up, her cheeks were so lightly flushed! She might as well have been twirling her bright red hair around her finger and batting her eyes. He made a mental note that he was much more open to blossoming love with a full stomach and another that he was clearly rather adept when it came to spotting young love. It may have been best to let their hearts and their bodies lead them along the path to amorous bliss but he couldn't help himself from nudging them along as he slid down from the metaphorical rooftop and into their talk.

"Are you guys talking about books?" his keeping it cool skills were terrible and every word he spoke sounded like eerily similar Disney Channel banter. He turned to Rosie and leaned back, nearly rubbing shoulders with Nate Grimm, "The Jeffers' bookstore is full of all the best sorts of books, tons of 'em! Also, it's a great place for hide and seek, but more importantly, books. Fairly priced books, too... it's probably the best bookstore I've ever been to and smells nice too. You really should go see it sometime and you should see all the books Micah brought with him, I've read a few, they're great. Really great." His choppy and poorly delivered book speech was probably a massive success . He didn't stick around to see, but yawned, stretched and stood up to go. He slapped Sav on the back, and waved goodbye to Rosie and Micah then paraded out of the hall.


Back in Cervus common room he gave quick greetings to his friends and housemates before running into his dorm. His roommates were out, per usual and he crossed the room to a shallow bowl of water in which a certain special toad rested. "Hello, Lester" he called to the toad that was twice the size of any other toad of his species on account of a poorly aimed engorgement charm whose effect Emerson preferred to the two inch toad he so easily lost track of. "I trust you're as excited for this year as I am as I see you've taken quite well to the new room. Would you like to hear a joke?" The toad did not accept or deny so Emerson pulled a popsicle stick from his pocket, he held the red-stained, tooth indented stick close to his face and asked, "Why don't seagulls fly by the bay?" He paused, allowing the toad time at least to react. Direct eye contact and a low gurgle would have to do as Emerson proceeded, "Because it would be a bagel!!" He chuckled and didn't let the toads blank stare dampen the pun. "Yeah whatever, Lester" he dropped some mealworms next to the bowl and watched as Lester finally roused to pursue the unmoving grubs.

Priscilla Barsotti

She was surrounded by girls younger than herself, mostly second, third, and fourth years. They were all staring dreamily at her as she was describing her family's visit to Paris this summer. "Oh ladies, it was magnifique!" she exclaimed, sighing happily. Paris actually had been magnificent... for the first few days. Then the charm had been lost on her. It definitely wasn't one of the best places she'd ever visited. But she certainly wasn't going to say that to all these girls who were hanging on her every word.

"The Eiffel Tower was breathtaking! I mean, you've never seen anything like it, I swear," she said, a smile on her face. In truth, that had been her favorite part of the entire trip, easily. "And when I was there, I met the most handsome guy. Jean Baptiste." The girls sighed, or a small smile spread across their faces. She had them absolutely hooked. They were so easy to control. "C'était de l'amour! We spent the rest of my trip together, and he was absolutely devastated when I had to leave." Now the girls all had sad expressions on their faces.

"Did he give you is number?!"

"Are you going to keep in contact with him?"

"Will he come visit you?"

All the girls asked at once. She smiled, making it look as if she were sad. "I've tried to contact him, but he won't respond to me." They all awwww'd, and she shrugged her shoulders. In reality, Jean Baptiste hadn't been attractive at all. He'd actually followed her around whenever he saw her, and tried to ask her on a date like five billion times. He'd really creeped her out. But that wasn't exactly romantic, so she had made up her own version. And she was getting exactly the response she had expected.

"Let's not talk about it anymore, okay girls? I don't like to think about him... So, tell me about all of your summers!" They all start talking, one by one, and she kind of zoned out, although she nodded and gave all the 'yeah' and 'mmhmm' responses that she should in the appropriate spots. All of their stories bored her, but she waited until they were all finished before taking her leave. As she walked away, she heard them all taking about how they had to visit Paris. She smirked as she continued to walk down the long table.

Priscilla found Îrem sitting a little ways down the Arietem table. All she had to do was look at the first year that was sitting next to her, and the little kid got up and moved immediately. She took the vacant seat and smiled at her friend, giving her a small and quick hug. "Hey girl," she said, releasing her hold on the sixth year. And amazingly, Zackariah was sitting across from them. Life truly was good. "Zack," was all she said, acknowledging his presence and no more. A girl had to play hard to get, after all.

Rosina Garenne

While waiting for Micah's response, she had decided to actually eat a little more, since her stomach had settled a great deal. She had realized that she was actually really hungry. She reached for her cup and took a sip of her absolute favorite beverage... Sierra Mist. The cool bubbliness went down her throat, and she almost wanted to sigh out of happiness. Things were going to turn out just fine. She turned her eyes to Micah's once more, when another voice entered their conversation.

Oh. My. God. It was Emerson.

Her stomach preceded to have twice the amount of knots it had had before, and she thought she was going to throw up the food she just ate. Her heart began beating so fast and loud she thought that Emerson might actually be able to see it pulsing outside of her shirt. She put a hand up over her chest, as if she was preventing him of seeing just how flustered she actually was. She somehow managed to give him one quick nod as he asked if they were talking about books.

He then went on some really long speech about how awesome Micah's books were. Her brain didn't seem to register just how weird it actually was. She could only see his perfect mouth forming words. Her face just had to be the same color as a tomato, even brighter than her hair. Before she knew it, he was standing and stretching, then waved a quick goodbye to her. No, don't go... she thought, wanting to reach out for him. Yet at the same time, she was jumping up and down enthusiastically inside her head, screaming like some sort of twelve year old fangirl of Justin Bieber. He talked to me... he actually TALKED to me!

She turned back to Micah, a smile on her face, and waited for him to speak to her.

Finn Pollack

He watched Teiver stare at her cat intently, longer than most people look at their animals. It was actually kind of creepy. He looked around the empty stone walls, looking for something interesting to stare at instead of her and the cat. Then she spoke, seemingly to the cat, and he didn't say a word. She was acting as if he could't hear what she was saying about him, even though he was standing directly in front of her. He narrowed her eyes at her as she poked him, but she took the lead, and he followed.

His hand still gripped his wand in his pocket, prepared for any kind of spell she might cast on him. She wouldn't take him unaware, though. He'd be ready for anything. He walked behind the cat, who was right on her heels. She led him right back to the wall they had entered earlier. At least he thought it was. He was already sort of turned around in this maze of a tunnel. The cat jumped in her bag, and he didn't even register shock. It had already been quite a weird night.

Finn chuckled at her statement of him needing how to climb. What a laugh. He was one of the most athletic people in all of Magus Grex. He could probably climb better than she could. He watched her ascend for a few moments before approaching the wall and beginning to follow her up. Unfortunately, he couldn't hold on to his wand while he climbed, so he had to hope she wasn't going to curse him when she reached the landing above them. It wouldn't have been a pleasant trip back to the bottom. When she almost fell, he tucked his head against his body, letting the small pebbles hit him and then keep falling father below. "Hey! Watch what you're doing!" he complained.

He followed her exact path up, and thankfully didn't falter once. She made a hidden door appear farther up the wall, and he crawled in to it after her. He was only slightly out of breath, but he kneeled over as if he couldn't catch his breath. Probably out of instinct. "What the heck are you leading me to?" he exclaimed, looking up to meet her eyes. Now the wild ideas were coming back. If a secret entrance wasn't enough to hide whatever she had going on in this tower, he was almost afraid to find out what it was.

Emerson Caldwell

"You're kinda boring Lester." The toad looked up at Emerson from the bowl only acknowledging that he spoke before he sunk back into the bowl. The meal worms were all gone and Emerson had decided that Lester had been given enough attention for now and went into the common room. The toad would probably hop about the room while he was gone, getting into beds and socks and other places he shouldn't be.

Only a few people sat in the common room chatting about their Summer or reading or whatever and Emerson considered who he might go talk to. He saw a few decent candidates but without even giving the others a second glance he snuck up behind Savant. He silently leaned over Sav's shoulder to spy what it was he was drawing. The sketchbook was a coveted thing to behold by anyone who knew an artist. Sav's had garnered a special interest from many girls in particular who wanted to see if they might find themselves within its pages. Emerson was simply curious as he knew these things were typically well guarded and personal, but a little peek couldn't hurt, right?

His amazed gasp probably gave him away as he saw the familiar figures sketched in a elegantly raw form and a ring accompanied them and even when rendered in plain pencil it was brilliant to behold. Em's eyes skipped across the page astonished by how closely it seemed to replicate the original, not that he found himself staring at the painting but you could still clearly see the emotion conveyed in their body language and even though the sketch didn't move it felt just as lively as the one guarding Cervus House.

Savant kept on circling the gem he had drawn, trying to figure what it was that he saw earlier when his thoughts were interrupted by a gasp. The boy, quick as a threatened snail, closed his sketch book and looked to see who was peaking. When he saw that it was Emerson, he opened it again and gave off a sigh of relief. "Man, you've gotta stop sneaking up on people. It's creepy!" His voice, though soft, was clear and crisp as the fire crackling by the common room of Cervus.

He continued to sketch but then paused and looked at his friend and spoke, "I saw something peculiar earlier. I'm not sure if it was there all along or the couple took it from somewhere." He was obviously referring to the subject of his sketches. "What or how do you think they looked like?" he asked, doing another probable face sketch for the woman. It was the woman in the painting that he barely had a look at, even if it stood sideways. It was always that a part of her picnic hat had obscured the viewers from looking at her face and it was always the man who spoke to the students (with his back facing them) while she just giggles, or whispers to the man or even ate.

"Come to think of it, I haven't heard her say one word to us," he brought up the thought even if it was silly to spend so much time thinking about such things.

Emerson Caldwell

The book snapped shut and Emerson's view was severed as Savant started and looked behind him frantically. Emerson laughed at his reaction and swung into a chair next to his pal. "Pfff, I was just admiring your work, Monsieur Degas." He threw out the first famous artist's name that came to mind. "You know, it's not often that one of us common scribblers gets to view such fine art in its most raw form." He spoke lightly leaning over to watch the effortless scratches take shape into beautiful women.

"I saw something peculiar earlier. I'm not sure if it was there all along or the couple took it from somewhere." He was obviously referring to the subject of his sketches. "What or how do you think they looked like?"

Emerson focussed on the ring, squinted at it searching his memory for anything. "You know, I've never stared at the painting that closely before. I really don't know if I've ever seen that before," he indicated to the ring," but I'm sure that big BOOK OF MAGUS GREX might be able to tell us something about the painting, if you're really that curious." Emerson wondered why Sav was so dreamy today, as in head in the clouds dreamy, he understood that Sav was artist and far more observant than himself, but it was the first night and he going on about the subjects of the painting like he'd been struck with inspiration or something. Whatever caused Sav's sudden interest must have caught Em as well as he had another idea.

"Oh, another much cooler way to get intel on paintings and stuff is to ask the other paintings! They gossip about each other all the time. You wouldn't believe what a portrait of a Navajo medicine man told me about Lady Durante, well I don't speak Navajo so I don't really know what he said, but I'm sure it was nasty. He smirked and clapped a hand on his friend's shoulder.

Priscilla Barsotti

"Priscilla." It was the only response she got from Zack, but it was certainly more than enough for her. Especially when he leaned in towards her, and her breath caught in her throat. She had the urge to lean forward to meet him, and feel what it would be like to kiss his lips. But just as quickly he leaned back away from her, and she blinked a few times to clear her head. So much for playing hard to get. All he had to do was lean forward and look into her eyes, and her insides turned to mush. She would need to work on that.

“Prissy, how was your summer?” Priscilla thankfully turned her attention away from Zack and over to Îrem, her closest girl friend in the entire house. Sure, she enjoyed the younger girls who followed her around like little lost puppies, but every now and then she needed someone who was her equal. Îrem was not only her equal, but also everything she was not. She always liked to joke that they completed each other. They never really argued or felt the need to compete with each other, because they were so different. They were basically two halves of a whole, and that was why they made such great best friends. Her friend was the only one allowed to call her Prissy, and if anyone else ever tried, she would punch them in the nose.

Îrem's mixture of orange with the green of Arietem house didn't really mix well, but Priscilla kept her mouth shut for the sake of her friend. She was going to respond to her friend when Zack's voice chimed in first. "Seriously, do you both have to catch up on summer right now? Why not discuss more important things? Like Quodpot." Priscilla turned her head to give the gorgeous man an icy glare. She gave his leg a soft kick under the table, not really intending to hurt him. "Like I could even talk about that droll game for more than a few seconds. It's just atrocious."

"I'm joking, ladies. Put the claws away." She brought her hand up and curved her fingers to give the look of claws, and she gave a little hiss at Zack before chuckling along with him.

Before any other words were spoken, motion caught her eye and she turned her head to see Felix sliding down the table, and landed directly in front of her, next to Zack. She rolled her eyes plainly for him to see, smirking at him afterwards. She was disappointed when he tousled Zack's perfect blonde hair, but kept her mouth shut as he sat down. "Îrem, Priscilla. You two are both looking as lovely and noble as ever. I trust your summer's were divine. Don't tell me......Aspen? No.....Cabo? No, wait.......Paris? Somewhere expensive I would imagine. How have you all been?"

She raised an eyebrow at him, wondering if he knew exactly how close he had come. Îrem spoke first, however. Montana?! Priscilla thought, scoffing at the idea. She would never survive, of that she was sure. Farms and horses? Priscilla would take high end shopping and heels any day. She then turned her attention to Zack, who spoke about his summer. Solitude wasn't exactly her thing either, but to each their own. "I was close to putting together a pre-school party with everyone, but somehow I just couldn't force myself with the challenge to please that many people. Because you all know how I like to please." He stared directly at her with that statement, and she narrowed her eyes in response, definitely not amused by him. But she forced herself to smile, not letting him know he was getting under her skin. It was common knowledge how much he slept around, and yet he'd never even come to her with so much as a kiss. She was of the purest blood, and all these other girls were nothing.

While Zack was distracted, she spoke about her summer. "Good guess Felix, I was indeed in Paris. And it was absolutely divine. I met a boy, who spent his entire summer with me. Sadly, after I left, I figured the relationship couldn't continue. Either way, the vacation was beautiful and fabulous." She made herself sound happier than she was, hoping Zack would think she wasn't bothered at all.

She found it extremely interesting that Felix had spent the entire summer with Bliss. While she knew Bliss fairly well, the pairing seemed a little odd. She would have to investigate on that later. For now, she really felt the need to just get away. She stood up from the table, and stepped back. "If you will all excuse me..." was all she said before she took off down the hall. She made her way outside, taking in a few deep breaths. "Damn him for getting under my skin so easily..." she muttered to herself, feeling the urge to punch something. After a few more minutes of air, she quickly made her way over to the Commons Tower, spoke the password 'lordly lineage', and made her way into the Arietem Common Room. She plopped herself down on a couch, not really noticing the other bodies present.

Rosina Garenne

The smile had disappeared from Rose's face. It seemed as if Micah wasn't actually going to talk to her anymore. Still, the night had indeed been positive, thanks to Emerson. Whenever she thought about him, she could feel some heat come to her cheeks. He'd only talked to her a few other times in their many years, so that made it even more exciting. She did have to admit that Micah was a bit of a disappointment to her. When he'd actually made an effort to talk to her, she'd felt hopeful. Not too many guys showed an interest in her, friendly or otherwise. She knew that many girls liked to be around her because she was extremely quiet and listened to all of their problems. She didn't mind too much, friends were good to have, no matter what the other girl's intentions were.

It had to be getting late, so she mumbled something about being tired, and stood up quickly from the table, shooting away before Micah could say anything back. She took a detour from the Commons Tower to go get some fresh air in the courtyard. She was surprised to find Priscilla outside as well, without any followers or friends. Although as soon as the Arietem girl saw her, she took off. Rose found a small rock to sit on, and closed her eyes, breathing in the cool night air. "Why do feelings have to be so confusing...?" she whispered to herself, reaching her hand back to take the elastic out of her hair, letting it flow down over her shoulders. She'd practically been in love with Emerson from day one. So why did she feel so sad about Micah? It just seemed silly.

She sat outside for a little while longer, before deciding she should finally head back to the Common Room. She approached the painting that held Cervus' common room and dormitories behind it. "Plucking berries," she whispered, watching as it swung forward and she stepped through. The idea of passwords had always seemed kind of silly to her, since all the entrances were on the same floor, not far from each other. Nothing was stopping other students from overhearing. But oh well, rules were rules.

As she stepped inside, she noticed Savant and Emerson both hanging out, with a nice warm fire going in the fireplace. Feeling somehow braver than normal, she gave them both a smile and a small wave, more so towards Emerson than the other. Not feeling brave enough to speak, though, she quickly headed up the girl's dormitory steps, before coming to her landing and entering the door. She found the bed that had been hers for the previous five years, and flopped down on it gratefully. Her Siamese cat Belle hopped up onto the bed beside her, and curled up. It was empty, and she quickly changed into a comfortable pair of pajamas before climbing under the covers.

She didn't feel extremely tired yet, so she reached over to her nightstand and grabbed the book sitting on top. It was one of her favorite new series, a supernatural romance between a vampire and a werewolf. Sure, sometimes it was cheesy, but it was so lovely. She cuddled in next to her cat as she opened to about the middle, and continued where she had left off. A soft thunk sounded in the room, and she quickly walked to the window, seeing a figure standing below. She opened the window, calling down softly, 'What are you doing here?' He replied a little louder, 'I couldn't wait to see you again.' She sighed softly, a smile crossing her lips.

Her eyes looked over to the window, and she suddenly wished that someone was outside of her window, wanting to see her. Of course, no boy had ever felt that strongly for her, and she was beginning to doubt that anyone would. Everyone always told her that she was young, and love would find her when it was right. But they just didn't understand. She practically repelled boys, or was completely invisible to them. She longed to be loved. Since it wasn't happening right now, she brought her eyes back to the book, content with just reading about others' love for now.

Finn Pollack

"Why, I thought I said we were going to the astronomy tower, didn't I?" Teiver gave him a rather sweet yet sarcastic smile, before turning away from him. Finn snarled a little, aggravated that he had gone through all this just to get to the astronomy tower, when he could have just as easily taken the stairs. Either way, it was way too late now. He had no idea where the hell he was, and probably couldn't find it again if he tried. He knew she was hiding something up here, and would try to find it. He at least knew how to get in to her secret area, and could later explore it to his heart's content.

"Try your best not to break a leg." She spoke before jumping off the ledge. "Yeah, just watch yourself..." he muttered after she had leaped. He made his way forward, seeing her land a little roughly on the landing below. He wasn't scared of heights, but normally he had a broom underneath him from so high up. Thankfully, he was extremely athletic, and when he hopped off the ledge, he landed much more gracefully than she had. He stared back up behind him, trying to remember the location of the path. He knew he'd probably forget, but he did his best to burn it in to his memory. He just had to remember.

He followed the girl and her cat up the steps, before appearing in the very familiar astronomy tower. He just kind of stood in the doorway as she moved forward to the bookshelf, finding something and placing it in her bag. She then moved to a table with various charts on it, and began to sift through those. He watched her for a little bit, before clearing his throat and running his hand through his hair. "I have to admit, studying isn't really my thing, so I'm just going to take off. Nice hanging out with you..." he said, before turning around and making his way back down the steps.

He made his way through the castle over to the Commons Tower, where he spoke the password to the appropriate door, and headed inside to the Ferre Common Room. He muttered a few hey's and gave a few ways as the other housemates greeted him eagerly, some clapping him on the back, others exclaiming how excited they were about the upcoming Quodpot season. A few of the younger girls caught his eye, and they blushed and gave a few squeals as he passed by. It really was cute, and normally he just drank up all the admiration, but he wasn't in the mood for it right then.

Finn told them all he needed his rest for class tomorrow, which was actually probably true, though he normally didn't care. He made his way up to his dormitory, and pushed the door open. There on his bed sat a large cage with his favorite animal in the whole world inside. Tyto hooted happily when he saw his owner, and flapped his wings slightly. He walked over and unlocked the cage, letting the owl fly to the headboard of his bed and sit contently. He smoothed down the owl's feathers and smiled warmly. Felix hadn't gotten back yet, so he lounged on the bed, waiting for someone else to appear.

Zachariah Everett

Seeing the reactions he was getting out of Priscilla made him smile because he knew he was getting to her. He was about to speak up when she excused herself, he reached out to grab her arm but barely missed. When she was out of ear shot he glanced at the other two, "I think I might have pushed her a little far that time. Excuse me guys?" He said as he jumped from his spot. "Talk to you all tomorrow. Don't forget about curfew guys.." He said as he ran off in the direction Priscilla went, as he rounded the corner he saw no sign of her. Common rooms or court yard? He chose to the first thinking she'd go straight to the common rooms.

As he pushed made his way to the common rooms, he made note of the group of students still catching up. He couldn't wait to catch up with Vance and Lee. Once he was granted access to the common rooms, he walked in to see only a few people present. Nobody he really cared to speak to, so he made his way up to the rooms. He quickly changed into something to sleep in before hearing someone downstairs. He glanced down at his attire, not caring if the few students saw him in his pajamas. He grabbed his robe, tying it around his waist before glancing around the stairs to see Priscilla on one of the couches. He didn't know if he could really talk to her right now as it was close to being curfew and actually getting everything in he wanted to say.

Right when he was about to run back up to his room, something made him stop. With one last glance down the stairs, he found himself going to her. "Priscilla.." He said before actually stepping into the light. "I'm sorry about earlier. You know I just like messing with you." He sat across the room from her, before letting his foot rest on his knee. He sat there before a few first years came rushing through like a wave. He glared at them all before they beelined it to the stairs. "I missed you if that counts." He said getting up. "Talk to tomorrow." He said as he made it up to his bed and retired for the night.

Summer Turner

Summer ignored most of the conversation because she felt so out of place. "Hey guys.. I think it might be time for me to get back to the common room.." She squeezed her sister's waist, before giving a quick wave to Flint and Justin. "Thanks again Justin." She said as she lifted the Betterbeer, then looking towards Flint she smiled. "Bye Flint." She said as she quickened her pace under she was clearly out of her view. She felt herself slinging her arms like crazy around the corner before gathering her composure before entering the common rooms.

Once inside, she spotted Savant and Emerson discussing something about the painting to the common rooms. "Hey guys." She said before giving each a quick hug before heading towards the stairs. "I'd love to catch up, but I'm beat. Good night!" She said as she ran up the stairs falling into bed without changing out of her clothes.

Bliss Turner

As Summer quickly made her exit, Bliss eyed both boys. "Did something happen?" She asked as she knew it had nothing to do with Justin. "Flint?" She said before giving him the slightest smirk. "You know whatever it is.. I'll find out eventually." She said as she snickered. After making note of Teek's reaction to her, Bliss sighed. "I think he might hate me since the break-up.." She said shrugging. "Maybe if I get him a girlfriend he'll love me again." She said with a soft laugh before letting out a small yawn. "As you all can tell, I am very tired. I have been with Braelyn most of the night. She isn't doing too well.. I will probably go check on her tomorrow morning.." She said aloud for no purpose. "Anyways, I think I'm going to go ahead and make my way to the Common Rooms. Want to go ahead and make our way there?"

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Emerson stirred into consciousness with a wide grin, he had beaten the sun again. He glanced over the clock he'd hung on the wall last night and determined that it was a fine time to get up. Emerson had always been an early riser, he liked to think of it as a race with the sun that he almost always won. The morning was the perfect time for shenanigans, making stuff, or in this morning's case a nice stroll through the castle.

He was careful not to wake the others as he gathered the necessary items for a shower. The common room was deserted, Cervus kids were notorious for sleeping in but Em was fully awake and smirking on his way to the showers, he would be singing quite loudly this morning. With a wicked shampoo coiffure he danced around in the spray and gave a killer show about three octaves too low and still struggling to hit the high notes he belted out "Once I had love and it was gas... something something some Heart a Glass." His repertoire of Muggle songs from the late 70's was pretty extensive though filled with lyrical mishaps. After the concert he dressed himself in some navy pants and a plain white button-down then tossed on his robe and slipped out of the Cervus Commons.

He set out to roam the corridors slowly and easily allowing for his last few hours of Summer to be spent in peace without all the drama of the first night he'd heard so much about. Things spread too quickly in this school. Em thought most of what the grape vine had to say was unimportant, gossip never did much for him. This morning he walked about discussing the Summer with a few paintings some of the more obscure paintings however went on about much more than the Summer and filled him in on their life's great achievements and refused to let him continue his wandering. When he finally pulled himself away from a witch prattling about her invention of magical cookware that alerted the witch or wizard when their food was done he decided to head down to the Great Hall telling her that he was starving. This was entirely true.

So, off he went down the giant staircase it seemed like more people had gathered and were now talking about someone's rather loud and public argument and how sad it was that such a cute couple had separated. More drama to start off the day, he thought and moved into the Great Hall. There were enough people there now, Cervus table had a small group of sleepy students chatting over their seemingly personalized breakfasts. He would have no trouble finding a spot to sit at as his usual place was empty. It appeared to be laid out just for him as he walked over to the Cervus table, a whole pot of tea, scrambled eggs, some toast, an orange and bacon, oh sweet bacon awaited him. So glorious a breakfast could not be found, it was exactly what he wanted, perfect in its simplicity. He grinned widely and went straight for it but first shot a sweeping glance over the Hall.

He should have never looked around. Some kind of shifty duel had set itself up at the other center table. Teiver, that animal whisperer and Naire, the cameraman and most certainly Victor were all pointing their wands at Justin. Teiver's cat was latched on to Justin and she spoke the spell when Em whipped out his own wand and trained it on the mess of Vulpes students, not sure what to do with it. He didn't know what Justin did, he probably deserved some kind of slap on the hand spell but no one needed to be stunned at this hour. Whatever was the reason, Justin could probably block the spell. This scene was too much, Em's breakfast was probably getting cold!

Felix glanced over at the man that sat next to him as he was eating his morning breakfast. The guy looked like Christmas had come early with the sight of bacon on his plate, but Felix didn't pay it much mind. Unlike the other students around him, Felix's breakfast consisted of quite literally only meat. Several eggs, slices of bacon, some sausage, and that mixed into chopped potatoes; it had Felix almost drooling as he ate. Although the meal was good, the desire to have it more raw still burned in the back of his mind, pulling at him as he consumed his meal swiftly. He cursed his wolf spirit for affecting him this way, even if he didn't shift with the moon it still affected him.

Glancing over at the sound of a commotion, his blood boiled to see Justin appearing to be attacked by several students. He immediately had his black wand out and trained on the Vulpes students as he moved to stand next to his friend; breakfast could wait. He idly noticed the man that sat next to him had pulled out his wand as well, and noted that in his mind. Emerson, I think his name was. Felix thought to himself as he got next to Justin.

"Justin, what happened?" He asked sternly, his voice rumbling with a rich baritone as he reached over in an attempt to remove the cat that had latched onto his friend while keeping his wand trained on the others. His six-foot one-inch build rippled with the lean muscle that was partially hidden under his robes as the wolf blood in him was calling for retaliation, something that he had to mentally lockdown to keep from doing exactly that. His gaze shifting to each member that threatened his friend.

Teiver, a bookworm. Naire, the guy that keeps slapping those cards I hear every day. Victor, the guy that just feels cold to me. He mused while silently preparing a Shield Charm to protect himself and his friend from any further harm. He didn't even stop to consider why the other Vulpes were acting the way they did, his wolfen curse crying out inside his head to punish those that would harm his friend.

Sam walked with his head held high, his Prefect’s badge still on his robes; something he thought would not be there after that encounter with the Headmaster. However that was not what held his head, instead it was the success of his petition, he had more to do that night now, shipments to arrange, rosters to prepare, and flyers to create. His smile was the first absolutely genuine grin he’d worn since he first spotted Delilah at the docks and by now everyone knew how that had gone. But Sam wouldn’t let that bother him as he re-entered the Great Hall and told the good news to a few of the other students, “You’ll be able to sign up later today, I’ll make the roster during second period.” He told some of them before heading back for his spot where he’d left his things. However on the way he noticed a fight brewing at the Vulpes table, or at least an impending duel. That was interesting, but this wasn’t the time or place.

“Question is, should I intervene?” he asked Kyle who shrugged.

“You’re a prefect, but it’s not your house, slippery slope there el presidente, though maybe it’ll be a good chance to advertise.” He suggested. Sam thought about it for a moment and decided to sit back for a bit, the Vulpes Prefects should try to resolve the situation first before he got involved.

Sam furrowed his brow and glanced down the Ferre house table, “Hey, anyone seen Finn? Head boy wouldn’t want to miss this.” He commented to those nearby before again returning his attention to the others. His mind drifted back to the meeting in the Headmaster’s office…

”You wanted to see me, Professor?” Sam had asked upon gaining entrance to the Headmasters quarters. Professor Rockwell was seated at his large desk as he normally was and barely glanced up to see Sam enter.

“Ah, yes… Mr Halford…” Rockwell lowered his quill and gestured to the seat before his desk, “Please, have a seat.” To this Sam sat swiftly but straight, knowing full well that he could either be engaged in pleasantries about his father or just cut right to the chase and reprimanded for being tarty. “I noticed you weren’t at the opening Feast… rather unbecoming of a seventh year Prefect or a man of your talent and reputation.”

Ah, always to the quick with Professor Rockwell, that was acceptable though as Sam expected it, “Yes, sir, I’m terribly sorry about that… my father had some business with the Minister of Magic and I was delayed in my return.”

“Shouldn’t you be able to find your own way back? You are of age now are you not?”

“Yes sir, I did, find my own way I mean, my father is still in the UK. Had to arrange a portkey to the estate and try to apparate to the dock before time ran out… though it seems my apparations skills still need some improvement before I can move such long distances without a time lag.” Sam admitted.

“Hmmm… indeed…” Professor Rockwell seemed absolutely emotionless and he glanced at the Prefects badge on Sam’s chest, “Do you believe you can catch up with your Prefect duties then? Or will you need some time to make some improvement on those as well?”

“Huh? Oh, no sir, not a problem at all I don’t need any time, I’ve got everything covered and planned for.” He assure the grizzled old professor with smile, the old man simply returned to scratching some more on his papers with a gruff. After a moment he looked up at Sam again.

“You may go… unless there is something else you mean to speak with me about?” the old man was smart and tuned into the goings on at the school and Sam was for a moment at a loss for what the Headmaster may have been eluding to but after a moment he caught on.

“Sir…? Oh… OH, right… right, uh, you see Sir I uh ahem.” He cleared his throat and drew out some papers form his robes, “I’ve been working with Professor Ryther and some of the other staff and I’ve managed to get enough signatures for that activity we discussed before the end of last term.”

“Before you started a fight with Vance Abernathy you mean?” the Headmaster questioned with a raised brow. Sam almost retorted that he didn’t start it but thought better of it and swallowed his pride and nodded without looking the man in the eye. “Anyway, you were saying about this paperwork?”

“Oh, yes, sir, the only signature I need now is yours and your approval of course.” Sam couldn’t lie to himself, he was nervous about this.

Sam had no reason to be nervous now of course, and instead was just kind of excited. He spotted Professor Ryther at the teachers table and gave her a smile and a thumbs up to which she nodded in approval. “Game on.”

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Justin Hardy - Totally a Physics Stripper

Teiver’s ruse might have worked on anyone else. Justin had the survival instincts of a latch-key child, though, and he was more than familiar with what it looked like when she was communicating with the cat. Her attempt to fool him with her face was pretty humorous regardless of what hour of the morning it was or what he’d had to drink the night before. After all, misdirection like that was practically one of Justin’s wealhouses. Even Victor had trouble pulling one over on him, and he was among the most polished liars, either by word or expression, that Justin had ever encountered.

His grin fell away and he sprang into motion. He sort of pivoted to the left, shrugging the arm that Garrison wasn’t on out of his open robe easily, and then pivoted a second time to bring himself around in the better part of a circle. He used his free hand, in the meantime, to drag his robe about behind his back, sort of as if he were putting on a cape in reverse. The final pivot, which would bring him around facing front once more, saw him using his robe to bundle Garrison up while the cat was still descending his arm. He just sort of yanked his arm out of the other sleeve while dragging the bulk of the fabric forward, grabbing the sleeves and hem with both hands in order to turn it into a makeshift sack, Garrison contained within. He’d seen her discretely positioning her wand, and knew that spell was coming.

Justin’s propensity for pranking had resulted in more than his fair share of duels over the years, more often than not with students older than himself. He’d acquitted himself quite well in most of them, largely due to the fact that he didn’t have the conventional wizarding mindset about dueling. Most people seemed to stand stock still, slinging spells at one another like the exchange of musket fire, but Justin never stopped moving and used terrain features to his benefit quite well.

He didn’t have enough time or hands to go for his wand, but he did have an awfully poetic shield available to him. He brought the trapped cat in front of him, interposing it between himself and Teiver. If she didn’t abort the casting, she’d probably be glad she only whispered it, because a Stunning spell at full force, at close range, on so small a creature? Well, she might never be able to forgive herself.

All told, the entire maneuver was a bit ridiculous to watch. Justin was quick, but he was not graceful, so the whole affair was a mess of his arms at odd angles and his long legs dancing poorly, if very effectively. His turning had made him aware that Naire was coming toward him, but his mind was a liiiiittle too preoccupied to dissect that fact overly. As far as he knew, Naire had no issues with him beyond some somewhat adorable awkwardness, and he didn’t exactly consider the Aussie a threat.

Regardless of whether or not Teiver went through with her spell, Justin would toss the fabric-swaddled-cat with a degree of delicacy onto the star charts on the table, using that little distraction to get his wand out. In the midst of his rapid defense, his expression had been one of intense focus, eyes sharp and mouth set in determination. He was breathing a touch raggedly after the flurry of movement, but resumed a rather lopsided grin. When his robe spilled open to reveal Garrison, for better or worse, he looked very pointedly at Teiver and quipped ”Well then. Looks like the cat’s out of the bag.” Translation: it’s on, chica.

He became aware of a presence beside him. Noting it was Cervus-Felix coming to his defense, he couldn’t help but let his fronted grin grow more earnest. Emerson had drawn his wand as well, which… well, if Justin hadn’t been in the midst of a confrontation, he might have blushed, or maybe sang. He wasn’t sure.

”Oh, I was just trying out my Shrodinger’s cat strip tease on Victor and Teiver. Garrison volunteered to help,” he remarked casually in response to Felix. It was a preposterous explanation, but he didn’t want this to erupt into some sort of show down. He did try to abide by some of the school’s more overt rules, like the ones that applied to mass dueling at the breakfast tables. There would surely be repercussions that rippled into the future after this, but they’d be far more subtle than the incident that incited them. He lowered his wand.

”Mind if I have breakfast with you guys?” he asked his Cervus defenders.

(Just for the sake of clarity: Justin wasn’t bitten, Teiver can still abort her spell, and… yeah.)

#, as written by Skwidge
Lloyd Vrancing

Lloyd quietly let her lips return together as she finished her playing, removing the chin rest and setting her instrument back in its case. She then pushed herself up off of the ground, and smiled brightly at the Cervus girl. "Why thank you, milady." She made a sweeping bow, a shy and sheepish grin on her face, even if her actions did speak otherwise.

She then tilted her head back, looking down at her pants. "Yuck, these floors are positively filthy!" She stuck out her tongue, picking up her violin case. "So yeah, wanna go grab some breakfast?" Truth, she had already eaten, but it wouldn't hurt to get another few plates of food. She was running on ADHD energy, after all. And that did make one a bottomless pit.

The girl flashed Delilah a small grin once more, turning on the sink and grabbing a couple of paper towels, running them under the water and then stepping over to her, gently dabbing under her eyes with a cheery, naive smile. "There we go, you look a thousand times better already!" She stepped out her front foot over-exaggeratedly, and stiffly stepped forward, rocking just a tad before walking normally out the door.

Naire Harth

Naire immediately returned his wand back to his pocket, and quickly walked around the other side of the Vulpes table towards Myra. He gave a stunted grimace, sticking his tongue out. "I thought you'd save me a seat! But look at this, you're taking up, like, five bloody seats!" He was overexaggerating, of course, but he settled down next to her, taking the mug of coffee that presented itself gratefully.

He smiled sweetly at her, taking a big gulp of the steaming drink, clenching his eyes shut for a moment before shaking his head. "Much better, eh? What are ya reading?" He pulled back her book gently so she wouldn't lose her page, and scanned over the pages with a grin.

However, his gaze went back over to the fight up the table, and rolled his eyes. But he was soon distracted by a first year tugging on his robes warily. He turned with a big grin. "Yeah, what's up?" The boy looked a bit troubled, continuously eyeing his house mates fighting. "Uhm, won't we get points taken away for this from the prefects?" Naire smirked cheerily, rustling the boy's hair.

"Eh, who really cares about the House cup? Vulpes House may not win a lot, but we definitely have the most fun. Even if there are a few... bumps in the progress." His own gaze fell back to the trio, which had now grown to a... five-o? Whatever. The boy gave a small laugh, and then returned to his own friends.

Teiver Morn

Garrison struggled only a bit when he was caught off guard, but quickly remained standing still so as not to pose a moving barricade for Teiver. Of course, she was caught off guard by the sudden turn of events that Justin threw at her. Man I must be pretty rusty. She thought distractedly, her wand tilting downward of half her own doing. One because she was surprised and shifted a bit for worry of her other set of eyes, and two because it was pretty innocent. And hell, she'd get some sort of laugh from it.

So it ended up pointing towards his shoelaces.

She cut off her previous spell, and instead decided to go with a tongue tying curse. Sure, it was created by an idiot, but it had so many other uses than just for tongues, though retained its initial use.

Thus his shoelaces retied, triple knotting in place. And what with the tongue tying spell preventing a person from talking about a specific subject, why not have shoelaces refuse, or be very almost impossible to untie?

Teiver smiled cheerfully with a laugh. "Well played kind sir, though you should really be more careful with your footwear. Your poor ass might just end up on the floor, and we wouldn't want someone gluing it there, right?" She leaned forward, propping her chin on her wand, sticking her tongue out through another grin.

She then looked over to the two kids from other Houses with a subtly mocking, sympathetic look. "You didn't really think I'd hurt Justin, right? We are somewhat of friends, though some of his antics are a bit questionable. You'd know what I meant easily." She nodded in assumption, turning back to the table and scratching Garrison behind the ear.