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Felix Fletcher

"It's not that I have a problem with authority, it's authority that has a problem with me."

0 · 510 views · located in Magus Grex School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Magus Grex School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”, as played by Sneakyrio


Felix Fletcher


Basic Info

Name: Felix Fletcher
Age: 17
Gender: Male
House: Ferre
Pet: A grey Kneazle by the name of Mister
Birthplace: Rockford, Illinois. But is staying with his "Probation Officer" just outside of Clarksdale, Mississippi

  • His cat Mister
  • Quodpot
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • Smart, Sassy Woman
  • A good bout of Raconteur

  • Fairies......seriously.
  • Ignorant Jagoffs
  • Potions
  • Bullies
  • Seeing a girl cry


For most of his life, Felix has been a shy kid who compensates by being something of a sarcastic pain in the ass. He dealt with the death of his father and the subsequent loneliness of his years of state care by cultivating a persona of easy humor, always quick with a snarky remark or a caustic comeback. This attitude also resulted in a deep hatred of bullies, as he was beaten up. A lot.

Under his attitude, however, Felix is a rather sensitive kid. He empathizes with others on a deep level, and when he sees someone in trouble he can’t help but feel like he has to step in and help, especially if the person in trouble is a woman or child. He looks out for the little guy, no matter the odds. His father raised him to be a gentleman, and he took those lessons to heart. He has a great deal of courage, though some would call it insanity, and won’t back down if he thinks the cause is right.

However, when he had first arrived at Magus Grex, he had been through a great deal of trauma that had left him sullen and withdrawn, wracked by guilt for the lives he had taken, and the pain of losing his second family. He tended to sit off to the side, trying to keep from attracting attention. He feared social contact, both because he never had much experience with large crowds or children his own age, and because he was afraid of being hurt again.

He has now come out of his shell and is the ever snarky smart ass who doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. It became evident early on that he has a major problem with authority, or how he likes to say "Authority has a problem with me." He will never back down and would sooner punch you in the face than let you win an argument. He has a good sense of humor and can take a joke, as long as your prepared to receive one back.



Felix was born to a Muggle father, Jason Fletcher, and a powerful witch named Margaret Gwendolyn LeFay. Sadly Margaret died in childbirth under mysterious circumstances before she had a chance to tell Jason about her true nature. Therefore, Felix spent his early childhood completely unaware of his magical heritage as his father and he traveled the country side performing his father’s act as a stage magician.

Sadly these good times were not to last, and when Felix was six Jason died of a brain aneurysm, leaving Felix an orphan. He was bounced around state care facilities until he was ten years old, when he was finally adopted by a powerful wizard named Damian Grimoire, along with another potential wizard, a muggleborn named Rebecca. Grimoire introduced both of them to a skewed view of their heritage, and tried to turn Rebecca and Felix into his enforcers without their knowing. The training was grueling, indeed abusive and damaging, but Felix was happy in his own way, and he and Rebecca even began to fall in love.

This happiness was not to last, however. One dark day when Felix was fourteen years old, Grimoire revealed the true reason he had adopted him. Grimoire, a former Auror, had become a Dark Wizard years ago, and had adopted Felix and Rebecca to raise them to be his enforcers. Felix managed to escape that night and fled. Grimoire dispatched a spectral assassin after the young wizard, but he was fortunate enough to find a powerful fairy who owed his mother a favor. She granted him a boon that allowed him to defeat the shade, but promised she’d return to collect his debt one day.

At this point Felix could have fled and disappeared into the mass of humanity, but he couldn’t leave Rebecca in Grimoire’s clutches. He returned to save her, and she thanked him by placing him in a binding spell. Trapped and betrayed by the two people he was closest to in the world, Felix was again tempted to give in, but something just wouldn’t let him. Slipping his bonds, Felix rose up and faced Grimoire in a magical duel, and in the course of the duel Grimoire accidentally set the house ablaze, causing it to collapse around him, with Felix barely escaping with his life. Felix never found out what happened to Rebecca, but the evidence suggested she died in the fire as well. The whole fight being a blur, Felix couldn't actually remember who originally started the blaze, and that uncertainty has haunted him ever since.

Wandering in a daze, Felix dug himself out of the wreckage of the house, the only thing he had left in the world were his wand and his mother’s pendant. Felix wandered for a short time, but he did not get far before he was picked up by the Aurors. Felix had engaged in unlicensed magic, and stood accused of potentially causing the deaths of two people. Dragged before the Ministry of Magic(The American One), Felix was facing the rest of his life in a wizarding prison, with only the Dementors for company. Grimoire had been a feared Dark Wizard, and had worked with even more feared men than he. The Ministry wanted to erase him from memory, and furthermore were terrified of the prospect of what Felix might become. Not just because of Grimoire, but because of his mother as well. They were about to close the book on him when an elderly figure stepped forward and spoke on his behalf.

Ebenezer Hatchet was a highly respected wizard, who had spent years discovering new magic and battling dark wizards and powerful creatures. His word carried a great deal of weight among the Ministry, and his personal history with Margaret meant that when he heard of Felix's trial, he rushed to investigate. His words swayed the Ministry, and convinced them to release Felix into his care on probation.

Ebenezer, however, knew he was in no position to raise a traumatized teenager, and so after a month he contacted Headmaster (Whatever) about submitting a promising new student…

Education: For his part, all of Felix's magical training was focused on combat and intelligence gathering, as Damian intended for Felix to be his enforcer while Rebecca would learn the more subtle magics. Therefore, while Felix has Defense against the Dark Arts skills far beyond his years, and knows certain advanced Divination, Charms, Hexes, and Transfiguration spells that are more advanced than any student should have, at the same time he has holes in his education you could drive a train through, including many skills that seem basic to even Second Years.

Also, while Felix possesses a lot of raw magical power, he is severely lacking in the subtlety department, and tends to put too much power into things, resulting in sloppy work, wasted energy, and unintended side effects. This lack of subtlety can put him in contrast with his wand, and make it hard for him to use it to its full potential. While he is a hard worker, his lack of fundamentals, unrefined magical abilities, and inability to fully sync with his wand means Felix has a long way to go in his studies.

Extra(Because I'm an overachiever like that): Felix's Wand actually belonged to his mysterious mother, a rogue witch famous for cavorting with Fae, and was one of only two things she left him after she died, though he only received it after his father's death and didn't know what to do with it until Damian adopted him. While it's a powerful wand, its shadowy past is far more a curse than a blessing, given it connects Felix to a certain rather ruthless fairy who he happens to owe a major favor...

Fairy Hair-Exotic, rare. Idealized humans with insect wings; vain and argumentative. Most powerful wand for Charms. Light and airy, associated with the Divination. Average for Defense Against The Dark Arts and Transfiguration. Very weak for hexes. Rare among Arietem, best suited to Cervus. Good for Vulpes and Ferre. The hair in Felix's wand is from a powerful member of the Fairy Court, his Fairy Godmother in fact(Trust me, it's a bad thing), who he made a bargain with in his youth that he will very likely come to regret.

Oak-Common. "King of Trees". Similar to maple in terms of sturdiness, slightly less magical. Strong for Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration. Some affinity for Divination. Often associated with strength of character and endurance. Associated with protection, strength, success and stability. The Oak for Felix's wand comes from an ancient tree that grows on Ebenezer's farm.


Length-12 1/2 inches. Halfway between the Hangman and Death, the wand symbolizes the complex transitions its bearers must face. It seems the fate of all who use this wand to never have a peaceful life.

Even after possessing it for seven years now, Felix is still getting to know his wand, and they don't always mesh as well as they should. The wand itself is an exercise in contrasts, its airy and subtle core seeming out of place wrapped in hard blunt oak.

The Ministry doesn't know this, but he is an Animagus. He is unregistered and was taught to be one by Damian Grimoire, who believed it would help with gathering information. He takes the form of a big German Shepard.


Do you know much about the Harry Potter Universe?: much.
How often do you get online?: Every day
How often can we expect you to be able to post?: Every day I can
Password: Copper Cauldron


So begins...

Felix Fletcher's Story

Four extremely large tables were situated in the Great Hall, each representing their own House. The Ferre table stood to the far left, next was the Vulpes table, followed by Cervus to the right of center, and Arietem on the far right. The Hall was full of bodies, the mixed sounds of hundreds of conversations filled the large stone room. It was the beginning of the year feast, and the students of Magus Grex School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were back for another year. At the back of the room, there stood a raised platform, where all of the faculty were seated.

To the far left sat Nolan Pillsworth, the Flying Professor, who leaned in to whisper something in Logan Applebome's ear, the Astronomy Professor, both laughing at whatever was whispered. Ivy sat to Logan's right, speaking politely to the Head of Cervus House, Simone. And to her right was Markum, head of Arietem House, who was watching Arietem's table with interest, no doubt scoping out the new students that had been sorted into his house. To the far right sat the Divination Professor, Quinn Tobar, who was dressed in robes of bright purple, her hair sticking out at all angles. Next to her was a new face at Magus Grex, Grace Ashby, who had replaced the most recent History of Magic Professor. She sat with a smile on her face, gazing out at the mass of students. Next to her was Oscar, Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor, whose face was neutral, almost cold, and sat with his arms crossed, not partaking in any conversation. Graham was in deep conversation with Margaret, who as the Deputy Headmistress sat to the immediate right of the Headmaster himself.

The Headmaster rose, and stepped forward to his eloquently crafted podium, which stood at the front of the platform. Quickly, the chatter died down, and the attention of every body in the room turned his way. No one was stupid enough to interrupt Headmaster Rockwell when he spoke. He gazed out among the many faces, looking sullen as he always did. "Welcome, new students and returning students alike. The faculty and myself are very excited for this school year." The statement might have gotten a few silent chuckles out of the students, seeing as the Headmaster never seemed excited about anything.

He continued on, ignoring the few snickers that echoed around the room. "I trust you are all as ready for the school year as we are." He paused, his eyes scanning the room. "You all know what is acceptable behavior in this school, and any students found participating in unacceptable behavior will be punished accordingly. Keep in mind that our wonderful caretaker is always watching." He gestured to the front corner of the room, where a figure was hiding in the shadows. If you looked close enough, you could see that he was an extremely weathered looking man who had a frown on his face. He bowed ever so slightly towards the Headmaster.

"The faculty are planning some rather large events just for you students, so I trust you will all treat them with the respect they deserve, especially since they are going the extra mile for you." One final look around the room. "Let's all have a great year, shall we?" He stepped back from the podium, and returned to his seat in the middle of the faculty table.

The chatter rose up once again.

It was just like Headmaster Rockwell to make his speech short and to the point. Rose sat picking at her food more than eating it, and listening to the multiple conversations that were going on around her. She had ended up sitting next to Micah, who she didn't know very well, but was nice to look at. Of course, she could hardly be bothered to watch him when Emerson was so close. She stole glances at him whenever she dared, but never for too long. He was always smiling or laughing, and it only made him look more attractive. She felt heat rising to her cheeks, and directed her stare down at her plate.

Her mind wandered, and thought on all the rumors she'd heard about Emerson. They just couldn't be true. He was so handsome and nice and funny. People were just jealous of him, so they tried to spread mean rumors about him. She just wouldn't believe what they told her. Although she would never be dull enough to actually tell someone she had a crush on him. They would probably just laugh right in her face, and call her stupid.

Rose picked at her potatoes, barely tasting them as she ate. She let a soft sigh escape her lips. She had no idea why she was feeling so down. Truly, she was excited to be back at Magus Grex once more. Her best friends were at the school, and she had Care of Magical Creatures to really look forward to. The thought brought a small smile to her face. She would see Bliss again, who made her feel like more of a person than anyone else. The girl had some crazy ability to make Rose climb out of her skin.

A loud ruckus came from the table next to hers, and she gazed past the person sitting opposite to see the Vulpes table. Of course it was Justin. She didn't know how one person had the ability to be so loud. She didn't think she could even if she tried. She glanced quickly to her left, seeing Micah. She didn't have any reason why she'd never spoken to him much. She tried to think of something to say to him, but couldn't come up with anything, so she gave up.

In all honesty, she couldn't wait until the feast was over, so she could retreat to the common room and read a good book. Out of habit, she wrapped her robes close around her, as if she could shrink within them and not be seen.

After the Headmaster was done with his speech, which was always gloomy, Finn began to eat hungrily, as he always did. He had to keep up his strength, after all. He was seated next to his best friend, Felix. He was extremely excited to be back, not having seen any of his friends for the entire summer. There was so much to catch up on. He hadn't had too much to do over the summer, and had mostly spent time on the beach, and surfed whenever the waves were good.

Braelyn was sitting across from him a few seats down, and he gave her a smile as he made contact with her. Georgie was also close, and he smiled at her as well. He couldn't believe it was his last year at Magus Grex, and made a promise to himself that he would do his best to make it his best year yet. These people were in his house, and while he was friendly with them, they weren't exactly great friends. He needed to work on getting to know everyone better before he left for good. That didn't mean that things needed to get out of hand, however. He didn't really approve of breaking the rules, and normally refrained from doing so, no matter who asked. He got a lot of crap for it, literally from everybody, but it didn't change his ways. It was rooted too deep down into him to change.

He nudged Felix and asked, "So how was your summer, man?" He still continued eating, grabbing the variety of foods that were sitting in front of him. "I'm just really excited for the Quodpot matches. It's my last year, and I'm determined to beat Arietem this year." It wasn't that he had any real problem with the house, but they had been rivals long before Finn had attended the school. It had even seeped into his blood a little.

"And ugh, we can't forget about our all important NEWTs this year. I swear that's all we're going to hear the entire school year. I'm going to be lucky to scrape a passing grade..."

As Headmaster Rockwell was droning on about behavior and school and other crap that didn't matter, Felix was slowly moving his hand towards the pile of food literally sitting in front of him. He picked up a roll and slowly brought it back to his mouth. He then slowly shoved it down his throat, all the while never breaking eye contact with Professor Rockwell. When he got to the part of behavior problems, Felix rolled his eyes. He couldn't help but think it was being directed toward him. It's not like he broke the rules for fun, he had serious and legitimate reasons for doing the things he did.......he would just have to have Justin come up with them later. The moment the Headmaster ended his speech, Felix dug into the food. He made himself a nice steak sandwich and some potatoes, his favorite. he still barely got all this weird wizard food and cooking styles. It seemed Finn was a lot hungrier than him. He chuckled a bit when he saw Finn scarfing the food down. "Whoa, easy there killer. Leave some for the rest of the house, will ya?" Felix said to his best friend in a joking manner, a small smile upon his face. Finn swallowed his food and then turned to him.

"So how was your summer, man?" He still continued eating, grabbing the variety of foods that were sitting in front of them. Felix let the question air in his mind a bit. he then looked up across his table to the Vulpes table. He spotted Bliss taking to her friends and smiling........God that smile. It caused Felix to have a massive smile spread across his face. He quickly looked down at his plate, but the smile wouldn't recede. "It was good, Finn. I....I actually spent most of the summer with Bliss. Instead of having me work his farm, the Old Man had me come with him when he took car of some business on the east coast and i ended up running into her. So, yeah it was really cool.....and stuff." He slowly felt the smile die down into his usual small grin. he then looked back over to Finn. "So, looking forward to our last year here?" Felix asked, quickly trying to change the subject. "I'm just really excited for the Quodpot matches. It's my last year, and I'm determined to beat Arietem this year." Finn said enthusiastically. Felix just sort of looked at him. Now Felix didn't particularly like the majority of Arietem house, but he liked a few people over there and tended to not judge people by house. Finn, on the other hand, had fully embraced the mentality of the school and especially the rivalries between the houses. Then again, Finn was a jock. It was odd for Felix to have a jock as a best friend, seeing as they beat the crap out of him during middle school and the short time in high school. Then again, Finn wasn't your normal jock. He just smiled and sort of accepted the world and lived his life by his own ethics and code, and Felix couldn't help but respect him for it.

"Dude, they don't stand a chance. If you completed that move you came up with awhile ago, Ferre is going straight to the top, and your going to pave the way. There isn't a doubt in my mind, man." he said with a warm smile, patting him on the back. Felix meant every word, Finn was damn good at Quodpot. Felix found he sor of had a knack for it, but never wanted to join the team, but liked to help Finn practice. He still thought Quodpot, like all wizarding sports, we're silly and weird. Give him Baseball over Quodpot any day. He would never say that out loud, else he be ostracized like a leper. Felix then turned his attention back to his food.

Not a minute later, he heard some clanging and what sounded like Justin singing in a bad french accent. He looked up and saw Justin conducting the silverware of the Vulpes table in a rendition of "Be Our Guest." from Beauty&The Beast. He eyed him with a smiling expression as if to say "What the hell are you doing?" Felix then just sort of laughed. He laughed even harder when Professor Hutson told him to stop. He sort of took his eyes away from Justin and they fell on Bliss once again. Felix couldn't help but look. He couldn't believe how one person's smile could light up an entire castle. It was insane! She then suddenly turned and noticed him. Felix immediately played it cool. He jutted out his bottom jaw, crossed his eyes and waved rapidly towards her. He stopped after a second and chuckled to himself. Felix kept getting flashes from the summer they spent together.It was the happiest he had been since........since he had been with Rebecca. He remembered when Bliss, Summer and him went go-karting and she spun out. Felix stopped to help her, just to have her peel out and beat him. Man, she was great like that. The whole summer was amazing. Flix sort of shook his head and stopped smiling. 'Fletcher, get a grip on yourself. She's Bliss Turner. She is your friend and that's all she will ever be. Your lucky hat she's even that. Do you honestly think you deserve a girl like that?' Well, I don't know, I think I...'Do you?' .........No. 'Exactly, now stop being an idiot and eat your food.' Felix grabbed some more juice and went back to his food.

Bliss Turner

Magus Grex School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The castle's beauty was breathtaking. As she took her first step on campus, the surroundings just wrapped her up in a blanket of beauty that made her feel more at home every time she made the journey each year. Something was different this year because this would be the last time she'd ever get the feeling of complete happiness from the school she had called home for so many years. She was just about to let the realization of it ending when she felt an arm around her waist. Summer.

"Bliss, it isn't the end. It's just getting close to the next chapter." Bliss took in Summer and all of her love as she could see her sister knew exactly what she was feeling. Before she knew it, she had her arms wrapped around her little sister. She knew her sister was right, but it didn't mean she wasn't still sad about it all. She was glad that she had her moment out here where nobody would notice instead of inside where plenty of students would be able to see her breakdown. She hadn't spoken a word because she felt like as soon as sound would escape her lips, so would the tears that she was holding back. "Come on, B." Her sister whispered as the arm that was placed on her waist gave a slight push forward.

It seemed as though nothing had changed once inside. She smiled at a few students who spoke her name, always flashing that smile of her's. She gave a quick kiss of the cheek to her sister before heading towards their own table's. Of course as soon as Bliss spotted Justin, she sat down beside him. She had no time to even say 'hi' as Headmaster Rockwell began his first speech of many that would give this school year the first sign of beginning. As soon as she saw the Headmaster step from the podeum she watched as Justin managed to steal the spotlight from all other houses as he very successfully performed a piece from Beauty and the Beast. "You are never a disappointment." She said with the quick hug she received from him.

With students getting up from their tables to mingle with other houses, Bliss took this time to look around to find Felix returning her gaze already. As he quickly changed his facial expression, she let a her smile come across her face before putting one finger up towards him as a symbol that she'd be over there in just a second. She stood quickly making her way over to Braelyn, giving the girl a hug from behind. "We have a lot to talk about." She whispered into her ear before continuing, "We will have to talk later though, okay?" She said as she tugged at the girl's arm. "Come on. Let's go talk with Felix and Finn."

Bliss knew that Braelyn would (hopefully) follow her over to the boys that seemed caught up in the conversation of Quodpot. "Really boys.. Always about sports." She spoke up before wrapping her arms around Felix from behind, squeezing as she felt her hands connect on the other side of him. "You do realize there are more important things to discuss.. Like how you have both underestimated the ability of Cervus to beat both Ferre and Atrietem." She couldn't keep a straight face at the unlikelihood of Cervus even winning one match. She let her arms unravel from Felix before they returned around the body of Finn. "I've missed you two so much." She said this directed towards Finn and Braelyn. "I haven't had time to miss you yet." She laughed with a soft kick to Felix's shin."


Summer Turner

Headmaster Rockwell never seemed to phase Summer because she somehow forced herself to see the good in everybody, so now as a few chuckles escaped throughout the Great Hall, she let herself smile as Rockwell didn't even hesitate with the words that continued to spill from his lips. She felt herself glancing throughout the hall to find a few faces of people she knew. She caught sight of her sister with Justin right next to her and rolled her eyes before hearing the Headmaster's speech end. It only took a few seconds for the whole student body to explode into conversation again.

She began grabbing various items from the plates of food from the table. She absolutely loved the food at Magus Grex, and she did not hide this as she at least grabbed a taste of every single tray of food. She nibbled here and there until she looked across to see Justin showing off again. This was like her enemy she didn't have. She just couldn't force herself to like him like Bliss did, but she couldn't say that out loud. Letting her hair fall in front of her face, she quickly caught it before it could touch the food on her plate. "How was everybody's summer?" She asked aloud getting quiet a few response before she saw the sight of a hand grab something from her plate.

She was about to grab the hand until she heard the voice that went with it. Hearing Bellona made Summer take a deep breath full of relief as she quickly spun around, "I've missed you!" She ignored the question Bellona asked her as she found her arms practically chocking Bellona's neck. "Me save you? Seriously.. Look what I'm having to deal with." She said as she pointed over to Bliss whose arms were around Felix. Bellona was the only person that knew that Summer had been crushing on Felix for years. "The only thing keeping me from killing her is the fact that I no longer care.. I think." She said as she felt her glance pull towards Savant. "He is going to keep me sane." She said as she looked at the people he seemed to be talking to.

Emerson and Micah, who Summer absolutely adored. "Let's go interrupt the manly talk for two seconds, please. I haven't said hi to Micah yet. You aren't my only friend, I think." She said with a laugh before dragging the girl further down the table to see the three boys. "Hello lovely gentlemen." She smiled towards Savant letting her eyes stay there a little too longer before facing the other two. "Micah! I've missed you." She gave him a quick kiss on the top of his head before giving them a quick wave of goodbye. "I'd love to stay and chat, but we have to catch up on a little girl talk.. Unless you three are dying to know the lately fashion in the Wizarding World?" She didn't bother hearing their answer as she turned all of her attention to Bellona, curious where she might lead them off to.

Braelyn smiled as Bliss came over to give her a hug. She nodded when asked to go with her to Felix and Finn. "If you'll excuse me," she said to Georgie. "We'll catch up later in the common room, okay?" She stood and followed Bliss to where the two boys were seated at her table and was a little taken aback when Bliss wrapped her arms around Felix from behind. She arched an eyebrow and placed a hand on her hip, giving Bliss a knowing look. "I missed you too," she said. "You haven't had time to miss Felix yet? What's that about?"


Micah was about to answer Savant when the girls in question came over to where they were sitting. He stood to give Summer a quick hug, and nodded briefly in greeting to Bellona. "Ah, no girl talk for me, thanks," he said to Summer with a laugh. "We'll talk later." He smiled at her as the two walked off, then turned his attention back to Savant's question. "I can't say I know too much about Bellona," he said. "But you know Summer. She's so softhearted, and sees the good in everyone. It doesn't surprise me too much that she'd somehow find a way to see it in Bellona too." He grinned at Savant's question about Quodpot. "Well of course we'll be playing this year," he said. "At least I will be, I'm assuming you still plan on it, too?" He directed the question at Emerson.

Bliss Turner

As soon as Bliss heard her friend's questionable tone, she felt her face go red as she glanced at the ground before letting the color fade. "I.." She looked over at Felix before smiling again. "We actually ran into each other this past summer." She brushed a strand of hair out of her face before taking a seat between the two boys, turning her body towards Felix. "And I guess we kind of spent the rest of summer together." By the look on Braelyn's face, she knew that wasn't a good enough answer. "Just like we spent time together, Brae. I have more friends than just you." She teased as she emphasized the word friends to make sure Braelyn caught the word.

"We'll talk about summer break later, of course." She got up quickly, putting her arm around her friend. "You do realize that I've missed you a whole lot. I'm pretty sure this summer was the longest we've been apart.. Ever." She said again as she looked over towards Georgie, who was still at her seat. "Why don't we collect Georgie over there and go discuss all of our amazing summers.." By this point, Bliss wanted to get out of the Great Hall as soon as possible. Waving towards Georgie, she found her hand intertwined with Braelyn's. "I say girl talk in the courtyard!" Seeing as the two boys were still in their presence, she wouldn't be able to relate the actual relationship her and Felix had began to form. "You both are more than welcome to come along. I just thought you both would love to continue on with guy talk.."

"Georgie! Courtyard in five?" She yelled towards the beautiful blonde, before finding her gaze fall onto Felix again.

Rosina Garenne

Rose's cheeks flushed slightly as she heard Micah address her. That was definitely out of the ordinary. In the past five years, they hadn't really spoken to each other. Of course, it was his last year at Magus Grex. Maybe he was just trying to leave on a positive note, getting to know all of his housemates as best as he could. Whatever his reason, she had to respond in some way. Otherwise he would think she was positively dull... or deaf even. She cleared her throat, instinctively reaching up to run a hand through her hair. Although she forgot she had worn it in a ponytail. So her hand raked through and probably messed up her hair, making it look worse. Embarrassed, her hand shot down to her lap.

"Umm... y-yeah, I went through a lot of books this summer." She brought her eyes up to meet his, smiling lightly. "I would love to see what boo-" But she was interrupted by the two girls who had appeared by Micah's side. He stood to give Summer a hug, while Bellona just kind of stood to the side. Rose's eyes found her plate once more, staying silent as they exchanged a few words. She really did like Summer. She was just so sweet, and when the two of them were alone, they always had excellent conversations. Of course, Rose spent much more time with Bliss. She wasn't sure if that bothered Summer or not, she'd never really thought to ask. Still, she had no idea how Summer had become best friends with Bellona. The girl was just plain mean. To everyone! They were polar opposites, but Summer must see something in the Arietem that Rose herself did not see.

The girls took off, and Micah turned his attention to Savant, as if he had already completely forgotten about her. She let out a soft sigh, pretending to eat her food, but not really taking a bite. She knew the three boys were pretty much obsessed with Quodpot, so she listened to their conversation. Particularly when Emerson seemed to shout, and swoon backwards from the table. A smile spread across her face, but she quickly made it disappear. She didn't want them to know she had been listening in on their conversation.

Micah didn't seem to be returning his attention to her any time soon. So she glanced around the large hall, seeing everyone talking with friends. Suddenly, she felt so very alone. She wanted to run up to her room and just curl up under her covers with a good book. Life was so much better there. She saw Teiver slip out of the hall, and realized that she wouldn't be coming over to save Rose from her loneliness. And she didn't even see Bliss anywhere, so that wasn't going to happen either. She had the urge to cry, but wouldn't let herself do so in the middle of the feast.

As she thought about it, she guessed she couldn't really blame Micah. She wasn't that interesting anyway, and he had so much in common with the two other guys. And just then, Justin approached their table, standing across the way from her. He said some cheesy stuff to Emerson, and gave the boys each a little vial. She had no idea what he was up to, and didn't really care to know. She knew that Justin came from a Muggle family, just as she did. Did they also both have crushes on Emerson? Apparently so. She'd known they were good friends, but this was news to her. Perhaps she didn't know as much about others as she thought.

She felt the urge to run, but made herself stay put. She wouldn't let everyone else see her running from the hall alone, on the brim of tears. It was a new year, and she could create a new image, right? ....Maybe?

Finn Pollack

Braelyn gave a little wave back, then immersed in conversation with Georgie. He listened to Felix's response, smiling at his best friend's word. He'd been practicing his new move (it still needed an awesome name) all summer, and almost had it perfected. Felix was right, if he could get it down, the other houses didn't have a chance. Of course, once he did it once, everyone else would be trying to copy it. He'd have to cross that bridge when it came, though. He found it extremely interesting that Felix had spent his entire summer with Bliss. And the way that he stared at her after he spoke about her made Finn smirk. It surely seemed that something had bloomed between two of his best friends.

And speak of the devil, Bliss appeared at their table shortly after. She wrapped her arms around Felix, before doing the same to him. He graciously received the hug, squeezing her back with a chuckle. "It does seem like it has been forever, hasn't it?" he said, turning to face her. As his friends were chatting to each other, movement at the far end of the hall caught his eye. It was none other than Teiver, and she was slipping out of the large oak doors. He remembered taking a real notice of her last year, since she always seemed to be sneaking off when she wasn't supposed to. He'd even tried to follow her a couple of times, but she'd eluded him before he could catch her. He wasn't really breaking any rules leaving the feast. The speech had been made, and students were allowed to leave at any time. Most just stayed around for courtesy, until the faculty were done, and the first years were rounded up.

He narrowed his eyes, and stood up from the table. "Guys, I'll see you later. I need to take care of something." He clapped Felix on the back, and placed a hand on both Bliss' and Braelyn's shoulder for a moment, before he took off down to the oaken door. He slipped through as well, hearing the soft sound of footsteps, and he caught a glimpse of her disappearing around a corner to the left. He moved forward, approaching the corner, and peeking around it. Teiver was with her cat, which always appeared next to the girl when she wasn't in class. They were standing in front of a normal stone wall, and for a moment Finn was confused. He continued to watch though, and was filled with surprise when the girl brought out her wand and revealed a secret passageway, and a door stood in the place of what had been a wall moments ago.

Teiver was about to walk through, and he was afraid the passageway would disappear after she went through it. He didn't want to lose her once more. "Hey!" he called out, stepping from behind the wall and in to her line of vision. That was probably stupid, but he hadn't had any better ideas on such short notice. He looked around awkwardly, shoving his hands in his pockets. "Uh, what exactly are you doing?" he asked, thinking that was probably a stupid question as well. Too late now. At least he might find out exactly what she was up to.

Felix was still eating his food when he caught Finn's expression out of the corner of his eye. He stopped eating, then turned and addressed him fully. "The fuck you looking at, Pollack?" Felix said in an angry yet joking tone. Finn was implying a lot with that look, and it honestly made him feel uncomfortable. He turned back, chuckling, to his food. "Hehehe, yeah. But, seriously. If I don't see a Quodpot cup addressed to Ferre House by the end of this year, I'm disowning you as a pressure." He ended his statement with a large smile, as if to accentuate his faux point. He was about to eat another bite of his food, until he heard a sweet voice behind him. "Really boys.. Always about sports." He then felt to arms wrap around his body and squeeze him tight. He held up his fingers and crossed them. He started to mutter out loud. "Please be Wicks, please be Wicks, please be wicks." after the hug was released, he spun around with a happy expression on his face. When he saw Bliss, it turned to one of disappointment. "Aw, I hoped you were Wicks, finally reciprocating my love for him." He then looked up and said in a confident tone. "One day." He then broke down and chuckled to himself. She then hugged Finn and expressed how much she had missed everyone. She then turned towards him. "I haven't had time to miss you yet." She laughed with a soft kick to Felix's shin.

Felix laughed and rubbed his leg. "Easy there, Bend it like Beckham. I know what you mean though. It's been like.....what, five, six days? Just when I thought I was rid of you." He then acted tired and put his head in his hands. Felix then chuckled lightly to himself. He liked messing with Bliss. It gave him a sense of security. Felix had already turned around at this point so he could see Brae and Bliss better. It seemed Brae was questioning Bliss about something, because she seemed nervous. "I.." Bliss then sat down next to him. "We actually ran into each other this past summer. And I guess we kind of spent the rest of summer together." Brae didn't exactly seemed satisfied with this answer. "Just like we spent time together, Brae. I have more friends than just you." A small dark hole started to tear itself into existence in Felix's soul. He quickly put it at the back of his mind. "For now...but soon, my evil plan will be realized and Bliss will only have one! And then there's some 3rd step and then profit." Felix said, joking as usual. Felix liked that she was sitting next to him and that he felt comfortable enough to be himself around her.....sort of.

"I say girl talk in the courtyard!" Whoa, the hell did that come from? Bliss was suddenly leaving, great. "You both are more than welcome to come along. I just thought you both would love to continue on with guy talk.." Felix gave her a smile. "Oh yeah, we have a lot to discuss, like Quodpot, lifting weights, shaving, stuff like that. Right Finn?"Felix looked to his buddy and suddenly realized Finn was leaving. "Dude.......the hell!" He called after him, but he was gone. He turned back to Bliss. "I don't see the guy in ages, we have a 5 minute conversation about Quodpot, then he leaves me high and dry with two beautiful young ladies all to myself......on second thought, maybe it was for the best." Felix said, giving Bliss and Brae the sex eyes. He then laughed to himself.

Suddenly, Felix got a feeling.....a dark feeling. Something.....weird. He looked to his right and saw Vance Abernathy making a B-line straight for him. Great, Felix wondered what he wanted. He stood up and looked to Bliss. "Yeah, it's probably better of you go. Abernathy the tight assed is heading this way, with purpose. Never a good sign. You should probably get out of here before he tries to assimilate you into the fold." Felix said, adding spooky finger waving to the last part. Vance was nearly upon them. He then looked at Bliss with genuine eyes. "Seriously, though. We should get together later. Just because we spent the summer together doesn't mean I'm done with you." He gave her a genuine smile, then turned on his heels and walked forward, finding Vance directly in front of him. They stared at each other for a few seconds before Felix smiled and spoke. "Can I help you with something, Mr. Abernathy?"

#, as written by throne
Justin Hardy – Vulpes House

And just like that, the lanky prodigy was off. He snatched an apple off the Cervus table as he strode away. He’d been about to swing by and tease Felix about a few rumors he’d heard, which had been basically confirmed by sneaking a few glances at him and Bliss, but he changed course and headed out of the hall when he spotted Vance Abernathy, of all people, moving toward his friend. He was in too good a mood to deal with the likes of Vance, even if it was tempting to razz him about his sister’s absence. Vance was a douche-nozzle of the first order, but Nevaeh… well, even Justin was leery enough of her to steer clear.

He remembered distinctly when, last year, she’d been caught in the crossfire of a minor prank war he’d been having with a third-year Arietem. He’d been on his way to class when she’d practically materialized in front of him, jabbed her wand into his crotch, and then smiled and politely asked him to refrain from any further pranks involving the Arietem common room. Any other time, Justin might have quipped something snarky in that situation, but every instinct he had told him that the girl was perfectly capable of unleashing a hex on his favorite body part, and not an elementary one. He’d nodded tersely then bolted instead.

”Good riddance,” he murmured darkly, shaking off the memory. He was in the corridors now, already en route to his destination in spite of the distraction. He couldn’t help but continue musing about the ramifications of her absence. Out from under Nevaeh’s shadow, maybe Vance would develop a soul. The odds were low, he decided, but it was possible, even if only for the fact that he didn’t have one of the school’s most capable witches in his corner anymore.

He cut an abrupt turn down a seldom used hallway that led to the Astronomy tower. Justin had been extremely discriminating when choosing the location of his preferred secret room. He knew the castle about as well as anyone, and so he knew that there were quite a few more exotically hidden areas, but most of those had rumors attached to them, and it was common for third- and fourth- years to hunting for them as a matter of course.

That wouldn’t do, for Justin. He had too much staked in his little laboratory to have some unwary kid stumbling in, never mind the danger involved. No, his hideaway was right on the way to a class, albeit one of the least taken classes in the curriculum after Arithmancy and Divination. He’d worked out an independent study of sorts with Professor Applebome when the prospect of actually climbing up to the observatory proved more than Justin could handle (he’d tried, and wound up having a crippling panic attack every time), so he actually had reason to be here every so often. It was perfect.

He drew his wand when he reached his destination, flicking his wrist artfully. The common lock on the door responded with a click, and after one last cautious look over his shoulder, he swung the door open and stepped in.

It wasn’t more than a large closet, and it was positively teeming with junk. There were stacks of out of date textbooks, star charts, models of the solar system, broken-down telescopes, and even more exotic star-gazing paraphernalia stowed away inside, so disheveled and stacked high that the room was basically full, a precarious tower of odds and ends that for some reason, Applebome couldn’t bring himself to clean out.

He locked the door behind him with another flick of his wrist, and then performed yet another silent spell, this one a bit more elaborate in the wand-work. Seemingly of their own accord, the massive pile of equipment began to silently sort itself out into neat stacks against the walls, revealing the floor beneath. He rapped his knuckles thrice on a small, filthy, circular rug, and then pulled it up. A section of the floor came up with it, revealing a tightly spaced stairwell that spiraled downward. Without the knock, the rug would simply come up if pulled, leaving the floor intact and the entrance to the lower reaches of the tower unmolested.

It was perfect because of how poorly defended it was. In the magical world, one used magic to guard valuables or secrets. All that stood between the students and teachers of Magus Grex and Justin’s private retreat was a single locked door, a tower of crap, and an admittedly clever hidden trapdoor… but that simplicity was exactly what he counted on.

He drew a deep breath as he prepared to descend. Even though he knew it wasn’t very many steps down, he always got a little uneasy on the stairs. In the darkness, it felt a lot longer than it was. He lit his wand, and then went down far enough to close the trapdoor above him. It sealed perfectly, and he undid the spell that had organized the junk, causing it to slowly and quietly resolve itself into impossible clutter once more.

After that, there was nowhere left to go but down.

Vance Abernathy – Arietem House

The Arietem drew to a stop when Felix came out to meet him. He didn’t bother commenting on the convenience of that. No doubt, he thought to protect his little housemates from whatever unkindness he imagined Vance intended to inflict upon them. A gracious smile bowed his lips almost automatically as he looked down at the other seventh year. Vance clasped his hands neatly behind his back, glancing askance quickly. They were far enough from the table to have the degree of privacy this conversation required.

”According to Professor Hughes, you can.” He canted his head back toward the dais. Let Fletcher infer what he likes about what was said, he decided. It could very well be that the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher’s gesturing this way would substantiate what he was about to propose enough that the other teen might actually agree.

There was no love lost between the two of them, that was certain. Nevaeh had always been a bit wary of Felix Fletcher, but Vance had no such feeling. The boy was a self-righteous nuisance, little more, the prototypical Ferre who couldn’t help but stand tall in the face of adversity. Vance hardly had to lift a finger when it came to Fletcher; the staff usually took care of that, when one of his “outbursts” became tangible enough to warrant attention.

He was banking on two things. Firstly, that a humble request would be hard for a noble Ferre to deny. Secondly, that Felix would immediately find his motives suspect, and his curiosity would lead him to see it through. At the very worst, he’d simply rebuke Vance and then make claims that would be astonishingly easy to deny. No one in their right mind would ever believe that Vance Abernathy had gone to Felix Fletcher for help.

”You see,” he continued after the slightest of pauses. ”My future somewhat hinges on obtaining an ‘Outstanding’ on my Defense Against the Dark Arts N.E.W.T., and my own feelings on that subject are that the best defense is a good offense. It works very well in application, but Father assures me it will not hold up for a theoretical examination.” Vance was prone to getting a bit lecture-y, and had the presence that he was seldom interrupted, so he just plowed right along. ”I’d asked Professor Hughes if he had time to work in some extra lessons, and he instead suggested that you, his most promising student, might be willing to provide a bit of tutoring.” A pause, there, to let the full nature of his request sink in.

Fletcher didn’t need to know the truth of the matter. Vance hardly believed that the anti-authoritarian do-gooder could ever be part of the conspiracy his sister had been involved with, but that didn’t mean he was bringing him into the fold. No, he certainly didn’t need to tell him that the real reason he wanted to brush up on Defense was the fact that he expected to find himself the target of the Dark Arts before the year was out. He couldn’t tell Hughes that, either. That man was the least trust-worthy being in the entire school.

He needed to sweeten the pot, he knew, and act enough like himself that Fletcher wouldn’t be inclined to question his motives too much. In an almost bored tone, he continued. ”I can compensate you for your time, of course, in gold, though I imagine you’d prefer a more creative… payment… which I would be willing to comply with provided it not involve letting anyone else know about this arrangement.” Something in Vance’s expression changed; his lips became a competitive little smirk, and his eyes held an unspoken challenge. ”I wasn’t going to ask you, even with Professor Hughes' recommendation, but then I realized something.” Another perfect pause followed. ”In the very least, I know you won’t hold back against me.”

His smirk exacerbated into a somewhat disturbing grin. "And I wouldn't want you to hold back."

Summer Turner

Summer had seemed to be caught in the pull of her best friend as they rounded corner after corner, leading to a destination she felt unnecessary to try and remember. As they walked Summer had a flash of the incident that happened right before Bliss and herself even stepped into the school, she recalled how troubled Bliss seemed to think that this would be her last year at Magus Grex. That this was the end of something in her life. Summer, who was always known for comforting her sister, found herself wanting to let her sister soak in this pain. The realization that next year she would be a true witch, who would no longer have the advantage of having a lot of friends in school. She would have to start over. She would have to find her own friends again. This had given Summer a little satisfaction knowing that Bliss would have no one, but as soon as the dark started feeling her, light began to take over once more. This was resulted with Summer wrapping her sister up in a tight hug as she reassured her that this wasn't all that bad. Why am I always so nice? She had asked herself several times as the two sisters seperated.

Summer came back to the present when she caught site of where Bellona had actually led them to. This was one of Bellona's favorite spots to just talk in privacy, and right now that is what Summer wanted more than anything; privacy. She let her hands find a step, so she could bring herself down to the cold stone. Her body gave a slight shiver before settling into her spot. She was just about to speak when her friend took the initiative to start the conversation fast. Diving into a subject that Summer had mostly conversed with herself about, and that was the summer filled with Felix. I thought you liked Felix..why were you giving Savant googly eyes? The statements both seemed to run together in Summer's mind as she tried to figure out where to start. She of course needed to go back to the day they ran into Felix.

"Okay, get ready for a very long summarized version of my terrible summer." She looked at her hands, thinking of how it all actually happened and then she began. "No questions until I finish." She knew her friend would probably not listen to that, but she still voiced what she'd like to happen. "So.. Bliss had somehow talked me into going into town for this festival of some sort. I had begged her to just go to the shore with my dad for the day to fish, but for some reason she said she felt like the festival would bring us closer." She felt her hands clench before she caught the anger building inside her. "You know how Bliss is.. Once she has her mind set, she isn't going to let you get out of it. Well, anyways.. We ended up going to the festival which I think was about the boats that had docked at the bay.. I'm not real sure. I try to block this whole day out, honesty. So Bliss has just spotted this beautiful dress that she insist on getting for me.. I'm not going to deny gifts!" Summer said laughing a little at the idea of her denial and what would have happened if she would have stayed by her sister's side.

She looked at Bellona to make sure she was still keeping up, with a smile towards her friend she continued. "I of course had to go try on the dress, and I swear I was maybe gone for five minutes.. When I came out, there he was.. Felix." She leaned back on the upper step, letting her hair fall across it. "I sweat! He was just standing there talking to Bliss like they had been friends forever. I wanted to freak because I thought Bliss will totally get me the hook up. Because at this point in time, I still hadn't told anyone but you about the huge crush I've had on him.. But I have mentioned his name a lot in conversation with her, so I thought her sister instincts would tell her something of the way I felt about him." She took a short break before continuing. "I was so wrong." She gritted her teeth through this remark. "When I came up, they were exchanging numbers and giggling like a bunch of little kids. Bliss just kept laughing and smiling, not even noticing me. Felix was the one that noticed me, and it was like he saw right through me. It was like he wanted to be nice, but give my sister as much attention as possible.. Which I know I'm probably exaggerating what happened.. But it felt awful. I was then drug along for every little day they saw each other. From going to the peer, to racing go-carts, to just getting ice cream.. It was awful seeing them together like that."

She bit her lip a little too hard, as she had to run the pain out with her finger. "And it was maybe a week ago when he had to go back down to his place.. So I've had to deal with the two of them just bonding all summer! So yeah, that's why I can't even think about being with Felix now.. He's probably having sex with Bliss." She made a gag face before she thought of Bellona's second question. "Savant has always been my type. I was just so caught up with Felix.." She gave a smirk before allowing her friend to catch up on the whole conversation. "Now throw all of your questions at me. I'm ready!" She laughed as she spun towards her friend, tucking a leg beneath her.

Micah Jeffers

Micah laughed at Emerson's pretty accurate imitation of girls swooning over Savant. "You really should definitely try out," he told Savant. "I'll help you out however I can."

Just then, Justin came over, handing a popsicle stick bouquet to Emerson. Micah smiled and shook his head. You had to give him credit for his determination. He gave little thought to the comment about Nevaeh Abernathy, as he didn't really even personally know the who who had practically been the queen of the Arietem house. He gladly accepted the vial Justin tossed his way, interested in how this potion worked. Betterbeer, he had called it. And definitely three just three drops, not four, even if he could pull off the "gnarly mutton chops" look. He attempted committing it to memory. Three drops, not four... Three, not four... Three, not--

His attention broke off there, even before Justin had left them, and he began looking around at his other housemates catching up with each other. Then he notice Rose sitting ever so quietly beside him still and wanted to hit himself. She probably thought he was completely blowing her off after having started a conversation with her just to turn right around and get into talk of Quodpot and the Summer/Bellona friendship and Betterbeer with the guys.

"I'm sorry about that, Rose," Micah said to her, sheepishly. "I don't have the best attention span in the world." His AD/HD was a long-time source of embarrassment to him since his diagnosis in elementary school, and he had found it easier to play it off like he just didn't care to focus on things rather than he couldn't. In this case, however, he definitely didn't want Rose to think he simply didn't care to pay attention to her. "Where were we?" he asked her. "Books, right?"


Braelyn Tanner

Braelyn watched the playful exchange between Bliss and Felix, completely not buying the whole "friends" nonsense that Bliss had mentioned, but satisfied for now knowing that they would be talking about it in more detail later. She laughed at Felix's comment about Finn leaving him alone with two beautiful ladies, but was disappointed that he had up and left so quickly. Brae couldn't help but wonder what had caught his attention and made him leave like that.

"Alright, courtyard it is," she said to Bliss. "See you later, Felix. Have fun with.. whatever that is," she nodded towards Vance heading their way. She grabbed Bliss's hand and headed for the door, waving over at Georgie. "We'll see you out there, okay?" she called to her.

As soon as they reached the courtyard, where some people had already gathered in small groups here and there, Braelyn led Bliss to a bench in a relatively quiet spot. "Arlight," she said, smiling and placing a hand on her hip. "Talk."

Vance's response to Felix's question was honestly unexpected. "According to Professor Hughes, you can." He canted his head back toward the dais. Felix simply raised an eyebrow in confusion. What the hell did that mean? Vance's face was entirely to smug and sure of himself to be asking him for help with something. The pause shared between only strengthened Felix's gut feeling that something was wrong. "You see," he continued after the slightest of pauses. "My future somewhat hinges on obtaining an ‘Outstanding’ on my Defense Against the Dark Arts N.E.W.T., and my own feelings on that subject are that the best defense is a good offense. It works very well in application, but Father assures me it will not hold up for a theoretical examination." Wow......did he rehearse this? This sounds rehearsed......and acted. I don't think Ive ever remembered a time where Vance had sounded genuine and calm at the same time....and now was certainly no exception. He continued. "I’d asked Professor Hughes if he had time to work in some extra lessons, and he instead suggested that you, his most promising student, might be willing to provide a bit of tutoring." Normally that wouldn't be surprising, Hughes had dumped a lot of kids on him. He never really seemed to have time for.......anyone. Except him......on odd occasions, when he would make Felix regulate the Dueling club and duel him in the classroom. He was.......freaking creepy, but there was something about him.....anyways. Normally, Felix wouldn't find this odd....except for the fact that Vance had agreed to it.

Felix looked around, arms crossed and eyebrows up. As if he were expecting a consultant to come out and explain in further detail what was going on. He then looked at him. "........And?" Oddly seemed Abernathy switched tactics. NOW he sounded bored and a little embarrassed at what he was offering......that made Felix even more suspicious. "I can compensate you for your time, of course, in gold, though I imagine you’d prefer a more creative… payment… which I would be willing to comply with provided it not involve letting anyone else know about this arrangement.” Something in Vance’s expression changed; his lips became a competitive little smirk, and his eyes held an unspoken challenge. Here it comes. ”I wasn’t going to ask you, even with Professor Hughes' recommendation, but then I realized something.” Another perfect pause followed. His tech rehearsal must have been a bitch. "In the very least, I know you won’t hold back against me." He then gave an incredibly evil grin that would make even Snidely Whiplash shiver. "And I wouldn't want you to hold back." ................huh.

Felix looked hard at him with suspicion in his eyes. His eyebrow slowly raised, then he spoke. "........No." His face then turned casual and he spun around and sat down on a random bench at one of the tables. He reached back and grabbed an apple and began to much on it. Vance just sort of stared at him. "I said no." he said to him as if he were an idiot. "I know you'd love to have the best in the school, but, unfortunately, you'll have to settle for second nest." He said dripping with his usual tone. He then dawned a very smug grin. "What's that old Arietem saying?......oh yeah. Second place is just the first loser." He smiled directly at Vance, almost daring him to make a comment. "Speaking of second best, why don't you just ask your sister?" He asked, looking inquisitive and taking a bite of his apple. He swallowed. "I mean, the way families who are in the 1% seem to work, it stands to reason that she wouldn't hold back either." He took another casual bite, then spoke again. Not letting Vance get a word in. It looked like a light bulb had lit over Felix's head. "That's right, I heard she's in Beauxbatons, finishing her last year there." He leaned back on the table and spread his legs wide, putting himself in a very poor posture, a grin of self-satisfaction still on his face. The closest students to him were at least a yard away, and the clatter of the Hall made sure no one could hear them. "You know, I find it odd that a girl who entitles herself to greatness and that already has a large following of toadies and sycophants, would leave at the time of the peak of her power, for a place she has absolutely no connection to, to be around hundreds of girls just as rich and even more prone to self-entitlement than even little Nevy........don't you?" He said, faking curiosity and wonder in his tone. His tone implied heavily on something.......something Felix wanted to know. He then crossed his legs and stared at him with an inquisitive smile.

Demetrio’s Perspective

Eying all the students in the hall, Demetrio nervously chewed through a few cookies before sipping at a glass of tea. Bleh, magically brewed tea was never as satisfying as Yoya’s homebrewed Sun tea, but beggars should not be choosers. Watching Justin Hardy play with silverware, and then move from table to table like a slut, Demetrio remembered what he once heard about him: Justin was gay. Feeling no fast issue to believe Justin was gay or straight, having never heard either from Justin's mouth, Demetrio made no quarrel about it. Though he couldn’t help but wonder. Back home in the Sierra Pelonas, the concept of gay or straight was very thin and undeveloped; Demetrio was reared into only one thing: act and behave and think like a man, and everything else will be natural. But gringos had a different way of viewing the world.

A few of Demetrio’s fellow Cervus house students were conversing near, though he had no inclination to engage in conversation just yet. Too soon was the school year, indeed only the first, for him to simply ease into his pigeonholed niche of the boyish jester. A few nervous jokes here, a few faint smiles there. But nothing serious. As for the other tables, students from every year were joyously dancing, metaphorically speaking, with the exuberance of a new school year; at least most everybody. Vance Abernathy seemed solemn and cordially cold, as usual, though he was bothering Felix for some odd reason. Justin seemed to have vanished sometime on. Almost all of the Ferre kids, except perhaps Felix, were never really interesting. Interesting enough, however, Finn had followed a Vulpes girl, Teiver, whom Demetrio admired yet knew she was a tad bit prejudiced, after Headmaster Rockwell's speech.

Uninterested, Demetrio finished his tea and lifted himself from his bench, unsurprisingly not startling anyone around him. For years, Demetrio had earned the reputation of the somewhat annoying Cervus kid who’d go around and share inside jokes with just about everyone, apparently even the teachers. On a few rare occasions, he was able to make Mr. Wicks smile, and Prof. Dahlin seemed to quite enjoy private tutoring with him. For years, Demetrio had attempted to build a relationship with Headmaster Rockwell, though such endeavors were hopelessly fruitless.

Walking through the halls to the bathroom, he spotted Justin at the end of the corridor go off towards the Astronomy tower, apparently needing some sort of astronomical data to eat his food. The halls were quite ornate, embellished with the carvings of Northern California’s natural environment. Large, stone Sequoias lurched over careless bears and peaceful hippies. Yes, Northern California was the antithesis to Demetrio’s Southern California, where the largest trees were fat but not terribly tall, mountain lions shepherded over the various valleys and passes, and the dry yet softly salty air cascaded down over your eyes in the beautiful harmony of ugly and beauty.

Demetrio, washing his hands, heard somebody stride into the large bathroom, with such hurried pace and irritated breath. The stranger, though obscured by the various walls of the bathroom, seemed to have taken care of his business and began to leave, to which Demetrio shouted, “Wait! Are you not going to wash your hands?!” Flustered and hurried, Rockwell came around to the sinks and took the one next to his. “So, Demetrio, ready for this year?” he asked, cold and vaguely uninterested.

“Never, sir” Demetrio replied.

“And why not?” Rockwell asked, magically twisting the nobs of the sink and shutting off the water (lazy!). He looked up at Demetrio and waited patiently, somewhat unusual.

“And why aren’t you ever ready?”

“What makes you think I am not ready?”

“For four, now five years I have noticed this same fact: on the first day of school you come rushing to the bathroom to ‘take care of your business’, though I know you just want an excuse to escape one last time before the year starts up.”

Oddly enough, Rockwell nodded his head, reached his hand over to touch Demetrio’s shoulder, and patted him. Now, amicably speaking, he said, “Well said, Demetrio. Cute, but well said.” And Demetrio knew Rockwell, not being a man to smile or laugh, found it humorous in the best way he could. Demetrio took silent pride in this. Rockwell reminded him of his uncle whom was killed by a pack of wild mutts; Tio Marín was cold and bittered from life, perhaps never seeming to enjoy anything, though Demetrio knew he loved everyone and took pride in the simple tasks that fell upon him. Rockwell seemed to be the same way, bittered by so many years, though generally benevolent and loving(in his own odd, distant way) to the years of students.

“Well, sir, you best be getting back to the table,” Demetrio smiled, “you wouldn’t people to start spreading rumors about us.” Smiling, Demetrio gave a small chuckle to an apparently annoyed Rockwell. The Headmaster replied, “Demetrio, I’m not sure anyone could ever envision you shacking up with anyone, let alone a Headmaster,” gave a small twitch of his mouth(a smile?), and then continued, “Don’t stay out there too long, today, okay? There’s been a nasty endemic of beach troll this Summer, and we wouldn’t want our star healer to be out there on his own in a fight.” And just like that, having surprised and terrified Demetrio with his semblance of omniscience, Headmaster Rockwell rushed out.

Demetrio NEVER spoke a word to anyone of his penchant for healing, not even Prof. Dahlin, whom he loved and admired very much. Rockwell was a mage of uncertain power, that was certainly certain. But what’s more, Demetrio was a bit crushed that Rockwell knew of his times out by the beach. Nobody know of that. Nobody. So how? Demetrio pushed it out his mind and left for the beach, handing a smuggled cookie to Mr. Wicks, who graciously let him walk right out the front door, past the stabled horses, past the special garage where Headmaster Rockwell’s grand carriage was hidden, past Prof. Dahlin’s personal flower garden, past the entrance columns, and out towards the beach. It was about a 20-minute walk from the school to the beach, though Demetrio never minded such a small walk. Back in the Sierra Pelonas, he would often find himself on the other side of the Mountain Ridge by noon and back by midnight.

Finally finding his sacred spot, a small, hidden nook where the beach meets the forest, and the fog rolls over just perfectly to produce a nice little pocket between air, earth and water. Demetrio sat down and attempted to pull of his black cowboy boots, the only reason why he dreaded his boots(nasty little things always seemed to love his feet).

“Yap!” Dieguito was on his way to Demetrio. Having let Dieguito go off into the forest early in the morning to have some fun, Demetrio was quite glad to see his best friend back. The little coyote bolted out from the forest and hopped right on Demetrio’s back, who responded by grabbing his friend and rolling in the sand.

“Dieguito, que pasó?” to which Dieguito yapped, yipped and barked his response to his human friend. Dieguito was more than a pet, he was a life-long companion, with whom Demetrio shared his most inner thoughts. Dieguito, having be named for San Juan Diego, the humble native man who saw the Virgin of Guadalupe, had long been a trusted friend of the Magallón family. The coyote was the symbol of both sides of the family, and most every family witch had been accompanied by a coyote from the same family.

Demetrio couldn’t help but feel he was being watched, as if he wasn’t alone, or some distant eye gazed at him. But regardless, he needed to have this time now. “Ready?” he whispered to Dieguito. Jumping up, gently removed his yellow-lined Cervus uniform, and threw it to the sand near his boots. Dieguito reared his head up and gave a short, squeaky howl, and waited in anticipation for Demetrio.

Pulling out his large, black oak wand, Demetrio still felt like he was watched, but didn’t pay much attention to it. Founding his feet into the sand, he slowly silenced his thoughts. Centering focus from the cold, Northern California environment to the warm, diamond-hard heart within, Demetrio slowly began to let his body form and shift to the push of the wind and the sound of the cold Pacific waves. His hands loosened up and followed in sync to his deep breathing. Tongue to roof, breath through nose, belly expand. With his wand, he helped move the air in and out his lungs; as he breathed in, his hand and wand gently glided to close to his nose, and as he exhaled his hand and wand reached out to follow his blowing out.

Now dancing in a ecstatic dancing of breath and prayer, Demetrio had forgotten everything around. He felt only the sunshine of the Sierra Pelonas, the sweet wind of the mountains, and the peace of his childhood. Silently, Demetrio cast various spells for the year, hoping to improve his health and focus and confidence.

Demetrio heard a snap, jolted from his peace.

“Oh shi…” he had little else to say, seeing the ugly mug of a beach troll…

#, as written by throne
Vance Abernathy - Arietem House

Vance hadn’t expected this to be easy. No, he expected Fletcher to make it as painful, as laborious, as annoying as would be humanly possible, from virtually the instant that Hughes had suggested him. It hardly mattered though, as long as he said yes. There was a brief spell where Vance thought about chucking the whole idea. He could study privately, be even more cautious, ferret out some trustworthy allies. He wondered vaguely if Vulpes’ resident potion-peddlar was capable of making Veritaserum. That would go a long way toward ensuring that he could actually come to rely on someone.

No. This was the best way. Brushing up on his defensive theory with a skilled wizard who hated him slinging the spells was the surest way to protect himself. Perhaps afterward, he could start assembling a few loyal followers to help him cut out the infection from the student body.

Through most of Fletcher’s invective, Vance remained non-plussed, just standing by patiently with his hand and mechanical hand clasped behind his back, watching the other boy and waiting for him to finish up. The mention of Nevaeh hit it’s mark, though; or rather, it hit a mark. Even Fletcher likely couldn’t imagine what had occurred between them, and if he knew, he’d likely never speak of it, certainly not in such a casually cruel way… unless Vance was wrong about the Ferre.

His smile went quite brittle at the mention of his sister. Part of him, the part that vaguely resembled the golden-haired younger boy who had always, always wanted to be as strong as his twin, wanted to let him in on the fact that, in the end, Vance had come out the victor. Another part, similarly buried deep, felt quite ill. The strongest urge he felt was to cross to Felix and put the strength of his goblin-forged hand to the test by seeing how long it took to crush his windpipe.

Instead of doing any of that, he forced himself back toward composure. It was remarkable, how he could swing between thoughts of murder and polite conversation in a matter of seconds. Well, remarkable was one word for it, anyway.

”You have an interesting method of negotiation, Fletcher.” There was no way the other boy had missed his tensing up, so he decided to run with it. Slowly he unclasped his hands, letting his right arm hang at his side. The ebon dragonskin glove he wore was probably worth more than most of his peers’ parents brought home in a month, beautiful really. He slowly flexed the mechanical hand beneath it into a fist, and then unclenched it to play his fingers. It would be too noisy to hear the whisper of the gears, but he was hoping Felix wasn’t too dim to notice the glove itself.

”Agree to assist me, and I’ll tell you why Nevaeh went to Beauxbatons. If you’re uninterested, then…” he shrugged minimally. ”Well, I did try.” His handsome features were once again a mask of genteel charm. Fletcher would only manage to get under his skin the once.

Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom! (Justin)

Down, down, down. He’d always had the sneaking suspicion that whoever had been responsible for this secret passage was either smaller-than-human or very young. He didn’t have to duck to make his way along the stairwell, but he only barely had enough clearance after his last growth spurt to avoid smacking his head against the bottom of the steps he’d only descended a few seconds before.

After what seemed like forever but was only roughly thirty seconds, he touched down on the landing. The slight trickle of anxiety that had been building during the voyage down evaporated all at once, like the incredibly useless Disappearing Draught he’d invented on a lark. It looked like common water, but when someone attempted to drink it, the potion would just vanish. The Disappearing Draught was emblematic of Justin’s approach to magic: it was well worth forging together incredibly potent effects (the potion’s absence actually relied on a system not dissimilar from Apparation), provided that one could make either a profit, or in this case, a laugh, in the process.

The stairwell and landing were pitch-black. If it weren’t for the blip of light at the end of his wand, he wouldn’t have been able to see his hand in front of his face, never mind the hole. The tower itself was very tall. The ground was definitely a terminal velocity’s worth of falling below, and that was how Justin had discovered the room in the first place. He’d been outside, enjoying one of his favorite psychedelic concoctions, when he noticed what looked like a dark spot on the tower wall. It was so high up he could barely tell, and sort of built into a bevel, but it was definitely there.

He’d nearly fallen in the hole, which led into a ten meter sharply declined chute that would have deposited his bony ass into freefall if he hadn’t hopped over it at the last possible second. The room’s last user had probably flown up to get in; it was just big enough to accommodate someone riding on broomstick. He’d since laid a piece of wood over it, but his stomach still did flip flops whenever he crossed over it to reach the large, heavy door.

It was a fearsome door, the sort of door that was usually only employed to keep particularly strong monsters from passing through it. There had been a few enchantments worked into it when he’d finally made it down, weakened by age and easy enough for him to disarm. He hadn’t bothered refreshing them since. Opening the door by means of his own strength was impossible; really, it would have taken five of Justin to accomplish the feat. He extinguished his wand and then brought it through a figure eight. The mammoth door groaned, and shuddered, and then finally swung inward.

A sweeping gesture set the torches within ablaze, immediately bathing the entirety of his hideaway in soft light. It wasn’t massive by any standard, and when he’d found it, it was barren save for a single cot and a dog-eared issue of Transfiguration Today from ten years before Justin was born. He’d left both there, in deference and respect to whomever had come before him, but had brought an awful lot more in.

There were three six foot long work tables, all of which were heavily laden with the tools of his trade. Cauldrons of a variety of metals, the magical equivalent of Bunsen burners, all manners of flasks, beakers, and vials, and enough plastic tubing to tourniquet a small army. Most of it had been pilfered from the school, but a few of the more specialized items (a rather ingenious magical centrifuge that had been popular in the Nile Valley a few centuries ago, a diamond knife with an amethyst hilt required in several archaic recipes that originated in aboriginal Australia, a monster of a scale that could weigh nearly a dozen items at once separately, and be tuned to indicate proportions, among others) he had acquired himself and smuggled in.

The real value, though, lay in a small hutch that rested in the easternmost corner of the room. That Justin had laden with quite a few protections, each worse than the last. It took him several minutes to undo all of them, and even then, there were three key holes to contend with. One key, he kept in his bag. The second was tucked in his right sock. The third and smallest he kept in a tiny incision he’d cut in his own inner-cheek, an old Muggle magician’s trick he’d read about and then greedily employed. The keys had to be inserted in one sequence and then turned in another, but not before he worked a Bubble Head Charm on himself. The final protection was mostly mundane; upon being opened, the hutch emitted a cloud of aerosolized Draught of Living Death that was potent enough to put a grown man to sleep for a week.

The effort was necessary, and well worth it. The hutch had an Undetectable Extension Charm, and contained Justin’s entire fortune. There was some gold, but that was just his rainy day fund. He had herbs and ingredients in that hutch that he was reasonably sure Professor Hutson would have slept with him to obtain. He’d liberated more common bits from the school’s potion stores over the years, but at this stage, he’d become self-sufficient enough to buy in bulk. Also inside were several stopped vials of some of his more incredible (and expensive) creations, including a single tiny teardrop shaped sample of Felix Felicis that Justin hadn’t decided quite what to do with yet.

He’d needed to restock quite a few of the more common ingredients, and he spent several minutes transferring the jars and boxes he’d bought over the summer from his messenger bag to the hutch. He reserved a few petri dishes of lacewing flies that he’d been dutifully stewing for the last three weeks, setting them aside on one of the tables, and then selected the other items he’d need.

”Now where did I put the powdered bicorn horn..?” he murmured to himself, rummaging a bit before he finally laid hands on it. Polyjuice potion was absurdly useful, and so he tried to keep it in ready supply as much as he was able. He’d made the complicated potion so many times by now that he didn’t even need to measure, and so it was (relatively) quick work for him to get three large cauldrons going. Once this initial work was done, it was only matter of checking in every couple days and giving a few stirs, and in a month, he’d have… well, quite a bit of the stuff.

He also mixed together some more Betterbeer (a tenth of an ounce of goosegrass, two fairy wings, a strand of starthistle, and two pickled slugs to every four cups of butterbeer), enough for about a gallon. The real trick to it (aside from the fact that he was making people drink pickled slug, which was a different sort of trick) was the brewing process. He got to work with a mortar and pestle, turning the base ingredients into a uniform brownish paste, then added it to the end result’s near namesake. It had to be boiled hard for nearly an hour, which was too short a time to bother leaving for, so he decided to work out more of Operation Emerson.

Lying down on the abandoned cot was actually one of his favorite methods of ruminating. He curled up, rolling onto his side and closing his eyes, and just listened to the sound of his Betterbear angrily roiling in the cauldron.

Okay, Justin. He liked the popsicle sticks, well done. Step… two? of Phase One, the Phase of Gifts, should be arriving by the end of the week, but it might be a good idea to hold off on giving him that one just yet. In fact, it’s probably a grand idea to stop trying to organize this into steps and phases. Before that, you should… hmm. Some kind of gesture. Yes. Yes! An action that encapsulates your affection, your remorse, and your ability to not hit on him.

He frowned. But what? What would Em appreciate? He likes dumb jokes, but you already covered that, and his Quodpot fetish will be taken care of with Step Two, so… what’s Step 1.5? What will make a good segue? He sighed. He’d never actually wooed anyone before. Seduction he could handle, but this just wasn’t his weal house. Maybe ask Bliss, or Felix, or Teiver. No, not Teiver. Bliss or Felix. Probably Felix. He’s a lot like Em in some ways, the ways that I don’t really grasp, anyway. Yes. I’ll ask Felix, and he’ll ask me why I’m even interested in Em like he always does, and then I’ll casually mention Bliss and he’ll know exactly why I did it and shut up about Em, and then I’ll figure out how a quirky jock likes to be courted.

He almost felt exhausted, after all that thinking. At least he had more of a plan, now. He rolled onto his back and clasped his hands over his flat stomach, staring up at the stone ceiling. I know I fucked things up, Em, but I’m going to make it right. Just wait and see.

Bliss Turner

As Finn made his exit, Bliss caught sight of the disappointment on Braelyn's face. She was about to speak when Felix made the comment about the two beautiful ladies in his presence. She rolled her eyes as she bit her lip before glancing back towards Finn. Where was he going? With no interest in question, she found herself now searching for her sister. "I'm guessing Summer has already ran off with Bellona." She let out a sigh as her remark went unnoticed as Felix pointed out the approach of Vance. She turned to look in Vance's direction seeing him eying Felix.

"Hey, be careful." She said as she tried to reach for his hand before being pulled away by Braelyn. She didn't get a chance to glance back at what could possibly be going on between the two boys, but she could only imagine what Vance wanted from Felix. Entering the courtyard made her realize how much she would miss this school next year, she loved walking out and letting the warm breath run through her hair. Taking in a deep breath, she gave a few waves at other students she noticed from previous years. She knew Braelyn would find the appropriate place to talk, so she didn't bother paying attention to where her friend led her. As they both sat on a near bench, Braelyn went straight for the questions. "Don't even girl a chance to catch her breath." She said as she playfully pushed Braelyn's knee. "I'm guessing you are talking about Felix.." She didn't let friend answer because she knew by the looks Braelyn had thrown her way in the Great Hall it would be the only thing she was interested in.

"You are not going to believe the summer I had." As she glanced over at the view that the school had provided with the placement of the courtyard, she found herself quickly going over everything she had done with Felix that summer. She felt her face brighten up at the thoughts of how much fun she had with the boy she never thought could give her the happiness he did. "I ran into Felix. And I don't mean a planned run in, I mean out of no where I saw him. It was the weirdest thing ever, honestly. And you know how I am.. I'm nice to anybody outside of school, but something was so different this time. Seeing him.. It was like seeing him made something inside me ignite."

She placed a hand on her knee as she brought it up to her chest, changing the position she had. "It was so weird how fast I felt myself attach to him. It wasn't like the other twenty boys on campus I've 'dated'." With the word dated, she brought her fingers up to kind of quote the word mockingly with a laugh. "All the other guys didn't even make me feel half as great as he did.. Well, does. And you know that most ridiculous part of it all, I can't even tell him that I like him!" She buried her face into her hands, laughing. "I feel like one of those stupid sappy lovey dovey types. I'm not that girl, never have been." She looked around to see if Georgie was anywhere in sight because she knew she would have to repeat everything she was saying. "Anyways, enough about Felix." She laughed as she wrapped her arms around Braelyn in one fast motion. "I've missed my best friends. I would wrap my arms around Georgie if she was here. Maybe she'll come out soon. But until then, tell me what's going on with you and Finn.. Any progress? Or is the cause dead?"

#, as written by throne
Introducing! The remarkable Lyle Brightham (Ferre House)

Lyle was smack in the center of a cluster of fourth and fifth year Ferre students at their table. He didn’t have anywhere at all to run off to, he was enjoying catching up with his friends. So much had happened over the summer! His eyes were wide as he listened to one of the boys talk about a trip his family took to London, and when he was done, Lyle immediately began to prattle on about some of his favorite places in the city, oooh, had he visited there? How was Diagon Alley, amazing, right? He laughed and joked, at one point some French fries wound up in his nose, and a moment later, milk wound up coming out of it. The group of boys was loud, the source of several explosions of laughter and a great deal of table-slapping.

The discourse was interrupted briefly when stuff began clattering over on the Vulpes table. Lyle leaned a bit and strained his neck trying to make out who was doing what, and began laughing riotously when he spotted Justin doing… well, he wasn’t sure what, but it was hilarious, and then Teiver silenced the dancing plates and knives and stuff and he quickly lost interest.

”Guys, guys, guys,” he interjected, using his hey this is serious voice and eyebrow placement (riding a bit high on his forehead). He waited a few deliberate beats, and then: ”I’m totally trying out for the team this year. I’ve been practicing all summer, and I think I’ve finally got the hang of the sport. Do you think I have a shot?” The conversation quickly dissolved into a dozen different Quodpot related topics, but most of them were quite encouraging. He’d glanced around, hoping to catch Finn’s eyes, but he wound up furrowing up his brow instead. Where had Finn gone?

He hung a spoon off his nose, nodding solemnly while another fifth year lamented their upcoming O.W.L.s. Lyle’s cheeks flushed a bit. ”Oh, man, I just don’t even want to think about it. I’m sure to get a Troll in Potions, I just know it, and probably Transfiguration too. I might scrape an A in Charms, maybe, if I can get someone to tutor me…” Then the spoon fell off, somehow landing perfectly in a bowl of custard, and everyone was laughing once more. Lyle’s sheepish grin threatened to consume his ears, and then his eyebrows shot up once more.

”Oh! I’m taking donations for that spell disaster relief fund. I guess a major mishap happened over in Russia. Really guys, anything you can spare would help a lot.” He dragged his backpack into his lap and pulled out a large envelope, which he began passing around. That sort of thing wasn’t too uncommon for the plucky Ferre, and he quickly remembered another issue as well. He produced some parchment, a quill, and a little pot of ink. ”And this is a petition to lessen the restrictions on underage magic, so, you guys should all really sign. Some of my pen-pals at other schools are doing it too, and we’re going to send them to all the Ministries at once. Cool, huh?”

He lowered his backpack to the ground once more, grinning enthusiastically as people gave and signed. His grin diminished, though, when he spotted Vance Abernathy coming over. He heaved a sigh of relief when Felix got up; if anyone could handle the Abernathty’s, it was Felix. What the blazes did the two of them have to talk about though? He strained to eavesdrop, but couldn’t make out a word, and he’d never been any good at reading lips so he gave up after a moment.

His puzzlement was lost when someone elbowed him and handed him the envelope. He gave it a shake, lighting up when he heard a fair amount of jingling. ”Thanks, everyone. You’re all awesome!” Tucking it away- he’d make the rounds once he’d finished eating-, he helped himself to a heaping pile of cookies and sweets. Someone pointed at his face, and he realized he had an ersatz moustache made of milk, which he made a big show of licking off.

He tilted his head, listening with intense curiosity as word of Nevaeh’s absence finally made it over. Now that could be a story. Nobody particularly wanted to talk about her though (Lyle did reluctantly nod when the consensus seemed to be that she was hot), so the conversation soon took yet another turn.

It was good to be back.

Just as Felix had suspected. The mere mention of his sister caused that perfect smile to crack, revealing the ugly creature beneath. They had always had a deep rivalry between each other, the Abernathy children that is. It always seemed that Nevaeh had the upper hand in everything. Felix also suspected she was smarter than her brother, seeing as she saw Felix as a threat and Vance saw him as trash. He remembered the first time he and Nevaeh had ever truly spoken. He had beaten her in a duel and she had threatened him in private with her wand too his balls. It was also the first time he had used his physical training on a girl. He had grabbed her wrist and had broken her grip on her wand and had wrapped her arms around herself and locked her against his body, her back to his front. He then said some very threatening words of his own and then he had released her and 'disappeared', in actuality he had turned into his dog form and slipped behind a couch. He never received a threat from her again and she never told a soul. Felix would have thought that Vance would be jumping for joy at the fact that his sister was out of his way for total school dominance. Yet, he seemed rather morose........did I just use morose in a sentence? I have to stop being near Arietem kids, it;s increasing my vocabulary.

There was something going with the Abernathy's that was more than meets the eye. Not that Felix really cared. He mainly just liked to get under Vance's skin. He enjoyed seeing the high and mighty being brought down a peg. Felix personally that every living soul was equal to one another and that that would only change through someones actions, not birthright. Also, he just sort of liked doing it, beyond his code, that is. Vance was a jerk. Since all the world must suffer jerks, then Felix would make jerks suffer in return. Vance still seemed to act like they were still negotiating. He was apparently convinced that this was a ploy of his to give up information, when in reality, he just loved to push his buttons. "You have an interesting method of negotiation, Fletcher." Felix just raised his eyebrow at him. "Umm, we're not negotiating, I said no. End of discussion. Felix took another bite of his apple.

Vance then raised his arm and sort of flexed his hand in a normal fashion. It took him until now to fully realize what he had on his arm. A full leather arm glove.....that was weird. Why would he be wearing that on one arm and not the other? The only logical reason that Felix could think of was that maybe it had gotten scarred and he was covering it up. Either way, something had happened to it....and it had something to do with his sisters absence........odd. He spoke again. "Agree to assist me, and I’ll tell you why Nevaeh went to Beauxbatons. If you’re uninterested, then…" he shrugged minimally. "Well, I did try." Wow.....that was a very odd suggestion. Why the hell would Felix be interested in that information? Unless......Vance knew it would interest him. Errr, dealing with manipulative people always gives me headaches, there was just so much introverted thinking that had to happen. Every possibility analyzed, every detail......wait, every possibility. Like an opportunity to fully test out my ability on someone who would actually fight back and that I wouldn't mind hurting. I'm going to need the practice if I;m going to follow through with my plan......why not.

Felix stood up and clasped his arm around Vance's shoulders. "Alright, Abernathy. Why not. But, the information will be only partly payment, but the second part will be miniscule, trust me." Miniscule? Man, Ive got to get out of here. Felix had a smug smile still plastered to his face. "Meet me tonight in the North wing next to the statue of the giant dog." he then unwrapped himself and stood directly in front of Vance and spoke quieter. "A dog will meet you there, follow him and he will lead you to me. We can discuss the details there, it will be a much more secure location. Say, around Midnight?" he then began to walk away but stopped. He turned back to him. "Oh, and to not raise any suspicion." Felix then raised his hand flipped him the bird. He then began to walk away.

Felix looked around the hall and noticed most of his friends had left already. He looked about again, seeing if there was anyone he wanted to talk to. Felix then saw his three favorite Arietem kids all together in one place, how convenient. He began to strode his way towards them. As he walked along the Arietem table, he was pretty sure the entire table was glaring at him. He sort of just turned his head and smiled at them warmly. He also gave gestures to a few of them, like Fonzy points and peace signs, like he was best friends with all of them.

Whe he got closer to where Zach, Îrem and Priscilla were sitting, he took a running start. He then jumped up and started to slid along the table on his butt while his feet hovered above the bench. He slid for a bit and stopped just short of knocking into Zach. He then looked down at Zach with a warm smile. "Hey there, Arietem scum." He said warmly, he then tussled his perfect blonde hair. It had always disturbed Felix that the Arietem all seemed to be Arian. He would sometimes call them a regime than a house. He then about faced and plopped himself on the bench next to Zach. He then smiled to the two girls across from them. "Îrem, Priscilla. You two are both looking as lovely and noble as ever. I trust your summer's were divine." Felix had said the last part in a playful tone. "Don't tell me......Aspen? No.....Cabo? No, wait.......Paris? Somewhere expensive I would imagine. How have you all been?" No one could say Felix held animosity towards any one group of people, seeing as he had friends in every single house. He only held animosity for certain individual of groups, ones who had earned it. These three, more Zach and Îrem, had earned his affection.

#, as written by throne
Vance Abernathy – Arietem House

The truth about Nevaeh. He’d have his measure of Fletcher yet. It would be interesting to watch what the boy did with the information Vance had promised. A part-truth was what he planned to deliver, and if the Ferre had even a shred of the conscience that he demonized others for lacking, he wouldn’t breathe a word of it. Perhaps he’d even take pity on Vance. A year ago, the very thought would have brought the taste of bile to his mouth, but now… now he needed every tool at his disposal. If he were capable of trust he might have taken a far more direct route in all this, but trust was a luxury that not even all the gold in the Abernathy vaults could buy him.

His eyebrows lifted slightly when Felix added a vague secondary term, but he hardly cared. The champion of the meek could easily have asked for more, and Vance would gladly have complied. Not playing Quodpot, pretending to care about the weak links scampering about the school, doing his damn homework; all of it came secondary to survival, which was only primary until he could get his revenge.

He’d been watching him all the while. He might not have been as predictive as he’d liked, but he’d achieved more or less the effect he’d desired. Fletcher was questioning his motives, then questioning his own questioning, and likely even questioning that as well. Vance’s unfailing commitment to the arrangement was truly shown when Felix slung an arm over his shoulders. Unlike mention of his sister, that little bit of incendiary failed to find any tinder.

He listened to the logistics. Was it some sort of trap? A clandestine meeting, alone? And why in the world would a dog be involved? He’d slowly chew on that for the remainder of the evening, ultimately deciding that it would be worth the risk. In the very least, if Fletcher was somehow a part of the conspiracy, he’d likely not expect Vance to be more than ready to use lethal force if need be. I already did once, he couldn’t help but think, and his stomach lurched. He found himself thankful that he hadn’t eaten too much.

As Felix walked off, he conjured a characteristic smirk and raised his gloved hand to lightly brush at his shoulders, as if the Ferre had left some tangible residue on his robes that needed to be returned. He smiled icily as he was given the finger, and then Felix was off. Statue of the dog, midnight. Now to see to the rest of it. A few Ferre students who were still feasting were sort of staring, likely freaked out by the fact that Vance and Felix somehow hadn’t come to blows after a conversation. A practiced baleful stare, approximately two seconds worth for each of the two boys and one girl, was enough to have them looking dutifully at their plates.

Clasping his hands behind his back once more, he strode off, his strides as long and full of purpose as ever. Fletcher was heading toward his table, which meant that he’d have to touch bases more definitively with Zachariah later, and Lee…

… where was Lee? The smitten Beauregard was one of the few he trusted to watch his back, if only because he was so literally invested in “watching his back”. You can take the Beauregard out of the swamp, he remembered his father saying once, But good luck taking the swamp out of the Beauregard.” More than likely he was off in the midst of some torrid interlude, something which Vance would spare no more thought than that. He hardly cared about the boy’s proclivities, only how vocal and crass he could be in satisfying them.

As he passed the table, he made sure to catch Zachariah’s eye, and offered an all but imperceptible nod as well.

A thought crossed his mind; more an image that he’d not deigned to process that suddenly had meaning. Quite uncharacteristically, he paused in place and glanced over his shoulder, taking a quick survey of the Vulpes table. The bulk of the school’s magical talent was concentrated in that House, and one in particular… but she wasn’t there. No matter. He’d find her when he was more sure of things.

It dawned on him that he’d simply been standing in place for several seconds, thinking. Alertness flooded his eyes once more, honing his gaze into something sharp and formidable, and he resumed his stride, headed for the Arietem common room.

Lyle Brightham – Ferre House

When the conversation finally tapered off a bit and Lyle was nice and full, it occurred to him that he hadn’t seen Naire yet, or Lloyd. He got up out of his seat as if someone had threatened to set him on fire, all flustered and grabbing at his bag and laughing. ”Yeah, I’ll see you lot back at the common room, “ was how he excused himself before, hugging his backpack to his chest, he scampered off at full tilt, piping a quick ”Sorry!” to a seventh year girl who was forced to sidestep to avoid the bundle of energy that was Lyle.

He charged up to the Vulpes table, skidding to a stop to seek out his best friend. He rocked on his heels, eyes darting about. Where was he? Probably outside, but there was a lot of outside that he could have gone to. He did find a few fellow fifth years and flashed them an antsy smile. ”Hey, did anyone see where Naire went? Did he say where he was going?” The questions were fired off one after another, a barrage of the rapid patter that passed for speech from Lyle. Heads were shaken, and he sighed exasperatedly but said ”Thanks anyway!” before wheeling off and skittering out of the hall. He looked over the Arietem table, too, but Gwen was gone already, probably off with her girlfriends or some guy or something.

* * *

He stopped off at his room to stow his bag and pick up Skip and Scamp. The ferrets were no longer allowed at meals after an incident the year before. Much like their owner, they had a tendency toward excitement, and well… the ferrets simply weren’t allowed anymore.

He opened the large cage they were cooped up in and thrust his arms in. In a flash, the creatures scurried up either sleeve of his robes, and Lyle wound up bursting into ticklish laughter as the climbed up his body to pop out his collar and take up perches on his shoulders; Skip, a soft gray, on the right, and Scamp, a healthy brown, on the left. He grabbed a notepad and a quill and set off in search of his friends.

He burst out of one of the castle’s many exits at a dead run, stopping briefly to catch his breath and get the lay of the land. He tilted his head a bit, listening, and would have sworn he heard soft strains of music in the distance. It took him a moment to get a sense of where it was coming from, and a grin slowly blossomed on his lips, followed by a pinkening of his cheeks as he bolted off toward the sound of a violin being skillfully played.

He slowed down once he caught sight of Lloyd perched on a large rock. He didn’t want to scare her, or interrupt her, or anything like that. He was still beaming as he approached, lifting an arm to flap it in an exaggerated wave (the ferrets were used to such actions, and scampered about on his body to stay put) to her. He just stood there, grinning idiotically, and waited for her to finish up. Of course, if it took toooo long he’d start getting fidgety, but even his feisty ferrets seemed to have calmed down to listen to Lloyd play.

Summer Turner

"That's all you've got to say about all of that!" Summer flew her arms in the air as she just leaned back in frustration. "You are my best friend! You are suppose to give me advice on what to freaking do, Bell! Oh my god." She had let the frustration get her a little too much as she just looked at her dark haired friend before letting her hands lift her up from the step she was at. It was like the night grew darker as her friend's words made it to Summer's ears. The breath died down with the seriousness of Bellona's tone. 'Summer...I can tell you anything right...Swear to me you won't tell anyone.' Sliding back down close to her friend, she brought her face close to Bellona's, touching her hand. "Of course, love. I am your best friend." She let her eyes shift to where she had carefully placed them along with Bellona's, giving the cluster of hands a tight squeeze. "I will never tell a soul anything we've spoken of."

Summer could see her friend fighting within on the next words she would say. She could tell Bellona was being very careful when she finally began to speak. 'I- I met a cute boy in Rome but I still think that- that- well over the summer my feelings kind of decided that- well, I really think Micah's cute.' What the bloody hell?! Here came the same frustration Bellona had just got through causing Summer to have. "What the-" 'Promise you won't tell anyone.' "Bellona! Don't you dare lie to me.." Feeling Bellona pull away and stand, Summer joined her to the level they were now at. She was just about to continue her thought of frustration when her friend spoke again, 'Oh gosh, what time do you think it is already? We should get going now. I'm not really in the mood to vex the Prefects if they caught us staying up late.'

Summer was stunned at the stunt her best friend was pulling on her. "So you're seriously going to just leave me with a lie?" Bellona completely blew off the question to say something about Fidus not eating. Summer just sat down to calm herself before she could get settled Bellona was already dragging her off somewhere else. She has so many thoughts going through her head before Bellona turned towards her as they had made their way through the Great Hall and now stood at the grand staircase. Feeling the arms of her friend surround her, Summer just wanted to trap her in the hug and force her to speak the truth in order to escape, but Bellona was too quick with the hug. 'Well I'll see you ever at breakfast okay? Goodnight porky.' She didn't even get out a word as Bellona scurried off towards what seemed like the Arietem common rooms.

Summer couldn't handle the idea of trying to socialize after the scene she just went through. Her own best friend couldn't even tell her what was on her mind. She quickened her pace deciding the way to avoid people was to get to her common room and shut herself off. She hadn't even seen her sister all night and for a second she was glad. She thought about finding her, but she knew she'd be around her friends. Hearing footsteps Summer let her eyes hit the ground to avoid having to actually make conversation until she felt the body of another against her's. "Watch ou-" She looked up meeting the eyes of Flint. "You've got to be kissing me." She said as she saw the owl on top of his head. "Oh my god, I meant kidding." The rose color that now filled her cheeks made her whole body fill with heat. "Hi." She tried to recover with a smile.

Îrem’s Perspective

As Priscilla hugged Îrem, she said “Hey girl!”, to which Îrem couldn’t help but give a light giggle. She acknowledge Zack as she sat down and smiled, pretending to not mind Zack’s presence, though really, Îrem could sense that Prissy wanted to say “I do” right there. Îrem didn’t quite know what to think. The trouble with being part of such a large group of friends, especially a House who’s bonds are thicker than thieves, is that oftentimes doves cry so to speak.

“Prissy, how was your summer?” Îrem asked. Prissy had been a name Îrem had used since her first year at Magus Grex, perhaps one of the few ever to use a shortened form of her girl friend’s name. Îrem, although partially robed in the dark green uniform of house Arietem, flaunted her body with her color, orange! Orange dresses, orange leggings, orange shoes, orange shawls… and when she was feeling mighty religious, orange hijabs. But she hadn’t worn one since at least her third year, a promise to herself that she would show of her own beauty until she was married or ugly.

She gave Zack an understanding wink as Prissy looked away for a quick moment, watching Lee proposition Greg Abbots for sex. Ah Lee, Îrem’s other Arietm girlfriend. That boy was adorable (although he denies he is; he also denies to be feminine, cute, sexy, or campy, all of which most girls and some guys claim he is). Poor Lee, always getting himself in trouble.

"Hey there, Arietem scum," Felix said as he played with Zack’s hair and sat down next to him. Awww how cute, Îrem thought, imagining Felix and Zack being cute little brothers. "Îrem, Priscilla,” he said, acknowledging Îrem and Prissy, “You two are both looking as lovely and noble as ever. I trust your Summers were divine. Don't tell me... Aspen? No... Cabo? No, wait... Paris? Somewhere expensive I would imagine. How have you all been?" Har har, how funny, thought Îrem.

“Haha, none of those, Feliz,” Îrem always had problems pronouncing “cks” and “x” sounds. “I went to Montana,” she giggled, knowing their surprise. “My father has a business associate who has a ranch there, we went for the Summer to get in touch with our… simple sides.” The truth is that Îrem quite enjoyed Montana, its rolling plains and all the nicest people. She enjoyed visiting the horses and the solace from the city.”

Lee’s Perspective

As Lee walked back into the Great Hall, he noticed Priscilla, Îrem, Zack, and Felix talking at the end of the Arietem table. Priscilla seemed a little uncomfortable, Zack was shining like a little school girl, Felix was grinning like a punk, and Îrem… Îrem was always a sight to see. Lee had ten minutes before he had to carry the first years to the dormitory. He decided to go sit next Îrem and make Zack, Priscilla and Felix uncomfortable.

He could see some of the third and fourth year boys brighten as he passed by; the lowerclassmen thought that he was hot shit, the upperclassmen wanted to stomp him. He cared for neither, honestly. A particularly ”enthusiastic” fourth year was sitting next to Îrem; he was a cute boy, so Lee decided to squeeze his tiny body between the two on the pretense he was going to flirt with the boy and not intrude on the others conversation.

”Hello preddy ladez; Îrem ya are so gawge’us, ya are da only wom’n who can make me straight!” Lee exclaimed. He bowed his head to the two larger boys, “Gentlemen.” Then he continued on a particularly superficial conversation with the pretty boy next to him.

Seeing Vance close to leaving the Great Hall, however, Lee shot up, startling Îrem(who was quite enjoying a particularly strong and hot batch of Turkish tea) and causing her to spill tea all over Felix(she never let herself spill anything on herself, how silly!)

"Vanz! Wait fo' me!" Lee screamed, allowing almost everyone in the room to chuckle at the young queen.

Zachariah Everett

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Zachariah found himself shoving through first and second year students as he tried to push through the wall of the young wizards that instead of moving, stared up at him. "Fucking young-lings." He whispered under his breath before finally making his way into the entrance of the Great Hall. He had somehow managed to be one of the last wizards to arrive at Magus Grex. He looked over himself before making his entrance into the Hall. Not bothering to speak when spoken to by members of other house's, Zach headed straight for his table of witch and wizards he could actually stand. He had noticed the lack of spots now available for the sixth year student to occupy, but the spot he found was more than perfect. He found himself across from Îrem with the rest of company being first and second year students. "Great choice." He mouthed to Îrem with a smirk on his face.

While the Headmaster spoke, Zach found himself looking up and down his table trying to spot the other members of Arietem her cared about; Vance and Priscilla. No luck as he heard final word from Headmaster Rockwell. "How is my dear, Îrem?" He spoke as he let her receive his full attention. 'Hey girl.' With the sound of her voice, Zach knew exactly who was now in the presence; Priscilla. He had managed to miss the glare he knew so well from Priscilla that had caused the first year to quickly run off to an unknown direction. He let an obvious smirk come across his face when she only acknowledge him by his name. "Priscilla." He leaned in toward the girl when he let the word out of his mouth, letting it hang for a second before leaning back into his original position. He knew she liked him, but he did enjoy her trying to hide it. He smirked at the wink he received from Îrem because he knew that she was well aware of Priscilla's crush on him.

Zach now caught himself in the middle of what would more than likely turn into a huge girl talk over the latest fashions and the boys they had met over the summer. He gave a dramatic cough before placing his hands on the table. "Seriously, do you both have to catch up on summer right now? Why not discuss more important things? Like Quodpot." He let his face fall into a very stern look before revealing his intentions. "I'm joking, ladies. Put the claws away." He laughed as he noticed the slight glare to two gave. Hearing a thump to his left, he only had time to catch a small glimpse of Felix before he felt his hair being tossed around on his head. "Thank god for more testosterone." He said as his Ferre friend placed himself next to him.

As the teasing continued from Felix, Zachariah caught sight of Vance passing the table with a nod in his direction. He didn't see any urgency in the expression on Vance's face, so Zach returned the nod before adding to the conversation. "I actually spent my entire summer at my parent's winter home alone." He hadn't had the desire to put up with his parent's parties with the other various pure-bloods, so he found his escape in the home that he knew his parents wouldn't get use out of until the middle of his school year. "It was a nice touch of solitude. Something I'm not used to.. I was close to putting together a pre-school party with everyone, but somehow I just couldn't force myself with the challenge to please that many people. Because you all know how I like to please." He said staring directly at Priscilla before laughing aloud.

Zach caught site of Lee before continuing his thoughts. "But speaking of summers, Felix. How was your's? Or should I say your's and that fiery redhead's from Vulpes?" Zach was pleased by the expression he got from Felix. "Bliss is her name, right?" Hearing Lee acknowledge him, he completely brushed it off before acting like he wasn't there. See Zach and Lee had this public dislike for each other, but considering how close they both were to Vance they became friends. They still didn't like the idea of people pinning them together as friends, so they stuck with the hate for each other in the eye's of the public.


Summer Turner

Summer hadn't planned on running into anyone on her way to the common rooms, and to run into Flint of all people made things so much harder. She successfully hide her frustration with Bellona so well that he hadn't even noticed her heavy breathing at the beginning of the conversation. Now she was leading him off from the common rooms to talk. Had she even really wanted to talk with him? Probably not because she doubted he knew about Bliss and Felix. It was only a few months and Bliss had already managed to be dating one of Flint's friends. She gave Flint's had another squeeze before glancing his way. When she looked at him, she didn't see the same Flint she did last year. It was an entirely new person who had emerged in the boy's body, and she didn't know if they was a good thing or a bad thing. She knew she would soon find out though.

She had yet to feel him give in to the offer to talk until she felt his body come up to her's. "We don't have to talk about everything. Just what's on your mind." She said giving him the faintest smile as she was still in the process of deciding where she was taking them. They seemed to be walking in a pointless direction until she knew exactly where they needed to go. She didn't bother voicing the spot because she knew Flint just wanted privacy at this point, so once she started walking she found her mind shut off from the actually person next to her. As they walked, Summer found herself mapping out the conversation once they got to the spot she knew would be perfect.

Do not bring up Bliss or Felix. Do not bring up Bliss or Felix. She repeated to herself because it seemed that subject was better for a later conversation where Flint appeared to be in a better mood. Hoot. Her eyes shot up at the owl flying ahead of them. She didn't realize she had actually been that much out of reality to jump at the small sound from the bird. She realized this was not the way she wanted their first real conversation to go; unspoken. Hearing no footsteps as the approached the library door, Summer opened it up and slipped inside. She knew most of the faculty had a meeting tonight, so no one should be in the library.

As she let go of Flint's hand, she sped up her pace just in case the librarian happened to stick back a little longer. Summer slipped in and out of shelves until she found herself in the farthest corner from the entrance. The book shelves seemed to swallow them up and it made her feel secure as she sat at the two person table against the wall. "Good enough?" She had ignored what he said so she quickly tried to come up with an answer. 'But you're gonna have to go first. I haven't gotten anything out of you, besides you wanting to date my owl, and your habit of reading lamps and tables. How are you, really?' That was right. He was asking about her. She felt herself sink into the seat before looking up at him. "I.. I'm pretty good." She lied. She never lied, not even to Flint. She placed her hands on her face before clearing her throat. "I'm awful, Flint."

She didn't know if telling him about Bliss was a good thing, but honesty was her best asset when it came to maintaining friends and what not. "Bliss and Felix are something. I don't know if it's actually considered dating yet, but they practically spent the entire summer together." Summer had revealed her crush on Felix to Flint while he was dating Bliss, so Flint knew the pain that she had to be going through. "But don't worry.. Those feelings have long passed." She looked down on her hands that she had just placed on the table. "And then Bellona is hiding something from me. Girl problems." She let out a soft laugh before smiling over at Flint. "Now it's your turn. My problems are very minor, and they have already been dealt with. Now.. What's on your mind?"

Felix smiled and listened to their reactions to him. He quite enjoyed their company at this moment. They were always refreshing to talk to, the Arietem kids he liked. They were so different from his other friends, it was like being in a separate country, which Felix enjoyed. He also had a lot of respect for them because no doubt they got a lot of heat for being his friend....or at least friendly to him. It sort of touched his heart in a way. Most people are amazed that Zach and him are friends. Honestly, Felix was too. Zach being a crony of Vance's and he has been known to bully younger kids. Felix first met him that way, he was bullying a kid and Felix stood up for him. Neither of them backed down and it became more about them then it did about the kid. A week later, they were friends. Zach sort of falls under the whole keep your friends close and enemies closer section. He did like Zach, but it was always nice to have a friendly face among a sea a glares. Then of course there was Irem, one of the sweetest most empathetic girls he knew. On the surface, it was dumbfounding that she was in Arietem house. That fact alone is terrifying to Felix, because if she is in the house of the ambitious and underhanded, then what true Irem was she hiding? That, or Felix's training with Damian made him more paranoid than a dictator at an assassin's ball. It was probably that, either way, he liked them both a lot. Priscilla he had not spoken much too, but he knew her to not be a total stuck up pain in the ass, which is saying something.

Irem answered him first. “Haha, none of those, Feliz,” she said in her accent. Felix thought it was adorable that she pronounced his name that way. It made him almost want to pronounce it that way. "I went to Montana,” she giggled. Felix looked a little dumfounded. "An Arietem vacationing in a back water hovel? What will people say?" Felix was of course joking, saying the sentence in a fancy Queen's British accent. “My father has a business associate who has a ranch there, we went for the Summer to get in touch with our… simple sides.” She said it as though it were stupid. He looked at Irem with a genuinely warm smile. "Hey, Ive found that simple is good. Hell, sometimes it's great. Old man Ebenezer always makes me till his farm the whole summer round and we never use magic for anything. I like it. It's good work and it will teach you things about magic that you never thought of before. Though...." Felix then eyed Zach, now answering his statement. "..this summer was different. I have to watch what I say around here. News travels fast around here, too fast." He said with a small laugh. "And to answer your question, yes. I did spend the summer with Bliss. The details are neither exciting or any business of yours Mr. Everett." He said in his usual Felixy tone. Speaking of that, I wonder what Bliss is doing right now? Probably doing something normal but making it seem extraordinary with her quirky attitude and sassy I really have it bad for her, don't I? He shook his head of those thoughts.

He was starting to feel pent up, still sort of being surrounded by Arietem kids. Also, since he spent the whole summer with Bliss, he never really got a chance to go on his usual "runs" and really stretch himself out and let himself run wild. He hadn't been in his dog form for quite sometime, and he was itching for a run. He would get his chance later, though.

Priscilla Barsotti

"Priscilla." It was the only response she got from Zack, but it was certainly more than enough for her. Especially when he leaned in towards her, and her breath caught in her throat. She had the urge to lean forward to meet him, and feel what it would be like to kiss his lips. But just as quickly he leaned back away from her, and she blinked a few times to clear her head. So much for playing hard to get. All he had to do was lean forward and look into her eyes, and her insides turned to mush. She would need to work on that.

“Prissy, how was your summer?” Priscilla thankfully turned her attention away from Zack and over to Îrem, her closest girl friend in the entire house. Sure, she enjoyed the younger girls who followed her around like little lost puppies, but every now and then she needed someone who was her equal. Îrem was not only her equal, but also everything she was not. She always liked to joke that they completed each other. They never really argued or felt the need to compete with each other, because they were so different. They were basically two halves of a whole, and that was why they made such great best friends. Her friend was the only one allowed to call her Prissy, and if anyone else ever tried, she would punch them in the nose.

Îrem's mixture of orange with the green of Arietem house didn't really mix well, but Priscilla kept her mouth shut for the sake of her friend. She was going to respond to her friend when Zack's voice chimed in first. "Seriously, do you both have to catch up on summer right now? Why not discuss more important things? Like Quodpot." Priscilla turned her head to give the gorgeous man an icy glare. She gave his leg a soft kick under the table, not really intending to hurt him. "Like I could even talk about that droll game for more than a few seconds. It's just atrocious."

"I'm joking, ladies. Put the claws away." She brought her hand up and curved her fingers to give the look of claws, and she gave a little hiss at Zack before chuckling along with him.

Before any other words were spoken, motion caught her eye and she turned her head to see Felix sliding down the table, and landed directly in front of her, next to Zack. She rolled her eyes plainly for him to see, smirking at him afterwards. She was disappointed when he tousled Zack's perfect blonde hair, but kept her mouth shut as he sat down. "Îrem, Priscilla. You two are both looking as lovely and noble as ever. I trust your summer's were divine. Don't tell me......Aspen? No.....Cabo? No, wait.......Paris? Somewhere expensive I would imagine. How have you all been?"

She raised an eyebrow at him, wondering if he knew exactly how close he had come. Îrem spoke first, however. Montana?! Priscilla thought, scoffing at the idea. She would never survive, of that she was sure. Farms and horses? Priscilla would take high end shopping and heels any day. She then turned her attention to Zack, who spoke about his summer. Solitude wasn't exactly her thing either, but to each their own. "I was close to putting together a pre-school party with everyone, but somehow I just couldn't force myself with the challenge to please that many people. Because you all know how I like to please." He stared directly at her with that statement, and she narrowed her eyes in response, definitely not amused by him. But she forced herself to smile, not letting him know he was getting under her skin. It was common knowledge how much he slept around, and yet he'd never even come to her with so much as a kiss. She was of the purest blood, and all these other girls were nothing.

While Zack was distracted, she spoke about her summer. "Good guess Felix, I was indeed in Paris. And it was absolutely divine. I met a boy, who spent his entire summer with me. Sadly, after I left, I figured the relationship couldn't continue. Either way, the vacation was beautiful and fabulous." She made herself sound happier than she was, hoping Zack would think she wasn't bothered at all.

She found it extremely interesting that Felix had spent the entire summer with Bliss. While she knew Bliss fairly well, the pairing seemed a little odd. She would have to investigate on that later. For now, she really felt the need to just get away. She stood up from the table, and stepped back. "If you will all excuse me..." was all she said before she took off down the hall. She made her way outside, taking in a few deep breaths. "Damn him for getting under my skin so easily..." she muttered to herself, feeling the urge to punch something. After a few more minutes of air, she quickly made her way over to the Commons Tower, spoke the password 'lordly lineage', and made her way into the Arietem Common Room. She plopped herself down on a couch, not really noticing the other bodies present.

Rosina Garenne

The smile had disappeared from Rose's face. It seemed as if Micah wasn't actually going to talk to her anymore. Still, the night had indeed been positive, thanks to Emerson. Whenever she thought about him, she could feel some heat come to her cheeks. He'd only talked to her a few other times in their many years, so that made it even more exciting. She did have to admit that Micah was a bit of a disappointment to her. When he'd actually made an effort to talk to her, she'd felt hopeful. Not too many guys showed an interest in her, friendly or otherwise. She knew that many girls liked to be around her because she was extremely quiet and listened to all of their problems. She didn't mind too much, friends were good to have, no matter what the other girl's intentions were.

It had to be getting late, so she mumbled something about being tired, and stood up quickly from the table, shooting away before Micah could say anything back. She took a detour from the Commons Tower to go get some fresh air in the courtyard. She was surprised to find Priscilla outside as well, without any followers or friends. Although as soon as the Arietem girl saw her, she took off. Rose found a small rock to sit on, and closed her eyes, breathing in the cool night air. "Why do feelings have to be so confusing...?" she whispered to herself, reaching her hand back to take the elastic out of her hair, letting it flow down over her shoulders. She'd practically been in love with Emerson from day one. So why did she feel so sad about Micah? It just seemed silly.

She sat outside for a little while longer, before deciding she should finally head back to the Common Room. She approached the painting that held Cervus' common room and dormitories behind it. "Plucking berries," she whispered, watching as it swung forward and she stepped through. The idea of passwords had always seemed kind of silly to her, since all the entrances were on the same floor, not far from each other. Nothing was stopping other students from overhearing. But oh well, rules were rules.

As she stepped inside, she noticed Savant and Emerson both hanging out, with a nice warm fire going in the fireplace. Feeling somehow braver than normal, she gave them both a smile and a small wave, more so towards Emerson than the other. Not feeling brave enough to speak, though, she quickly headed up the girl's dormitory steps, before coming to her landing and entering the door. She found the bed that had been hers for the previous five years, and flopped down on it gratefully. Her Siamese cat Belle hopped up onto the bed beside her, and curled up. It was empty, and she quickly changed into a comfortable pair of pajamas before climbing under the covers.

She didn't feel extremely tired yet, so she reached over to her nightstand and grabbed the book sitting on top. It was one of her favorite new series, a supernatural romance between a vampire and a werewolf. Sure, sometimes it was cheesy, but it was so lovely. She cuddled in next to her cat as she opened to about the middle, and continued where she had left off. A soft thunk sounded in the room, and she quickly walked to the window, seeing a figure standing below. She opened the window, calling down softly, 'What are you doing here?' He replied a little louder, 'I couldn't wait to see you again.' She sighed softly, a smile crossing her lips.

Her eyes looked over to the window, and she suddenly wished that someone was outside of her window, wanting to see her. Of course, no boy had ever felt that strongly for her, and she was beginning to doubt that anyone would. Everyone always told her that she was young, and love would find her when it was right. But they just didn't understand. She practically repelled boys, or was completely invisible to them. She longed to be loved. Since it wasn't happening right now, she brought her eyes back to the book, content with just reading about others' love for now.

Finn Pollack

"Why, I thought I said we were going to the astronomy tower, didn't I?" Teiver gave him a rather sweet yet sarcastic smile, before turning away from him. Finn snarled a little, aggravated that he had gone through all this just to get to the astronomy tower, when he could have just as easily taken the stairs. Either way, it was way too late now. He had no idea where the hell he was, and probably couldn't find it again if he tried. He knew she was hiding something up here, and would try to find it. He at least knew how to get in to her secret area, and could later explore it to his heart's content.

"Try your best not to break a leg." She spoke before jumping off the ledge. "Yeah, just watch yourself..." he muttered after she had leaped. He made his way forward, seeing her land a little roughly on the landing below. He wasn't scared of heights, but normally he had a broom underneath him from so high up. Thankfully, he was extremely athletic, and when he hopped off the ledge, he landed much more gracefully than she had. He stared back up behind him, trying to remember the location of the path. He knew he'd probably forget, but he did his best to burn it in to his memory. He just had to remember.

He followed the girl and her cat up the steps, before appearing in the very familiar astronomy tower. He just kind of stood in the doorway as she moved forward to the bookshelf, finding something and placing it in her bag. She then moved to a table with various charts on it, and began to sift through those. He watched her for a little bit, before clearing his throat and running his hand through his hair. "I have to admit, studying isn't really my thing, so I'm just going to take off. Nice hanging out with you..." he said, before turning around and making his way back down the steps.

He made his way through the castle over to the Commons Tower, where he spoke the password to the appropriate door, and headed inside to the Ferre Common Room. He muttered a few hey's and gave a few ways as the other housemates greeted him eagerly, some clapping him on the back, others exclaiming how excited they were about the upcoming Quodpot season. A few of the younger girls caught his eye, and they blushed and gave a few squeals as he passed by. It really was cute, and normally he just drank up all the admiration, but he wasn't in the mood for it right then.

Finn told them all he needed his rest for class tomorrow, which was actually probably true, though he normally didn't care. He made his way up to his dormitory, and pushed the door open. There on his bed sat a large cage with his favorite animal in the whole world inside. Tyto hooted happily when he saw his owner, and flapped his wings slightly. He walked over and unlocked the cage, letting the owl fly to the headboard of his bed and sit contently. He smoothed down the owl's feathers and smiled warmly. Felix hadn't gotten back yet, so he lounged on the bed, waiting for someone else to appear.

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Delilah was not likely to forget Lloyd and when the Ferre girl sat beside her she was more than happy to be surrounded by friends. As she greeted Rose, her friend was quick to do the same. There was a normality to the situation that made her sigh with relief and content.

"It's really good to see you too, Dee," Rose smiled. “Sorry for interrupting,” Delilah apologized, knowing full well she’d caught her friend mid-sentence and while talking to Cervus Felix as well. “I’m not,” Lloyd grinned. Her response made Delilah giggle, shaking her head as she moved to reach for a small tea pot of hot water close to her plate and pour some into the mug in her place setting. The house elves knew her too well. As Cervus Felix told her a hello she nodded in response, more than content to begin filling her rolling gargling pit of a stomach.

"Oh, you didn't interrupt much, trust me. I was just telling Felix that I went up to Washington with my parents this summer. Got in a lot of family time. Nothing too exciting," Rose continued. “I'm sure both of your summers were far more exciting then mine. So you just have to tell me about them!"

She seemed so unphased as she sat close to her friends. Delilah liked to see her so involved in conversation, even with Emerson in relative earshot. She looked over and down the length of table to see her friend, sending him a small wave though he was undoubtedly pre-occupied with his breakfast – as always. As she sighed and moved to dip an orange pekoe tea bag into her mug, Delilah was suddenly inhaling sharply as a rather…disheveled Garrett Flint slid into a seat on the bench opposite her. Just ahead of him was Justin Hardy who slid across from Emerson. “Seems like when anyone wants to jump ship, they all end up here. That tells you something,” Delilah thought with a small smile.

"I'm joining Cervus House, if that's cool with everyone," he announced, his voice slow and loose. Delilah shrugged, looking up to look him in the face before feeling sheepish in front of the Vulpes. His cheeks were flushed and he looked tired, almost all tell tale signs of too much fun the night before one way or another. "Wait, wait. Don't say it... it'll come back to me... R-... Ra, no Ro-... Ro-... Rose! Bam, knew I'd get it. Oh, and hey Felix Two, hey Delilah. Cool if I crash here for a bit? I think Ivan the Terrible over there's going to light the table on fire in a bit."

Delilah knew whom Garrett was referring to but she couldn’t help but shake her head at the nickname he’d given to Victor. Looking over his shoulder she again spotted the dark haired Vulpes still alongside Teiver. And awfully close.

“Just don’t literally crash,” Delilah teased with a chuckle, plucking a sugar bowl from beside the pot of water to begin sweetening her tea. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Sam leave his seat and exit the Great Hall again. With him out of the room she felt the pressure ease ten notches and she relaxed, setting aside the sugar to stir the mug with her spoon before pulling it into her hands to blow on it as the steam still rose into her face.

"Well, my summer was rather uneventful really. Finished building my house in the mountains out in Alamosa, you'd love the area. There's a small farm, some animals, an outdoors potions area and a training field to practice magic, two story log house that's been furnished with a camping/fishing spot next to it. It's my own little slice of heaven really, especially since it's next to a natural waterfall that drains into a river nearby. I talked to the utilities people in the town and they ran some pipes for indoor plumbing too. Other than that? Not so much happened other than the usual visitation to my family's graves," Fel explained to Rose. While he was excited as he spoke about his summer, Delilah couldn’t help but feel slight pity for him. After all, there was a very big reason as to why he was now living on his own and in the wilderness. The realization of his situation was a tad sobering given how miserable she still felt inside.

"How would you all like to visit sometime? It's in a lovely spot up in the mountains with a beautiful view," Fel offered, his eyes moving over towards Delilah and Lloyd on top of Rose. Delilah moved to look to her left and right at her two friends before raising an eyebrow. “Would be a nice place to stop during a post-graduation trip,” she smiled, sipping her tea slowly and savoring the sweetness and warmth of it. As she set it down beside her plate she reached her fork to stab two pancakes onto her plate. Delilah was quick to pluck a handful of strawberries from the fruit bowl closest to her as well, slicing them with her knife to coat the top of her breakfast before she bit into them happily, rolling her eyes in content. She swallowed the small bite quickly before reaching for her tea again.

"Hey Flint. Welcome to the Cervus table!" Fel greeted their newcomer. Delilah looked up again at her hungover acquaintance, propping her elbows up on the table so that she could hold the warm mug close to her chin. "What brought you over here?" he asked.

“If you’re running from drama I’ve been at the center of some today. Not exactly safe here either,” she smirked, rolling her eyes with a sigh at the sight of Sam re-entering the hall to plaster a rather large poster on the announcements board. Her eyes widened at the sight of the large print across the room. As he brought the words forward with a flick of his wand Delilah nearly dropped her mug into her pancakes.

Dueling club? What. The. Hell.

Oh Ferre Felix wouldn’t be happy about that, Delilah knew. As she looked across to the Ferre table she didn’t catch sight of her other friend. They had been dueling each other in secret, in their own club of sorts, ever since he’d come to Magus and wanted the practice. The secret of it on top of the insane spells they practiced (and healing magic as well of course) had made it wonderful. They’d only invited a select few others to participate, people they trusted. For a dueling club to go public was something else entirely…something aggravating.

Felix Fletcher


It was night time. The forest was dark and the only light came from behind clouds. Small strands of silvery moon light shone through cracks in the overcast. It gave the forest the feeling of a stage, spot lights jumping from one player to another. Everything seemed to still in the forest........yet things are not always as they seem.

I need to run faster.

A four legged figure zoomed through the brush and intricate paths of the forest. If you were walking in the forest, you would only be able to catch a glimpse of the creature sprinting through the forest. As the figure rocketed past, only a brief moment later, so did another one, larger than the first. Then another......then another.....then another. Four large dark growling figures chased the smaller silent one through the dense forest, for reasons known only to them and the dark deal behind it all.

They're going to catch me if I don't move faster.

The five figures danced their ways through the trees in an ever looping chase that seemed to go on without end. Always passing the same areas from different angles. To the prey, it seemed to be going on for hours and it's movements became more and more sluggish. The hunters seemed to be more invigorated with each step. Soon enough, when the prey came around a bend, a hunter was waiting and cut the prey off from escape. The prey immediately slid to a halt and was surrounded by the hunters in a moments notice. They were centered in one of natures spotlights and they could be seen clearly. The prey was a large German Shepard looking dog. The hunters were even larger red furred hounds with pure blue eyes and black vapors seemed to be leaking from them. The hunters simply growled at the prey and bared their teeth, the prey doing the same in kind. This was for a time until a voice was heard. "Run, you run 'round the loop of futility until you come full circle to the beginning, my lost pup." Sang an ethereal voice that was all too familiar to the dog. It froze, then slowly turned it's body towards the source of the voice. It stared in pure fear at a woman, to call her beautiful would be like describing the Holocaust as sad. Her beauty was beyond human, she had an odd, alien beauty to her. Her perfect fiery red hair fell all the way down to the back of her knees. It seemed ever flowing and as radiant as an aurora. Her skin was pale and perfect and seemed to glow in silver moon light. She was tall and slender, her figure could only be described as perfection only achievable by the Gods themselves. Her eyes seemed to be made of pure amber and glistened as if they had candles behind them. A pal blue gown adorned her body that seemed to be made of pure gossamer that flowed in the wind freely.

A small giggle released from her mouth. "Don't look at me like that, my lost pup. I am, after all, your Godmother." she said with a grin devious in nature. She waved her hand and the dog that was frozen before her shifted into a naked Felix, who sat in the dirt. He looked at himself in a panicked fashion, then looked at the woman with a glare. The glare then faded to a sarcastic smirk, but fear could still be seen flickering behind his eyes. "Lea. It's been awhile. You look good.......Did you do something different with your hair?" Felix said in his usual Felix tone. The woman named Lea simply smirked. "Now now, my lost pup, why hide your fear now. You have already shown it too me these past few years you have been running from me." Felix twitched. She walked closer to him, but he didn't move. "Ive been in the same place for years. I don't know...." Felix was cut off by Lea shushing him. She got down on her knees and put her finger to his mouth in a sensual way. She then started to slowly caress his face. "Shhh. You know what I mean. Why do you run? What lies in wait for you is not an eternity of pain, my lost pup. But one of pleasure..." She then mounted his lap, her eyes locked on his. She then pulled him in close, his head resting on her chest. "I want you, my lost pup, my Felix. Why would you not want to spend eternity with me? Could you not think of worst things?" She then released the embrace in time for one of the red hounds to walk over to her. She began petting it lovingly. "I mean, you are already used to the form of a hound. Why would you want to continue on?"

Felix looked away from her, not being able to look her in the eye. His thoughts went to his reason. He then looked her in the eye. "Being a dog is nice, but I think spending eternity as a hellhound is a bit too steep of a price for an eternity of kinky Faerie sex. And no particular reason......I just don't like seeing you happy, is all." Felix retorted with a raised eyebrow. Lea's smirk quickly switched to an irritated frown. She eyed him for a few moments, then got off of him. She walked a few steps away, then spoke. "But....he knows the answer. He knows why she has come. For she is his mistress and he is bound to her.....for she is a jealous mistress." Felix's eyes went wide as she spoke. She then sharply turned around and she glared at him. Her hair seemed to slowly rise into the sky. "I do not approve of the Bliss you have found. I will not suffer her. She will know hell, all because of you." At these words, Felix seemed to break out of the trance he was in and he leaped from where he was sitting and charged at her. The hellhounds surrounded her and she threw up her hand. Felix began floating and he seemed to be in pain. She brought him close to her face. "You will not touch her! She will live a long and happy life, because if you go near her, I will dust your ass. Scorched Earth will not even begin to describe what will be the surrounding 100 miles of your remains! You understand me Leannansidhe!" Felix said with incredibly intense eyes and deadly seriousness in his voice. She glared back into his eyes. She brought a finger to his heart. She then raked her nail over his left pectoral, drawing blood. She then did it from the other side, making a X over his heart. His face twisted with pain. "Perfectly. My lost pup." She the leaned in and kissed him.


Felix jolted upright in his bed. He was breathing heavily and was covered in sweat. He looked around, and then sighed. He plopped back down on his bed. It was a dream. He was in his bed, in his dorm, in Ferre house. It was all a dream. Everything was absolutely fine. He was fine, Bliss was fine, everything was fine. He looked at his clock and realized he was already pretty late. He found himself just thankful he was alive. He slowly got out of his bed and rubbed his eyes. He walked over to his bathroom in his boxer-briefs and began to splash his face with cold water. He did this for a few seconds then looked at himself in the mirror. He looked pale and his eyes looked a bit sunken in. It sort of looked like he hadn't slept in a very long time. "Great. Another day when I'll have to rely on my winning personality." he chuckled at himself, more out of pity then genuinely finding the joke amusing. He then noticed something on his chest. It was a scar, one that looked was an X over his heart. His eyes widened in fear and quickly backed up and slammed into the back wall. He began breathing heavily.....but soon calmed himself. He remembered she had given him that scar the day he made that deal. It had never faded. Everything was still ok........he was always terrible at lying to himself.

Felix got dressed, not really taking the time to make himself look good. His hair was a bit messy, but enough to make it look like it was on purpose. He found his way to the Great Hall and quickly just slid onto a bench at the Ferre Table. He then immediately started piling food onto his plate. He grabbed his utensils and looked to his food.......and did nothing. He just sort of stared at it for a bit.....then, he but his fork down. He wasn't hungry. He sort of just sat there, hunched over, staring at his plate. He didn't look for friends or enemies. The chatter of the Great Hall just seemed like white noise to him. He just sat there in silence, staring at his food, pondering.