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Priscilla Barsotti


Priscilla Barsotti


Basic Info

Name: Priscilla Barsotti
Age: 17
Gender: Female
House: Arietem
Pet: A white persian cat named Princess
Birthplace: Beverly Hills, California
Wand: 9 1/2 inch Aspen, Dragon heartstring, Unyielding
Patronus: Peacock

  • Fashion
  • Boys
  • Potions
  • Dueling
  • Traveling

  • Herbology
  • History of Magic
  • Ferre House
  • Tennis shoes
  • Shy people


It's nothing against anyone else, but Priscilla knows she is better than most others. She is smart, quick witted, comes from a pure-blood family, and combined with her superior looks, not many can top her. She is extremely fond of fashion, and always tries to spice up her school wardrobe, finding it absolutely hideous. You will never catch her in a pair of sneakers, she prefers to wear heels or a stylish pair of flats all the time. She doesn't consider herself a relationship kind of girl, and instead just likes to mess with them, flirt with them, and then leave them be. She has been known to cozy up to a boy when she particularly needs something, like help with a subject, and then leave him in the dust afterward. She is outgoing and talkative, and particularly dislikes people who are so shy that they can't even look into her eyes. She is a frequent user of sarcasm, finding it her best defense if someone actually manages to get under her skin. Normally, she doesn't even listen to what people say about her, nor does she care what they think of her.She has a natural talent for Potions, and loves Dueling even more.


Priscilla came from a long line of pure-blooded witches and wizards, and was born to Sabine and Wyatt Barsotti of Beverly Hills, the youngest and third child, having to older brothers. Her family was extremely wealthy, and from a young age she was showered with whatever she wanted. Especially since she was the only girl of the family, her mother loved to give her the best of the best. Of course, as a young child, her parents weren't around very often, so she was raised mostly by a nanny.

She came to have a love of material things, and saw that as a sign of love, instead of emotions, or actions such as hugs. When she was the age of seven, her mother decided to start having her model, and Priscilla came to love it. Especially since she got to spend a little more time with her mom. When she wasn't attending private school, or modeling, her parents were teaching her the basics of magic, so that when she attended school, she would already have a head start. Her family traveled a lot during the summer time, and she has been all over the world. She's even seen Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, and Hogwarts, although she prefers Magus Grex.

When she turned 11, she wasn't surprised when her letter arrived in the mail. She went of to Magus Grex that year, and it was better than she expected. She didn't even have to question which house she would be sorted in to, for her family had been in Arietem as long as they could remember. And that was immediately where she was placed. Her housemates were all really similar to her, and she found that she didn't really like many students from the other houses. Specifically Ferre House. They all thought they were so high and mighty, but she wasn't fooled. They had evil sides to them too, they just didn't show it.

She was quick to find out that she had a talent for potions, and in her second year she found that she absolutely LOVED dueling. Herbology was the absolute worst subject, with History of Magic coming in at a close second. She pretty much despised Quodpot, but went to the matches to cheer on her house, as well as watch most of the cute boys who played. She never entered a relationship while at school, but spent her time with plenty of boys. Never for very long, however. She particularly liked her higher years at the school, since many of the younger girls in her house looked up to her. She had a greater following every single year.


Do you know much about the Harry Potter Universe?: A lot.
How often do you get online?: A lot.
How often can we expect you to be able to post?: Enough.
Password: Copper Cauldron

So begins...

Priscilla Barsotti's Story

Priscilla Barsotti

She was surrounded by girls younger than herself, mostly second, third, and fourth years. They were all staring dreamily at her as she was describing her family's visit to Paris this summer. "Oh ladies, it was magnifique!" she exclaimed, sighing happily. Paris actually had been magnificent... for the first few days. Then the charm had been lost on her. It definitely wasn't one of the best places she'd ever visited. But she certainly wasn't going to say that to all these girls who were hanging on her every word.

"The Eiffel Tower was breathtaking! I mean, you've never seen anything like it, I swear," she said, a smile on her face. In truth, that had been her favorite part of the entire trip, easily. "And when I was there, I met the most handsome guy. Jean Baptiste." The girls sighed, or a small smile spread across their faces. She had them absolutely hooked. They were so easy to control. "C'était de l'amour! We spent the rest of my trip together, and he was absolutely devastated when I had to leave." Now the girls all had sad expressions on their faces.

"Did he give you is number?!"

"Are you going to keep in contact with him?"

"Will he come visit you?"

All the girls asked at once. She smiled, making it look as if she were sad. "I've tried to contact him, but he won't respond to me." They all awwww'd, and she shrugged her shoulders. In reality, Jean Baptiste hadn't been attractive at all. He'd actually followed her around whenever he saw her, and tried to ask her on a date like five billion times. He'd really creeped her out. But that wasn't exactly romantic, so she had made up her own version. And she was getting exactly the response she had expected.

"Let's not talk about it anymore, okay girls? I don't like to think about him... So, tell me about all of your summers!" They all start talking, one by one, and she kind of zoned out, although she nodded and gave all the 'yeah' and 'mmhmm' responses that she should in the appropriate spots. All of their stories bored her, but she waited until they were all finished before taking her leave. As she walked away, she heard them all taking about how they had to visit Paris. She smirked as she continued to walk down the long table.

Priscilla found Îrem sitting a little ways down the Arietem table. All she had to do was look at the first year that was sitting next to her, and the little kid got up and moved immediately. She took the vacant seat and smiled at her friend, giving her a small and quick hug. "Hey girl," she said, releasing her hold on the sixth year. And amazingly, Zackariah was sitting across from them. Life truly was good. "Zack," was all she said, acknowledging his presence and no more. A girl had to play hard to get, after all.

Rosina Garenne

While waiting for Micah's response, she had decided to actually eat a little more, since her stomach had settled a great deal. She had realized that she was actually really hungry. She reached for her cup and took a sip of her absolute favorite beverage... Sierra Mist. The cool bubbliness went down her throat, and she almost wanted to sigh out of happiness. Things were going to turn out just fine. She turned her eyes to Micah's once more, when another voice entered their conversation.

Oh. My. God. It was Emerson.

Her stomach preceded to have twice the amount of knots it had had before, and she thought she was going to throw up the food she just ate. Her heart began beating so fast and loud she thought that Emerson might actually be able to see it pulsing outside of her shirt. She put a hand up over her chest, as if she was preventing him of seeing just how flustered she actually was. She somehow managed to give him one quick nod as he asked if they were talking about books.

He then went on some really long speech about how awesome Micah's books were. Her brain didn't seem to register just how weird it actually was. She could only see his perfect mouth forming words. Her face just had to be the same color as a tomato, even brighter than her hair. Before she knew it, he was standing and stretching, then waved a quick goodbye to her. No, don't go... she thought, wanting to reach out for him. Yet at the same time, she was jumping up and down enthusiastically inside her head, screaming like some sort of twelve year old fangirl of Justin Bieber. He talked to me... he actually TALKED to me!

She turned back to Micah, a smile on her face, and waited for him to speak to her.

Finn Pollack

He watched Teiver stare at her cat intently, longer than most people look at their animals. It was actually kind of creepy. He looked around the empty stone walls, looking for something interesting to stare at instead of her and the cat. Then she spoke, seemingly to the cat, and he didn't say a word. She was acting as if he could't hear what she was saying about him, even though he was standing directly in front of her. He narrowed her eyes at her as she poked him, but she took the lead, and he followed.

His hand still gripped his wand in his pocket, prepared for any kind of spell she might cast on him. She wouldn't take him unaware, though. He'd be ready for anything. He walked behind the cat, who was right on her heels. She led him right back to the wall they had entered earlier. At least he thought it was. He was already sort of turned around in this maze of a tunnel. The cat jumped in her bag, and he didn't even register shock. It had already been quite a weird night.

Finn chuckled at her statement of him needing how to climb. What a laugh. He was one of the most athletic people in all of Magus Grex. He could probably climb better than she could. He watched her ascend for a few moments before approaching the wall and beginning to follow her up. Unfortunately, he couldn't hold on to his wand while he climbed, so he had to hope she wasn't going to curse him when she reached the landing above them. It wouldn't have been a pleasant trip back to the bottom. When she almost fell, he tucked his head against his body, letting the small pebbles hit him and then keep falling father below. "Hey! Watch what you're doing!" he complained.

He followed her exact path up, and thankfully didn't falter once. She made a hidden door appear farther up the wall, and he crawled in to it after her. He was only slightly out of breath, but he kneeled over as if he couldn't catch his breath. Probably out of instinct. "What the heck are you leading me to?" he exclaimed, looking up to meet her eyes. Now the wild ideas were coming back. If a secret entrance wasn't enough to hide whatever she had going on in this tower, he was almost afraid to find out what it was.

Just as Felix had suspected. The mere mention of his sister caused that perfect smile to crack, revealing the ugly creature beneath. They had always had a deep rivalry between each other, the Abernathy children that is. It always seemed that Nevaeh had the upper hand in everything. Felix also suspected she was smarter than her brother, seeing as she saw Felix as a threat and Vance saw him as trash. He remembered the first time he and Nevaeh had ever truly spoken. He had beaten her in a duel and she had threatened him in private with her wand too his balls. It was also the first time he had used his physical training on a girl. He had grabbed her wrist and had broken her grip on her wand and had wrapped her arms around herself and locked her against his body, her back to his front. He then said some very threatening words of his own and then he had released her and 'disappeared', in actuality he had turned into his dog form and slipped behind a couch. He never received a threat from her again and she never told a soul. Felix would have thought that Vance would be jumping for joy at the fact that his sister was out of his way for total school dominance. Yet, he seemed rather morose........did I just use morose in a sentence? I have to stop being near Arietem kids, it;s increasing my vocabulary.

There was something going with the Abernathy's that was more than meets the eye. Not that Felix really cared. He mainly just liked to get under Vance's skin. He enjoyed seeing the high and mighty being brought down a peg. Felix personally that every living soul was equal to one another and that that would only change through someones actions, not birthright. Also, he just sort of liked doing it, beyond his code, that is. Vance was a jerk. Since all the world must suffer jerks, then Felix would make jerks suffer in return. Vance still seemed to act like they were still negotiating. He was apparently convinced that this was a ploy of his to give up information, when in reality, he just loved to push his buttons. "You have an interesting method of negotiation, Fletcher." Felix just raised his eyebrow at him. "Umm, we're not negotiating, I said no. End of discussion. Felix took another bite of his apple.

Vance then raised his arm and sort of flexed his hand in a normal fashion. It took him until now to fully realize what he had on his arm. A full leather arm glove.....that was weird. Why would he be wearing that on one arm and not the other? The only logical reason that Felix could think of was that maybe it had gotten scarred and he was covering it up. Either way, something had happened to it....and it had something to do with his sisters absence........odd. He spoke again. "Agree to assist me, and I’ll tell you why Nevaeh went to Beauxbatons. If you’re uninterested, then…" he shrugged minimally. "Well, I did try." Wow.....that was a very odd suggestion. Why the hell would Felix be interested in that information? Unless......Vance knew it would interest him. Errr, dealing with manipulative people always gives me headaches, there was just so much introverted thinking that had to happen. Every possibility analyzed, every detail......wait, every possibility. Like an opportunity to fully test out my ability on someone who would actually fight back and that I wouldn't mind hurting. I'm going to need the practice if I;m going to follow through with my plan......why not.

Felix stood up and clasped his arm around Vance's shoulders. "Alright, Abernathy. Why not. But, the information will be only partly payment, but the second part will be miniscule, trust me." Miniscule? Man, Ive got to get out of here. Felix had a smug smile still plastered to his face. "Meet me tonight in the North wing next to the statue of the giant dog." he then unwrapped himself and stood directly in front of Vance and spoke quieter. "A dog will meet you there, follow him and he will lead you to me. We can discuss the details there, it will be a much more secure location. Say, around Midnight?" he then began to walk away but stopped. He turned back to him. "Oh, and to not raise any suspicion." Felix then raised his hand flipped him the bird. He then began to walk away.

Felix looked around the hall and noticed most of his friends had left already. He looked about again, seeing if there was anyone he wanted to talk to. Felix then saw his three favorite Arietem kids all together in one place, how convenient. He began to strode his way towards them. As he walked along the Arietem table, he was pretty sure the entire table was glaring at him. He sort of just turned his head and smiled at them warmly. He also gave gestures to a few of them, like Fonzy points and peace signs, like he was best friends with all of them.

Whe he got closer to where Zach, Îrem and Priscilla were sitting, he took a running start. He then jumped up and started to slid along the table on his butt while his feet hovered above the bench. He slid for a bit and stopped just short of knocking into Zach. He then looked down at Zach with a warm smile. "Hey there, Arietem scum." He said warmly, he then tussled his perfect blonde hair. It had always disturbed Felix that the Arietem all seemed to be Arian. He would sometimes call them a regime than a house. He then about faced and plopped himself on the bench next to Zach. He then smiled to the two girls across from them. "Îrem, Priscilla. You two are both looking as lovely and noble as ever. I trust your summer's were divine." Felix had said the last part in a playful tone. "Don't tell me......Aspen? No.....Cabo? No, wait.......Paris? Somewhere expensive I would imagine. How have you all been?" No one could say Felix held animosity towards any one group of people, seeing as he had friends in every single house. He only held animosity for certain individual of groups, ones who had earned it. These three, more Zach and Îrem, had earned his affection.

Summer Turner

"That's all you've got to say about all of that!" Summer flew her arms in the air as she just leaned back in frustration. "You are my best friend! You are suppose to give me advice on what to freaking do, Bell! Oh my god." She had let the frustration get her a little too much as she just looked at her dark haired friend before letting her hands lift her up from the step she was at. It was like the night grew darker as her friend's words made it to Summer's ears. The breath died down with the seriousness of Bellona's tone. 'Summer...I can tell you anything right...Swear to me you won't tell anyone.' Sliding back down close to her friend, she brought her face close to Bellona's, touching her hand. "Of course, love. I am your best friend." She let her eyes shift to where she had carefully placed them along with Bellona's, giving the cluster of hands a tight squeeze. "I will never tell a soul anything we've spoken of."

Summer could see her friend fighting within on the next words she would say. She could tell Bellona was being very careful when she finally began to speak. 'I- I met a cute boy in Rome but I still think that- that- well over the summer my feelings kind of decided that- well, I really think Micah's cute.' What the bloody hell?! Here came the same frustration Bellona had just got through causing Summer to have. "What the-" 'Promise you won't tell anyone.' "Bellona! Don't you dare lie to me.." Feeling Bellona pull away and stand, Summer joined her to the level they were now at. She was just about to continue her thought of frustration when her friend spoke again, 'Oh gosh, what time do you think it is already? We should get going now. I'm not really in the mood to vex the Prefects if they caught us staying up late.'

Summer was stunned at the stunt her best friend was pulling on her. "So you're seriously going to just leave me with a lie?" Bellona completely blew off the question to say something about Fidus not eating. Summer just sat down to calm herself before she could get settled Bellona was already dragging her off somewhere else. She has so many thoughts going through her head before Bellona turned towards her as they had made their way through the Great Hall and now stood at the grand staircase. Feeling the arms of her friend surround her, Summer just wanted to trap her in the hug and force her to speak the truth in order to escape, but Bellona was too quick with the hug. 'Well I'll see you ever at breakfast okay? Goodnight porky.' She didn't even get out a word as Bellona scurried off towards what seemed like the Arietem common rooms.

Summer couldn't handle the idea of trying to socialize after the scene she just went through. Her own best friend couldn't even tell her what was on her mind. She quickened her pace deciding the way to avoid people was to get to her common room and shut herself off. She hadn't even seen her sister all night and for a second she was glad. She thought about finding her, but she knew she'd be around her friends. Hearing footsteps Summer let her eyes hit the ground to avoid having to actually make conversation until she felt the body of another against her's. "Watch ou-" She looked up meeting the eyes of Flint. "You've got to be kissing me." She said as she saw the owl on top of his head. "Oh my god, I meant kidding." The rose color that now filled her cheeks made her whole body fill with heat. "Hi." She tried to recover with a smile.

Îrem’s Perspective

As Priscilla hugged Îrem, she said “Hey girl!”, to which Îrem couldn’t help but give a light giggle. She acknowledge Zack as she sat down and smiled, pretending to not mind Zack’s presence, though really, Îrem could sense that Prissy wanted to say “I do” right there. Îrem didn’t quite know what to think. The trouble with being part of such a large group of friends, especially a House who’s bonds are thicker than thieves, is that oftentimes doves cry so to speak.

“Prissy, how was your summer?” Îrem asked. Prissy had been a name Îrem had used since her first year at Magus Grex, perhaps one of the few ever to use a shortened form of her girl friend’s name. Îrem, although partially robed in the dark green uniform of house Arietem, flaunted her body with her color, orange! Orange dresses, orange leggings, orange shoes, orange shawls… and when she was feeling mighty religious, orange hijabs. But she hadn’t worn one since at least her third year, a promise to herself that she would show of her own beauty until she was married or ugly.

She gave Zack an understanding wink as Prissy looked away for a quick moment, watching Lee proposition Greg Abbots for sex. Ah Lee, Îrem’s other Arietm girlfriend. That boy was adorable (although he denies he is; he also denies to be feminine, cute, sexy, or campy, all of which most girls and some guys claim he is). Poor Lee, always getting himself in trouble.

"Hey there, Arietem scum," Felix said as he played with Zack’s hair and sat down next to him. Awww how cute, Îrem thought, imagining Felix and Zack being cute little brothers. "Îrem, Priscilla,” he said, acknowledging Îrem and Prissy, “You two are both looking as lovely and noble as ever. I trust your Summers were divine. Don't tell me... Aspen? No... Cabo? No, wait... Paris? Somewhere expensive I would imagine. How have you all been?" Har har, how funny, thought Îrem.

“Haha, none of those, Feliz,” Îrem always had problems pronouncing “cks” and “x” sounds. “I went to Montana,” she giggled, knowing their surprise. “My father has a business associate who has a ranch there, we went for the Summer to get in touch with our… simple sides.” The truth is that Îrem quite enjoyed Montana, its rolling plains and all the nicest people. She enjoyed visiting the horses and the solace from the city.”

Lee’s Perspective

As Lee walked back into the Great Hall, he noticed Priscilla, Îrem, Zack, and Felix talking at the end of the Arietem table. Priscilla seemed a little uncomfortable, Zack was shining like a little school girl, Felix was grinning like a punk, and Îrem… Îrem was always a sight to see. Lee had ten minutes before he had to carry the first years to the dormitory. He decided to go sit next Îrem and make Zack, Priscilla and Felix uncomfortable.

He could see some of the third and fourth year boys brighten as he passed by; the lowerclassmen thought that he was hot shit, the upperclassmen wanted to stomp him. He cared for neither, honestly. A particularly ”enthusiastic” fourth year was sitting next to Îrem; he was a cute boy, so Lee decided to squeeze his tiny body between the two on the pretense he was going to flirt with the boy and not intrude on the others conversation.

”Hello preddy ladez; Îrem ya are so gawge’us, ya are da only wom’n who can make me straight!” Lee exclaimed. He bowed his head to the two larger boys, “Gentlemen.” Then he continued on a particularly superficial conversation with the pretty boy next to him.

Seeing Vance close to leaving the Great Hall, however, Lee shot up, startling Îrem(who was quite enjoying a particularly strong and hot batch of Turkish tea) and causing her to spill tea all over Felix(she never let herself spill anything on herself, how silly!)

"Vanz! Wait fo' me!" Lee screamed, allowing almost everyone in the room to chuckle at the young queen.

Zachariah Everett

Reposted his earlier post to actually flow with the other post

Zachariah found himself shoving through first and second year students as he tried to push through the wall of the young wizards that instead of moving, stared up at him. "Fucking young-lings." He whispered under his breath before finally making his way into the entrance of the Great Hall. He had somehow managed to be one of the last wizards to arrive at Magus Grex. He looked over himself before making his entrance into the Hall. Not bothering to speak when spoken to by members of other house's, Zach headed straight for his table of witch and wizards he could actually stand. He had noticed the lack of spots now available for the sixth year student to occupy, but the spot he found was more than perfect. He found himself across from Îrem with the rest of company being first and second year students. "Great choice." He mouthed to Îrem with a smirk on his face.

While the Headmaster spoke, Zach found himself looking up and down his table trying to spot the other members of Arietem her cared about; Vance and Priscilla. No luck as he heard final word from Headmaster Rockwell. "How is my dear, Îrem?" He spoke as he let her receive his full attention. 'Hey girl.' With the sound of her voice, Zach knew exactly who was now in the presence; Priscilla. He had managed to miss the glare he knew so well from Priscilla that had caused the first year to quickly run off to an unknown direction. He let an obvious smirk come across his face when she only acknowledge him by his name. "Priscilla." He leaned in toward the girl when he let the word out of his mouth, letting it hang for a second before leaning back into his original position. He knew she liked him, but he did enjoy her trying to hide it. He smirked at the wink he received from Îrem because he knew that she was well aware of Priscilla's crush on him.

Zach now caught himself in the middle of what would more than likely turn into a huge girl talk over the latest fashions and the boys they had met over the summer. He gave a dramatic cough before placing his hands on the table. "Seriously, do you both have to catch up on summer right now? Why not discuss more important things? Like Quodpot." He let his face fall into a very stern look before revealing his intentions. "I'm joking, ladies. Put the claws away." He laughed as he noticed the slight glare to two gave. Hearing a thump to his left, he only had time to catch a small glimpse of Felix before he felt his hair being tossed around on his head. "Thank god for more testosterone." He said as his Ferre friend placed himself next to him.

As the teasing continued from Felix, Zachariah caught sight of Vance passing the table with a nod in his direction. He didn't see any urgency in the expression on Vance's face, so Zach returned the nod before adding to the conversation. "I actually spent my entire summer at my parent's winter home alone." He hadn't had the desire to put up with his parent's parties with the other various pure-bloods, so he found his escape in the home that he knew his parents wouldn't get use out of until the middle of his school year. "It was a nice touch of solitude. Something I'm not used to.. I was close to putting together a pre-school party with everyone, but somehow I just couldn't force myself with the challenge to please that many people. Because you all know how I like to please." He said staring directly at Priscilla before laughing aloud.

Zach caught site of Lee before continuing his thoughts. "But speaking of summers, Felix. How was your's? Or should I say your's and that fiery redhead's from Vulpes?" Zach was pleased by the expression he got from Felix. "Bliss is her name, right?" Hearing Lee acknowledge him, he completely brushed it off before acting like he wasn't there. See Zach and Lee had this public dislike for each other, but considering how close they both were to Vance they became friends. They still didn't like the idea of people pinning them together as friends, so they stuck with the hate for each other in the eye's of the public.


Summer Turner

Summer hadn't planned on running into anyone on her way to the common rooms, and to run into Flint of all people made things so much harder. She successfully hide her frustration with Bellona so well that he hadn't even noticed her heavy breathing at the beginning of the conversation. Now she was leading him off from the common rooms to talk. Had she even really wanted to talk with him? Probably not because she doubted he knew about Bliss and Felix. It was only a few months and Bliss had already managed to be dating one of Flint's friends. She gave Flint's had another squeeze before glancing his way. When she looked at him, she didn't see the same Flint she did last year. It was an entirely new person who had emerged in the boy's body, and she didn't know if they was a good thing or a bad thing. She knew she would soon find out though.

She had yet to feel him give in to the offer to talk until she felt his body come up to her's. "We don't have to talk about everything. Just what's on your mind." She said giving him the faintest smile as she was still in the process of deciding where she was taking them. They seemed to be walking in a pointless direction until she knew exactly where they needed to go. She didn't bother voicing the spot because she knew Flint just wanted privacy at this point, so once she started walking she found her mind shut off from the actually person next to her. As they walked, Summer found herself mapping out the conversation once they got to the spot she knew would be perfect.

Do not bring up Bliss or Felix. Do not bring up Bliss or Felix. She repeated to herself because it seemed that subject was better for a later conversation where Flint appeared to be in a better mood. Hoot. Her eyes shot up at the owl flying ahead of them. She didn't realize she had actually been that much out of reality to jump at the small sound from the bird. She realized this was not the way she wanted their first real conversation to go; unspoken. Hearing no footsteps as the approached the library door, Summer opened it up and slipped inside. She knew most of the faculty had a meeting tonight, so no one should be in the library.

As she let go of Flint's hand, she sped up her pace just in case the librarian happened to stick back a little longer. Summer slipped in and out of shelves until she found herself in the farthest corner from the entrance. The book shelves seemed to swallow them up and it made her feel secure as she sat at the two person table against the wall. "Good enough?" She had ignored what he said so she quickly tried to come up with an answer. 'But you're gonna have to go first. I haven't gotten anything out of you, besides you wanting to date my owl, and your habit of reading lamps and tables. How are you, really?' That was right. He was asking about her. She felt herself sink into the seat before looking up at him. "I.. I'm pretty good." She lied. She never lied, not even to Flint. She placed her hands on her face before clearing her throat. "I'm awful, Flint."

She didn't know if telling him about Bliss was a good thing, but honesty was her best asset when it came to maintaining friends and what not. "Bliss and Felix are something. I don't know if it's actually considered dating yet, but they practically spent the entire summer together." Summer had revealed her crush on Felix to Flint while he was dating Bliss, so Flint knew the pain that she had to be going through. "But don't worry.. Those feelings have long passed." She looked down on her hands that she had just placed on the table. "And then Bellona is hiding something from me. Girl problems." She let out a soft laugh before smiling over at Flint. "Now it's your turn. My problems are very minor, and they have already been dealt with. Now.. What's on your mind?"

Felix smiled and listened to their reactions to him. He quite enjoyed their company at this moment. They were always refreshing to talk to, the Arietem kids he liked. They were so different from his other friends, it was like being in a separate country, which Felix enjoyed. He also had a lot of respect for them because no doubt they got a lot of heat for being his friend....or at least friendly to him. It sort of touched his heart in a way. Most people are amazed that Zach and him are friends. Honestly, Felix was too. Zach being a crony of Vance's and he has been known to bully younger kids. Felix first met him that way, he was bullying a kid and Felix stood up for him. Neither of them backed down and it became more about them then it did about the kid. A week later, they were friends. Zach sort of falls under the whole keep your friends close and enemies closer section. He did like Zach, but it was always nice to have a friendly face among a sea a glares. Then of course there was Irem, one of the sweetest most empathetic girls he knew. On the surface, it was dumbfounding that she was in Arietem house. That fact alone is terrifying to Felix, because if she is in the house of the ambitious and underhanded, then what true Irem was she hiding? That, or Felix's training with Damian made him more paranoid than a dictator at an assassin's ball. It was probably that, either way, he liked them both a lot. Priscilla he had not spoken much too, but he knew her to not be a total stuck up pain in the ass, which is saying something.

Irem answered him first. “Haha, none of those, Feliz,” she said in her accent. Felix thought it was adorable that she pronounced his name that way. It made him almost want to pronounce it that way. "I went to Montana,” she giggled. Felix looked a little dumfounded. "An Arietem vacationing in a back water hovel? What will people say?" Felix was of course joking, saying the sentence in a fancy Queen's British accent. “My father has a business associate who has a ranch there, we went for the Summer to get in touch with our… simple sides.” She said it as though it were stupid. He looked at Irem with a genuinely warm smile. "Hey, Ive found that simple is good. Hell, sometimes it's great. Old man Ebenezer always makes me till his farm the whole summer round and we never use magic for anything. I like it. It's good work and it will teach you things about magic that you never thought of before. Though...." Felix then eyed Zach, now answering his statement. "..this summer was different. I have to watch what I say around here. News travels fast around here, too fast." He said with a small laugh. "And to answer your question, yes. I did spend the summer with Bliss. The details are neither exciting or any business of yours Mr. Everett." He said in his usual Felixy tone. Speaking of that, I wonder what Bliss is doing right now? Probably doing something normal but making it seem extraordinary with her quirky attitude and sassy I really have it bad for her, don't I? He shook his head of those thoughts.

He was starting to feel pent up, still sort of being surrounded by Arietem kids. Also, since he spent the whole summer with Bliss, he never really got a chance to go on his usual "runs" and really stretch himself out and let himself run wild. He hadn't been in his dog form for quite sometime, and he was itching for a run. He would get his chance later, though.

Priscilla Barsotti

"Priscilla." It was the only response she got from Zack, but it was certainly more than enough for her. Especially when he leaned in towards her, and her breath caught in her throat. She had the urge to lean forward to meet him, and feel what it would be like to kiss his lips. But just as quickly he leaned back away from her, and she blinked a few times to clear her head. So much for playing hard to get. All he had to do was lean forward and look into her eyes, and her insides turned to mush. She would need to work on that.

“Prissy, how was your summer?” Priscilla thankfully turned her attention away from Zack and over to Îrem, her closest girl friend in the entire house. Sure, she enjoyed the younger girls who followed her around like little lost puppies, but every now and then she needed someone who was her equal. Îrem was not only her equal, but also everything she was not. She always liked to joke that they completed each other. They never really argued or felt the need to compete with each other, because they were so different. They were basically two halves of a whole, and that was why they made such great best friends. Her friend was the only one allowed to call her Prissy, and if anyone else ever tried, she would punch them in the nose.

Îrem's mixture of orange with the green of Arietem house didn't really mix well, but Priscilla kept her mouth shut for the sake of her friend. She was going to respond to her friend when Zack's voice chimed in first. "Seriously, do you both have to catch up on summer right now? Why not discuss more important things? Like Quodpot." Priscilla turned her head to give the gorgeous man an icy glare. She gave his leg a soft kick under the table, not really intending to hurt him. "Like I could even talk about that droll game for more than a few seconds. It's just atrocious."

"I'm joking, ladies. Put the claws away." She brought her hand up and curved her fingers to give the look of claws, and she gave a little hiss at Zack before chuckling along with him.

Before any other words were spoken, motion caught her eye and she turned her head to see Felix sliding down the table, and landed directly in front of her, next to Zack. She rolled her eyes plainly for him to see, smirking at him afterwards. She was disappointed when he tousled Zack's perfect blonde hair, but kept her mouth shut as he sat down. "Îrem, Priscilla. You two are both looking as lovely and noble as ever. I trust your summer's were divine. Don't tell me......Aspen? No.....Cabo? No, wait.......Paris? Somewhere expensive I would imagine. How have you all been?"

She raised an eyebrow at him, wondering if he knew exactly how close he had come. Îrem spoke first, however. Montana?! Priscilla thought, scoffing at the idea. She would never survive, of that she was sure. Farms and horses? Priscilla would take high end shopping and heels any day. She then turned her attention to Zack, who spoke about his summer. Solitude wasn't exactly her thing either, but to each their own. "I was close to putting together a pre-school party with everyone, but somehow I just couldn't force myself with the challenge to please that many people. Because you all know how I like to please." He stared directly at her with that statement, and she narrowed her eyes in response, definitely not amused by him. But she forced herself to smile, not letting him know he was getting under her skin. It was common knowledge how much he slept around, and yet he'd never even come to her with so much as a kiss. She was of the purest blood, and all these other girls were nothing.

While Zack was distracted, she spoke about her summer. "Good guess Felix, I was indeed in Paris. And it was absolutely divine. I met a boy, who spent his entire summer with me. Sadly, after I left, I figured the relationship couldn't continue. Either way, the vacation was beautiful and fabulous." She made herself sound happier than she was, hoping Zack would think she wasn't bothered at all.

She found it extremely interesting that Felix had spent the entire summer with Bliss. While she knew Bliss fairly well, the pairing seemed a little odd. She would have to investigate on that later. For now, she really felt the need to just get away. She stood up from the table, and stepped back. "If you will all excuse me..." was all she said before she took off down the hall. She made her way outside, taking in a few deep breaths. "Damn him for getting under my skin so easily..." she muttered to herself, feeling the urge to punch something. After a few more minutes of air, she quickly made her way over to the Commons Tower, spoke the password 'lordly lineage', and made her way into the Arietem Common Room. She plopped herself down on a couch, not really noticing the other bodies present.

Rosina Garenne

The smile had disappeared from Rose's face. It seemed as if Micah wasn't actually going to talk to her anymore. Still, the night had indeed been positive, thanks to Emerson. Whenever she thought about him, she could feel some heat come to her cheeks. He'd only talked to her a few other times in their many years, so that made it even more exciting. She did have to admit that Micah was a bit of a disappointment to her. When he'd actually made an effort to talk to her, she'd felt hopeful. Not too many guys showed an interest in her, friendly or otherwise. She knew that many girls liked to be around her because she was extremely quiet and listened to all of their problems. She didn't mind too much, friends were good to have, no matter what the other girl's intentions were.

It had to be getting late, so she mumbled something about being tired, and stood up quickly from the table, shooting away before Micah could say anything back. She took a detour from the Commons Tower to go get some fresh air in the courtyard. She was surprised to find Priscilla outside as well, without any followers or friends. Although as soon as the Arietem girl saw her, she took off. Rose found a small rock to sit on, and closed her eyes, breathing in the cool night air. "Why do feelings have to be so confusing...?" she whispered to herself, reaching her hand back to take the elastic out of her hair, letting it flow down over her shoulders. She'd practically been in love with Emerson from day one. So why did she feel so sad about Micah? It just seemed silly.

She sat outside for a little while longer, before deciding she should finally head back to the Common Room. She approached the painting that held Cervus' common room and dormitories behind it. "Plucking berries," she whispered, watching as it swung forward and she stepped through. The idea of passwords had always seemed kind of silly to her, since all the entrances were on the same floor, not far from each other. Nothing was stopping other students from overhearing. But oh well, rules were rules.

As she stepped inside, she noticed Savant and Emerson both hanging out, with a nice warm fire going in the fireplace. Feeling somehow braver than normal, she gave them both a smile and a small wave, more so towards Emerson than the other. Not feeling brave enough to speak, though, she quickly headed up the girl's dormitory steps, before coming to her landing and entering the door. She found the bed that had been hers for the previous five years, and flopped down on it gratefully. Her Siamese cat Belle hopped up onto the bed beside her, and curled up. It was empty, and she quickly changed into a comfortable pair of pajamas before climbing under the covers.

She didn't feel extremely tired yet, so she reached over to her nightstand and grabbed the book sitting on top. It was one of her favorite new series, a supernatural romance between a vampire and a werewolf. Sure, sometimes it was cheesy, but it was so lovely. She cuddled in next to her cat as she opened to about the middle, and continued where she had left off. A soft thunk sounded in the room, and she quickly walked to the window, seeing a figure standing below. She opened the window, calling down softly, 'What are you doing here?' He replied a little louder, 'I couldn't wait to see you again.' She sighed softly, a smile crossing her lips.

Her eyes looked over to the window, and she suddenly wished that someone was outside of her window, wanting to see her. Of course, no boy had ever felt that strongly for her, and she was beginning to doubt that anyone would. Everyone always told her that she was young, and love would find her when it was right. But they just didn't understand. She practically repelled boys, or was completely invisible to them. She longed to be loved. Since it wasn't happening right now, she brought her eyes back to the book, content with just reading about others' love for now.

Finn Pollack

"Why, I thought I said we were going to the astronomy tower, didn't I?" Teiver gave him a rather sweet yet sarcastic smile, before turning away from him. Finn snarled a little, aggravated that he had gone through all this just to get to the astronomy tower, when he could have just as easily taken the stairs. Either way, it was way too late now. He had no idea where the hell he was, and probably couldn't find it again if he tried. He knew she was hiding something up here, and would try to find it. He at least knew how to get in to her secret area, and could later explore it to his heart's content.

"Try your best not to break a leg." She spoke before jumping off the ledge. "Yeah, just watch yourself..." he muttered after she had leaped. He made his way forward, seeing her land a little roughly on the landing below. He wasn't scared of heights, but normally he had a broom underneath him from so high up. Thankfully, he was extremely athletic, and when he hopped off the ledge, he landed much more gracefully than she had. He stared back up behind him, trying to remember the location of the path. He knew he'd probably forget, but he did his best to burn it in to his memory. He just had to remember.

He followed the girl and her cat up the steps, before appearing in the very familiar astronomy tower. He just kind of stood in the doorway as she moved forward to the bookshelf, finding something and placing it in her bag. She then moved to a table with various charts on it, and began to sift through those. He watched her for a little bit, before clearing his throat and running his hand through his hair. "I have to admit, studying isn't really my thing, so I'm just going to take off. Nice hanging out with you..." he said, before turning around and making his way back down the steps.

He made his way through the castle over to the Commons Tower, where he spoke the password to the appropriate door, and headed inside to the Ferre Common Room. He muttered a few hey's and gave a few ways as the other housemates greeted him eagerly, some clapping him on the back, others exclaiming how excited they were about the upcoming Quodpot season. A few of the younger girls caught his eye, and they blushed and gave a few squeals as he passed by. It really was cute, and normally he just drank up all the admiration, but he wasn't in the mood for it right then.

Finn told them all he needed his rest for class tomorrow, which was actually probably true, though he normally didn't care. He made his way up to his dormitory, and pushed the door open. There on his bed sat a large cage with his favorite animal in the whole world inside. Tyto hooted happily when he saw his owner, and flapped his wings slightly. He walked over and unlocked the cage, letting the owl fly to the headboard of his bed and sit contently. He smoothed down the owl's feathers and smiled warmly. Felix hadn't gotten back yet, so he lounged on the bed, waiting for someone else to appear.

Zachariah Everett

Seeing the reactions he was getting out of Priscilla made him smile because he knew he was getting to her. He was about to speak up when she excused herself, he reached out to grab her arm but barely missed. When she was out of ear shot he glanced at the other two, "I think I might have pushed her a little far that time. Excuse me guys?" He said as he jumped from his spot. "Talk to you all tomorrow. Don't forget about curfew guys.." He said as he ran off in the direction Priscilla went, as he rounded the corner he saw no sign of her. Common rooms or court yard? He chose to the first thinking she'd go straight to the common rooms.

As he pushed made his way to the common rooms, he made note of the group of students still catching up. He couldn't wait to catch up with Vance and Lee. Once he was granted access to the common rooms, he walked in to see only a few people present. Nobody he really cared to speak to, so he made his way up to the rooms. He quickly changed into something to sleep in before hearing someone downstairs. He glanced down at his attire, not caring if the few students saw him in his pajamas. He grabbed his robe, tying it around his waist before glancing around the stairs to see Priscilla on one of the couches. He didn't know if he could really talk to her right now as it was close to being curfew and actually getting everything in he wanted to say.

Right when he was about to run back up to his room, something made him stop. With one last glance down the stairs, he found himself going to her. "Priscilla.." He said before actually stepping into the light. "I'm sorry about earlier. You know I just like messing with you." He sat across the room from her, before letting his foot rest on his knee. He sat there before a few first years came rushing through like a wave. He glared at them all before they beelined it to the stairs. "I missed you if that counts." He said getting up. "Talk to tomorrow." He said as he made it up to his bed and retired for the night.

Summer Turner

Summer ignored most of the conversation because she felt so out of place. "Hey guys.. I think it might be time for me to get back to the common room.." She squeezed her sister's waist, before giving a quick wave to Flint and Justin. "Thanks again Justin." She said as she lifted the Betterbeer, then looking towards Flint she smiled. "Bye Flint." She said as she quickened her pace under she was clearly out of her view. She felt herself slinging her arms like crazy around the corner before gathering her composure before entering the common rooms.

Once inside, she spotted Savant and Emerson discussing something about the painting to the common rooms. "Hey guys." She said before giving each a quick hug before heading towards the stairs. "I'd love to catch up, but I'm beat. Good night!" She said as she ran up the stairs falling into bed without changing out of her clothes.

Bliss Turner

As Summer quickly made her exit, Bliss eyed both boys. "Did something happen?" She asked as she knew it had nothing to do with Justin. "Flint?" She said before giving him the slightest smirk. "You know whatever it is.. I'll find out eventually." She said as she snickered. After making note of Teek's reaction to her, Bliss sighed. "I think he might hate me since the break-up.." She said shrugging. "Maybe if I get him a girlfriend he'll love me again." She said with a soft laugh before letting out a small yawn. "As you all can tell, I am very tired. I have been with Braelyn most of the night. She isn't doing too well.. I will probably go check on her tomorrow morning.." She said aloud for no purpose. "Anyways, I think I'm going to go ahead and make my way to the Common Rooms. Want to go ahead and make our way there?"

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Rosina Garenne

Her eyes opened, staring at the clock on her nightstand. It was early, but that was alright. She sat up in bed and stretched, then gave Belle a scratch between the ears. She purred softly in response. She smiled as she hopped out of bed, took a quick shower, then put on some simple clothes, donning her robe last. She decided to let her hair stay down, flowing softly over her shoulders. Before exiting the room, she remembered to grab her wand. The common room was pretty empty, so she didn't bother talking to anyone before she left. Instead of heading straight to the Great Hall, a visit to courtyard was in order first. The morning air was slightly cool, and it felt wonderful to her. Rose absolutely hated when it was too warm outside.

She lingered outside for longer than originally intended, and eventually entered the castle once more to eat some breakfast. As she was walking through the hallway, the sound of music caught her ears. Immediately, she knew who was making it. Quietly, she tiptoed to the doorway it was coming from, and edged it open slightly so she could peek inside. Sighing happily, she saw Lloyd playing the violin. Not many would know it was her, since she didn't choose to play for others most of the time. But she had for Rose, and it had made her feel extremely special. A smile couldn't be helped as she listened. The Ferre was more talented than anyone Rose had ever met. She contemplated entering the bathroom to say hello, but normally Lloyd didn't like to be disturbed while she was playing. So she respected her friend's wishes, and silently closed the door before continuing her trip to the Great Hall.

As she walked, her thoughts crossed to the night before. This morning, she was feeling particularly silly about everything she had felt the night before with Micah. She'd been so flustered, and almost angry. He wasn't trying to be mean to her, he had just been occupied. It had been the first night after all, and she couldn't expect him to give her all his attention for the entire night. He had many friends, and had wanted to talk to all of them. If she could muster up the courage, she wanted to apologize for leaving so abruptly.

Then her thoughts shifted, and she remembered that Felix had been absent last night. Or he had been too busy, but she couldn't imagine him not saying hi to her. He was practically her best friend, after all. He wouldn't have ignored her, she decided finally, so something else must have been going on. As she walked through the large doors, he was the first person she saw. He was looking handsome this morning, she noted, and a smile crept across her face.

Then her eyes registered the rest of the scene, and she noticed him holding his wand, aiming at some of the other students. "Oh dear..." she said to herself, taking a few tentative steps forward. She knew he was fiercely loyal to his friends, so she assumed it was Justin that was in trouble. That was hard to believe.

Rose bit her lip, eyes shifting back and forth between all the students involved. And just as quickly as things got tense, they just seemed to dissipate. Justin was making jokes again, and had lowered his wand. She took that as a good enough sign to approach. She just had to say hi to her best friend. She crossed the rest of the distance quickly, then threw her arms around Felix. "I missed you!" she exclaimed happily, a little chuckle escaping her lips afterward.

"Come on, let's sit..." she said, grabbing his hand. She practically dragged him back to the Cervus table, wanting to get him away from the situation in case something worse happened, and made him sit down next to her. She was so excited to see him, she didn't even realize they were seated across from Emerson. That was the effect her best friend had on her. He calmed her tenseness, and just generally made her more relaxed. She didn't worry so much about things, or what everyone else thought of her. Her eyes then focused on Emerson, and she ran a few fingers through her hair, a nervous habit of hers. But she managed to give him a small smile and wave before turning her attention back to her friend. She was still aware of Emerson's presence, however.

Finn Pollack

When his eyes saw the time on the clock, he groaned, but made himself get up. The first day of classes was an extremely important one, and he wanted to get to the Great Hall as early as possible. As Head Boy, he wanted to be there for all the students of Ferre House, but mostly the first years. They'd no doubt have questions and concerns, and it was his job to answer them and make them feel at ease. He showered quickly, leaving his hair to air dry in the messy, windblown look that he enjoyed so well. A white polo and dark jeans were his simple choice of outfit for the day, before he put on the red-lined robe. Before leaving the room, he grabbed his wand, sticking it in his pocket, and made sure to pin his Head Boy badge on his robes for everyone to see.

As he walked down the steps to the common room, his thoughts drifted to the previous night's events. While he was still extremely interested in what Teiver was up to, his major feeling was guilt. He hadn't returned to the Great Hall after the adventure, which meant that the responsibility of directing the first years had been left entirely on the Head Girl's shoulders. He knew he'd get some grief about it, because he always did the right thing. At least that's what everyone seemed to think. And of course he strived to, but sometimes he fell short of his extreme expectations for himself.

Down in the common room, a first year ran up to him immediately, a panicked look on his face. "Finn, did I miss something? I don't know what my first class is, or what time! Where is my schedule? Was there somewhere I needed to go to pick it up? I don't kn-"

"Woah, dude, chill out," he said, laughing and clapping the boy on the shoulder. The first year didn't seem to know what was so funny, and still had a frightened look on his face. "The Heads of Houses always pass them out after breakfast in the Great Hall. The boys shoulders sagged, and he gave out a sigh of relief.

"Thanks," he said and walked away. Finn answered a few more questions, before informing them all that he was heading for the Great Hall, and if they needed anything else to seek him out there. After leaving the common room, he walked slowly through the halls, not feeling any need to rush. It was still pretty early, and most students were likely still asleep in their beds. He started humming a general tune, last night entering his mind once more. He just had to figure out what Teiver was doing in her secret tower. It would take considerable time, he was sure, but he was determined. It was something against the rules, he was confident about that, and it was his duty to put an end to it.

He needed to find time to actually go searching, though. He couldn't do it late at night, because of curfew. He wasn't going to break the rules, being Head Boy and all. Perhaps whenever he had free periods, since studying wasn't that important to him anyway. He just couldn't force himself to sit and read a textbook on some historical wizard, even if their actions changed the face of the wizarding world. He couldn't even force himself to read for the slightly more exciting subjects, like DADA. He liked learning by doing, which was what made him excel in subjects like Charms and Transfiguration, but his grades in History of Magic were well below standards.

He walked through the doors to the Great Hall, and a cluster of people caught his eye. Nothing was happening yet, but it certainly seemed as if tensions were high. And Teiver was in the middle of it... big surprise there. The red-haired girl, Rose was her name, walked up and pulled one of the students away, but the others didn't move. He walked up to them, and crossed his arms, a frown on his face. He wasn't especially surprised to see Victor was part of it either. "Do we have a problem here?"

Priscilla Barsotti

When her eyes opened, she expected to still be in Paris. It was only after a few moments of staring at the stone ceiling that she remembered she had returned to Magus Grex for her final year. Groaning, she made herself sit up, and rubbed her eyes to make herself wake up. Sluggishly, she got out of bed, and Princess mewed at her, obviously annoyed to have been woken up so early. "Oh hush," she said, rolling her eyes. Sometimes her cat was more of a diva than she was.

Upon entering the bathroom, she stared at herself in the mirror, and frowned. She had a serious case of bed head going on. She was gifted with natural beauty, of course, but it also took work to achieve her level of good looks. After showering, she took quite a long time applying her make up, and gave her hair some loose curls. Picking out her clothes was slightly more challenging. After about fifteen minutes, she decided on a black v-neck tanktop, as well as a black pencil skirt. And true to her nature, rather high black heels adorned her feet. After one last look in the mirror, she deemed herself ready for the public to see her.

She said her goodbye to Princess, and locked her door behind her. Her heels gave loud clicks as she descended the staircase. She absolutely loved heels, for more than one reason. Of course because they always made her look amazing, but also because everyone would know when she was coming. Which normally meant all the young kids got out of her way, or her friends and guys showered her with compliments and praises when she passed. A smirk crossed her lips, as she continued her descent.

Suddenly, she remembered Zack from last night. Immediately, anger filled her tiny little body, but it quickly dissipated. Crazily enough, he had actually apologized to her, and even more had admitted to missing her. The thought of it actually made her feel warm and fuzzy inside. She would have to play it cool today, though. Act as if she hadn't truly been bothered by his japes, and pretend that her heart didn't race faster every time he talked to her. It just wasn't her character.

About halfway down the dormitory stairs, a loud knocking interrupted her thoughts. She turned to see what it was, and almost laughed out loud. It was none other than Vance Abernathy himself. Of course, that wasn't what made her want to laugh. It was the fact that he was knocking on Lee Beauregard's door. She walked up behind him, and crossed her arms, a cold smirk on her face. "Why, Vance, is your true nature finally coming out?" she asked, his back still turned to her. In all truth, she didn't really hate him. It did annoy her that he seemed to act superior towards her. They were both from extremely respected families, and yet he couldn't even be bothered to be friendly with her? It was just atrocious. She was just as good as he was, and he had to know it. So until he decided to be a little more civil with her, she would just poke some fun at him. He dished it out enough, so it was only fair he received some himself.

"Need to get in a little quickie before breakfast?"

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Vance Abernathy – Making the Best of It

He was so ready to barge in on Lee when he heard a familiar voice that gave him pause. Priscilla. In his mind, she was the only girl in the house worthy to serve as Nevaeh’s understudy, at least in terms of providing a sun for which the lesser Arietem girls to revolve about- particularly after Bellona’s display the night before. How, he wondered, would Priscilla have reacted to such a letter? She wouldn’t have bandied it about. No doubt she’d be right where she was now, making the same japes, and he’d be none the wiser.

His initial response to her teasing was to spit her with a blank stare. ”Priscilla,” he drawled, twisting his lips into a gracious smile. ”Charming as always.” His green eyes surveyed her lazily, and he cocked an eyebrow almost imperceptibly. ”Looking a bit plain this morning, aren’t we? I’d have expected something a bit more impressive for the first day of classes.” A bit of a shrug; he hardly cared what she looked like, after all. ”And before you accuse me of deflection, your assertion was actually so ridiculous that it didn’t warrant a rebuttal.” He wasn’t about to explain to her that the thought of being intimate with anyone made him feel faintly nauseated.

His lips pressed together, a sign of thoughtfulness, before he tilted his head and regarded her plainly. ”You know, I understand why we do this when the proletariats are around, but why is it that we bother when there’s no audience?” He leaned against the doorframe, crossing his arms over his chest. As body language went, it was nearly deferential, something he’d avoid normally, but at the moment…

Well, he really didn’t need any more enemies than he had. Not that he considered Priscilla an enemy, but with the social order disrupted by his sister’s absence, she might wind up trying to denigrate him in order to chip away at Nevaeh’s legacy. Or worse. And she was well-connected. If she was an ally, she might be a valuable source of information. From what he could remember, she was no slouch in a duel, either.

”This is a new year, Priscilla. I don’t see why we can’t make an effort to be better to one another, do you?” Any worthy daughter of the Barsotti line would have poise enough to control her reaction, but Vance was well aware how… surprising this little extension of the proverbial olive branch might be. ”I think that Nevaeh was…threatened by you, but with her overseas, well, I really don’t need to care what Nevaeh thinks, do I?” That was, of course, a lie. Several lies, actually. Nevaeh had found Priscilla’s materialism and coquettishness incredibly banal.

He watched her, his expression carefully neutral, and prayed internally that Lee didn’t answer his door in the nude.

Rosina Garenne

As Felix summoned his earlier plate of "breakfast," Rose wrinkled her nose slightly. They certainly had very different tastes in food, of course she knew it wasn't exactly his fault. That was the wolf side of him. Sometimes, she still found it hard to believe that her best friend was part werewolf. It definitely made him more aggressive at times, and he had an extreme loving of red meat. Otherwise, his differences weren't that noticeable to her. When he had first told her, she'd been frightened. But after really thinking about it, she had decided that he was still the same person he'd been before she knew his secret. And it wasn't like he turned into a complete werewolf every full moon. He really wasn't a danger to her at all. Sometimes, she imagined him as more of a protective guard dog than a werewolf. It always made her smile.

She beamed as he confessed to missing her too, and squeezed his hand back tightly before allowing him to dig in to his breakfast. She grabbed something a little more sensible to eat, a small bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar, and a bowl of fruit. She nibbled at her food as he apologized for not being around the night before. She met his eyes and nodded, knowing exactly why Professor Kass had such an interest in him. "It's okay, I somehow managed to survive without you!" she said, leaning over to bump into him slightly. She stayed close to him as he leaned in to her ear, and whispered to her. When he used his special nickname for her, a flush quickly arose in her cheeks, and she looked down at her plate, smiling softly.

After their moment had passed, she straightened back up and returned back to her breakfast. She took a few sips of iced mocha coffee, her favorite thing to drink in the morning, to clear her throat before responding. "Oh, my summer was so boring, really," she said, meeting his eyes for a second. "My parents and I went to visit my aunt up in Washington. It was so dreary, and rained almost everyday." She shrugged her shoulders, plopping a juicy piece of pineapple in her mouth. After swallowing, she continued. "I mean, it was still good to see all the family, but I wouldn't exactly call it fu-"

"Rose!" The voice cut off her sentence, but Rose didn't really mind. She turned towards the noise, seeing Delilah coming up beside her. A smile lit up her face as the other girl sat down next to her and put an arm around her shoulders. She wrapped both arms around Delilah's waist, holding on to her tightly for a few seconds before letting go. "It's really good to see you too, Dee," she said, using the shortened nickname she'd come to like for her older friend. Rose's eyes shifting to look at Felix. She hoped he wasn't too upset that her friend had interrupted their conversation.

"Oh, you didn't interrupt much, trust me. I was just telling Felix that I went up to Washington with my parents this summer. Got in a lot of family time. Nothing too exciting." She reached her hand over to grab Felix's quickly, and squeezed it reassuringly, letting him know that she was still very much focused on him. Delilah and her hadn't been friends from the start, like she and Felix had. But once they had found out about their common interest in magical creatures, friendship hadn't been far behind.

I'm sure both of your summers were far more exciting then mine. So you just have to tell me about them!"

Finn Pollack

"Just trying to have breakfast, Pollack." Finn's eyes narrowed at the Vulpes, who he wasn't especially fond of. He couldn't really be friends with someone who had such a blatant disregard for the rules. Of course he always tried to be as friendly as possible to everyone, but since day one he had felt that Victor just despised him. Honestly, he had no idea why. He'd never personally done anything to the guy, but obviously something bugged Victor. Not to mention, he hated being referred to by his last name.

His eyes shifted to Teiver, who was staying pretty silent throughout the whole exchange. He watched her for a few moments, knowing pretty well that she wasn't innocent in this situation. He'd seen first hand the weird and rather close relationship the girl had with her cat. And the cat had practically pounced on Justin, even though it hadn't harmed his somewhat friend in any way. His eyes glanced up to the staff table, and he was disappointed to find it practically empty. The few professors who were present weren't paying attention to the student body at all. He sighed, wishing they were more observant and could take care of this rather than him. He knew he was just going to get crap from almost everyone for doing the right thing.

Finn uncrossed his arms, and gave each student one last look. "Good, just keep it that way, Calza," he japed back, using the same last name method that Victor liked so much. As he walked away, he turned back to glance at Teiver one more time. As he turned his head around, he noticed that Myra was watching him. A smirk lit up his face, and he changed his direction towards her. He was intercepted by Sam before he could even take a step, however, who gave him a stiff pat on the back. He didn't get a chance to respond, since Sam took off so fast towards the Ferre table, aiming for the first years who had questions about their schedules.

The same first year that had questioned him in the common room earlier, Keith was apparently his name, approached him once more, obviously having missed Sam's help. "Finn, man, I have Charms first period. I have no idea where to go."

"It's actually really easy, Keith. Go out the doors and turn left. It's the next building you enter, second floor." He paused, thinking a moment, before he offered up a little more help. "Tell you what, after your morning class, I'll get a map of the castle and let you know where all the classes are. Sound good?"

"Yeah, man, that's great. Thanks!" he exclaimed before scurrying out the doors, most likely attempting to go find his class so he wouldn't be late. Finn chuckled, remembering how terrified he had been his first year. And the Head Boy and Girl hadn't been nearly as helpful as he planned to be. It was part of the reason he wanted to be there for all the first years as much as possible. He wanted to make their experience as positive as possible.

He resumed his walk towards Myra, and thankfully didn't have any more interruptions on the short walk to say hello. When he reached her, he leaned down onto the table, clasping his hands together. He gave her a genuinely warm smile. "Hi Myra, how was your summer?" He looked over to Naire and gave a nod of acknowledgement. "Hello to you too, Naire."

Priscilla Barsotti

Her response to Vance's statement about her fashion sense was to give him a blank stare. Like she really cared what he said about fashion with the way he dressed? She doubted Vance would be able to tell Costco brand from Dior or Prada. He could have come up with something much more original and creative. And his play of words basically dismissing her accusations was laughable as well. If it was so ridiculous, why exactly was he standing outside Lee's door, banging on it like he really needed to get inside? She let that comment go unanswered too, though, since he continued without too long of a pause.

Priscilla was quite surprised when he began discussing what had just gone through her head moments before. She raised an eyebrow, wary of him bringing it up simply out of nowhere. Was he trying to distract her from the fact that he was standing outside of Lee's door? Or was he actually being genuine with her? She walked a few places closer, then turned her back against the wall, letting it support her. "I suppose it would be okay to be civil with each other..." was all she said to him before he spoke more.

”This is a new year, Priscilla. I don’t see why we can’t make an effort to be better to one another, do you?” After that line, she was indeed more wary than before. Even though she had been wondering why they weren't more friendly to each other earlier, the fact that he was saying so out loud in their current situation was more than enough to give her pause. And the line about Neveah? Such bullshit. Priscilla was well aware of how much Neveah hadn't liked her. The feeling had actually been mutual. Neveah hadn't liked her sense of fashion and materialism, but she hadn't liked the girl's tacky split ends or horrendous personality, so they were even. And the fact that Neveah hadn't returned was better than anything. It made Priscilla the top dog in Arietem House.

"I'll forgive the bullshit coming out of your mouth, Vance, only because I agree that we are better allies than enemies." She smirked at him, pushing herself off the wall. "Next time, thou-"

She didn't get to finish her sentence though, since at that moment the door behind them was thrown open, and a loud yell echoed down the stone hallway. "Come on in!” she heard in Lee's adorable southern drawl. Although, what she saw next wasn't so adorable. He had turned away from the open door, and his backside was exposed to both her and Vance's sight. It was covered, though the white boxers were extremely tight and extremely see though. And nothing was left to her imagination, unfortunately. "Oh dear god..." she said out loud, immediately throwing a hand over her eyes. She didn't know if she should be disgusted, or erupt into a fit of laughter.

Lee was going on with his speech, completely unaware that Priscilla was present, apparently. She particularly enjoyed the part about kissing, personally. After he finished, she moved out of sight from the doorway, and uncovered her eyes. "For heaven's sake, Lee, put on some god damn clothes!" she exclaimed, purposefully not looking in the direction of the doorway. She fixed her eyes on Vance, instead. She couldn't help the large smile that appeared on her lips afterward. "Apart from Lee answering the door practically naked, what was that he was saying about a kiss?" she asked, her eyes locked on his. "Care to elaborate?"

#, as written by throne
Justin Hardy – Cervus for the day!

”Diffindo,” he said evenly, almost as if in reply to Teiver as he cocked an eyebrow at her. Somewhere in his facial expression was scrawled the word amateur. It accompanied some slight readjustment of his wand, but the Severing Charm made quick work of his shoe-laces, simply slicing through them and freeing him from an admittedly unconventional use of the tongue-tying curse. ”I’ll send you a bill for those,” he added, saluting her with his wand. Victor got a tidy little smirk, before Justin turned his attention on Finn. The Ferre do-gooder seemed more focused on Teiver and Victor, which Justin derived immense amusement from, so Justin just shrugged and grinned a goofy grin at him, as if he had nothing whatsoever to do with no less than six wands being drawn.

He rolled his eyes, noting that he’d lost Felix to Rose. Heaven forbid he should ever be under an actual attack when there was a pretty girl around. ”Just can’t rely on those straight boys,” he remarked to Emerson with a chuckle. He made a mental note to check in with Felix on the status of his lupine cycle. If he needed a potion soon, Justin would have to get to work on it by the end of the day. It was just another one of the many nice things he did that people tended to forget in the wake of his childish antics. Ah well.

Emerson’s non-chalant indication that there was something to talk about derailed his plotting of retaliatory pranks to play on Teiver quite thoroughly. Justin’s head sort of jerked a bit as he regarded the other boy, and he certainly noticed the way that Emerson was carefully avoiding eye-contact. That meant it was almost assuredly bad news. But what kind of bad news would Emerson have to discuss with him at the breakfast table? Usually that kind of thing would be relegated to semi-private hallway discussions, or a walk outside, or…

Maybe he was reading into it too much. But then again, maybe he wasn’t. What if Emerson was seeing someone? He’d been gone all summer, he had plenty of wizarding friends in New York. And maybe he would choose to tell Justin in a public place, hoping to avoid some sort of histrionic-laden freak-out (which Justin would readily admit would probably be his first response to that sort of news).

As all of that went buzzing through his head, he simply nodded, moving to take the seat beside Em at the table. He was about to inquire, casually of course, what they had to talk about, but it only took one look at the Cervus to realize he’d fallen into one of his weird food trances. That warranted another roll of his eyes, but his lips told a different story. They’d pursed into an amused, affectionate smile, and he might have just sat there, watching Em eat, had his mail not arrived.

The owl swooped over the Vulpes table, but, not finding Justin there, winged off over toward him at the other center table. Screeching, it seemed a bit heavily laden by its cargo, which it dropped with precision onto the table before Justin before taking off. There were a few magazines, two newspapers, and a very long, somewhat thin box wrapped in parcel paper. The latter-most triggered a blink, and he quickly pulled it to the side Em wasn’t sitting at, leaning it against the table.

He spared another glance at his friend, and realizing that there’d be a few more minutes of chewing and swallowing, opened up one of his newspapers to wait him out. One of the more diligent house-elves had made a carafe of black coffee appear in front of him, and Justin gladly filled his mug. He helped himself to some bacon, a bagel, and a muffin, and proceeded to pick at all three while sipping bitter coffee and skimming the headlines.

Lyle Brightham – Ace Reporter!

So, you lot have all heard me go on and on about house elf liberation. For this week’s editorial, I’ll be doing more of that, but this time, I’ll be sharing my experiences with an actual free house elf. I met him this summer, and it made me realize that a lot of why people don’t care about house elf freedoms exists because the house elves themselves seem so happy to be enslaved. It’s something that’s existed for centuries and centuries, and many house elves don’t even know that things were different once.

So I’m going to introduce you to Sprogget, and tell his story. And maybe then-

”… and maybe then…” he mumbled to himself, his eyes intently focused on what he’d written thus far. Between when he’d arrived and now, he’d transformed the small section of the infirmary between his chair and Demetrio’s bed into a mess of parchment and ink. His notes were scattered around on the floor in a seemingly disorganized fashion, but in actuality, the order he’d put them in made perfect sense to him. It was the best way to tell Sprogget’s story- he just needed to finish the introduction before he could dive into it, but he was a bit stuck.

He heard Demetrio speak and looked up suddenly. Wait, was Demetrio naked? Lyle clapped a hand over his eyes, then peeked through a slit between two fingers. No, he was in a gown. That made waaaaay more sense, and was way less embarrassing for both boys. He carefully stood up, collecting his notes and then setting them in a semi-neat stack before he started snooping about to find Demetrio’s missing garments. He grinned at the other boy brightly. ”Mornin’ sleepyhead!” Lyle’s pre-breakfast enthusiasm could sometimes be terrifying. He poked around a bit, then found a pile of neatly folded and spell-laundered clothes sitting on a nearby bed. ”This must be them! Here you are.” He scooped up the clothes and then bounded over to Demetrio to present them.

”And, well, I’m here because I heard about the troll-attack! That must have been really scary, but you look like you’re okay, so maybe it wasn’t that scary, haha. But, you’re okay, right? Because…” He sort of trailed off, a little self-conscious as he got to the point. ”Well, I was hoping you might do an interview about it? I don’t think there’s ever been a troll attack at the school before, not for years anyway, so, yeah, um, I’d really be grateful.” Another pause. ”OH! You probably want to change.” He clapped both hands over his eyes this time. ”But, yeah, what do you say Demetrio? Maybe your story can help other people avoid getting hurt, and just think, you survived a troll! That’s awesome!”

Forgetting that Demetrio was probably changing, he peeked to see if it seemed like the other boy was going to consent to an interview. If Demetrio was in a state of undress… well, Lyle wouldn’t really be able to help peeking for just a few seconds. Harmless curiosity. Once he realized he was doing it, he’d be hopelessly embarrassed and awkward. He really just wanted to check Demetrio’s reaction to his interview pitch.

Vance Abernathy – At Wit’s End

The sad fact was that Vance was being genuine. At least, his version of genuine. At its depths, the motion to parley was rooted in selfishness, self-preservation. Priscilla could be a valuable ally, or if not, shuffling her into the more neutral ‘not an enemy’ column would be a bit of relief. The arrangement was mutually beneficial. If she wanted Nevaeh’s place in the pecking order, she’d have it. Better her than Bellona after her threats and bungling. With his backing, which would require only a modicum of effort on his part- acknowledgment at dinner tonight, a few words to the faceless girls who were already jockeying for it- she’d have no one to worry about.

Irritation flared when she appeared to be dismissing his entreaty, but they didn’t have the chance to exchange another verbal salvo. The door was open, and while Lee had complied with his prayers to a degree… it simply wasn’t enough. He’d never expended any thought on the subject, but he no longer needed to imagine what Lee’s rear end looked like. Neither did Priscilla, who seemed to be having some sort of dainty fit at the sight. To make matters worse, the boy started babbling an apology that would, under other circumstances, have pleased him immensely. He would have forgiven Lee. Probably would have told him something much closer to the truth than he’d been planning, as reward for a display of humility and loyalty befitting a noble wizarding family and an associate of an Abernathy.

The circumstances were as they were, though. Priscilla, of course, pounced on the opportunity. He could hardly blame her; he’d have done the same in her situation. It was rare that an opportunity to catch Vance in indignity arose. It was more than that, though. He was feeling the hints of betrayal. Lee in particularly, but Priscilla’s rejection of his truce compounded the matter.

”Lee,” he said abruptly, to get the boy’s attention. Clue him in, perhaps, to the fact that someone else was there if he hadn’t sussed it out already. ”Wait.” Priscilla had ordered him to get dressed, but Vance wasn’t going to miss this chance to shame Lee while using his nigh-nudity to continue discomfiting her. When it came to orders, he knew whose would be obeyed. ”Turn around, won’t you? Presenting your back is hardly fitting for a conversation.” The polite request and etiquette reminder had something of an edge to it. This is not me asking, that edge conveyed. This is me telling.

He smiled at Priscilla. She should thank him for this little lesson in the finer points of poise and humiliation. ”If you must know, Lee here was under the impression that he might be able to ransom some affection out of me when I asked him to do me a favor. Obviously, he’s seen the error of his ways. Isn’t that interesting? I evince disdain and apathy stippled with cordiality, and he’s willing to risk my wrath for the sake of a kiss, then beg my forgiveness when he realizes how wrong it was. Meanwhile, you primp and posture, use those wiles of yours that everyone is always going on about… and all you have is a flock of harpies who wouldn’t spit on you if you caught fire.”

He tilted his head, and then glanced to Lee. ”You asked for the truth. That is the only truth that matters, isn’t it? As long as there’s even a fleeting chance…” He smiled gently. ”You’re mine. Not that you’re any great prize. You have your merits, surely, but I get the feeling Priscilla was about to retort something about your desperation not being anything worth writing home about?” They… might be starting to worry. Vance was never this transparent, not with fellow Arietem. He’d verbally eviscerated plenty of other students, but never his house-mates. There was a strange intensity to his voice, as if he were slowly building up to something… volatile. His gloved hand was clenched into a fist.

He looked to her for confirmation, and continued whether he got it or not. ”But she can’t even get the boy she actually likes to notice her. It’s sad, really. Like a barker at a bazaar who can’t unload even a single vial of snake-oil. And when presented with a chance to make a formidable ally, what does she do? She lashes that serpent’s tongue yet again, makes intimations about the two of us, ludicrous though the thought might be.” He shook his head as he continued watching Priscilla. Watching wasn’t quite the right word for it. If she weren’t so spirited, she might feel very much like a mouse awaiting the strike of a poised serpent.

All at once, he was suddenly aware of what he’d said, the fact that he’d gone too far. His brow furrowed as he looked between them, replaying his own words through his mind. ”So what am I to do?” he asked. His tone had changed. He’d lost that unstable momentum he’d been gathering. ”I’m not interested in trading jests.” He shook his head, and regarded Priscilla much more normally. ”I yield. I’m done. I have much more important things to attend to, so by all means, tell everyone who will listen to you that I’m sodomizing Lee every chance I get, tell them I hurt your feelings, tell them whatever you like.” He sucked in a breath, and laughed jaggedly. ”That actually felt… good.”

There’d be a brief bit of silence after that, where either of them might have responded. If they didn’t take advantage of it, he’d be off, striding toward the common room, curling and uncurling the fingers of his mechanical hand without even realizing he was doing it.

Demetrio’s Perspective

”And, well, I’m here because I heard about the troll-attack!” Lyle said, smiling excitedly like a little boy. “That must have been really scary, but you look like you’re okay, so maybe it wasn’t that scary. But, you’re okay, right? Because…” He sort of trailed off, seeming a little nervous, though Demetrio couldn’t quite place why. Lyle always seemed to be confident, at least to Demetrio. But Demetrio was always far and distant from anybody, so he never gave much merit to his own perception. ”Well, I was hoping you might do an interview about it? I don’t think there’s ever been a troll attack at the school before, not for years anyway, so, yeah, um, I’d really be grateful.” Demetrio smiled blankly, but in reality he was a little irritated. All Lyle ever wanted was an interview. Demetrio bit his lip. Why couldn’t Lyle understand that Demetrio didn’t talk about things like that? Why couldn’t he just joke around and accept that Demetrio would never be close to anyone?

”OH! You probably want to change,” Lyle said, nervously covering his eyes with both of his hands. Demetrio honestly gave no thought to getting dressed. The funny thing was: Demetrio wished he could walk around naked all day. As hidden as he was about his insides, he’d much rather never be hidden about his outsides. But alas, he lived amongst other people, and therefore had to follow conventions. The animals would have never asked something so ridiculous as to wear clothes. Demetrio turned his back to Lyle, though he didn’t care if Lyle was staring or not. But nobody would stare at Demetrio anyway, so it didn’t matter. He practically tore off his gown, bending over to position his feet in the holes of his boxers. Had anyone else been in the infirmary, it would have appeared to be a rather scandalous scene: Demetrio’s bare bottom facing a giddy Lyle. But Demetrio didn’t care. Demetrio was ugly, at least in his mind, and nothing scandalous could ever happen to him.

”But, yeah, what do you say Demetrio? Maybe your story can help other people avoid getting hurt, and just think, you survived a troll! That’s awesome!” Demetrio barely even remembered the troll. He just remembered that it was his fault. He should have waited or something. He should have just listened to Headmaster Rockwell. The sound of his leg cracking and falling to black... what a nightmare.

”Lyle, I just don’t know,” Demetrio said, placing his hand on Lyle’s shoulder to alert him that it was quite safe to look. ”It’s not that I don’t appreciate your interest in my health, I do, but I just don’t remember a whole lot about it. And I’m just not a big talker…”[b] Demetrio felt a little guilty. Lyle was the only soul in the entire school who consistently made an effort to get deeper. Feeling partially obligated, he sighed and pressed against Lyle’s shoulder. He pointed his face towards the door and said, “We should go eat breakfast, I’m starving. We can talk about it on the way or something. Does that sound okay? I mean, I know I’m not the prettiest girl to walk to the Main Hall, but give me a break!” Demetrio smiled and winked, attempting to pull Lyle towards the hall.

[b]Îrem’s Perspective

Unfortunately, Îrem was only half way out the commons as the drama up the stairs ensued. She was pretty darn sure it had something to do with Lee and Vance. It was best for her to check up and make sure everyone was fine.

She noticed Prissy near Lee’s door, cracking up… until of course Vance began to berate her. Îrem couldn’t quite discern Prissy’s face, but he could hear Lee start to sniffle. Vance was less tense after his little rant, stretching his hand and breathing heavily.

Getting closer, Îrem grab hold of Prissy’s arm: primarily to comfort her, and secondarily to hold her back from ripping Vance’s manly bits apart. She would have gone into Lee’s room, but she wouldn’t dare risk Vance swatting at her.

It didn’t matter, though, because Lee was speaking up anyway.

Lee’s Perspective

Lee was quite unsure of what just happened. Should he dart to find some clothes, or should he just stand and wait for Vance’s further mandates? He heard the shuffle outside the door as Îrem probably silently aided Prissy, and he watched as Vance waited for somebody to speak up, his shoulders tense and unsteady. All this... tension, to say the least, sort of reminded him of the storm. All the waiting, the chugging of events, the crackdowns. It made him deathly nervous. He didn't like it. He hated Vance for causing all this stress. He hated himself for causing all the stress. He hated Vance for being unhappy, for being so cold. It was the reason why he loved Vance so doggone much.

Just as it seemed Vance would leave, Lee barked up, “Vanz, come on in, podna. Just’a calm down, and talk about whachu ne’d me’a do. No funny bidness, from here on out. Just trus’ me and come on in. Please. I’ll ged ya a whole dozen beignets if’n ya’ll jus’ come in. Whatya say?” He needed to wait and see what Vance would say or do to make another move. He reached out his hand at Vance, attempting to lightly grab Vance's, and with the other preparing to shut the door behind them both.

Summer Turner

Summer had been busy all morning trying to get all of her books together before all the students got up, so when she realized she had been asked to meet with Simone Kass early this morning, she felt her whole day being put behind by at least a whole hour. When she touched up on the curls that she had decided to go with for a first day hairstyle, she grabbed her belongings and headed towards the Staff Tower. She let the wind play with the brown curls as she practically bounced towards Ms. Kass' office. When she finally let a soft knock give signal of her presence, she pushed open to see her Head of House smiling with a cup of coffee in hand. "Hello my dear, dear Summer. Please come in and sit." Ms. Kass placed the cup onto the far corner of her desk as she rummaged through pile after pile of paper work before pulling out a piece that had Summer's name across the top.

Her nerves settled in as Ms. Kass read over the paper once more before looking back over towards Summer. "Please don't be nervous, dear. It's just a yearly report on how you've been progressing. I just wanted to call you in here and see how your actually summer had been. I am always suppose to have these meetings with students throughout the year, and your name just happened to be the one that was assigned to my list for Summer check-up." The fact that she was called in so early just to be asked about her summer made her ill. She didn't like that the school now tried to stay as in depth with the students business as they possibly could without forcing them all to stay at school constantly with no breaks. Summer crossed her legs before smiling towards Ms. Kass. "My summer was great." She let her hand rest on the edge of Ms. Kass' desk, running her index finger back and forth as she waited for what else the Head of Cervus would ask.

"Well, that's pretty much it. I'll just add a little more detail of things you might have did with Summer and your friends while you were out of your dad's in Maine.. Little details keep the people higher up a little quieter, if you know what I mean." The way Simone Kass always had a smile on her face made Summer angrier for some reason, so she just got up and left the office without another word. "My god!" She said out of frustration when she slammed through the doors that led to the court yard. She took a deep breath, seeing first years increase their pace towards the Great Hall. Summer's anger had only gotten worse today, but she wasn't going to let that bother her as she made her appearance in the Great Hall; finally.

It took only a few minutes for Summer to find a rather mixed group of students at the Cervus table discussing summer. Seeing her sister in the middle, she stopped herself from rolling her eyes as she put one of her Summer smiles that people always knew her by. "Bliss-" She said as she walked up beside her sister seeing Delilah, Rose, Felix from Cervus, and Flint all within the general area. "-good morning everyone. Sleep good?" She said as she found a spot near the group, digging into the various items on the table. She filled her plate before bringing her attention back towards the people near her.

Zachariah Everett

Zackariah had planned on sleeping in, but the ruckus going on outside his door was starting to annoy him. He could tell it was down the hall near Lee's room, but to him he considered that right outside his door. He laid there until he could make out the two voices speaking; Priscilla and Vance. He knew this must be an interesting conversation, so he jumped out of bed to get ready. He had just looked at his reflection in the mirror when he heard a third voice come into play; Lee. Of all people to be together, this was a great start of the year with all of his favorite people within the same area. Of course, he'd hoped Îrem would maybe pop in soon after Lee's, but never hearing her voice he got into his uniform.

As soon as Zack reached for the door, he heard the conversation take a step up into the range of being more of an argument. He stood there making out every word in the conversation. He didn't know if he should actually be listening to what was happening, but he couldn't step away from the door and the option of opening it was thrown out of the way when Vance made his next comment. But she can’t even get the boy she actually likes to notice her. It’s sad, really. Like a barker at a bazaar who can’t unload even a single vial of snake-oil. And when presented with a chance to make a formidable ally, what does she do? She lashes that serpent’s tongue yet again, makes intimations about the two of us, ludicrous though the thought might be.”

He knew that he was the one that Vance was talking about. It was common knowledge that Priscilla liked Zach, but actually going for Priscilla was something Zackariah didn't believe in. He wanted her to work for him, and he knew that would never happen now with the way Vance had belittled her. He took a deep breath, running his hand through his hair making it seem like he had never actually taken the time to get ready. "Seriously? Can't a guy get some-" He froze like he had planned to do as he swung open his bedroom door, seeing Vance walking into Lee's room, Îrem now comforting Priscilla, and Priscilla on the verge of tear. "Holy fuck. What could have possible happened this time?" He said as he marched down the hall to the group, seeing Lee practically naked in his room. "Did Lee's body really bring you to tears?" He joked trying to lighten the mood.

He didn't know what to do next because to them he didn't know a thing, but a look he shot Vance told his friend he had heard all he needed to. Al though he wasn't made at Vance, he felt for Priscilla because she didn't have the backbone at times to just take in Vance and throw it back into his face until Vance grew uninterested in the fight. "Sorry, I never caught up with the two of you." He said directing it towards Vance and Lee. "We'll talk later." He now brought his attention back to Priscilla. "I thought I apologized for being an ass last night. You can't still be mad at me." He felt like he might be pushing the whole I really didn't hear anything act a little far, but it was all worth it to not let her realize he had.

Rosina Garenne

As she was waiting for her friends to respond, she looked over past Dee and noticed that Lloyd was sitting on the other side. "Oh my gosh, I so didn't see you!" she exclaimed, immediately feeling guilty. But Rose gave her friend a big smile and a wave, hoping she wouldn't be too upset about it. Just then another presence distracted her, as Garrett plopped himself down in the midst of the many students that were sitting around her. "I'm joining Cervus House, if that's cool with everyone," he said, not really seeming to care who he sat by. She giggled quietly, shaking her head a little, before nibbling on her food more.

"Wait, wait. Don't say it... it'll come back to me... R-... Ra, no Ro-... Ro-... Rose! Bam, knew I'd get it. Oh, and hey Felix Two, hey Delilah. Cool if I crash here for a bit? I think Ivan the Terrible over there's going to light the table on fire in a bit." Her cheeks reddened as she realized he was talking to her, and she kept her eyes fixed on her food. Am I really that forgettable? she asked herself, even though she already knew the answer. Of course she was. Someone as popular as Garrett Flint couldn't even remember her name. She sighed, feeling particularly down. Until Felix grasped her hand back, and that brought a smile to her face.

Rose brought her eyes to meet his as he described his summer in Alamosa, and his house sounded wonderful. She liked nature, and figured she would especially love the cool air in the mountains of Colorado. Her heart sagged a little as he talked about visiting his parents graves. He'd been completely truthful with her about what happened, which she appreciated greatly. But it still made her sad every time she thought about it, and she constantly worried about him for multiple reasons. "It sounds really great, Felix! I'd love to visit sometime..." she chimed in. She realized she was still clutching his hand, and gave it one last reassuring squeeze before letting go.

She gracefully ate her oatmeal as she faintly heard Felix address Garrett. It was then that Delilah spoke up. “If you’re running from drama I’ve been at the center of some today. Not exactly safe here either.” She raised her eyebrows at that, staring at Dee in shock. She hadn't heard about anything, so she made a mental note to ask what had happened later. If she had to guess, it was something with Sam. The thought made her anxious. She really liked the both of them, and didn't want them to be angry at each other, forcing her to choose sides. She always preferred to stay neutral when she could. Her thoughts were practically confirmed as she followed Dee's gaze, and found Sam at the other end. Oh boy...

"Rose!" she heard for the second time that morning. She turned to find Bliss as the source, and a bright smile lit up her face. How had she not seen Bliss last night? She was one of Rose's closest friends, and someone she liked to hang out with as much as possible. She made her come out of her shell, which was something everyone was telling her was a good thing. No sooner than Bliss had gotten comfortable, her sister came strolling in as well. "Summer, it's great to see you!" she said as the girl sat down among the random group of students. They had actually drawn quite a large crowd, which made Rose slightly uncomfortable.

What was more important, though, was that she was spending time with all of her friends. Now that they were practically all together, she realized just how much she had missed them over the summer. She couldn't believe that some of them were graduating already, and that after one more year, she would be as well. She made a second mental note of the morning, determined to spend as much time as she could with everyone, since time was running out. Perhaps Bliss could somehow help her be a little more outgoing. Well, there was no time like the present.

Standing up, she murmured her goodbyes, knowing she would see most of them later anyway. She grabbed Bliss' arm and pulled her from the table, dragging her out of the Great Hall entirely. She pulled her to the side of the entryway to an unoccupied corner. "So.. I have a request for you," she said, feeling more nervous than she should. Bliss was one of her best friends, and would help her no matter what, but she felt anxious nonetheless. "I-I was hoping... well, that you could... I mean... could you like, teach me how to be more outgoing?" She tucked her hair behind her ear, staring down at the floor before bringing her eyes up to meet her friends.

Finn Pollack

Myra seemed a little tongue tied... or maybe she had a frog in her throat. Finn wouldn't really be surprised, since it was Magus Grex. Of course, he thought he remembered her being the same way the last time he'd spoken to her. He couldn't exactly remember when it had been, but he did remember her practically choking on something she was eating. He'd patted on her back until she could successfully talk again. He knew she was quiet, but honestly didn't know why she always seemed so nervous around him. He was one of the most personable people in the entire castle. He never turned anyone away, and always tried to be polite to everyone.

“Uh, uhm, it was great. Yeah, great… Just… uh… great,” she said, almost as if she had forgotten how to speak. Regardless, he smiled and nodded. "That's very good to hear." He was still leaning on the table, particularly close to her. “But you? How about you? Your summer, that is. I mean, how was it? Your summer." He couldn't help it, and chuckled at her not being able to speak. "How was your summer?” She seemed to be fighting some kind of internal battle, but he was glad she seemed to finally be able to talk. "It was good, thanks for asking. I actually got to go to the Quodpot finals in Atlanta, so that was the highlight of the summer for me. Otherwise, just spent a lot of time at the beach." He smiled, then stood up, stretching his arms.

Finn's eyes looked over to the Ferre table quickly, and all the students still seemed to be in order. And no first years looked to be in a panic or frightened out of their minds, so he took that as a good sign, and figured he didn't need to be over there right away. "Do you mind if I sit down for a few minutes? I'm starving."

He didn't wait for an answer, and took a seat across from her. He piled a few pancakes on his plate, accompanied with more than a few slices of bacon. He drowned the pancakes in syrup, and took a few bites, moaning at the wonderful taste. "Sorry for my poor etiquette," he said, shrugging his shoulders slightly. "I really like food." That probably sounded stupid, but he didn't care. Because it was extremely true. And he didn't really have a lot of time before he was required to be somewhere else.

"So what are you most excited for this year?" he asked, taking a bite of bacon. He figured he would attempt some sort of conversation for the few minutes he'd be sitting there.

Priscilla Barsotti

She had been rather pleased with herself after her witty retort, since she hadn't expected Lee to open the door practically naked. Priscilla didn't actually think Vance was doing anything with Lee, let alone sleeping with him as she had implied. She had never seen Vance show romantic interest in anyone, boys or girls. So she highly doubted he had anything going with Lee, even though his statement about kissing was particularly interesting to hear. However, she could never have expected Vance's reaction.

She understood half of what he said at first, and was partly confused the rest of the time. Normally Vance wasn't so... honest. He was literally telling her exactly what Lee was up to, and why he had said what he did. That threw her off, as well as the fact that he seemed to be extremely upset with her. Since when did a few little pokes of fun make Vance so angry? It was almost frightening to her.

”But she can’t even get the boy she actually likes to notice her. It’s sad, really. Like a barker at a bazaar who can’t unload even a single vial of snake-oil. And when presented with a chance to make a formidable ally, what does she do? She lashes that serpent’s tongue yet again, makes intimations about the two of us, ludicrous though the thought might be.” That was the sentence that pissed her off. At that moment she didn't care if he was freaking her out, she just wanted to rip his head off. It was scary how much rage could fill her tiny body. She took a step towards him, only to feel a hand grasp her arm softly. It made her pause, and she looked behind her to find it was Îrem.

When Vance was done with his little speech, she questioned his sanity more than anything. But she was still rather pissed off at him for his rather rude comment."You're fucking crazy..." she said, staring at him with narrowed eyes. "I had agreed with you, saying we would make better allies than enemies, and then you go and pull that shit. You have most definitely just made an enemy." She wrenched free of Îrem's arm, and was about to walk away when Zack came striding toward her. Oh great, he probably heard every word... she thought, hating this situation even more. Tears came to her eyes, more out of anger and frustration than actual sadness. This was NOT the way to get Zack to fall for her.

He walked past her at first, saying something to Vance and Lee that she didn't care to listen to, then appeared before her eyes. "I thought I apologized for being an ass last night. You can't still be mad at me." Him feigning ignorance did not help to improve her mood. "Oh don't act like you didn't hear every word that was just said," she said, pushing past him. She hurried down the steps as fast as she could, and pushed out of the common room door with force. She headed for the main part of the castle, and walked into the first empty classroom she could find.

She slammed the door behind her, and walked over to the desk, giving it a large kick out of frustration. She grabbed a handful of pens and threw them against the far wall of the room, where they hit the wall with much less force than she had felt like she'd thrown them with. She sank to the floor right there, tears spilling out of her eyes and running down her cheeks. She was so angry at everyone: Vance, Zack, Lee, even Îrem. She couldn't believe everything that had just happened. While she had never hated Vance before, she most certainly did now. Something seemed different about him this year, but either way she wouldn't excuse the horrid things he'd said. Since when had making a few jokes been such a big deal? He'd done that all the time the previous year. And Zack had heard every word, even about her not being able to catch his attention.

After a few moments, she attempted to get her composure back, and wiped the tears from her face. Her makeup probably looked horrific now. Now that she had gotten her emotions out, she felt much more clear headed. Vance's words seemed less important. She knew that regardless of what he said, she could be the greatest queen bee of Magus Grex. And she most certainly could get Zack's attention. But her new number one goal would to make Vance Abernathy's world a living hell.

#, as written by throne
Vance Abernathy – Runaway Train

Zach’s rapid retreat only cemented what Vance was beginning to understand. About himself, about his house, about the school. About the game. He’d been making the right moves for so many years, but he’d been doing so on entirely the wrong board. None of the effort he’d put in was going to matter a whit this year, his last year at Magus Grex, quite possibly his last year altogether. What did a boy too blind to see what an empty road his affections had set him upon matter in the face of a cabal of dark wizards? What would a girl so concerned with the trappings of power do when actually faced with it? These were not troops to be marshaled. They were children. Even Zachariah, whom he had a few shreds of genuine respect for… he wasn’t a killer. There’s only one killer in this detestable hallway.

Somehow, Lee found either the courage or desperation to try to calm him down and draw him into his room. Vance maneuvered his hand away from the younger boy, slipped from his grasp and turned to make his way into the common room. Even though his stride was as laden with purpose as ever, it had somehow changed as well. It was subtle, but the evidence was there. His step seemed a little lighter, liberated of some unseen burden. The fingers of his prosthetic hand were still curling and uncurling, but they only resembled a first for one second out of every three. The fully articulated joints moved seamlessly, never stopping. His viridian gaze swept the assembled students, seeking one in particular. He wasn’t there. Possibly still in bed, or having breakfast. No matter; Vance would see him in class.

Class. He wanted to laugh. That was one pretense he couldn’t really afford to dispense with. The changes of him learning anything directly useful to him were meager, save for in Defense Against the Dark Arts, but he couldn’t simply stop going. That would invite questions. That would take things out of his control. His quarries would retreat behind their public faces, faces he know doubt knew, and then he’d lose his chance at revenge entirely.

Perhaps his fellow Arietem were not up to the task, but there were other young witches and wizards who could aid him. He’d already reached a loose accord with one of them; Fletcher. He could think of a few more names he could add to the list. Calza, if he proved trustworthy, though Vance hadn’t yet worked out how to obtain such proof. Another Vulpes, the Magaly girl. He’d heard frank discussion amongst the staff about her capabilities. Hardy was a possibility, albeit a dim one, as well.

Then, of course, there was Sam. The thought of Samuel Halford alone was enough to have Vance grinding his perfect white teeth together. If anyone had betrayed him, it was Sam. He’d spat upon their friendship when Vance had been doing nothing more than reaching out to him- something that he’d never done before, which had only made it all the worse when he wound up with a broken nose for his efforts. The memory caused a thread of hate that had wound around his heart the prior year to glow white hot, stealing the momentum from his thoughts. He hadn’t stopped moving, he realized. He was out in the hallways now, bound for the Great Hall. His current state of mind didn’t allow for such trivialities as hunger, but he felt compelled to finish as much of what he’d started with his invective against Lee and Priscilla… no, really it had started with Bellona… as he could.

He crossed the threshold alone, which was uncommon enough that it might warrant speculation. Usually he’d be flanked by Quodpot teammates with Lee trailing behind. He laid eyes on Sam and felt that white-hot thread tighten, but that vendetta mattered not at all right now. The Ferre was by the bulletin board, which was fortunately nowhere near where Vance was headed: the Arietem table. Ignoring the chorus of withdrawn ‘good morning’s, he crossed to come up behind one of his fellow Seventh Years, a boy named Jacob Slade. ”Slade,” he said brusquely, drawing the other Arietem’s attention from the sausages he was cutting up. As soon as he had eye contact, he let go of yet another burden.

”Congratulations. You’re now captain of the Arietem Quodpot team.” He would have handed the team over to Zachariah, not only out of friendship but because he was twice the player Slade was… but he was only in his Sixth Year. The others wouldn’t have stood for it, especially not with Vance tossing out his social currency in great handfuls. The Arietem table would likely have gone very quiet after that, but Vance didn’t even give them a chance to question his behavior before he moved on.

He skirted around the Cervus table and made his way to Victor. In doing so, he passed by Myra, who was with Pollack and the Harth boy. She seldom failed to look his way when he passed, but if she did this time, it would be different. She’d find herself staring Vance right in those green eyes of his, as if he’d been waiting for her to sneak a glimpse. Vance seldom lacked for intensity, but the girl would note that he seemed… well, off. By the time word of his abrogation had spread about, which would like be the start of the second period, the female twin might begin to wonder what was behind that gaze. Just like that, a strange piece fell into place: she was a twin as well. He’d known it, but never had reason to give it any consideration before. He hardly had any idea why it seemed so important now.

A few more strides brought him to stand before Victor, across the table from him and his dubious toast. ”Calza.” It served the same purpose as announcing himself with Slade’s last name. It was engineered to gain attention, and once he had it, he’d continue. ”I was hoping we might have a few words on the way to Transfiguration.” He didn’t lack in respect for Victor; while it hadn’t precisely been a request, it had quite a bit more subjunctive to it than his usual imperatives. Fortunately, at some point (he hardly knew when, since he hadn’t realized he was doing it in the first place), his gloved hand had grown still. He clasped it with his flesh and blood one at the small of his back. Even derailed as he was, Vance would have a very difficult time unburdening himself of years of poise-training.

Sam glanced from his perch next to the entrance way to the Great Hall and smiled or greeted a few persons who came up and signed the roster for the duelling club. He still glanced down the tables at the upper class-men and women whom he had known for longer than any others at the school. Sam had been a typical first year but as the second year for his class dawned he suddenly returned from summer vacation more like a mouse that hid in the corner and despite being a true genius at transfiguration and having small moments were he showed the deep and engaging personality within he remained quiet and anti-social. Sam was like this till the end of his forth year when others had finally seen enough of his more confident and true inner self to understand that beneath the depressed and self-hating exterior hid the now obvious Sam Halford to be able to force that non introverted side out of him more often. In his fifth year he broke that shell at last and became more of a personality than a shadowed person who sat in the corner.

Now, obviously, he’s much more than he was, and he’d made several friends and just as many enemies. And of course the head of all those enemies had just entered the Great Hall, Sam was unable to bring himself to remain there any longer and headed out of the area, swiftly heading up to the Second corridor. He was walking swiftly down the hall with a furious intent on his mind as he wanted nothing but to strike Vance again. Vance may have thought he was extending an olive branch to bring Sam back to his side as he had drifted away over the years one last time but all he had succeeding doing was breaking their strained bonds completely

Sam was cursing lightly to himself in a vain attempt to crush his desire to yell those obscenities at Vance yet as he passed yet another deserted classroom he noticed that the usually locked door was ajar. Now any wizard who was returning to the school should hold the ability to simply unlock the room with Alohomora so Sam really didn’t think much of the empty dark space. He assumed some fourth years or something had unlocked the door to gain a chance at a private rendezvous after a summer apart (a thought that sent a pang of regret at his own lost romance killed by the summer) and he regretted having to break them apart but the fact was he was a Prefect and couldn’t ignore the use of an empty classroom for such so close to the start of class. He’d have to gently suggest they head elsewhere, like the forest or something.

Entering into the room Sam first tried to flip on the lights in a standard fashion, however the switch merely flipped back and forth several times, “Okay, okay, very funny kids… now I’ll give you a few seconds to separate…” he waited a few moments that he thought the two who were surely hiding in the dark would need to make themselves presentable then brought his arm up and made a whip like movement with his wand to the ceiling while speaking softly, “Lumos Maxima…” casting an orb of light into the room to lighten the entire space suddenly. What he found was quite different than he expected. He first glanced at the right side of the room to find nothing, then glanced at the Light switch on the other wall that was clicked, explaining why the one at the door wasn’t working. But as he scanned left he found a sight that he never thought he’d see.

“Priscilla?” he asked with an apparent level of surprise and concern as he saw her collapsed on the floor. He flipped off the orb of light in the air and with a flip of his wand hit the switch across the way to turn on the lights.

Caden Wahl

A moan escaped the curtains surrounding Caden's bed.

His room's close proximity to Beauregard's room had always frustrated him, but on their first day back Lee had to remind him why. Often he heard Lee through the -rather thick- wall, the boy would often stay up late talking to 'the generals' whether they were the creepy portraits he hung on the wall or the two mangy dogs he kept around, Caden didn't care. However less frequent, but most annoying, were the scenes that the Child of the Bayou created and held out in the hall. Clearly, one was going on right now.

Sitting up, he threw his legs over the bed and moved slowly to the door. With a flick of his wrist his clothes and shower caddy floated neatly into the air as he opened the door expecting to have to carefully maneuver through several people. They were all right there, outside his door, an unusual group hanging around Lee's door and what appeared to be a tense situation. He rolled his eyes, sure that he did not want to know what caused Priscilla to run off in tears. As Vance too stormed off Caden walked passed the remaining few and bade Îrem, Zackariah and even Lee a good morning and a small bow of the head as he walked passed their surprised and hurt faces to the dormitory showers.

Bliss Turner

Bliss had not been in the mood to be in such a large crowd. It was weird for her to actually just want to be by herself today, so when she felt Rose's hand drag her off Bliss was more than relieved. "Thank you," She said to her friend as she looked around the Great Hall before exiting. "Rose, hun.." She said as they made it to the far corner that seemed to appear as a sketchy place for two girls to be standing. " something wrong?" She asked as she crossed her arms to her friend. "So.. I have a request for you." Bliss' mind went crazy at the possibilities that her friend would want, but of course Bliss was one to tease so she whispered, "Rose, it's only day one. You can't already hire me to tutor you!" She looked around. "Okay, I'll give you a discount." She said as she pushed Rose's shoulder a little.

When she saw Rose's expression turn serious she hushed down. [i]"I-I was hoping... well, that you could..."
Bliss turned her head cocked side as she placed both hands upon her hips. "Okay, you've got me worried now. Spit it out, Rose." She now hard dark ideas of what Rose could want and this more than anything scared Bliss. Of course, she knew Rose didn't have any dark magic in her life, so she had no worries when she finally continued. "I mean... could you like, teach me how to be more outgoing?" Bliss acted as if sweat was on her head as she did a playful swipe with her hand. "Oh my gosh, of course! Even though I'm sure plenty of people like the Rose you are around them. I'm just the fortunate soul to see the un-nerved side of you." She hugged her friend as she kissed her head. "You will be so outgoing by the end of the year.." She paused letting her arms fall from the hug. "...that when I leave.. You will take my place." She sighed as the moment grew sad at the thought of Bliss leaving.

"Anyways, no more sadness! Let's go inside. I still haven't seen my Felix yet.." Bliss said as she intertwined her arm with her friend's, leading back into the Great Hall. Rose was one of the few that knew about Bliss' summer with Felix. Bliss and Rose had always written letters to each other over the summer, and Rose ended up coming up to Maine for a small get together Bliss had with a few friends. That's when Rose actually saw Bliss and Felix together, and according to Rose she loved them together. (Even though they aren't technically together.) As another student opened the Great Hall doors, Bliss took this as the opportunity to slip into the hall to look for Felix. "I haven't had the opportunity to see him like I said. Last night, I ended up spending most of my night with Braelyn in the infirmary." She gave Rose the look that said that was for a later conversation.

"Do you see h-" Before she could finish, her eyes hit Felix. "He looks out of place.." She said as she dragged her friend over to the boy, letting her arm slip from Rose's when they reached the Ferre table. "Felix!" Bliss said as she slid into the spot next to him, wrapping her arms around Felix's waist. "Good morning." She said as she patted the spot across from her, signaling Rose to sit down with her.

Zackariah Everett

The minutes that had pasted since Priscilla and Vance departed had gone by so quickly that Zackariah was caught in complete confusion. "She seriously just left more angry with me than she had even originally been. What the hell?" He asked Îrem and Lee that were now the only ones in ear shot. "Lee, I think I'm going to escort Îrem to the Great Hall before breakfast is over. Don't be late for class." He said towards the boy as he placed his hand on Îrem's lower back, guiding her to the common rooms then out into the Castle. "Everybody is obviously having the worst first day in the history of first days." He joked with Îrem as he made a turn that would lead them the longer way to the Great Hall. "You seem to be in a good mood though, so I can't say that doesn't make me feel slightly better."

He was looking over the fellow Arietem girl's features when they made a turn into a corridor of empty classrooms. "How did you sleep? Because whatever you're doing I might need to start. I have the worst crack in my ne-" Zack had caught sight of Sam and that's what made him hesitate, "my neck. What could he possibly be doing out here? It's not even class time." He said as he replaced his hand on Îrem's back, bringing her closer as they approached the empty classroom. The angle Zackariah had found himself he could only see Sam in the classroom, so it would take a little maneuvering for the blond-haired Arietem boy to actually spot Priscilla. "Look what the death eaters dragged in..." He only loved how everyone told him Sam thought Zackariah to be the perfect person to be one, but Zack knew differently. "...what is a guy like you doing in the empty classrooms before classes even start? Let me guess." As his stepped towards the boy, Priscilla came into view. "Well, I'll be damned. If you wanted to fit in a little quickie before class.. At least pick a more private place." He put up a finger to the two of them, shaking his head.

When his eyes connected with Priscilla, he just smiled. "Don't fuck too many people, Pris. Then I really wouldn't want you then." He took a step back to Îrem, laughing at the situation that appeared in front of him. "I'm sorry. Let's get to the Great Hall." He said towards Îrem as he started back towards where they had originally been heading. He glanced back towards the classroom door, not caring if either had retorted. "I shouldn't have said that to her. I just made the situation worse, didn't I?" He asked Îrem as they had arrived in front of the Great Hall doors.

Summer Turner

I don't know what to do with her!

None of those in Seventh Year Transfigurations really had to take notice of Sam, not for very long ,Bliss, in typical fashion, was done well before the other students with the test work and this did slightly annoy Sam who had only ever really excelled in transfigurations before. But that was years past, and while he was the third to finish the test when the practical came about halfway through the class time he took the small lump of glass and tapped it thrice, muttering the spell Fera Verto Chromata with seemingly no emotion a blue green semi-transparent goblet rose as he pulled his wand away on the first try, something that while decently impressive was it was not exactly unexpected from Sam, he was always ahead of the curve in the practical transfigurations. The question had been raised as to why he wasn’t an animagus yet but he always replied that “the paperwork is murder” in getting the permit registered. Just an excuse, the truth was that he didn’t care to change such as most transfigurations would.

Sam headed to the Great Hall early due to this, which was something that he wanted. He entered stealthily into the DADA room as the students were reading an assigned passage and gave the Professor a few reams of parchment, probably a N.E.W.T. Paper assigned over the summer before heading on. Sam was meant to patrol the corridors that evening and so his training would have to be rescheduled. He had decided before first Period to take up the extra time he had gained to make up for lost training in his journey and thus ate swiftly before heading out to his room to change.

He’d change into a simple training outfit, some athletic shorts, a simple white tee, his stowed his wand in his pocket and headed down to exit the grounds. He knew exactly where he was going and moved with a purpose, refusing to think back to the morning’s unpleasantness, he had a schedule to keep, he’d beat himself up later for his stupidity… well, he’d beat himself up more later.

When he entered the clearing he was pleased to find it untouched. The large Oaks that ringed the area were still green and beautiful, but the forest floor was still covered in their fallen leaves from years past. At one side, seemingly one with the roots of the trees and the forest floor, was a white oak wood piano. It had been transfigured here years before; by someone will far greater skill in the art than Sam had, probably greater skill than even Professor Ryther, if not the work of the Professor herself. Either way it had been where he’d spent a lot of time with Delilah last year, where he practiced his piano. But this clearing now had a new purpose for him. He took a duelling stance as he drew his wand. His breathing steadily increased before he shouted, “Flippendo!” it was a simple force spell, though from a wizard at his level with a full shouted incantation it had a great deal of force. The spell shot forward and as it went he flicked his wand again, “Reflecto!” a wall of shimmering air like heat rising from a blacktop burst into life about ten yards from him, average dueling distance. This was perfectly timed so as to catch the flippendo before it got away and reflected the spell back at the caster as the perfect shield charm should, in this case that caster being Sam himself.

Rather than attempt to cast the shield charm again he allowed the first spell to slam into him, it hit low on his right thigh, knocking his leg form under him and bringing him to one knee and he grunted against the pain. It was like getting punched but it was familiar. He stood swiftly and repeated the process. And after a few more shouts he had a rhythm going where he no longer chanted the simple spell he could easily have mentally cast before and instead of going for quality was going for quantity, throwing in a few cutting spells that left gashes at several points on his body when reflected back at him. He began trying to get a second shield charm up before the spells hit him in defence but was finding it difficult to do so. As another verbally cast pushing spell slammed into his right shoulder and knocked him to the ground hard he finally rested for a moment.

His body ached, as it should and he couldn’t help but think back to his tutors lessons. If he couldn’t regularly block his own spells from hitting him even after reflecting them he would never make a great Auror. He’d never stop others from feeling the pain of loss he had.{i}”You’re a fool boy!”

“I’m reflecting them every time! Isn’t that fast enough?”

“Oh, ‘ou think castin’ a shield charm before the spell gets away means ‘ou’re ready for a fight? Fine!” the Irishman drew his wand and fluidly cast a stunning spell at Sam unexpectedly. The young man was quick, but nowhere near quick enough hand soon found himself, as he did now, flat on his ass staring up at the sky. “See! If ‘ou don’t know what’s coming ‘ou hav’ to be quicker! Again!”[/i]

Sam stood, unaware if anyone had just been happening to walk by at that moment, as classes had let out and many students went into the woods for lunch, and again cast a spell, this time a stunning spell. He reflected it and just as it returned, inches from his chest, he made a parrying like motion and silently cast a different shield spell. He would have smiled if he wasn’t so tired. He finally felt more content and sat on the bench of the Piano, something he’d been careful not to hi, and looked himself over. At least a dozen bleeding cuts, his shirt was decently ruined, but it was a throwaway. He knew some healing but was unsure if he’d be able to stitch them up properly as tired as he was. He resigned to just rest a few minutes, almost wishing his tutor was there, at least then he’d have someone to help him heal his self-inflicted wounds.