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Momoko Hinamori

"Ummm... Here's your coffee sir.."

0 · 690 views · located in Maid Latte

a character in “Maid Latte”, as played by Meow Meow




【Full Name】
Momoko Hinamori

Momo || Coco || Cherry || Hachimitsu (Honey)



School President || Maid at Maid Latte

{"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.” }
- Milton Berle

|| Caring || Reserved || Knowledgeable || Easily Flustered || Self-Confident ||

Momo is unbelievably sweet. She's one of those shy girls that always wins your heart over because they are so darn adorable and kind. She always puts others before her and that's a big part of why she ran for school president. She always wants to help, and in order to do so she has to become a bigger part in school, right? And she really likes sharing the position with Penelope, or Penny which is what Momoko calls her.

Momoko is also very shy, which tends to be a problem when it comes to being school president. Most of the time it's Penny doing all the talking while Momoko hides in the shadows and writes the speech. It's not her fault, she's just not too keen on opening up to people at times. Not to mention that she gets extremely embarrassed at times, and very easily. She's a clumsy girl and that is what tends to make her so easily flustered all the time. If someone other than Penny tries to talk to Momo, she blushes and her face turns so red that some people call her Cherries, or Cherry. She's not proud of it in the slightest.

A great quality that Coco has is her confidence and her brains. She is a very hard worker and her grades are always straight A's. She's an amazing writer most of all, but she also excels in math and science. To go with this, she is always very confident in her work and in her answers and this can be a negative quality at times. Penelope and her tend to clash in ideas.

☆ Cooking ☆
☆ Writing ☆
☆ School Work ☆
☆ Doodling ☆
☆ Organizing ☆
☆ Finding What's Right for the Majority of People ☆

✄ Singing ✄
✄ Sports ✄
✄ Running ✄
✄ Speaking ✄
✄ Being in Large Groups of People ✄
✄ Painting ✄
✄ Talking to Boys ✄

♡ Fixing Her Glasses ♡
♡ Tripping Up ♡
♡ Blushing ♡
♡ Giggling Uncontrollably ♡
♡ Stuttering ♡

{"Knowledge will give you power, but character, respect.” }
-Bruce Lee

Momoko has a tough home life. Her mother died when she was very young and then her father committed suicide ten years later. Apparently he just couldn't take that he lost his lovely wife, and before ending his life, he made life for Momo and her brother hell. Momo's mom died in a car crash coming home from work, and after the news was brought to Momo's father, he became a major alcoholic and insomniac. Not a very good mix. Her older brother, Keita took the news hard as well, but did whatever he could to protect Momo from their destructive father.

After he finally left, Momo and Keita both had to find jobs to survive. Thankfully her brother already had connections, but Momo had a hard time finding a job until she found Maid Latte. Soon after the Hinamori's had a steady flow of money, they lived a comfortable life in a two bedroom apartment with their little tabby, Ichi.

✕ Momo works at Maid Latte. If anyone were to figure out, she'd jump off a cliff. ✕
✕ She's jealous of Penelope. ✕
✕ She likes someone, but that secret can't be revealed. ✕
✕ The reason she got the maid job was because costumers found her adorable. ✕
✕ She doesn't wear her glasses while she's working which makes her ten times clumsier. ✕

So begins...

Momoko Hinamori's Story