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Kitty Pixel AKA KitPix

The Gamer.

0 · 93 views · located in Vas Loressence

a character in “Main Character Perk”, as played by MayKinz





Considering this is a universal RP I am just going to say Human.






Out of game form:


In game form:








Rhythm Games

Because she finds that with rhythm games she can tone into having quality fun without having others interrupt her.

Favourite Class


Weapon of choice:

A big fricking hammer. Although she is able to use other weapons including hand to hand combat.

Prefers PVP:

Yes. She enjoys proving why she is the best her reputation for being good isn't enough for Kitty she wants to show the masses why she rules and to anyone who would dare question her skill she will automatically take them down a notch..preferably taking off their head with a nice little swing of her hammer.

Side perk:

Her perk is that she is an expert in coding/hacking as well as being good at games she wants to not only play the games but she also wants to be able to know what makes them work and also toy with the world around her as she would a game...not to mention those who deify her in-game usually cannot escape her even when they leave their screens.


Kitty was a gaming prodigy from the first second she picked up her first gameboy for Christmas, she could speed run games in a matter of hours and when it came to getting online it was quickly noticed that she had a certain talent for the gaming world. Her fingers would dance across the keyboards,controllers and buttons winning and levelling up, she couldn't get enough of the victory screen or seeing the credits appear after beating the game for the fifteenth time that day. Even as she expanded her genres she would be good at them she had a natural talent for the very concept not to mention her playful personality. When she got into her teenage years is when she really exploded onto the competitive scene, having established a reputation amongst the vast community of gamers there wasn't a corner of the gaming world where her name hadn't been mentioned. When it was announced that she would be recruited to an elite gaming team the forums exploded in speculation over how she would effect the dynamic of the teams on the league tables and how she would do within a team of people instead of a solo player as she usually would being a very solitary character. As she started playing people noticed that she would carry her team calling for many fans of the other teams to call for her disqualification from being able to be on a team seeing as it was unfair almost, when it was announced that Kitty would be barred from playing in competitive teams she started entering as a solo player still wiping the floor with many of her opponents teasing them at every turn just so the matches would be given a little bit of suspense for the audience.


Her personality as mentioned in her history is playful she enjoys toying with people treating everything as a game even in a serious setting she cant take things seriously which some people would take for being insensitive, but she just sees it as being a positive person she doesn't find reasons to be sad because she doesn't allow herself to be. When she is playing games she often becomes unresponsive to what is happening around her, or more likely she doesn't care she gets into a zone of comfort when playing so breaking that annoys her. She has been referred to as solitary which is true she thinks she is better by herself and not having others to bring her down, she wants to be her own person without any side characters but this is ultimately her downfall she forgets that people aren't pixels they are real life people with feelings and their own aspirations. She doesn't like the feel of emotions and tries to suppress them usually leading to quite a lot of misplaced anger. Overall though she is overly confident in herself and she likes to let over people know it she tries to be the character she plays in the game in real life making her quirky and strange to some but often quite charming to others but there is always a downfall to every positive and she often alienates people through her personality.

What she was doing before she got taken

when she became bored of the competitive scene she turned to creating her very own gaming domain a virtual reality in which she would rein supreme as the Queen.

So begins...

Kitty Pixel AKA KitPix's Story