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Make My Dreams Come True

Make My Dreams Come True


Sarcastic Zephyr's in charge of finding four clients their soul mates. So, she's transported them all into a dream world with, "You're not getting out until you all love each other. So start loving." Bad decision. . . ? (2 Spots Open)

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Margaret Delmonti was a matchmaker. A successful matchmaker. A successful matchmaker who could enter dreams and used them to find her clients their soul mates. It always left her clients one hundred percent satisfied, and her clients had no complaints before, during, or after the process. But unfortunately to twenty-year-old Zephyr, this certain successful matchmaker who could enter dreams (and earned a profit by doing so) was her ever determined . . . mother.

Who wanted grandchildren.

. . . as soon as possible.

In fact, she set her daughter up on a relationship that, might I mention, ended in a fairly disastrous way. So much for successful matchmaker, eh?

But Margaret was becoming old, and as she lay dying in bed, her wish was not to have grandchildren (Alright, so maybe that was mentioned, but that is not the main idea here.) but for her only child, Zephyr, to take after the family business.

"Oh, hell no, Mom!" she protested.

Margaret just smiled at her daughter with an all-knowing look. "I will make you a deal, then."

Zephyr raised a brow, hesitantly asking her to continue.

"Unfortunately, I've neglected to take care of four more clients. I need you to finish them up, then once that is done, you may choose to take my place or pursue your own dreams."

Zephyr sighed, and muttered a "Fine".

Margaret pointed to a mirror hanging on the wall. "That is the secret to my success. Stare into the mirror and speak the names of my clients, and it will transport you into their dreams. Speak all their names once you are finished with gathering information and it will transport you all to a dream world where you may finish my job."

Zephyr gawked at her mother. "That's... it? No huge ritual or anything?"

Margaret just sighed. "One little detail though. You remember that lovely boy I matched you with once?" she asked innocently.

"The sick, ungentlemanly bastard, you mean?" Zephyr grumbled.

"Since I won't be here to advise your actions," Zephyr rolled her eyes at this, "I asked him to keep an eye on you for me."

"You WHAT?!"

Unphased by her daughter's angry outburst, Margaret chuckled and patted her daughter's hand. "Do me proud, Zephyr." And with that, she closed her eyes and began her eternal sleep.

"Stupid old hag...." As bitter as the words may seem, Zephyr said it with affection before heading towards the mirror and heading off to find the last clients. She wanted to get this over with quickly. . . .


Saranghae - Zephyr - Saranghae

Stilts - "The Sick Ungentlemanly Bastard" - Stilts
(Nickname courtesy of Zephyr. It may or may not reflect his actual character. You may decide that for yourself.)

bellelaine - Client 1 - bellelaine

Client 2

Andaho - Client 3 - Andaho

Client 4

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"Why, yes Taylor Lautner who conveniently does not have a shirt on! I would live to be handfed more grapes!" God, the muscles on the man were amazing, Zephyr mused as she glanced at his abs from the corner of her eye. She was loving every second of this, and that sick, ungentlemanly bastard or her mother's dying wishes couldn't ruin this!

The ringing of a certain machine that will not be named woke the sarcastic young lady (some may question the lady part, including a certain person that will also not be named) from her lovely dream lounging on the shores of a white sand beach with attractive men, peace, quiet. . .and something else. For some reason it didn't seem complete. Dismissing the idea of any dream not being complete with Taylor Lautner, Zephyr rose in a zombie-like state. It was one in the morning. If she had a life, she would be partying, but unfortunately this was not the case. Living with your mother actually enforced good habits. Zephyr shivered in displeasure. All the more reason to stay in school, kids. Seriously.

After a shower and a change of clothing, Zephyr turned to the mirror hung on the wall. In so many ways it reminded her of her mother. This, of course was not a good thing. Memories consisting of her usually ended in misery.

Quickly, Zephyr muttered the names of five people. The faster the better. A flash of light and a swirl of colors followed before a door appeared. With a large sigh and a roll of the eyes, Zephyr opened the door and stepped through the entrance into the vast area of white. "You'd think it would be more exciting," Zephyr said, shifting her weight to her right foot and placing her hands on her hips, over-flowing with attitude.


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It was too hot for California and too humid for Georgia, so where else would she be? Using the palms of her hand she smoothed the nonexistent wrinkles from her clothes. She sported a tight deep blue lace dress that hugged every curve of her tone body. The fabric stopped at her a few inches above her knee and had cap sleeves, giving her a business yet sultry look. She added a few inches of height to her already fairly tall stature with a pair of nude suede heels. Her hair fell in cascading barrel curls of different hues of reds and gold which lightly graced her ribcage. It was the same outfit she wore to her last modeling job. Strange, why would she wear it here? Her gaze fell upon the wooden walkway where she stood, its worn surface lightly dusted with the finest powder of sand.

Salty air filled her nostrils and the beckoning of the crashing waves danced in her ears. The ocean. Her feet couldn’t help but move despite the fact that her mind screamed for her to stop, to halt, something. No matter how hard she tried, words could not make their way through her lips. The scraping sound of her heels against the boardwalk screeched through the thick air and resonated hauntingly in her ears. Sol knew it was her dream, she could do anything, change anything.

A door. Not what she was thinking at all, but it worked. Doors meant escape. She clutched onto the carved golden handle and yanked it open, pulling herself through the void, not looking at what she was walking into. With all her weight she pressed the door behind her, leaving the ocean and all its foul memories out to dry.

“Huh?” Soleil stood up, regaining her balance and resmoothing out her dress, a habit of sorts. Using one hand she ruffled her hair, taking a few more steps into the lightly air conditioned room. No, not a room. The blank expanse was sheer nothingness. One would assume nothingness meant a white room, those people that assumed, were right. “Hey, anyone ther- erhm… here?” The woman mumbled something inaudible while keeping herself firmly planted on the ground.

Her words were dipped with sweet southern tang which she normally kept from her language in the workplace… but this was her dream, or nightmare, either way it didn’t matter much. It was easy to pick out the dark spot of deep brunette hair against the practically blinding walls. “You… the matchmaker, you’re the one that interrogated me.”

Soleil practically grumbled but it came out more of a loathing sigh, not that she hated the woman, but more so the situation. Maybe ‘interrogated’ wasn’t the right word, no, it defiantly was. “What kind of shenanigan is this?” The model crossed her hands over her stomach as it twisted in her gut.


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Zephyr turned to the sudden appearance of that one red-headed girl . . . Soleil wasn't it? She seemed confused, and Zephyr didn't blame her. When her mother had told her that this was a dream land, she had originally thought that it would be a little more colorful, or have clouds. Something at least! But this place? Nada. Zero. Zip. Boring. Nothing. Her mother was one crazy woman if she thought that this place was going to actually help her. Maybe they would all die of boredom. But that process would take too long. They would all start whining and steal away the peace and quiet of the place. To be honest, though . . . maybe it was a little too quiet. No shirtless Taylor Lautners anywhere to keep her company. . . .

“You… the matchmaker, you’re the one that interrogated me,” Soleil said with a southern accent. “What kind of shenanigan is this?”

What irked her the most was the fact she had called her a matchmaker. "First of all, honey," Zephyr said with a long sigh, "I'm not a matchmaker. You're talking about my mother. And guess what? She's dead. I'm just here to finish up the last remnants of her stupid as hell job. Second," she paused for dramatic effect, "I'm not a cop, nor am I a detective. More like the really hot sidekick who turns out to be the murderer. I wasn't interrogating you. Third," she said as she raked her bangs back, "What kind of shenanigans is this? Well, would you rather spend time with me and your doomed soulmate-to-be or would you like me to send your ass back to where it came from? Because I can do the latter just as quick, and I won't be losing any sleep over it. Sure it was the old hag's dying wishes, but we all can't get what we want in this world. That'd be too easy," she shrugged.


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#, as written by Andaho
Jonny shoved his old keyboard away in disgust, cursing to himself under his breath. The black mark on his academic record had made yet another college turn him down. How hard was it for a guy to get back into the world of education? He just needed someone to give him another chance, but, no, they thought he was too irresponsible, too flighty. Grumbling to himself, he tumbled out of his chair and onto his mattress with a dull thump. It was late, he needed to sleep for that interview he had with Starbucks tomorrow. Thank heavens for entry-level jobs and basic income. He called out to his roommate who was blasting away on his gaming console, "Hey, dude, turn it down a notch? I don't want dreams filled with shooting zombies and gunfire. Thanks!" Punching his pillow into a reasonably soft shape, he tossed and turned for a while before settling down into a restless sleep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Curling his toes in the soft, warm sand, Jonny blinked. Was this real life or just a dream? Maybe he shouldn't have seen Inception before going to bed, that's probably why he felt that odd sense of lucidity as he looked around. New clothes formed around him: a form-fitting pair of jeans, a sky-blue polo shirt, a leather jacket. Yep, this was most definitely a dream. Brushing back his hair, he smiled as he heard the thundering roar of the waves. It had been quite a while since he last surfed but he was still up for a challenge. If he could just find his board...

Turning around, he noticed a beach shack. Maybe there was someone there who could slip him a board and some swim gear. He jogged up to the old house and paused for a second. The glittering door seemed out of place with the faded frame and bleached boards of the shop, yet, somehow it fit nicely. He put his hand on the handle and twisted it downwards, pushing it open just a crack. Peering into the lit inside, he squinted and tried to see what was inside. It was too damn bright, he thought, he would have to go see inside.

Pushing open the door with his shoulder, he stepped inside the smooth tiled floor, only to run into someone. He went sprawling, landing on the hard ground and wincing. From his prone position, he noticed two women standing, facing each other in a somewhat aggressive stance. Laughing at himself, he picked himself up and brushed some imaginary dust off his new jacket. He smirked and ran his eyes up and down the two rather attractive ladies.

"I suppose you two are the ones that called me here? Well, I'm not surprised, I am quite the dream male." Stretching his arms behind his head, he flexed. Flashing a smile, he winked at the redhead. "How about you, sweetheart? You like what you see? And you, brownie, you like? I'd not mind taking both of you at the same time if you know I mean."


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Zephyr was about to add to her witty response with an even more sarcastic one, but felt someone run into her and immediately zoomed in on the man sprawled out on the floor. She raised a brow, remembering him as another pain-in-the-ass client. Perfect. Just what she needed. More ruckus to ruin the serene environment. For the millionth time, she began hoping for Taylor Lautner. And what was worse was-- was he checking her out? And red-head too?

"I suppose you two are the ones that called me here? Well, I'm not surprised, I am quite the dream male." Zephyr rolled her eyes. She watched in amusement as he winked at Soleil with a snicker. "How about you, sweetheart? You like what you see? And you, brownie, you like? I'd not mind taking both of you at the same time if you know I mean." This guy? Hilarious. No wonder he needed help finding some chick to deal with him. He was definitely not a pick-up artist.

"I'll tell you what Brownie thinks," Zephyr said stifling another snicker. "Mr. Dream Male needs better pick-up lines. And testosterone." She didn't bother hiding the laugh that managed to slip through her weak control. "Don't remember me? I'm apparently the interrogator according to her," she jerked her thumb towards Soleil. "You're here to find your soul-mate. I'm temporarily apart of the matchmaking business that you unfortunately signed up for. Pfft, I already feel bad for whoever's getting all you suckers. And my sympathy's pretty hard to get. Good job."


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Soeil wanted to take the offer of going back to where she came from, a warm beach house on the coast of California preparing for her next job. Why did this girl think she had to call her honey? Sol was very confident this woman was never raised in the south, her ego was proof. Southern girls, well the real ones, have manners, she seemed lacking. The model liked her. A small playful smirk emerged on her full lips as she bit her lower lip.

"I'd leave if I could, but I don't break deals and i'm here for the long haul." She looked around for a moment, "I think matchmaker suited you because I still don't know your name." Sol took a breath in, taking a half step away from the door she had entered from, just in time too. In a ball of clothing and good looks, came a man that walked right into her, pushing her off balance for a moment. Soleil rocked in her too high heels for a moment but caught herself just in time, taking a somewhat aggressive looking stance to keep herself from being knocked over. She quickly recoiled and pulled herself back up to her tall stature, shoulders back, and head high.

"I suppose you two are the ones that called me here? Well, I'm not surprised, I am quite the dream male. How about you, sweetheart? You like what you see? And you, brownie, you like? I'd not mind taking both of you at the same time if you know I mean."

The repulsive male winked at her. Despite his good looks, he lacked charm, the same issue that plagued most men in society now in days. "You know, where I work, we just assume men like you are gay, but that's the modeling industry for you." She tapped one finger on her chin, "and as much as I find this beautiful creature-" she motioned at the still unnamed matchmaker, "delectable, I'm just not in the mood. Better luck next time."

Soleil did what she was known best for, playing hard to get. Not to mention, this man seemed to be a little too cocky for her. If this was her "soul mate", Sol would have an issue with it. His arrogance dripped off his custom Forzieri leather jacket, sky blue polo shirt, and Buckle jeans, only one word fit him. Poser.


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#, as written by Andaho
Jonny flashed another arrogant smile, ready to lead with a few more lines, but then he paused as the airheads shot back some cutting retorts. Lacking in testosterone? Gay? Apparently these girls weren't the type to swoon at a few winks and a smile. Looks like he had to swap tactics in order to win over these charming ladies. "Ah, you. I remember you. You look different, pretty, you know. But, you, redhead, I'd remember if I had seen you. You're plenty gorgeous. I'm sure you'll fall in love as fast as you can ride a horse." They were both pretty enough, really, but something about the redhead just appealed to him. She would make an excellent partner in bed and an excellent addition to his list of girls.

"I know that we should get to mixing and matching me with some ditzy airhead of a blonde, yeah, but what about some get to know y'all activities? I mean, if we're gonna be stuck together for quite a long time, we better get comfortable with each other, you know what I mean?" Winking, he straightened his jacket collar and smirked. That should impress the two ladies. Confidence and a bit of pride, some fire, what do you know, you get some melting girls and some easy catches for later. He leaned a bit closer to the Southern belle, breathing in her perfume. He looked down at her, even with her heels, he stood a bit above her. She would be his main target. The matchmaker was probably frigid and not nice at all, compared to this gorgeous girl. Soft curves, beautiful hair, and, hey, she was a model. And had she made a hint at lesbianism? He loved a good challenge.


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#, as written by Stilts
It stretched on forever...

This hallway.

A dark, narrow hallway- No windows, no doors... Nothing. Just, endless walls. Damien turned to look back; it felt like he had been walking for hours. The path behind looked exactly the same as the path that stretched out before him. It was claustrophobic. Damp and dim. Hard to see the dirt floor as he shuffled along. How he could see at all was a mystery, as there was not a light in sight- just... Black beckoning from an ever growing abyss. Distant... Deep... Shadowy...

"What... is this?"

His legs ached. Damien sighed in frustration, leaning his back against the cold wall. He grit his teeth, glaring back up the way he had come. It seemed so pointless, this endless quest. What was he looking for... Why did this place stretch on and on? Everything seemed so... Pointless. What a waste of effort to turn back now.

Was this all for nothing? Why can't I reach- ... Whatever it is I'm looking for? Shit... I can't remember.. Damien grit his teeth and swung his fist back into the wall he lent against; striking it in annoyance. The stone shuddered under the blow. Rippled. The coarse edges smoothing out under his back. Before Damien could whirl in surprise, the stone swung outward; the momentum of his fall depositing him backwards into a.... Blindingly bright place.

He lay there, where he had landed, stunned. Staring up at the dark, yawning gap in a great expanse of white. His eyes adjusted as he realized it was a door... A door that was slowly swinging shut. Wai-! Damien jumped to his feet, catching the door's handle. It was heavy- extremely heavy. He struggled, digging his heels in. No! I haven't found what I'm searching for yet... Damien's grip on the handle hesitated; glancing past the door frame into the dismal, dank recess that awaited him. Hesitated- then released. The door swung shut with a ominous echoing boom. Fissure closing, the sound crashing against his ears. Damien's hands fell slowly to his sides as he looked on, watching as the wood seemed to dissolve; the corners being eaten away by fluidic white- until the entire portal was swallowed.

He stood there, staring at the blankness. Not completely sure if what he just did was the... right thing to do. Is there a right or wrong? His hand passed through the space where the doorframe had been. Nothing. Gone. Where was he? Damien turned;


White everywhere.

Fricking. Everywhere! What is this? Above... Around... Under his sneakers. Wait. When did he get dressed? Am I.... Dreaming? He stared down at his hands. What a vivid dream. Dark splotches, distinct against the bleached expanse, caught his eye. He squinted- just making out figures... Figures of people. Hard to focus in on anything in this place. Make sense of anything. Damien jogged forward, hoping to catch up with them; maybe they could give him directions...
He came to a stop, a few steps from them.
A tall, red-headed girl teetering in heels... A man with a cocky grin plastered to his face... And another woman...
She turned, Damien catching sight of the side of her face.
No mistaking that cheek.


"What .The. Hell."
Damien's voice sounded loud and rough in the... nothingness. He continued on angrily anyway; "The hell you doing in my dream? Fuck!" He waved his arms up and around in a thoroughly pissed off manner, gestering vaguely to the whiteness around them; "This. This is my dream! And YOU," He jabbed his finger violently at her, baring his teeth unconsciously; "You have NO right to be here. Around me. While I'm sleepin- Fuck- Just... Go away." He exhaled, vexed, squeezing his eyes shut; "I already have to deal with you in tomorrow morning. I don't need you fucking with me tonight." There was a pause. Damien blinked, his hand going awkwardly to the back of his head as he looked away. "I.. uh.. Shit. Whatever, you're just my imagination anyway." He glanced back the way he had come, ignoring the trio; eyes narrowing, brows knotting as they did when he concentrated... After a moment he smiled. "... Got it." Hiking up the sleeve of his jacket, Damien grinned down at his arm; "Wake up Damien, you don't need this shit..." His fingers came down mercilessly on the skin of his forearm, pinching it. Hard.

Damien opened his eyes, staring down at his arm that now throbbed with a dull pain. "What?" He spun back around; yep. They were still there. She was still there. It was still all fucking white. "What the..?!" He glanced down at his arm in disbelief, then up to Zephyr, then around at the white space. "Oh Fuck." Damien took a step back, shaking his head slightly. "Oh fuck no. I'm... I'm dead aren't I?" He took another step back from the group, mumbling to himself as his eyes roamed suspiciously over Zephyr; "Dead and in Hell. Yeah. Only explanation for this.... I died in my sleep? Fuck... That's... So lame."


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Zephyr arched a brow. Delectable creature...? That was a new one. She was so used to bitch and other interesting names, it shocked her for a second before she returned back to her laid-back composure. Weird how it came from a girl though. Did red-head swing that way...? She rolled her eyes as Mr. Dream Male continued to flirt with her, but she noticed that he took a bigger interest in red-head. She turned away from them unnoticed. And that was when life became about twenty times worse.

"What. The. Hell."

Zephyr didn't even bother turning. She knew that voice. What a horrible way to start off her day. She glanced at Damien through the corner of her eyes with a deep exhale. A smirk grew on her face as she watched him rant and pinched himself to no avail. "Well, bastard," she said sweetly, batting her eyelashes, "Guess you're stuck in Hell with all the rest of us. Something pretty close to it, anyway." She sighed. "But unfortunately, this isn't a dream. This is apart of my whacked out old hag's dying wishes," she mumbled bitterly. And people called her the bitch? What had messed up her mother's brain so much to think that sick, ungentlemanly bastard would actually help her? On the contrary, he had done nothing to benefit her. Just make matters worse by stressing her out. And now she was stuck with a womanizer-wannabe, red-head, and that guy in a world of basically nothing.

But since this was a dream world... maybe she could have a little fun with it. Zephyr concentrated on an image of a pristine beach and the calming sound of waves crashing, but a pout formed on her face as she realized it had not worked. Oh, come on! she thought frustratedly. Thinking a little smaller, she tried imagining a chair, but yet again, nothing happened. She crossed her arms sulkily.

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Character Portrait: Zephyr Delmonti


Character Portrait: Zephyr Delmonti
Zephyr Delmonti

"Sarcasm is just one of my many talents. You'll learn to love it eventually."


Character Portrait: Zephyr Delmonti
Zephyr Delmonti

"Sarcasm is just one of my many talents. You'll learn to love it eventually."

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Character Portrait: Zephyr Delmonti
Zephyr Delmonti

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Re: [OOC] Make My Dreams Come True

Sorry, I've been busy. One of my very close friends passed away and I've been helping with the funeral and things of that sort. I'll post soon, promise.

Re: [OOC] Make My Dreams Come True

@Andaho: No problem. My posts are shorter than I'd like them to be myself.

@Stilts: Unfortunately, no. I might make another character should it come to it, and I'll PM Bootsie and see if they're still interested.

Re: [OOC] Make My Dreams Come True

Okay guys, sorry I've been busy with life.

*snickers* Worst excuse ever.

Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to post by tonight. Have you found the last two players?

Re: [OOC] Make My Dreams Come True

Sorry for the lame-ass posts, ladies and gents, I'm not feeling my muse this week. It'll get better, promise!

Re: [OOC] Make My Dreams Come True

Merry Christmas to you all :)

Re: [OOC] Make My Dreams Come True

The rest of my posts shouldn't be as lengthy.

Re: [OOC] Make My Dreams Come True

They can if they want. Anyway, I've posted, so everyone can go ahead and pot if you want to. Excuse any mistakes on my intro post. I had to use an iPhone.

Re: [OOC] Make My Dreams Come True

Finally, do they greet Zephyr when they get in there? My post is almost finished so I need that last tidbit of info and then your post :)

Re: [OOC] Make My Dreams Come True

I think Zephyr and her mother would have neglected to tell him about it.

Dream land's sort of like a blank canvas. Zephyr has the ability to change it however she likes since she's Margaret's daughter. I wanted to throw a little twist in so Zephyr couldn't just do whatever she wanted with it though. She can't change anything for her sake, so if she wants a chocolate milkshake, she's not getting that chocolate milkshake. If anyone asked for that chocolate milkshake, she could make it for them.

So, if they go through the door, they're not really stepping into a bulding. It's nothing until Zephyr changes it into something.

Re: [OOC] Make My Dreams Come True

Is dreamland a building?

Once they are in the door, they are in?

Re: [OOC] Make My Dreams Come True

Does Damien already know about this and how it works?

Re: [OOC] Make My Dreams Come True

I think we could manage to start without them for now. It's possible we could have everyone just appear at different times.

To get into the dream land, my intro post is probably going to be Zephyr calling out everyone's names. Since this is a dream land, everyone's going to be sleeping and having a dream or nightmare, depending on how you want that to start. When they go into the dream land, a door will appear in their dreams and they just go straight through that into the dream land.

Re: [OOC] Make My Dreams Come True

So, do you want to just start with out them?

Can you give us a brief overview of how this is going to work? To go into this dreamland, do they just magically wake up there? How do you want our intro posts to be?

Re: [OOC] Make My Dreams Come True

Jonny's been accepted. Can't wait to get this started~

I don't have a clue if bootsie made a character or submitted it, because I haven't gotten anything from them. Still need a female client if bootsie turns up.

Re: [OOC] Make My Dreams Come True

Whatever. :)

Do y'all know if that bootsie person ever made their character?

Re: [OOC] Make My Dreams Come True

Totally accidental, I swear. Cross my heart and hope to cry. :D

Re: [OOC] Make My Dreams Come True

Our characters fit together like peas in a pod <3

Re: [OOC] Make My Dreams Come True

Oh jeez... I hope I didn't miss much.

I advocate for Jonny's approval. :) He's just the type of guy who would make Damien want to... Tear his hair out.

Kinda funny how things work out... Zephyr wants this all done quickly, Soleil came to her as a model, Jonny likes redheaded girls and fashion sense, and is looking to get famous... and whadda ya know? Damien's a photographer. Oh the twists...
Yes, yes. Captain obvious, at your service.

Now we just need... Once more girl... If Bootsie submits a character.

Re: [OOC] Make My Dreams Come True

Oh, in case you didn't notice, I submitted. If I make it, thanks in advance, if not, I tried! <3