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Danielle Durand

"Who would want me?"

0 · 525 views · located in New York, New York

a character in “Make You Feel My Love”, as played by ChloeB223


Beautiful Disaster||Brave||Breathe Me||Almost Is Never Enough
"Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical."
~Sophia Loren

Dany, Elle, Ellie, Ella, or even Penny



Not that it matters. Who would want me?

35% English, 30% French-Canadian, 27% Dutch, & 8% German

College Senior
Freelance Photographer



☩Skin Tone☩
Creamy Light Complexion

☩Hair Color☩
Rich Milk Chocolate

☩Eye Color☩
Naturally blue with swirls of green close to her pupils

☩Scars? Tattoos? Piercings?☩
~She has the standard ear piercing.
~She has scars from when she used to slit her wrists. They're faded now, white little lines on her skin that she hides with long sleeves or bracelets. There are also a few faded scars on her sides from when she was much thicker and cut herself.
~She has freckles on the top of her back, near the right shoulder. Her best friend pointed out, when she caught her off guard one day by getting dressed in front of someone, that if someone were to connect the dots, it would look like the constellation Lacerta.

☩Clothing Description☩
Despite losing the weight and getting herself on track, Danielle has never actually shopped for a lot of clothes that would enhance her new figure. She has a few tasteful clothing for her shape and none of her clothes are overly dull, but she doesn't go out of her way to make herself look good. She hides behind her oversized sweaters and flannel shirts and is typically seen in jeans. Not many have seen her in a skirt. Heels are hardly an option and she doesn't want to wear makeup. She usually wears bracelets and maybe a necklace. Of course, her mother's drilled into her head that she needs to have earrings, but other than that, Dany doesn't believe she's beautiful, so why put in the effort for something that's not real?


{Insecure, Internalizer, Compassionate, Fun-Loving, Sassy}
If anyone were to look at Addie and Dany, they would be surprised. While their appearances say one thing, their personalities say a completely different thing and if one were to judge from personality alone, they would not think that the two were sisters. Danielle isn't exactly the quietest person you would ever meet. At the same time, she is not the loudest. She does not own that overly cheery personality of her youth. Instead, she seems rather closed off in public, a cordial sort of person. She is kind to most people that she sees and tends to think before acting. Some, especially those closest to her, would say that she tends to think too much.

Most people see her and think of her as this gorgeous brunette with a pretty smile. Not many would believe that she is a woman plagued by her insecurities, which - in fact, she is. Dany was not as slim or as "beautiful" as she appears today. It took work and yet, even in this new body that she craved, she still does not see herself as many others would. She is not pretty enough. She is not always as bright as people make her out to be. She has a rather twisted mind that, instead of looking at her accomplishments and the good qualities of herself, looks at her flaws - what makes someone else better than her, what makes them a better pick than her. To make matters worse, Dany tends to keep it all inside.

When she first began cutting and purging, no one had any idea. They just thought that she was being regular old Dany and for a moment, she was. She laughed a lot to cover her pain, she smiled to hide the fact that she was stuffing as much junk food as she could down her throat, and she would play the piano just as much as she forced herself to vomit all that she just ate up. But she never hinted at anything until she was caught. It is who Dany is. She cares deeply for people - so deeply that her own problems and insecurities matter little to her. So, she tends to disregard her own pain in favor and turning her attention to someone else's, not acknowledging her own worth. While some may call this a blessing for there to be such a kind soul, those closest know how much it is a curse.

At the end of the day, however, Dany is still young and she likes to have a good time every now and then, especially with those she deems family and friends. With them, you see a completely relaxed side who will even jokingly flirt, banter, and just have fun. She's brighter in this atmosphere, happier and more at peace. But not everything good lasts forever.

~The first thing Dany has to do before she goes to bed and when she wakes up is clean her camera. She is rather obsessed with her photography equipment and it is a calming moment for her.
~Ever since she moved off campus and into an apartment with her two best friends, Dany pretty much likes running the kitchen, especially if she's particularly stressed or worried. She actually has come up with a lot of great recipes or added something to current recipes during these times. She would catch her humming the most during this moment.
~Her hair is almost always in a ponytail.
~Dany is allergic to peanuts.

Fiddling with her bracelets| Playing with her ponytail| Humming| Biting her lower lip

~Sex/Intimacy~ To this day, Dany still doesn't see herself as pretty as other females or even for the good qualities that she does possess. She's had at least two boyfriends and neither one of them were close to getting her to have sex with them or do more than make-out. She's absolutely terrified of anyone seeing her so bare and the only ones that have are her best friend (because of a sleepover) and her family. She doesn't want them to see the imperfections.
~Being Forever Alone~ Despite her ability to push people away, Dany actually fears being alone forever. She knows that her insecurities are the main reasons why she lost her two boyfriends (aside from the fact that they both were cheaters) and she wants to change, but each time someone pushes for more, she clams up. Is she good enough? Are there any traces of fat on her? Does she need to go back to the gym? It's an obsession really and she doesn't want it to make her have to watch as the guy she cares about moves on.
~Being Fat Dany Again~ During high school and her freshman year, Dany weighed close to 250 lbs. She was teased horrendously for it, so much that she feared it would cause her little sister to be bullied as well. So, when she began to want to lose weight or be like the other girls, she began purging and starving herself. She did it so much that when it became too much for her, she was back to munching on junk food all over again. For a brief moment, during her junior year, a girl at a party reminded her of her fall from grace and Danielle was caught in her room eating a tub of ice cream. She doesn't want to go back to being that girl again, but it's a lot easier said than done.

☩Likes & Dislikes☩
The Great Gatsby Film & Novel
Playing the Piano
Oversized Sweaters & Shirts
Cookies & Cream Ice Cream
Hershey's Milk Chocolate
French Vanilla Coffee
Wintery Months
The Sound of Rain
Golden Oreos
Red Wine
Playing Video Games
Mint-Chocolate Ice Cream
People Hearing Her Sing
Tight-Fitting Clothes
Too Much Makeup
High School Memories
Any of Her Best Friend's Girls
Sky High Heels
Her Appearance
Wasting Money
Too Much Attention
Regular Oreos
Being Alone

When Dany and Addie were kids, their personalities and roles within the family were completely switched. Addie was the quieter one, the one others would associate with being the loner. Still, to this day, Dany detests that nickname. Dany was the more lively one. She had a plethora of friends from daycare that went to elementary school with her. They had many sleepovers and play dates. She was exceptional at playing the piano and could sing fairly well even though she didn't do it often enough in her mother's opinion. She was the golden child; a good student, a child with great manners, talented, and an affectionate big sister. But then puberty came.

Danielle developed a little faster than her friends and it terrified her. Men she would normally see hanging with her father at a local bar or at the park somewhere leered at her openly, some even making lewd comments by the time she was twelve. Danielle felt disgusted by the constant attention. Despite being the golden child, she hadn't always liked it and would have rather blended in. She even hated it when boys her age noticed that she was developing curves. She desperately wanted to make the attention go away and before she knew it, she was turning to junk food as her solace. That was when everything changed. No longer was she receiving any attention from those older men or barely-stable teenage boys. But her so-called friends were suddenly abandoning her, no longer wanting to be associated with the chubby girl. From that moment on, Addie and Danielle's roles switched.

Dany was the loner.

And for a moment, she was alright with that. She had a small, select group of individuals who weren't all that popular, but were more loyal than the ones she first deemed her friends. She continued to play the piano and picked up photography. And for a moment, she was at peace. However, nothing good lasts forever and before long, girls became the devil-incarnates, constantly sneering at Dany and making insulting comments about her weight. She knew she wasn't beautiful, not in this society of model-thin girls with longer hair and make-up, but to hear them say it so viciously hurt. But her eating continued and she started up a new hobby; cutting. For a moment, it was a release of her frustrations. She never pressed to deeply, but the cuts weren't just her wrists either. Her stomach - the main perpetrator and the reason she was getting all the unnecessary attention - was slashed as well. But this didn't make it better either.

So, she began purging.

Every time she found herself eating more snacks, she would force herself to throw it right back up. It became so badly that she woke up every day pale and her mother was worried she wasn't either getting enough rest or enough food. Of course, Dany never tried to worry anyone and didn't say anything. It wasn't until she passed out from blood loss after suffering a really bad headache that her friends and family discovered Danielle's issues. Her parents were horrified and she was too ashamed to even look her younger sister in the face. Therapy became a constant in her life, especially during her senior year. After graduation, when she was away from all of the high school drama, Dany wanted a change. She didn't want to be this person anymore.

So, she worked out. She didn't stop herself from indulging every now and then, but her meals were healthier and she decided to cook dinner more just to be sure of what she was eating. Losing her weight was hard, but she managed to bring herself down to a nice 120lbs by the end of her freshman year at college. It was during these times that she met her best male friend. To this day, she doesn't even know what about her caught his attention or why he's so sweet on him, but she knows for a fact that no matter how flirty they become or how much her heart flutters at the mention of his name, he could never want her. Who would? She's the girl with more baggage than the weight she carried almost three years ago. Again, who would want her?

So begins...

Danielle Durand's Story

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Morning stretched across the horizon like a shooting star on a dark night; if you weren't paying attention, you might just miss it and only catch the fleeting tail or wisp of it. Warm sunlight slipped through the cracks of the blinds that covered the windows, awakening the inhabitant of the closest bed in a mere matter of seconds. A small moan escaped the confines of her heart-shaped mouth and Danielle Durand turned over onto her back. Her eyes refused to open at that particular moment, but her body already seemed to have a mind of it's own. Long limbs stretched themselves into taught lines, her fingertips grazing her headboard and her toes wiggling with the strain. A few mere moments later and bright blue eyes popped open, a wide smile stretching across her face.

She was up early.

Then again, that wasn't much of a surprise. Her eyes scanned her nightstand for clock until it landed on the small object, which read about seven-thirty. She glanced over at a sleeping Alexandria and yawned. Everyone would have to be waking up soon for either work or class. Her first class wasn't until one and she was supposed to take some pictures for the school newspaper on campus. Dany slid out of bed as quietly as she could, grabbing her camera and it's accompanying bag on her way. She slid on a thin robe and slipped her feet into her slippers, glanced at her sleeping friend, and then hurried out of the room as quietly as she could.

The smell of coffee and food would wake her up.

And Corey.

A small smile graced Dany's features as his face popped into her brain before she shook it away. No, she had to mentally remind herself. She was not going to think about what she couldn't have first thing in the morning. Coffee first. Dany set her equipment down, started the coffee machine and then proceeded to clean her camera off. She never understood why she was so anal about this particular way of starting her day, but her brain and hands automatically flew to her camera. It was her life - her first baby. When she couldn't think of any part of her that was beautiful or even symbolized beauty, she could turn this one thing and capture perfection in one single shot. A child laughing, a couple on the park bench, college students sitting around with lattes and textbooks - all of that could be seen through her lens. It was comfortable.

It was hers.

Once she made sure that no dust or dirt affected her camera, she placed it on the kitchen island and set to work. The others would be alright with breakfast sandwiches and fruit today, right?

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Corey woke to the smell of coffee. He rolled over and opened his eyes, squinting immediately thanks to his failure to shut his curtains before he went to sleep. He was exhausted by the time he went to bed the previous night. Things were crazy at the office and everyday they were piling more tasks into his to-do list.

He pushed off his covers and sat up with a yawn. He checked his watch for the time rather than his clock and realized he had best be getting going if he wanted to make any sort of dent at work that day.

As he stood up he ran his fingers through his mess of bed head. He went to his closet and grabbed some clothes before heading to the bathroom to shower, brush his teeth, and throw a little gel in his hair. He came out of the bathroom dressed in a pair of black dress pants, a blue dress shirt, and a loosened tie. He didn't ever tighten it until absolutely necessary.

He returned to his room to grab his phone and make sure there were no urgent messages from the office before walking out to the kitchen. He smiled when he saw Dany, "Morning, beautiful. Sleep well?" he asked as he grabbed a mug from a cupboard and then poured himself a cup of coffee. He put two spoons of sugar in it before taking a small drink.

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Dany had just slid the last breakfast sandwich out of the skillet and onto a plate when Alexandria breezed out of the front door without even an acknowledgement over her shoulder. Danielle glanced at the clock over the stove area and gasped. She didn't even realize she had taken up so much time. She frowned, got out some tuberware, and placed the sandwich into it followed by the cubed pieces of fruit she managed to find in the fridge. They would need to go grocery shopping soon.

Just as she finished making Coren's plate, she heard his bedroom door open. She blushed when he called her beautiful, but shoot it off to turn him a bright smile as he made his coffee.

"And good morning to you too, handsome. Sleep was...sleep. Gotta wake up" She handed him the plate soon after the words left her lips, grinning somewhat proudly that at least one of them would be able to enjoy breakfast while it was warm. She would drop Alex hers off when she headed out.

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Corey set the coffee on the counter and took the plate with a grateful smile, "Thanks. I slept pretty well, dreaming of you as always." he said this with a teasing look before continuing. "What are your plans for the day?" he asked. He began munching on the breakfast she had made him. He first ate the sandwich and not until it was gone did he eat the fruit, letting his OCD show unconsciously. After the food was finished he set the plate down and took another drink of his coffee.

He glanced at his watch again, not in any rush, in fact just the opposite. The more time he spent here with Dany the better. The more time he spent in her presence in the morning the easier it was to get through the day at the company building. Frequently checking his watch was just something he did, a habit.