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Bujan Avaritia

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a character in “Making Peace”, as played by Hinasil


Role: Guard
Name: Bujan Avaritia
Age: 24
Gender: Male

Nationality: Land of Shadows


The shadow form of Bujan changes only two thing about his body, and that is his eyes and the overall make up of it. His eyes burn like flames, pulling those weak of heart towards them. It serves only as a small spell to attract unsuspecting victims to his readied grande great sword. While the rest of his body is covered with a hard shell, just as strong as steel but silent and free moving as cloth. The shell attaches itself to his skin and becomes apart of him.

Personality: Bujan he is not a friendly person, and when it comes to getting along with people he doesn't really do a good job. Team work in his dictionary is defined as, "Let others handle it, and help when necessary because everyone else is a complete bafoon." He also has a liking for the higher, rich, and expensive of items. He doesn't have the money to afford his own mansion, servants, and endless amounts of the oldest wine, so he will take almost any chance at getting such things.

Authority to him is simply a title given to someone to spite him. He will treat the highest authority with hateful respect and with a deep sense of sarcasm. Nothing is more fulfilling than making royalty feel like a common drunk. With women, and they know this almost after the first sentence he speaks, he is always after them. He doesn't have long relationships in mind, but they would always serve as a standard of his power. He only looks for the best looking ones, ignoring those he deems ugly.

Sometimes he will become a trickster and try to cause chaos among close friends or a group of people. It carries into how he fight too, never taking the direct approach and trying to cause fear in his enemy. His shadow form helps with this because it has chains that rattle, and the speed he has makes it easy to create illusions in the shadows. He leaves Lyla alone though, he's nearly blind too and he really couldn't do anything without hurting himself.

Appearance: Bujan's skin is nearly ghost like in color, white upon white it has a sickly sense to it, like he has a disease. His hair is long flowing and black. His eyes are slightly purple, his left eye however it darker than the right. About 5'10" in height and ~180 lbs. in weight.


Shadow Transformation, obviously.
Sixth sense plus enhanced sense except sight, seeing as how his sight was rarely used he was able to strengthen his other senses and develop another sense. It is just as good as seeing and he can sense the location of nearby beings. Not to mention ghosts.


One color that stands out to him is green, a feeling of relaxation always ensues due to the nature of the color: nature.
Smells of any kind, as long as it smells good, always are pleasant due to his strong smelling sense.
Most music also, as long as it is good, is pleasant.

Smells and music that aren't good, he can't stand.
Rotting, musty, manure, those kind of things make him want to puke.
High pitched, out of tune, and loud noises give him a migraine of varying magnitudes.
People who think they're better than him, who are richer than him, and most authority figures.

Thoughts on the arranged marriage: If it means he's out of the job, he couldn't be happier.

Flaws: When it comes to expensive and rare things, Bujan will do just about anything to get it. That is only if it is out of battle, and as a request. Trying to bribe him when he's fighting or ready to fight won't work, because he'll just kill you than take whatever the offer was. If the place was trapped though, he will try to get the item and that's where the problem comes in.

Other: N/A

So begins...

Bujan Avaritia's Story


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Sin slowly made her way up the stair case that led up to the main 'palace' like place. She felt horrible for her guards, who were probably frustrated by this time and just wished to make it to the top already. "You can go on without me." She muttered before realizing she was finally at the top. A loud sigh escaped her, as she hated being in foreign lands.

In the Land of Peace, she run shined and though the trees blocked most of it, she wasn't used to such exposure. Even though she was blind, the light seemed to still hurt her eyes, possibly more then it did the others. She tried to keep her gaze on the stairs, which she could barely make out. As she continued to walk up the stairs, she could feel the cool breeze blowing against her skin and through her raven black hair. One hand rested on the rope railing, while her free hand rested on the side of her long black dress. It was informal, to most, however it was comfortable, which was the reason she chose to wear it.

At the top of the stairs and in the main room. The first things that caught her attention was the bright glowing thing in the center of the room, which seemed to be some sort of crystal, though she wasn't for sure. The next thing she noticed, was the other royals and their guards. Each person emitted a different color, depending on what nation they were from. First her eyes locked onto the man she was to wed soon. His color was a bright white outlined in the softest blue. There was a women standing next to him, which emitted the same basic color, however hers was not as bright.

When the main Council member appeared, she took a step back. His aura was unreadable, it shined of every color, though she could also see him clearly as if she had perfect eyes. For a second, she was shocked as she stared at him, though she couldn't see anything other then him and his aura until she looked away, then her vision was the same as it had always been. "That was indeed weird..." She thought silently then watched as the lion-man walked away.

Even though the man was gone, his words echoed in her head. "- feel free to communicate with the others." She nearly laughed out loud at the thought before turning to her guard. "Did they send you what rooms we are in?"


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Eventually making it up the stairs with Sin, Trage kept quiet during the briefing with the lion-man and until she asked either of us guards a question. She didn't know which one of the two guards, the other being Bujan, she was acknowledging, but she answered anyway in a small yet emotionless voice. "I haven't received any word of it yet. Would you like me to go and find it?" While asking this, Trage was slightly hovering off of the ground since her umbrella was open and she seemed weightless now. She didn't expect her, Bujan, or the Princess to began socializing since that expansion of empire was our nation and had made the other nations upset, but Trage didn't see why we couldn't ask around for an answer.


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As Sin waited for an answer from either of her guards, she heard someone from another land reply to the Council Members statement, which made her nearly laugh again. "Next, he'll be telling us to leave our doors open" She moved her eyes onto the three who were obviously from the Land of Water and Ice. First she noticed the Princess, whos aura was larger then everyone elses, however her eyes moved to the two guards. The one who had made the comment had a bright almost cheerful blue-ish purple aura, while the other guard, had a deep icey blue aura, similar to the princesses. However, his also held hints of red, which was quite odd. However, as she examined him a little more, getting a clear picture of what he looked like physically, her attention was taken away.
"I haven't received any word of it yet. Would you like me to go and find it?"
Sin glanced in the direction of her guard, Trage before thinking about the question. Of coarse, it would be nice to know where they would be sleeping, however she felt a little bad for asking, as she always did. Though Sin was pretty self sufficient, there was a few things she either couldn't do, or simply didn't like to do.
As she was about to answer, she heard someone on the other side of her burst into laughter, which lasted a good few minutes. She couldn't help but to gaze at him with her bright blue eyes before quickly looking away. She knew exactly who he was. His aura burned like fire around him. It was the prince from the Land of Fire and Electricity. Her eyes then moved to the two guards beside him.
She took a deep breath before turning her attention to her guard yet again, though it was Bujan this time. She gave a warm smile in response to his request, before nodding. "Do as you please." She whispered in a soft voice before looking to Trage again. "It would be nice if we knew where we were to sleep. I'm sure someone might know. Or possibly look on the doors?" She started to look around, however she would not be able to see the doors until she was much closer to them. However, on each door was paper that stated who the room belonged to.
"If you don't mind doing that, then you can do as you please." She added, wondering if Trage was as adventurous as Bujan.

There was two rooms for each nation, and the environment of each room was based on who it belonged to.
The Land of Water and Ice would be a lovely blue/white room of crystal, fountains, and to anyone not from the nation it would seem very cold. However since they thrived in such environment, this would be rather comfy for them.
The Land of Fire and Electricity would be covered in light browns and earthy colors, much like their land. The temperature would be a bit high for most people, but of coarse, they would be used to it.
For the Land of Shadow and Light the room was themed a little differently, since no one really knew that much about either area. The Land of Light, was a room that looked like heaven. The furniture was cloud-like objects that seemed to float while the decorations where of angels and other holy things. However, in the rooms for the Land of Shadows, it was simple. On the ceiling was a painting of the moon and stars, each actually emitting a little light for the room. Everything was cloaked in shadows, however there was plenty of light from the moon to see where you were going. The furniture was a dark cherry wood while the bed and other cloth things were black silk.


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Not wanting to become a burden to Bujan yet wanting to help, she just sheepishly smiled and the nodded, jumping up into the air with her umbrella which allowed her to glide and hover over to places while searching. Since it seemed that Bujan wanted to chat with someone else, then it seemed as if she didn't have too much to worry about. She hates seeing it as a competition, but she'es just afraid of the princess no longer needing of her assistance. She looked around while hovering the place, seeing the prince of fire and electricity along with his guard, and the other nations. Eventually, she came across a door that had noted being for the Land of the Shadows, and as Trage opened it, it sure enough had moon and stars on the roof that illuminated the room with dark furniture. She slowly shut the door and hurried back to the princess Sin to report that she had found it. Trage felt eager that she had found it, but calmed down and dropped to the ground onto her feet and with her umbrella still open. After arriving at Sin again, she responded, "I found it. It's just down here, I can show you if you'd like."


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“It’s... different,” Armana replied quietly to his question. Ren snorted a bit. Different’s one way of putting it...

“That’s for sure...” he muttered, scrutinizing the other royalty. One face was familiar, only because his father had shown him the woman’s face once before he was sent off. His future wife. Lily? Lyla? Fantastic, he didn’t even know her name. Ren’s father had purposely kept all details about the princess from him, wanting the two to start off with a relatively clean slate. He hadn’t wanted a repeat of what happened two years ago, when his brother had tried to exorcise the poor girl, actually believing the absurd rumors that had found their way into their palace. Ren wasn’t stupid enough to make that mistake.

Judging from where he stood, she didn’t look too bad. Her pale skin seemed strange to Ren, as almost everyone from the Land of Light was tanned. Short black hair, not too tall, not too short, the princess could certainly look much worse. Suddenly, she turned to look at him. Ren quickly turned, back at Armana, his heart fluttering with nerves. Damn it, Artiston, stop acting like a child! he could practically hear his father snarl angrily.

“What should we do now?” Armana asked, pulling Ren out of his thoughts. He swallowed. They could just go to their rooms, putting off actual communication for at least another hour. But... Ren thought grimly, it’s inevitable. Better man up and just get this over with.

Fidgeting nervously, Ren answered, “I suppose we’ll go meet my future wife,” he said with wince. The words seemed bitter in his mouth. “Just... stay with me,” he added quietly, in the back of his mind annoyed how his voice came out whinier than he had expected it to. And with that, he headed across the room to where the princess stood, making sure to keep a distance from the others along the way.

He straightened his back as he approached her, trying to look as presentable as he could and still keep his nerves down.

“Hello,” he said, startled by her almost unnaturally blue eyes but keeping it well hidden. He eyed the two guards behind her warily. He knew not all guards were as laid back as Armana. Some were extremely territorial and viewed everything as a threat. Ren prayed that these two weren’t like that.

“I’m Ariston, but you could call me Ren if you prefer because almost everybody else does,” the prince rambled nervously. Well, so much for the formal approach, he thought angrily. Remember to smile, you idiot! He did, hoping it didn’t look to forced.

“And you’re... you. I apologize, remembering names isn’t my strong suit,” Ren said, his wings fluttering agitatedly behind him. He wasn’t normally this nervous around others...

Abruptly, Ren realized something. The princess’s eyes weren’t actually focused on him. They were in his general direction, yes, but they didn’t meet his eyes. That of course could be just because she was nervous, but Ren knew from observation that wasn’t the normal reaction. Otherwise, it could be...

“You’re blind, aren’t you?” Ren said with a grin. He took a step closer, peering at her intently. He gave a small laugh. Well, isn’t this a coincidence? he thought to himself, thinking about his own sight problems.


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#, as written by Hinasil
Bujan walked towards the wolf, dog looking man. He paused a moment as the prince of Fire and Electricity was talking with the princess of Water and Ice. The relationship, from what he could hear, did not seem to be on great terms. Those two nations didn't have the petty problems the Shadow and Light nations had, some of them must be hard to over look. Perhaps they would benefit the most in marriage. To create a bond that would cause all past problems to be overlooked.

He would have to put off the chat with the dog man, he won't want to leave his post after that encounter. So, looking around, he looked for other intriguing persons to learn more about. The prince of Fire and Electricity was one of the few options, and his less than frightening guard. Or go back to the others.

Looking back, a woman caught his eye. The guard for the prince of Light. Such stunning radiance, but that seemed to be just about everything. The light shone brightly, which hurt his eyes, and made everything else nearly blinding.

No other option seemed better than this. So with confident steps he went back to the Shadow and Light gathering.

Within normal speaking distance, he said to the guard, "I like to make bets, do you?" He didn't wait for a response, "So how about you and I make one? If this marriage between our nations goes through then we get married also. If it doesn't... well, you can make that one up. It can be anything you want, money, property, whatever you want and I will have to give it to you." The ol' gambling proposition, most of the time he is just rubbed off or he loses, but there is always that chance that he could win and one simple word: jackpot.