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Rashid Alamba

'Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.'

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a character in “Making Waves”, as played by Parzival


Name: Rashid Alamba A.K.A Tigerman
Age: 26
Occupation: Quartermaster
Role: Quartermaster
Nationality: Slightly Indian, but more white than anything
Personality: He knows how to laugh and make jokes, but when there's a duty to be done, the jokes are put away until it's done. He makes friends with everyone, even if they don't want to be friends. His favorite phrase is "Better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it." and takes this to heart. He always seems to have everything in his many pockets lining his trousers. He believes there is a gadget for every occasion, and if he doesn't have it, he relies on his cutlasses.
Height: 6'3"
Hair: Shoulder length black
Eyes: Chocolate brown, with a jovial light in them.
Description: Rashid's face is framed in his black hair. He has a slight hook to his nose, and fierce bushy eyebrows. He has an easy smile that's always on his face, but knows when to control it. He has a bushy beard sitting on his chin that is always kept neat. He has stocky, broad shoulders, and large, muscular hands. He owns no shirts, and wears breeches. He has a muscular chest, with toned muscles, but no abs showing. He is never seen without his two cutlasses strapped to his back, and his pistols on his chest on the same straps holding the swords. His breeches are tucked into his high style boots, which twin daggers can usually be seen peeking above the tops.

Equipment: As stated earlier, he has two heavy cutlasses, two daggers, and two pistols. His interests vary wildly, and when not doing anything, will be content to sit in a corner and whittle on a small piece of wood, sharpen his many weapons, play his feadog, or be writing in the ships stores ledger.

Background: Rashid was born in the Indies, in a large town on the sea. His father, Palsi, was a woodworker, and wished for Rashid to follow in his footsteps. His mother died in childbirth. His father never blamed him for this, but devoted his life to his son's well being. His father, Palsi, was a woodworker, and wished for Rashid to follow in his footsteps. Rashid knew from a young age, however, that he was meant to be at sea. When his father found out about this, a massive argument broke out. His father threw his mother's death is Rashid's face, which riled up the young man's temper. He left his father standing in the doorway to their shop. He left aboard the first ship that would take him, the Tiger's Roar. He served aboard this ship for 7 years, rising to be first mate. He was very pleased with himself. Until the navy caught up with the Tiger's Roar. The battle was fierce, and it was here Rashid earned his title, Tigerman. It was said he fought so loudly and ferociously that even his own crewmates wouldn't near him in the battle. The crew of the Tiger's Roar survived, but barely. The captain was killed during the bloody battle. Rashid was elected to be their captain, but turned them down, and left the crew. He blamed himself for the Roar's fate. The way he saw it, the Navy only caught them after the spy they planted turned against Rashid and the crew. He should have caught the spy in time.

So begins...

Rashid Alamba's Story


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Angelique was giddy with glee as she set about fixing up the men aboard the Acheron. After Ren had given her the treasure of a lifetime of books and vials and the like, she had set upon the closest wounded man she could find, cleaning up his minor scrapes and cuts as though his life depended on it. Not that he seemed to mind; if anything, the sailor seemed to enjoy being cleaned up by such a pretty face as herself.

She was nearly finished with the man when she heard someone speak beside her.

Bonjour, ma belle femme,” the voice of the navigator carried through her focus. Her head lifted to behold his soaked, pistol laden form, hair sticking up and bloodied like the rest of him. Fortunately, none of it appeared to be his, though secretly she wished some of it was so she could stitch him up. His charm was almost as intoxicating as the old bottle of wine she'd swiped last year from Bertie when he was asleep. Despite the gore, Carrington was certainly handsome.

She was about to reply and bat her lashes at him, but his eyes suddenly narrowed past her towards her aunt. “Hold that thought, lass,” he whispered to her, and headed off to talk to the captain. Angelique shrugged. There were plenty of handsome, easily manipulated men aboard, and losing the interest of one (even one as alluring as Carrington) was nothing to worry about.

The young Thuron patted the man on the shoulder. “Be careful, okay? As much as I'd love to see you again, I'd rather not be dressing you up.” Angelique gave the man a wink before flitting off to a man with a decent gash in his leg. She went around like this for a few minutes, fixing up the men that would let her work and making note of those with worse injuries for later. It was hard to work with the Captain’s speech, and she had to practically chase her latest victim deep into the ship.

Angelique hated the way the ship was laid out, as she couldn't find the way back up on deck once she lost the sailor she was looking for. She stumbled around for a bit like a lost puppy, seeing not a single person to assist her in her quest to fix up all the injured aboard the Acheron. She ended up heading further down, clomping around until she found herself almost running into a tall, broad man on her way into the hold.

Sir, ye know our grog supplies aren't as strong as they should be. I'm not one to question yer decisions, but we'll be out of the devil's brew before the month is out,” the man began, before realizing that this was not, in fact, the captain. “Why hullo. I don't believe I've had the immense pleasure of making yer acquaintance." He winked and doffed an invisible hat as he dropped into a low bow. "I am none other than Tigerman Rashid Alamba, quartermaster. And you are?"

Angelique scowled as he bowed. “You certainly have the manners of a tiger,” she muttered before putting on her sweetest darling face. “Angelique, the new ship’s doctor,” she replied, smiling and curtsying. “Though I seem to have gotten a mite lost, good sir. You haven't happened to see a man with matted brown hair and blood running down his left side of his face? Head wounds do bleed more than anything, and I'd like to get him cleaned up before he passes out.” She kept a smile on her face as she talked, glancing around the hold of the ship. It seemed bigger on the inside than she expected.


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The recent skirmish with the naval frigate, the Illustrious, left Josephine shaken. It had been many years since she had been around gunfire, let alone cannonfire. On the bright side, repairs on the Acheron would be better than she expected. The main concern of the boatwright was whatever damage was done to the hull when the idiot that was at the helm rammed the Acheron sidelong into the Illustrious. The patch work that had been done in town was not enough to hold well against even a softer bump.

Josephine sighed as she examined what damage she could from the inside of the hull. She had the figure out what she would need to do a quick patch job without wasting supplies. Absent-mindedly, she twirled her hammer in her right hand as she took mental notes. “I don’ understand why rammin’ another boat would be a good idea.” she grumbled as she turned to get what she’d need.

The walk towards the hold lasted a while because Josephine made a wrong turn and had to stop and think about the layout of the ship. When she got back on the path to the hold, she had a little bit of a headache. “It is goin’ to be a long day.” She thought.

As she walked into the hold, Josephine pushed the sleeves of her white shirt over her elbows and scanned over the people in the hold. A blonde girl, aged around her late teens or early twenties, was rushing around tending to the crew’s wounds before she stopped to speak with a man that had shoulder-length black hair.

Rubbing her temples in circles, Josephine walked up to the two people conversing. The blonde girl had just finished speaking about a wounded man. “So I see you have work to do,” Josephine gestured at the blonde, “Could you assist me in carryin’ some supplies for a temporary repair?” she addressed the man.