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Isabella Green

"If the potato could stab you with a fork, do you think it would?"

0 · 261 views · located in Ontario Mills Mall

a character in “MallRats”, as played by SlightlyInsane


Isabella Green || 17 || Kathryn Prescott


In a nutshell:
Isabella is a bit socially awkward. She’s very quiet around those she doesn’t know. Once she feels comfortable enough, maybe she’ll show her more carefree side. She’s somewhat blunt and will say things as they are during inconvenient occasions. She's naturally very curious and wonders the oddest things, which may lead people to believe she could use some mental help. She's about average intelligence and gets her work done as soon as possible.

Isabella has shoulder length red hair with slanted bangs. Her eyes are a chocolate brown color and she has pale skin. She stands at 5'2" and weighs 104 lbs. She can usually be seen wearing skinny jeans, converses, and a t-shirt of some sort, depending on if she's working or not. She doesn't wear much make up and always carries her duct tape wallet and cell phone with her.

The red head lives with her older brother and mom in a small house in a small neighborhood. She's never known her father or many other of her family members. She's content with life.

Where she works:
Abercrombie & Fitch

Who she likes:

Who she doesn't like:

Who she's in a relationship with:
No one. She is straight.


So begins...

Isabella Green's Story

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Isabella hurriedly brushed her hair, trying to get her bangs to stay down. The morning had been a mad rush thanks to her alarm not going off. Now she was dressed in a pair of jeans, a baggy green t-shirt, and her black converses. As much as she liked her job, it was one of those days where she truly wished she could just sleep in and watch TV all day. But she had clothing to spray, fold, and organize. It wouldn't do any use being fired now, would it?

The red head stopped by Starbucks right away. Juggling her wallet, nerves, and a cup of coffee, she started walking to Abercrombie & Fitch. She shoved her purple and red duct tape wallet into the back pocket of her skinny jeans. A few minutes later she entered the store, where her coworkers were busy setting up for the day.

"Isabella, you're-"

"I know, I know. I got everything under control. I brought another shirt to change into, I'll be right out!" she called in an anxious voice. Isabella began speed walking through the store, going into the back to set her coffee down and change into a shirt that barely fit her. "Ah crap," she mumbled, realizing she'd forgotten it in her car. Panicking, she grabbed her coffee off of a table and ran back out front. "Be right back!" she yelled again, running out of the store and turning sharply to the left, almost falling over as she did.


Jude smiled as he opened up the doors to Sam Ash. Music was always his thing. Every since he was little, it was his escape. Forget all those fancy gadgets and video games. Just give him a guitar and he would be busy for hours. Melodies came and got themselves stuck in his head.

Humming, he put the keys in his register and slammed it close. Everything looked to be in order today, which was a relief. Some of the less experienced workers would leave instruments sitting around and he would have to re-tune and set everything up. That was, unless it was the odd day that Nikki came in ahead of him. But not seeing her told him that she'd be joining him later.

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Isabella ran through the mall, not paying attention to anything else. If she didn't get her shirt in time, she'd end up having to wear somebody else's or having to buy a new one. Buying a new one would mark the third time that month. "I'm dead," she mumbled to herself as she turned a corner.

Almost immediately she hit somebody else, crushing the foam coffee cup between her and the other person. Hot, dark liquid (which smelled incredible) dripped onto her hand and then onto the floor. The red head bit her lip and took a step back, shifting the remnants of the drink to her other hand and shaking her left hand, trying to get the coffee off of it. "I'm so sorry," she said hurriedly, looking at Anabelle with a panicked expression. "I was trying to get to my car and I wasn't watching where I was going."


Jude laughed a bit and pretended to be organizing some papers. "I guess so," he commented. It was then that he noticed they were blank and oddly sticking together. A bit disgusted, he tossed them in the waste basket just as somebody came in and Nikki asked him a question. "Knock, knock!" a voice called happily, leading Jude to fool himself into thinking Nikki had a twin sister. But it was only Harper.

"Hi Harper," he said quietly in comparison to Nikki's bright 'good morning'. He didn't mind Harper, but this much noise in the morning was a bit troubling for him. It was also bugging him that she was so close. Speaking of which, was she really sitting on the counter like it was nothing? Jude did his best not to twitch and sat down on his stool.

"We just got here. Not that much changes in a matter of..." he looked at his wrist, forgetting that he didn't own a watch. "Er- twelve or so hours?" He wasn't exactly sure how long it had been since he'd seen either of the girls, though he guessed it was sometime after his shift yesterday.