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Tate Evans

18 | Empire Records

0 · 204 views · located in Ontario Mills Mall

a character in “MallRats”, as played by Tetsuya Shimazu



Tate has always bee a very mysterious guy. He doesnโ€™t like telling people about himself. He just shows up to work, disappears during breaks, and is gone once his shift is over. He has many casual flings, the girls never last more than a week. But lately, things have been different, his co-workers are making him more social and open to people. They are becoming his friends, something he hasnโ€™t really had in a while. And he is possibly falling for his wild rocker co-woker, Sidney Russo.

So begins...

Tate Evans's Story

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Tate Evans awoke to the ringing of his alarm clock. He seemed resigned to shuting off his alarm and clmbing out of bed, as if he's gotten use to his role in the morning. His room was rather small and as he got dressed he didn't bother to turn the lights on, he wouldn't be there that long anyway. He put on a blue, flannel, button up shirt with a black T-shirt underneath, he also had blue jeans and white sneakers. He walked down the stairs leading to the living room/ Kitchen, the television was turned, but the volume was rather low. The lights in the room weren't on, a man was sitting on the floor next to a coffee table. His hea was hunched over and he was obviously unconcious. Tate kneeled down next to him and picked up an empty bottle lying on the floor, it read 'Colt 45'. Tate's face had no emotion as he he read the label. He placed it jently on th coffee table then gave the man a gentle push.

"Hey, dad, I'm leaving for work now." Tate said quietly.

His father's eyes opened slowly. He turned to look at Tate and gave a faint smile. "Oh, Tate." The man said gently. "Sorry, I guess I caused some trouble for you again, huh?"

Tate's face contorted as the words were said. He stood up and walked toward the door, and without saying another word Tate slammed the door behind him.


Tate arrived at the mall aout three minutes before his shift started. He took the door through Target, like he usually did. He walked through the big shopping area with an empty expression, this place wasn't his favourite, but it wasn't like he couldn't stand it. He finally made his way to Empire Records, the store he worked at. He saw a fellow employee at the store, Sidney Russo. Tate didn't say anything to her, instead he headed to the back and began separating the new shippments .