Whitney Kymbers

A 17 year old Senior, with a full time job at the mall, and a LOT on her shoulders.

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Name: Whitney Kymbers

Age: 17 1/2

Race = PuertoRican
Height = 5'9
Weight, Body type = 130lbs, Busty/Curvaceous.
Eyes = Light Brown[close to Hazel]
Hair = Thick & Brown[reaches to the middle of her back when out.]
Body Art = Has the Kanji for "Wonder Woman" tattooed on the inside of her right wrist, a heart with "Kyle & Meredith" on the inside of her left wrist, and a beautiful rainbow-butterfly design on her back....that starts in-between her shoulder-blades, but reaches out towards the ends of her shoulders and down towards middle of her back.
Other = Whitney is slightly nearsighted, but can manage without her glasses. So she wears them pretty randomly.

Works in mall?: Yes.

If so, what store?: Victoria's Secret.

Personality: Whitney is a simple kind girl. Shes always been personable, but rarely shows it anymore since her homelife has caused her to keep more to herself over the last couple of years. She's modest to a fault, and judges people simply on how they treat her and others, instead of how they look/talk.

While Whitney can and will talk to everyone, she isn't a fan of overly materialistic people, or players.....and seeing as how she's a bright girl, she's not one to fall for pick up lines.....at all.

History: Whitneys upbringing was chaotic.
Both her parents are addicts, her father addicted to crack and alcohol, and her mother addicted to alcohol..............but as her father kept to the streets, her mother at least tried to raise her & her sister...........failing miserably though. So much so that two years ago, her 27 year old sister who was raising her, moved out of the house and onto her college campus.......while Whitney, was emancipated[at age 15], and has been living on her own in a small apartment downtown ever since.

However at age 16, her mother gave birth to another child.........her brother, Kyle. And after the child was born with alcohol in its system, Whitney had to appear in court with her sister, to fight for custody from CPS[child protective service]. Thankfully, after a few weeks, they won...........and even though the judgment was for her older sister Meredith, Whitney volunteered to have Kyle most of the time, so that her sister could finish medical school.

So Kyle is now a year and a half old, and Whitney, having been granted the ability to study for her Senior year via corresponded[unless called into school for a test, or etc.], works full time at Victoria's Secret.........a place she has worked for almost two years now.
She knew of Jenna ever since entering school, but didn't really talk to her much until the two started working together.........the two get along, but really haven't had much time to hang out outside of the job.......but then again, Whitney hasn't been able to hang out with anyone really, outside of her job, except her best friend XXX[check OOC], who comes over and helps with Kyle sometimes.
But with her school load starting to lighten up, and her sister Meredith being able to babysit a little more, she has begun to have more time on her hands..........and has used that time, to work at/roam the mall.

Password: Monkey Slut.

So begins...

Whitney Kymbers's Story

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It was 7am, and the rattling of toys inside Kyles crib was enough to wake Whitney, who was barely sleeping anyways.

She quickly slipped out of her fluffy California King, and into a pair of white flip flop slippers, which matched the long white AC/DC shirt she was wearing for PJ's.
"Cominggggg" she said out loud playfully, as she trekked from her bed to Kyles crib.
Sure enough he wasn't hungry......just longing for attention, something Whitney was always glad to give him.

By 8:45 she had bathed, fed, & dressed Kyle - in a cute jean and dress shirt set, w/ a little tie and black hat.
"Aren't you handsome!" Whitney muttered, just as a knock came at the door.

When she opened it, there stood Cassie.....her sister Merediths roommate, and her part-time babysitter.
"Hey! Come on in.....the place is a bit, well, shitty, but-" before she could finish, Cassie cut Whitney off.
"Oh well i was going to bring him back to my Trevors place anyways, since he has his daughter over........figured they could play together!"
"Oh okay" Whitney said, having met Cassies boyfriend Trevor, and his daughter Emi numerous times. "How hold is Emi again, like 3?"
"No, 2! So maybe Kyle will have a girlfriend by the end of the day"
Both girls laughed, as Whitney gathered up Kyles things, placed them inside his red diaper bag, and then handed it to Cassie.

"So when will you get off today?"

"Well i open, but i'll probably have to close too if we're short on hands again.....so, i should be able to pick him up around say, 10pm!"

Cassie smiled "Okay, we might be back at my place by then, so just text me before you leave okay?"

"Will do"

The two girls hugged, kissed each other on the cheeks, and Whitney of course pinched Kyles cheeks a few times, before Cassie left.......and the clocked struck 9am.
"Shit!" she spat, before running into her room and into the bathroom, to take a quick shower.

By 9:35 Whitney had showered and gotten dressed in record time.......she now stood in front of her rustic floor-length mirror, wearing a pair of fitted black dress capri's, a black lace tank top, and a pair of black 3-inch slip on heels., as she brushed out her hair and then proceeded to make[url=http://i.imgur.com/qbaPg.jpg] a long side braid over her right shoulder..[/color]

After fixing her hair, she quickly grabbed her plaid messenger bag, threw her Samsung Galaxy SII inside of one of its side pockets, grabbed her keys, and headed for the door.............but before she opened it, she quickly turned around and filled up the food bowls for her 3 month old Siberian kitten, and her 6 month old Siberian Husky pup - who she let out of the kennel, before leaving..............knowing her neighbor/landlord had agreed to take care of the animals during the day, as usual.
Whitney was truly blessed to have so much help and understanding from those around her.


Sometimes living downtown was a curse, but it was also a blessing in times like this.........seeing as how Whitney didn't have to hop on the bus to get to work, she could simply walk 5-7 minutes before arriving at the mall.

There was a small line of people waiting by the front doors, and a moderate collection of cars scattered in the parking lot - with people waiting inside of them, for the doors to open, as Whitney approached. And when the security guard saw her smiling face, and the Victoria Secret's name badge clipped to the top of her tank, he quickly moved aside to let her in.

"Morning Whitney!" said the hefty older guard.

"Morning Jet!! Hope you have a good day! See ya when i'm on break!" she said kindly, before sliding her employees card in a slit beside the door - causing it to unlock for her to walk inside.
This wasn't her usual entrance......she usually would just walk up to the Macy's doors and bang on them until someone let her in.........so that she could quickly make her way up the escalators to Victoria's Secret on the second floor......but for some random reason she decided to go through the front doors today.

It was 9:48 when she entered the mall, and by the time she made it to in front of Victorias Secret, it was 9:50....leaving only 10 minutes to set things up.......but seeing as how it was a Monday, and Jenna and Her had set things up rather well Sunday before they left, she figured 10 minutes was all she would need......and after a momentary sigh, she unlocked the gate in front of the store, and pulled it up off the ground half way, until it was able to snap back up into the ceiling on it's own accord.


It was now 10:05, and the doors of the mall had been open for five minutes, but it still appeared dead outside the store......as Whitney switched on the radio to the rock and alternative station - her favorite.
An Offspring song had just ended, before Jason Mraz's The Dynamo of Volition began to play.......and Whitney instantly began to sway back and forth, as she made her way from around the counter and over towards a half-empty rack of teddies, that she began to fill with new ones from a cart beside her.

At first her movements were slow, but halfway through the song Whitney had begun to not only dance around as if alone in her room on a Saturday morning, but sing along with the words..............luckily, she had a decent voice.........for if anyone where to enter the store, it was a sure thing they'd hear the dorky young girl blissfully singing to her hearts content.

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Jenna smirked as she strutted into the mall. Her morning had already been nearly perfect, and she planned on making the rest of her day just as good. She had woken up to her alarm clock after the third time she pushed snooze, and had been able to get ready much earlier than usual. Although she was still late to work, she was not nearly as late as usual, only about 10 minutes. As she walked past the many opening stores in the mall, she saw her workplace, Victoria Secret. Inside was her co worker Whitney, dancing and singing in the store as she normally did early in the morning. She giggled to herself, arriving at the door to the store just as the song ended. Jenna clapped her hands in a slightly sarcastic way. "Bravo." She said, walking over to the cash register she normally worked at.

On most days, the only workers in Victoria Secret were Jenna and Whitney, which had almost made them friends. Almost. But Jenna wasn't the easiest person to be friends with.

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Just as the song ended, clapping started behind her....causing Whitney to turn around sharply, spotting none other than her co-worker, Jenna.
"Oh, it's just you" she whispered to herself, as Jenna went behind the counter w/ a sarcastic "Bravo"

A few minutes later, after Jenna had settled in a bit, Whitney walking up to the counter.
"There was a message from our lovely GM*........she won't be in today, big shock eh? So it looks like it's just me and you."
She smiled at Jenna, before looking at a clock above her co-workers head, which read; 10:21[am]
"Gee....i have no idea how i'm going to make it to the end of the day........i didn't sleep well at all. I mean, i never sleep well, but last night was the worse............i think i'm gonna go get a cup of coffee down in the food court real quick.....want anything?"

Whitney would wait until Jenna answered, before walking out of Victoria's Secret and down to the end of the second floor, where she'd take the escalators to the first floor. She would then walk until she reached the food court beside the main doors.
Spotting Starbucks wasn't hard, seeing as how it was the first restaurant of many.....and much to her surprise there was only a small line, so she quickly took her place behind the four people waiting to be served, pulled out her phone, and began to text Cassie.

"Hey, how's the little man??" she'd type into her phone - taking & attaching a photo of herself standing in line, before pressing "Send".

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Jenna thought for a moment. She had gotten enough sleep last night, but Starbucks was always yummy anyway. "Get me a grande coffee light with two splendas and a scone," She said, reaching into her purse to pull out her wallet. Inside, there was a lot of money, and she pulled out a 20, handing it to Whitney. "I'll pay." She gave her a sweet smile, then walked from the counter to the back of the store where the Pink merchandise was kept. She began re-folding the shirts and straightening the sweatpants, humming some song that was stuck in her head.

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The line moved fast, and within only seven minutes Whitney was back inside VS with Jennas order, and a large black coffee for herself.

"I'm back!" she called out, as she placed Jennas change , scone, and coffee down, and then hoped up on the counter beside it. "You know, I wonder if the world would come to a grinding halt if Starbucks and Burger King disappeared off the face of the planet........." Whitney joked, before placing her free hand on her stomach dramatically. "I swear, those places are always the most crowded! Hooray to North America being the home of the Whopper....and, of flabby bellies!"
She instantly shut her mouth when she noticed a slightly chunky woman entering the store. 'Shit! I'm such an idiot, did she hear me!??" Whitney wondered to herself frantically, but luckily the woman walked up to her with a warm smile and began to ask for help with a fitting.

"Sure thing ma'am, right this way........i'll measure you in the dressing rooms, and then i'll help you pick out a bra that matches your style, okay!?" she said sweetly, before placing her open coffee beside Jennas and hoping down off of the counter. "Jenna, come get your money hun!"

She'd wait for her co-worker to retrieve the money from the counter before escorting the woman back to the dressing rooms.

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Jenna smiled at Whitney, going over to get her money and putting it in her wallet. She nodded her head at Whitney to help the costumer, picking up her coffee and taking a sip. {i] Ahh that hit the spot,[/i] She thought as she went behind the counter and opened up a package of bags. She kept on glancing at the door for any new costumers to walk in.

After Jenna had unpacked the bags, she turned towards the door and saw a group of girls who looked about the age of 11. She giggled slightly and walked over to them, trying to keep the sarcastic comments to herself. "Uh hello. Welcome to Victorias Secret. May I help you with anything?" She said. A few times a day they got costumers this young and it always amused her how they thought they needed bras when they obviously didn't.

"Well, we were looking for some bathing suits." One of the girls said in a obnoxious tone. Jenna raised her eyebrows at them, but turned around and walked to where the bathing suits were kept in the store. "Might I suggest an extra small?" She said outloud, but she was thinking, Or gap kids.

The girls smiled at her and started looking at the bathing suits. Jenna walked back to the cash register counter and took another sip of her coffe. This was going to be a long day.