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Olivia Ingram

"The most dangerous thing in life is to have no purpose."

0 · 530 views · located in New York

a character in “Manhattan's Social Elite”, as played by AzizaRose



Image|| Full Name ||
Olivia Jo Ingram

|| Nicknames ||
Liv/Livvy - pretty much everyone

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| Sexual Orientation ||

|| Ethnicity ||
English & German

|| Face Claim ||
Emily Rudd

|| Roleplay ||
Manhattan's Social Elite

|| Played By ||

|| Hair Color ||
Sandy blonde/light brown depending on lighting and whether or not she's washed it recently.

|| Eye Color ||

|| Skin Tone ||

|| Height ||

|| Weight ||
125 lbs

|| Tattoos ||
None, although she is open to the idea of getting a tattoo.

|| Piercings ||
Earlobes, she often wears simple studs.

|| Scars ||

|| Style ||
Generally comfortable but trendy, with simple layers. She has to pay for her own clothing, and therefore doesn't usually flock to boutiques for clothes after school (like many people she knows). She does, however, borrow from [the queen] and [the traitor]'s wardrobes for special occasions, and their clothes are much higher quality and more expensive than her own.

Image|| Traits ||
Driven, Caring, Determined, Eloquent, Loyal, Competetive

|| Personality ||
One of Olivia's mantras is "Nothing worth having comes easy," This is something she recites to herself daily, and especially when she has to do something difficult. Her dreams of going to an ivy league or private college for computer science has driven her entire personality. She is so determined to achieve the best that she often blinds herself to the more 'bland' parts of her life. Her relationship with her parents is strained because of this, but that does not mean she does not love them or the life they've worked to give her. She tends to shut them down or ignore what they have to say. As far as they know, Olivia has a few friends, but as most of them live in Manhattan, their parents would rather them not go so far to that part of town. Her parents have never questioned this, because having a daughter themselves, they understand the worry of having your child so far away in such a large, crime-filled city. Often, if her school is having an event that parents are invited to, she hides signs of it from her parents. One of her main priorities is keeping her two lives separate. Her mother and father do feel guilty that they don't lead as much of a part in their daughter's life as they wish they could, but as far as they know Olivia is getting a comprehensive education, doing her schoolwork, seems mentally stable, and spends quality time with her friends. What else could a parent wish for their child?
Because of her relationship with her parents- or lack thereof, Olivia tries to make up for it by helping out wherever she can financially. This is how her coding 'business' really turned into what it has today. She feels guilty for not living up to whatever expectations she thinks her parents have for her, and decided that something her parents would really be thankful for was money. It wasn't until she began doing it for money that she realized how much she enjoyed (and how good she was at) coding, computer design, hacking, and general computer sciences. It's almost as if her brain was wired for thest types of things.
Sometimes she snaps out of her success-induced frenzy of a life and snaps. These breakdowns are few and far between, occurring only once or twice a year, but they are extreme and sudden, and difficult for her to control. They often leave her hurt, confused, and dazed, and she has only been lucky that nobody has seen her in a manic state before. These breakdowns usually occur when there has been stress building for a long time, and then something small goes wrong, and snap. They resemble anxiety/panic attacks in how they begin, but how they affect her throughout the episode is much different. She blacks out, anywhere from ten minutes to six hours, unable to remember exactly what happened until a few days later. They leave her shaken for a few days, but she is usually able to blame her unusual behavior on sickness or a big project. She has learned to be an ally to herself, even when her own mind is against her.
Olivia is generally a good friend. Her determination to stay on top has built up a strong loyalty to her friends and family, and a healthy appetite for competition. Okay, maybe slightly unhealthy, but she is working on it! She has been surrounded by competition since she entered the social world, and has gotten quite used to it. In fact, she loves the competition. The thrill of being at the top seems to give this high. Because of her breakdowns, she will grasp at anything to make her feel good. While Olivia isn't necessarily a sore loser, she does get down on herself when she fails at something. Even if it is a game of scrabble. Some people find this annoying or rude, but she doesn't mean it in a bad way. She has trained herself to be on top, and when she doesn't achieve what she sets out to, she falls hard. Her self-esteem is almost nonexistent, once again contributing to her fragile mental status. Growing up in such a rough environment, where some weeks the only meal you get daily is school lunch because the bills were too high, is hard on a developing child. Now throw that same child in a school where social hierarchy is the largest priority to most, and put them toward the top of the pyramid. This is exactly what happened to Olivia, and now that she has tasted the sweet life of being looked up to, she is not willing to give it up. Some call it being desperate, others call it power-hungry. Whatever it is, she is not willing to change any time s oon.

Image|| Habits ||
Tapping her pencils/pens excessively - it is a coping mechanism, often you can see her doing this during an important test or while working on a project/essay.
Fiddling with her necklace - again, it is a coping mechanism for when she feels stressed. She usually is not aware she is doing so.

|| Likes/Loves ||
Thrill - Feeling adrenaline pump through her body is one of Olivia's favorite things. People have tried to get her to try some drugs before, to recreate that feeling, but she has never given in before. She is not completely against it, though.
The smell of a new book - With as much time as she spends studying and reading, Olivia has grown to love everything about the experience. Down to getting little papercuts on her fingers from turning the pages.
Sweets - She probably has the biggest sweet-tooth you'll ever see.

|| Dislikes/Hates ||
Ignorance - Something she has never tolerated, but seems to be surrounded by often in today's world.
People who constantly mess with their hair
When people don't believe in her - It will make her try even harder to achieve her best.

|| Strengths/Skills ||
Advanced computer programs

|| Weaknesses/Setbacks ||
Overwhelming pressure
Deep realtionships
Sharing her feelings
Revealing weakness

Image|| Family ||
Antonia Nadine Ingram - Mother
Patrick Charles Ingram - Father

|| History ||
Olivia comes from a much different background than her classmates, not only financially. She was raised in an apartment above her parent's coffee shop, for starters. Not exactly the Manhattan penthouse her friends are used to. The bills were high and the income low. For her thirteenth birthday, Olivia's parents gave her a crappy little ASUS laptop. She was thrilled. It was on this laptop that Olivia discovered she could manipulate data in her favor. She was introduced to coding and photoshop and all sorts of computer programs that seemed to just call her name. She would spend hours and hours teaching herself every little piece of information about these programs, and she eventually learned that you could make money off of website design and hacking. Thus, her online under-the-table business was born. She gets the usual clients, older folks who need a website for whatever business they have, and new business owners looking for an updated homepage from their business' website created in the late 90s. But, she also gets clients who need... riskier tasks completed. Tasks like hacking the financial records of their largest competitor, downloading all of the information, and perhaps swapping a few numbers around. Now, at first, Olivia was too scared to accept these jobs. Which is understandable, she was young at the time. But then she realized how much these people are willing to pay- or do- for some of these jobs. For example, in exchange for hacking into a certain New York congressman's email and anonymously releasing some not-so-classy emails, she received a hefty check and an iPhone 7 with a plan she didn't have to worry about. She told her parents she was paying for it herself, and despite their bewildered looks, they asked no questions.
When Olivia was accepted to Constance Billard, she realized that she could actually go somewhere in life. With the skills she had acquired and the connections she now had, (powerful businesspeople and public figures tend to keep their hackers closer than their enemies), she would be able to get a scholarship to a good college and live the life she had always planned for herself. At first, this new school was terrifying. All of her classmates had been in the spotlight for years, learned social etiquette when they were seven, and had friendships rooted so deep not even God himself could possibly separate them. But maybe it was the appeal of a strange new girl, or possibly her academics, or maybe (just maybe) her personality? Who knows, but Olivia rose to the top. She got close with the higher-ups, and got so close that they would have sleepovers and do all of the typical girly things. Problems arose when her friends began to question why none of these hangouts or sleepovers never seemed to happen at Olivia's penthouse suite in the Upper East Side. That's when the story began, and it went a little something like so;
Olivia's mom is a very avant-garde famous artist. She is so secretive about her work that even her own family isn't allowed to see her paintings until they were finished, and she goes by an alias (so as not to attract too much attention, of course) that she won't tell anybody besides her manager. She is so crazy about her work that her studio is completely off-limits to everyone except herself, and Olivia isn't even allowed to have friends over in case they see her mother's paintings and leaked her methods, or worse, her ideas. Her father is a major shareholder in some South American hotel chain, and is gone often on business trips. Perhaps if her father was home she could convince him to let her have friends over, but alas, the longest amount of time he has been home since she can remember is a week.
Now, of course there are logistics to her story that require more than just verbal verification. Olivia does her best to keep others away from her "home," but there are cases when it would be weird to not at least bring her friends to her building. Olivia has an ongoing deal with an older doorman, Charlie, for a certain apartment building in Manhattan. She allows him to use her services for free and is currently teaching him how to use a computer, and in exchange he lets her pretend she lives in the building. She can come in whenever she needs, he will say he knows her, and she is allowed to hang out upstairs for a little while until the coast is clear for her to go home.
Living her life as she does is stressful and difficult, and she often thinks about what it would be like if she were to just come clean... But even she knows that that is very unlikely. The only people who know about her true background are [the traitor] and [the sweetheart], something that she would like to keep quiet. With a vision of gold and sparkles, a university degree, and power in her future, she cannot be dragged down to the bottom by her humble beginnings.

|| Character Sheet ||
Starlight Princess

|| Fontmeme ||

|| Dialogue ||

So begins...

Olivia Ingram's Story


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All White Labor Day Party

The Arnault Residence
6 Olde Towne
Southampton, NY 11968
United States

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

Sunny, 74 ยฐF

Unlike the rest of us, sex, lies and scandal never take a vacation. Instead, they take the Long Island Expressway and head east, to the Hamptons. Some would say summer is their busiest season. Think Park Avenue, but with tennis whites and ban de soleil. The players change, but the game remains the same. Though school may have started last week for our favorites of the Upper East Side, we all know that summer doesn't truly end until after the annual white party hosted by Bernard Arnault. It's the Met Gala of the summer, and the most exclusive Labor Day party on the island. Didn't get invited? Don't worry, I'm sure you're not the only one. Besides, you know that I'll be there, ready to catch you up on all of the colorful drama that's sure to unfold in this sea of white.


โ€”Gossip Girl


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_____T H EXB O O K W O R M_____

Outfit: Link Here
Location: Her Bedroom to Charlotte's
Dialogue Color โœฆ #C35817
Thought Color โœง #730800

There were a host of variables that played a part in Naya contending with the idea of attending the Arnault party this year. The main one being Gigi. Her aunt had been antsy since her return from her honeymoon and while she was relatively the same over-the-top, lovable aunt that Naya knew best, seeing her so frazzled - particularly over an event that Naya didn't see as that important in comparison to the woman's wedding, which had happened months ago - made Naya amenable. It didn't help that despite the warm reception their family had given, none of her siblings nor her parents were willing to attend such a lavish affair, which meant that Naya had to be the representative for the rest of the family and a sign that there was nothing wrong with Gigi for her family not being involved. Obviously, there was at least one other person in her life, outside of this family she was married into, who supported her. Her grandmother's voice had sounded weak and thready over the phone, which explained their reluctance, but that was something Naya was willing to dissect at a later date.

The most important variable was, well, Naya's own secret desire to attend. The normal Naya would avoid huge events such as these, stray away from situations where she would have to network and socialize and put on a show.It wasn't to say that Naya was a lone wolf or anything like that, but she wasn't cheery and bubbly, and her vivacity only truly emerged in the face of good friends and low-key settings. However, she had Olivia - no, her and Olivia's vlog - to thank for this new insurgence of...want. That was a good word for it. Naya wanted to be better; braver, more confident. Their vlog and fanbase were still growing - and neither had ever even considered a growing fanbase, they had just wanted to make one - but their current followers, and the interactions that emerged with them made Naya read comments she ignored in real life. She was pretty. Personable. A bit of a smart ass on the low. Funny. Things Naya wouldn't normally give herself credit for and she still had a ways to go. Naya was very much still the same girl from before whose nerves presented themselves in self-deprecating thoughts and retreats back to her room or the library instead of putting herself out there, and letting go in the ways a lot of her peers did. But she wanted more than that. And that meant sucking it up and attending a huge party with her step-family at a huge ass house she was never going to get used to, not when she wasn't even used to the townhouse just yet.

Naya had just finished watching the last video that Olivia had uploaded yesterday. There were some edits the more popular girl had done, necessary cuts that she made if it seemed to take up too much time, but their cooking session slash goof-off made Naya smile in remembrance. And it had gotten more likes in the last twenty-four hours than she would have thought. Grinning at the her on the screen who kept poking her finger in the cookie batter bowl, Naya picked up her phone to text Olivia, but also Derek and Cas just in case either of them considered not showing up for the party.

To: Liv
Def luv da vid. N u were right. dis intro is better.

To: D, Cas
No excuses. u both better show up 2day

Just as she was about to put her phone back on its charger and probably find a movie on Netflix, Naya's text tone went off and she flipped through to see it was a message from Charlotte. The best thing that had come out of the marriage - other than Gigi's happiness, of course - was that it meant that Naya was living with one of her good girlfriends. It meant dealing with Adeline too, but having someone in the house who already liked you and with whom you got along was a welcome reprieve from one of the less tolerable interactions Naya had had with the other twin. Naya didn't even bother texting the girl back; she simply slid off of her bed while clutching her phone, slipped into the first pair of flip flops she saw, and headed out of her bedroom and two doors down the hall. Naya knocked twice before opening the door, a raised eyebrow and a small smirk her initial greeting to the two girls occupying the bedroom. "Smells like you two been having a mighty fun time in here," she remarked with a subtle wrinkle of her nose. The smell of marijuana wasn't strong, just lying beneath the subtle layer of vanilla from Charlotte's candle, but after unwittingly receiving contact highs from these two and her own family, Naya recognized the scent very easily.


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his room - arnault household
The Class Clown

Great! The annual Labour Day party that the Arnault's hosted. Normally, Castiel didn't go, but because Naya was now intertwined with the Arnaults, he was required. He had to be there for his best friend. Sighing, he would look towards the mirror in his room, and look at himself. He looked like a thirteen-year old, and that's sad because his ACTUAL thirteen year old brother was nearly taller than him. Freak of nature. Hearing his phone go off, he would pick it up to see a text from Naya. Laughing a bit, he'd send a quick reply.

To: Princess Leia | Naya
why do u hate me, what did i ever do 2 u? i'm kidding tho, be omw in a few gotta make sure mom knows im gone

Moving towards his closet, the male would search for an acceptable outfit. Eventually finding one, the male would simply sigh as he made his way downstairs. As he did, he'd overhear his mother in her office talking to someone, who obviously wasn't his father. Gritting his teeth, he'd deliver a knock on the door, which ended the conversation quick. "Yes?", his mother questioned. "Just letting you know, Adam's at his friends, and Dad's at the church. I'm heading over to the Arnault's for their party, just letting you know I'm gone,
he spoke before exiting the house, not giving his mother a chance to reply. He had a strained relationship with her, especially after he caught her cheating. But that's a different story for today. His dark amber eyes remained focused, as he entered his baby, and would start it. Blaring music played over the stereo as he turned it down to send a quick text to Olivia.

To: The GF | Olivia
pls tell me ur going 2 this party.

Then the idea hit him. He'd be going to be seeing the same person who knew his secret, the only person who he'd ever experimented with sexually (in terms of the female gender). Eyes widening the boy, would begin to drive, gulping down a breath.


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Location: Kitchen
Dialogue Color: #7957C2

Location: Kitchen
Dialogue Color: #3BAD45
After secretly spending her entire summer at an eating disorder treatment center in Illinois, being back home was a transition. She had only gotten home on Monday, and although school had begun on Wednesday, she hadn't returned to school yet. She had been sick earlier in the week, and though it was pretty clear at this point that it had only been her anxiety making her sick, and not an actual virus, it was impossible for her father to force her to school when she was working herself up into getting physically sick because of the nerves. While it probably seemed extreme, Adeline wasn't good with change. It was one of the reasons for why transitioning into living at the treatment center had been so difficult for her, and coming back home after such a long stretch was no different. Coming back home to a new living situation, with her father having gotten married while she was gone, only made the transition seem more extreme. Additionally though, Adeline had the added element of having to stress over being gone for so long, simply because such an unexplained disappearance wasn't acceptable in the social scene that she was involved in. Had she had any forewarning about her father planning on sending her away, she would have made up some excuse for the disappearance that would be to come. She didn't have that luxury though, so now, she could only trust that her family had really kept up the lie that she was away in California for most of the summer visiting her mother, and in France for the rest of it, visiting her father's extended family. They had claimed that she was taking a break from social media, purging herself, if you will, though anyone who knew Adeline knew that she would never willingly do something like that. She knew that her close friends had to know that the story her family was selling was a false one, but now that she was back, she didn't know how to explain the truth to them. Sydney, in particular, was who she was worried about. She was her closest friend, and one of the most trusted people in her life, and yet her struggle with her weight had always felt like too big of a secret to share. Adeline had never wanted to admit that she had a problem, so that too, had allowed her to remain mum about the problem. Even now, when telling the truth was probably the only option that she had to explain such an inexplicable disappearance, she felt sick over having to admit to where she really was. When something made her anxious, Adeline's go-to response was to ignore it instead of facing the responsibility, and that was why she had refused to even touch her phone upon returning to New York, until today.

She sat on one of the high-top chairs at the island in the kitchen of her summer house silently, although the house itself wasn't silent. Thankfully, the kitchen itself was empty for the time being, aside from Simone, the family's chef. Down the hall there was another kitchen, and that was the one that was typically used to prepare big meals for parties like the one her family was currently preparing for. Because the party was being hosted outdoors, most of the event planners and staff involved with setting everything up were out there, and luckily for Adeline, she was pretty sure that her father and stepmother were somewhere out there as well. She was only just beginning to get over the bad mood that her father had put her in earlier in the day, after someone had informed him of how she had thrown out the meal that was supposed to be her lunch (and despite having zero evidence, Adeline was convinced that that someone was Grace). That was the only reason for why she was currently sitting in the kitchen. She had been forced to sit down for lunch #2, and this time, Simone wasn't going to let her cheat like she had with the salad that she had originally been given, despite it not fulfilling all of the requirements of her post-residential meal plan guidelines. Now, she was waiting for Simone to finish the grilled cheese sandwich, that would also have turkey and a sliced tomato inside of it. She was sure that it would taste good, but eating a 345 calorie sandwich, especially when bread was one of the foods that she dreaded the most, made her feel very uneasy. She had just finished sending out a text to Sydney, Esme, and Olivia, knowing that it was a pathetic and lackluster message to send after literally not being heard from for months, but not knowing what else to say, when her sister, Naya and Alaina entered the kitchen.

To: Sydney, Esme, Olivia
Can't wait to see you guys today ImageImageImageImage

Soon after Naya had joined them, the girls headed downstairs. Charlotte was feeling her high enough that she didn't really want to start drinking... until she remembered that she had to spend the entire afternoon and evening socializing. It would have been bad enough if this party was at someone else's house, but because it was her father's name on the invitation, she had to be extra careful about seeming all prim and proper to represent the family properly, and that just wasn't something she was comfortable doing. It wasn't in her nature to be that person. Adeline seemed to handle it fine, and she definitely was the one who had the friends that her father probably appreciated more, but Charlotte had never caught on to the allure of putting up a fake image just to impress other people. It wasn't fun, and it felt like a waste of time. Thinking about that made alcohol sound all the more enticing. "You're drinking, right?" she said, cocking her head to the side to look at Naya. It still felt necessary to ask those kinds of questions, though it probably wasn't fair to Naya that she had such an ingrained reputation of being sweet and innocent. Charlotte asked because of that, but also because she knew that if she was drinking alone, her father would have something to say, but that if Naya was doing so too, he wouldn't be so quick to criticize. She was his new stepdaughter, and although Charlotte wasn't like Adeline, calling out any "injustice" the second it was noticed, she wasn't blind to how her father was putting in an extra effort to make Naya comfortable and happy in her new home. It was surprising, but it was a sign that he liked Grace for more than just her youth. "I'm sure Simone will make us food and drinks," she said reassuringly, as they headed towards the kitchen.

Despite the party not starting for another couple of hours, and it being apparent in her own attire, and Charlotte and Alaina's too, that no one was dressed for the occasion yet, Adeline couldn't resist commenting on Naya's very showy outfit. It was something that was probably understandable to be worn lounging around the house, but it wasn't something that Adeline would ever wear, and as most people knew, she couldn't comprehend that other people would think differently than her. "Are you and Grace heading back to the brothel you guys came from, or did you finally find out that my dad signed a prenup, and that if you want anything close to this kind of life after he dumps her in a year or two, that you better use these parties to 'network' and find yourself a sugar daddy of your own?" It was an unnecessary dig, especially considering that Naya literally had not said a word to her, and that in the past five days that Adeline had been home, Naya and Grace had been nothing but nice to her. Adeline's mood seemed like a wild card lately. There were moments when she was cordial towards her new stepmother and stepsister, and others when she was venomous. The latter usually came about for no clear reason, though it was typically Adeline projecting her frustrations about other things onto them. They were an easy scapegoat to release her anger when she was feeling anxious about her weight, or the thought of returning to school, or still feeling frustrated over her entire summer being absolutely destroyed. In reality, there was a logical part of Adeline that did exist, that wasn't bogged down by her drama-queen antics. That piece of her knew good and well that there was no reason for her to lash out at Grace and Naya, especially considering that the rest of her family, including her mother (who Adeline was very close with), had taken to them quickly. Being irrational was part of who Adeline was, and specifically because they had been introduced into her life during what was probably her lowest point in terms of her struggle with her eating disorder, she was just more inclined, now, to associate negative feelings with them.

Charlotte hadn't been expecting to see Adeline in the kitchen of all places, but she was less surprised by the words that came out of her mouth, than her physical being as a whole. The comment towards Naya warranted an eye roll from her as she passed the island, ignoring her twin but glancing back at Naya, "Are you as shocked as I am that she managed to add a few new words to her vocabulary this summer?" she asked. Had Alaina not been standing there, then Charlotte surely would have made an insensitive added comment about how she thought she had only added some weight, not vocab words too, but she was decent enough not to go that low in front of someone who Charlotte assumed had no knowledge of Adeline's situation. She was just about to round the corner to approach their chef, who, by all means was a nice...though sometimes cold seeming, when she decided that Naya probably had a better chance of getting them a meal. "You ask," she mouthed to Naya, smirking and waving to the woman whose back was towards them. Simone was probably busy right now with a bunch of tasks lined up by her father, and because Bernard seemed against saying no to Naya right now, she was sure that that message had been passed along to the staff as well.


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_____T H EXB O O K W O R M_____

Outfit: Link Here
Location: Kitchen
Dialogue Color โœฆ #C35817
Thought Color โœง #730800

Naya practically snorted at Alaina's response, remarking, "Yeah right." She might have been a lot more for trying to find enjoyment in larger settings, particularly now that Grace has her occasionally needing to attend scenes such as the one that will be taking place later for the sake of family, but it didn't mean that Naya didn't have her reservations. Or that she was ecstatic about it. It was one of the reasons why she was eager to go get food with Charlotte and Alaina. Having something in her stomach would quell the fluttering in her belly and the antsy jitters rattling just below the surface. Naya followed her two friends out and away from Charlotte's room, and in the time it took them to reach the main kitchen Naya learned that they mostly used for the family, Naya was able to at least respond to Olivia. Her face might have remained somewhat chipper, though rather blank, when Charlotte asked if she was drinking, but Naya found herself rolling her eyes as she both text the A-Lister and made the conscious effort to not fall flat on her face while bounding down the steps. The annoyance Naya felt when friends only acted or spoke in correlation to the person she presented to them was probably unfair, but to a degree, it was also unfair for it to be insinuated as her only trait. Being good was not one-dimensional or all that she was, and she knew that to some degree, Charlotte understood that. It didn't make Naya's distaste for the insinuation go away either.

To: Liv
kinda dont have a choice. family obligations n allat lol

Naya would have replied to Castiel's message as well, but Adeline's greeting was startling distraction, so much so that Naya had to glance down at her attire before immediately glancing at Charlotte and Alaina, self-conscious. Naya had not seen an issue with what she had been wearing. She had showered earlier and thrown on the first things she found that weren't the clothes she was considering for later. They had no plans of really seeing anyone important until then and it didn't feel like she was wearing anything particularly revealing...right? Adeline's vitriol should not have been surprising considering her mood since her return from the program, but the awareness of Adeline's ever-present attitude didn't make the words offend any less than they already did. Naya couldn't even offer a rebuttal, just a tight smile at Charlotte's slight dig. It probably would have done her no good to say anything in the first place. While Grace vowed that Naya's patience would wane and she'd go off on Adeline as she already had once before, Naya just didn't see a point. Answering to Adeline's bait would give her a reason to think they were just all out to get her and Naya just didn't have it in her to entertain in a show she never asked for to begin with. Instead, ignoring Adeline completely, Naya approached Simone, putting on a small smile. Naya actually liked Simone and had frequently sat and watched the older woman cook since coming to the Hampton residence, so she didn't feel as much of the coldness emanating from her as someone else might. "I know everyone's got a lot to do," she said. "but do you think you could make us something to eat and cocktails? Pre party jitters and all that?"


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Location: En route to The Arnault Residence
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Sydney's summer has been no less spectacular than one would have imagined it to be. Between trips to Cannes, Ibiza, Paris, Sydney, and a plethora of other fun places across the globe, she had found time for weekends in the Hamptons, boozy brunches, and shopping trips galore. Her Instagram page spoke to the most photogenic of those fun moments, and though only her friends would know, there were many other fun moments that were less picturesque. Those were the moments that were more raw and emotional sometimes, and other times, just silly and crazy. All of it had made her summer one for the books; ups and downs included. It could have been better though, and that wasn't just Sydney's perfectionist side speaking. She had spent the entire summer without a single interaction with her longtime best friend, Adeline, and had then discovered through Esme, that Adeline was actually in a residential treatment center that offered treatment for eating disorders, mood disorders, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, trauma and other related disorders. It was a revelation that starkly conflicted with the narrative that Adeline's family had given her when she demanded some answers. Her father had claimed that she was in California visiting her mother, and purposely purging herself of social media and her phone, while her sister obnoxiously insisted that she had been an unfortunate witness to a murder and had been placed in a witness protection program somewhere in the Midwest. Not knowing the truth would be infuriating for anyone, but it was especially infuriating for Sydney, who could easily be billed as a control freak. It was something she typically wouldn't even deny. She liked being in control of things. She liked knowing where her friends were, and what they were doing that was so important, that it prevented them from being by her side at a moment's notice. The intensity of that feeling only increased when it came to Adeline, because Sydney had been immeasurably close with her since they were children. She was her best friend, to just suddenly not hear from her one day, and then receive a slew of lies about why she disappeared abruptly, with no warning, for months, wasn't a feeling that she could describe without coming across as being too emotional, or too bitter.

In the end, Esme had given her enough reason to believe that Adeline actually had been in Illinois for the entire summer. It was surely more realistic than Adeline, of all people, deciding to take a summer away from social media. Sydney wasn't a monster, and so when she found out about it, her heart did hurt for her best friend. She felt very guilty about it, because as her best friend, Sydney should have noticed that something was wrong enough to warrant such a dramatic situation. She should have been there for her while she was struggling. She should have forced her to recover, somehow, so that this never happened. She did feel bad for Adeline. She still did. However, Sydney wouldn't have been Sydney if she hadn't found a way to treat the situation coldly too. She wondered why Adeline hadn't trusted her enough to tell her about it. She told herself that Adeline probably didn't value their friendship as much as she did. She convinced herself that the girl had to have known that she was going to be spending her summer away, and had simply opted against sharing that information. She was angry and offended, and especially once Adeline had failed to show up for the first few days of school, those feelings had overtaken the hurt that she felt for her friends.

Her plan had been to ghost Adeline in response to her ghosting her all summer, be it by her own will, or not. She wasn't going to acknowledge the girl, even at her own party, until Adeline acknowledged her and offered her a sincere apology, and the complete truth. After flying out of the city with Camilo and touching down in the Hamptons, she had been en route to her house there when she received the first form of contact from Adeline in literal months, and she couldn't believe how casual and generic it was. It had been months since any of them had heard a word from her, and she had the audacity to send that out?! Let alone in a group chat, as if Sydney was only as important as Esme and Olivia were? To put it simply, Sydney was fuming, even if she remained silent in the car as she stared at it, contemplating her next mood. "Change of plans," she said abruptly, speaking to the driver of their town car, though her eyes didn't move from her phone screen. "Take us to 6 Olde Town Lane instead. You can wait outside, it'll only be a few minutes." She wasn't going to actively offer the driver, or Camilo, more of an explanation than that, though she was sure Camilo would ask. Sydney wasn't dressed for the party, and admittedly, it take her a long time to get ready for things, but she absolutely could not not blast Adeline, in person, after that text.

To: Olivia, Esme
I have to take care of business before the party, or else I would insist we get ready together. Send pictures of your outfits before you leave!

To: Esme
I might kill her. I'm going there now because I can't believe that she just sent that after disappearing for an entire summer. Since you were the only friend courteous enough to keep me in the loop, feel free to join.

Admittedly, Sydney had only really grown close to Esme this summer. The girl had been a part of their clique for a substantial amount of time by now, but with Adeline gone this summer, things had just fallen into place with Esme picking up that next-in-line role. Sydney was pleased... surprisingly so, even... with how well Esme managed to do in the role. She was fun to party with, to shop with, and even to vent to, when Sydney was feeling more vulnerable than she was comfortable with. The fact that she had proven to be useful and well connected, especially with the Adeline information, had definitely made her seem far more of an equal than Sydney had ever seen her as before.

They were only a few minutes or so from Adeline's house anyway, with how close her house was to Sydney, so once they pulled through the private gates, she glanced to Camilo. "You can wait in here if you want," she said, simply because she didn't think he wanted to come inside and awkwardly wait while she sorted things out with Adeline, though she knew she probably should have explained why she had taken the detour here because maybe if he knew that they were going to be walking into drama, he actually would have wanted to wait inside of the car.


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Saturday, September 2, 2017 || 5:00 pm


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_____T H EXB O O K W O R M_____

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To: Liv, Cas
is it wrong dat im craving chicken strips n fries when theres food here??

When it came down to it, their family (not the Arnaults, not yet anyway) knew for a fact that it was Naya who was the more mature one between herself and Grace, despite the notable difference in age. Grace who made the worst remarks under her breath after each and every person they met, prompting Naya to struggle with not bursting into laughter in another billionaire's face. It was mortifying and she's probably chastised her aunt twenty times since the event had started, but Grace has been too busy ignoring her and continuing on with her playfulness (read: childishness). Luckily, Naya had been able to send something to her friends whom she had not seen just yet.

"But come on, was I lying?" Naya tried. She really did. She even gave the older woman a straight face. Grace only grinned, unperturbed and unrepentant. "His breath smelled like that time when we realized Rocky was lactose intolerant and we had to change his diaper after he ate ice cream."

"You mean when I had to change his diaper," Naya corrected her, arm still linked with her aunt's as they strolled along the side of the custom Gunite swimming pool and occupied chaise lounges. "You just stood in the hallway spraying air freshener - like that was even helping. And can you stop!? We're supposed to be serious." Grace snorted gracelessly, which was in direct contrast to the rather put together look she gave off while attached to her niece. It still baffled Naya how easily this woman she admired so much could be this amazing, strong, intelligent and passionate woman and also a crazy goofball at the same time.

"I am serious," Grace insisted and Naya shot her a dubious look. Grace shrugged and added, "I'm just seriously bored. And don't give me that look, Nomi. I do this," she gestured to the surrounding guests, a few of whom she exchanged brief smiles and waves with before returning her gaze to Naya, "on a regular basis at openings and talks. That doesn't mean I want to do it all day, every day." Naya feigned pity.

"You kinda signed up for all day, every day, Gigi."

"I know. Why the hell did I do that?" Grace inquired, pouting. Naya giggled before painting on a thinking face, shrugging a beat later.

"Something about love, maybe."

"Oh yeah."

A beat later and the two were giggling after an exchange of glances, bumping into one another as they walked. It was easy, at that moment, to not be plagued by the constant worries of looking like she didn't belong. Of being undoubtedly out of place and out of her element, and Naya was grateful. It probably helped that she had a flute of champagne after the margarita from earlier, but Naya didn't feel the fuzziness that came from too much alcohol. More like she was just loose enough to relax a little, but still retain her composure. One of them had to be, anyway, since Grace seemed to throw her composure away at will when she hadn't even ingested a glass of anything since the party had started.

"Uh oh," Grace exclaimed with a snicker and Naya followed her gaze. "Looks like you're gonna need to save Twin One." Which seemed like a bit of an accurate statement because the smile on Charlotte's face was beginning to look more and more plastic by the minute, and Naya winced because she knew Charlotte was trying to behave for her father's sake. She genuinely was. There hadn't been any incidents at all today, but she knew there would be if Charlotte wasn't freed from the company of Bernard Arnault and company. Sighing, Naya shot Grace a pleading look.

"Run interference for me?" Grace shot her a dirty grin.

"With pleasure."

After stealing two flutes of champagne from a passing server, Grace led Naya over to the small group. She shoved the two flutes into Naya's hands as they got closer, whispering at Naya's appalled face (because seriously, parental figures do not permit alcohol, people) that "it won't be your last and it definitely isn't your first, before saddling up behind her husband, wrapping slender arms around his trimmed waist and kissing his shoulder with her stain-free lipstick. Bernard flinched at the first contact, but once those hands pressed into his abdomen and he touched them, the straight and imposing line of his posture seemed to relax. Naya smiled softly at the expression on his face, but didn't linger on them for too long when Grace smooched his cheek. She bumped Charlotte with her hip just as Grace said, "I think Nomi's a little lonely. You don't mind if she steals Charlotte for a bit, do you, love?"

Naya didn't even pretend to decipher the look Bernard and Charlotte exchanged, but put on the most innocent smile she could when his gaze turned on her. Which probably was a good thing considering she wasn't planning on doing anything. Maybe holding two champagne flutes didn't help.