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Willow Harquinn

"Am I crazy? More than your feeble mind can percieve."

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a character in “Mannequin Factory”, as played by The Vampire Mistress


Name:Willow Harquinn, she goes by Will.
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Role: Prisoner
Image She stands fairly tall at 5'7" and weighs around 115 pounds.
Personality: No one really knows, because she rarely speaks. She suffers from paranoia and tends not to talk to anyone except in short unintelligible sentences. If someone picks a fight with her, she doesn't really get in an altercation with them unless they hit her first. She has a split personality disorder along the lines of hearing voices in her head. She is also too smart for her own good, so life bores her.
History: Nobody knows because she hasn't told anyone.
~Nothing really except the solitude of her cell
~the Jail
~the warden
~pretty much everything.

So begins...

Willow Harquinn's Story


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Alex had fled from the library, barely giving Willow a chance to even register what was going on. If he was going to transform, then he needed to get outside quick. She followed swiftly after him. She followed closely behind him, pausing only to catch her breath. She caught up with him, right outside Rusty's cell.
"Open... Listen to me, you have to help me...please. it's ridiculous, but i need your help. I have to go outside till i change in wolf form. I need you to help me get ouside. You are stronger...i saw you...aghh," he managed to blurt out and it was obvious that he was in pain. With that, Willow grabbed his arm and attempted to drag him out to the courtyard. If he needed help, it wasn't wise for him to stand there waiting for help. Willow genuinely had worry in her heart for the boy. She felt funny, like she needed to protect him.
"C-come o-on," she stuttered as she attempted to pull him along again, "w-we don't have time!"