William Cipher Jones

What am I? I'm a realist. What people think matters, doesn't really matter. So, what are you?

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William Cipher Jones



William Cipher Jones is pretty alright on the eyes. He's six feet tall and at least half native. So he had darker skin tone, but not enough to actually make him look native. His dark brown hair, which is usually covered by his gray toque, goes down to the middle of his neck at his back, his eyebrows at the front-which he usually has swiped to the left-and just past the top of his ears at the sides. He has brown and green eyes, brown closer to the pupil, green towards the edge. He has a couple moles scattered around his face, a square shape on his left cheek. His face shape is ovalesque.

He exercises every now and then so he stays in good shape, but overall there's nothing very remarkable about his body-he doesn't play sports, so why would he get the spotlight?-but the girls who sometimes see him have to take another look...by that time, he's either put his shirt back on or gone. He usually wears soft, pajama pants with striped or checkered patterns on them, in assorted colours. His t-shirts consists of usually anything that is clean or fits. On important occasions, or just when he feels like it, he wears nicer clothing. A black shirt with jeans? Why not? And on these special occasions he wears one of his many fedora's. Even though he's not one for being sucked into fashion, he knows how to look good. You'll also usually see him with headphones around his neck. Gotta love the music!


Sexual Orientation


William likes almost everything. he especially likes reading, writing, music, piano, drums and pizza.

William doesn't dislike much. He really dislikes bullies, people who think they're better than everyone, people who can't look past someone's appearance, being ignorant of important information and being taken as a joke.

Hi there! My name's William Cipher Jones, and I guess I'm going to be explaining what I think my personality is. I'm a pretty happy guy, but can be moody at times. I takes things quite lightly, but when faced with a challenge I either try until I give up or win. By the by, I love winning. I think I'm a bit introverted because I'm not very good at making friends; people I talk to usually dislike me for my somewhat sarcastic abilities and dry wit. I can be funny when I want. But usually I'd rather see other people happy. It satisfies me, I guess. When surrounded by people, I either try to leave or completely switch and become loud and rambunctious. I'm also somewhat of a realist. What people think matter's right now, like clothing and looks, doesn't really matter in the real world. Unless someone is really a creep, they probably won't hire you if you're kind of a slut, right? Or you're just so absorbed into yourself. Overall...I'd have to say if you want to become my friend then you'd have to go past my shell of indifference and get past my introverted-ness to get to the real me. A nice, but cunning, guy. I also hate when I'm being taken like a joke. I'm actually a really smart guy. One more thing, I'm a pretty good actor. Even though I'm not going to be one, I can change personalities quite fast and fake a lot of things. It's pretty useful.

My Life

William Cipher Jones just moved to Manor Hill, so he doesn't know a lot of people yet. His father is Richard Jones and his mother is June Jones. He is on good-terms with his estranged brother, Jeremy, who is in Paris at the time.

Hey there again! William Jones here. I honestly don't know what clique I'm in. I'm probably a rebel though, but not, like, a normal rebel-if my thinking's correct. I'm more of a rebel of the whole "jock" and ummm..."status" things. Eh, whatever. I'll just try to survive.

After-School Activities
William is shooting for the School Paper. He's a writer, so he thinks he would actually pretty good, right? Oh, and the Music Club. Music...he's pretty amazing at the drums and piano...music.

William has Modern World Studies first thing in the morning. Then his elective, which would have to be photography. Geometry and gym after that. Following up is Lunch. Then his other elective, which is music. He's also trying to get into a band, if possible. Either as the keyboardist or drummer. Then Literary Analysis and Composition II followed by Earth Science-which he's looking forward to.

Hi, again. Will Jones here. So you're asking about my history, eh? Well, I guess I can tell you about that. I'm a fifteen-year-old boy who loves writing-I'm actually writing my own book right now. Ever since I was little, where I was born in a small town in Canada, I read and read, and I guess the made me weird. Because I didn't get out much. I'd rather be reading or writing than go out and socialize. So I don't really have a lot of experience talking to and with people. My conversation are usually short and abrupt.

My brother, on the other hand, is the person I respect the most. He's done stuff that could be bad, but he quit all that. The bad stuff he did made him have a falling out with my parents, but, honestly, at least he stopped. We keep in touch. He's a photographer in Paris, just trying to make a living. He's where I got my love of cameras.

To be honest, I'm not that interesting. I grew up in a good home, I have a good family and nothing came by me, except the crappy bullies. They always think I'm weak willed, and just weak. I've studied Tae Kwon-Do and I know how to fight, and their insults don't mean anything to me. I know I'm weird, I know I'm odd. But that just means different, not worse. I've always wanted to know why they actually bully. Probably a bad home, taking their struggles out on the weak. Ugh, I hate them. If I meet some here, I'll be all like, "T'sup?" Then, "Wanna be friends?" I'm going to have to at least try, right?

William doesn't really have any deep secrets. But he is a closed book. He barely let's anyone in, so I guess, to some, his life could be a secret.

So begins...

William Cipher Jones's Story

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Second week of high school... One William Cipher Jones thought as he walked through Manor Hill High School's halls, ...And I've seen and met some pretty interesting people. And by what I've seen of these people...I am going to hate it here.

And why is that? The tall fifteen-year-old asked himself, It's because I'm in a school with so many stereotypes! From what I've seen last week it's all the "popular" people in one area, "dweebs" in another and so on...I usually like school...but this place gives me the vibe that some people are going to be complete dicks. Well, at least I got my music. One silver lining in this hellhole...

In his first week he had been sent to the Principle's Office. He wasn't scared, he had a good case for punching that guy out. Some older male came and got up in his face. William asked nicely for him to leave, but no! The guy just kept calling him names and shoving him. And one of the things he hates most are bullies. So, he punched him in the face. Knocked him out, bloodied his nose. People looked at him. William looked back at their gaze and said, "What? I knocked him out. It's like you haven't seen that before."

And, of course, a teacher walked around the corner when he said that. Office, there he went. The principle, even in the first week, threatened to suspend him for the rest of that week. William's parents were called in, but they said, "Suspend him for the rest of the week. He has to come up to his problems some way." The bully, also, got a suspension.

So, today, September Sixteenth, 2013, a Monday, William Cipher Jones officially has started school. And the sophomore's first class of the day is...Modern World Studies!! Oh, wow! Such an absorbing class, full of what is right and wrong with the world today!! To celebrate getting off suspension William had taken to wearing a black dress-shirt, good ol' boot-cut jeans, and a black fedora. And today, he would be meeting his classmates. Oh, joy!! I hope they aren't as fake as some of the others I've seen... was William Cipher Jones' last thoughts before he went into the Modern World Studies classroom to find a seat.

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Bell, announcements, more announcements, other things, taking a seat...William Jones had a good life. Ignored everyone, did school work. Wrote, read, listened to music. Played drums, piano, hoping to learn violin... The teacher, Markus Briggs, looked at the class before saying, "We have a new student. We've had him for a week already, but, he was suspended for, what was it? Punching someone? Wow, who knew we had a bad-boy in town? If you could, if you would, please, introduce yourself."

William stood up from the desk he was sitting at and went to the front of the room. He looked over the class, "Hello everybody!! My name is William Cipher Jones, and I will be the most real person you will ever be acquainted with."

The class looked confused, before some unknown asked, "Most real person?"

"Yes. Most real person!" William sweeping his hands in a grandiose gestures, "What you think that's important right now, like appearance, who's popular or not, what's trendy, will not be important I the future. Want to know why? Because, all these things in the real world will get you nowhere. Nowhere, nowhere at all. What matter's right now...is getting good grades. Is actually doing good in school so you can get a good education so you're actually somewhat ready for the 'real world' as I call it. Now, I know I'm immature, so don't call me a hypocrite or anything if you see me...conforming to this society. Now, I hope you people will actually take this to heart. If not, well, I guess I'm going to be shunned. Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah! Mr. Teacher-Man, take it...AWAY!!!"

William sauntered over to his desk and sat down. This could go down well...or I could just totally be hated for hitting everyone with a metaphorical fist...big words...gotta love 'em.

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Modern World Studies was just history with spice. And with William also liking history...he liked this class. So, studying the late eighteen-hundreds, William left the class with a sense of gratitude for what the people in the past did for them in the present. He kept on walking and walking. When he reached his locker, he breathed in and...exhaled. He unlocked his locker and put his books in it then grabbed his camera. Shutting the metal door, he turned on his heel and heard another bell. After a few seconds people started running to get to there classes. William looked on in amusement and called out, "No running in the hallways!!"

Mostly people looked at him like he was crazy, but most just ignored the guy. He shrugged and went off his way in a lazy stroll dodging people coming at him. I'm a ninja. Sooo ninja. I dodge and weave and am invisible. Stealthy, the Jones thought to himself as he did just that. When it seemed like somebody would plow into him, he sidestepped and kept going.

But from behind, he was shoved. Shoved hard. He fell against somebody who, in turn, fell onto somebody else. The domino effect. Quickly regaining his composure he ignored everything and went to the Photography class. No need to make a scene. The late bell went off when he reached the classroom. He entered and found a seat, taking his camera from around his neck and waited.

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William Jones was satisfied, to say the least. He was just reviewing the things he already knew. Angles, textures, all that jazz. To him, photography was one of the best things that has ever happened. Why? Because, it showcased memories. People could forget something that happened in their life than look at the picture and remember what happened. That's why he loved it. In the last ten minutes of the class, the teacher told them to take three photos. And so they did. William took a black-and-white picture of one of the many hallways, walked into a classroom and took a picture of the surprised teacher. The last one represented him, in a way. That way was that he was alone in a new place. Going to the cafeteria with another student, he told them to sit at a far table. They did, and in black-and-white looked awesome.

Giving the teacher his camera for analysis when the bell rang, William grabbed his bag and walked to his locker. Grabbing his books for geometry. Walking at a slow pace, he made it just in time. "I am so totally awesome," the teen said under his breath.

The teacher, Mrs. Brown, looked up from her books at William and winked at him, winked at the other students. He looked straight back at her and mouthed, "Fu** off." She looked at him and smiled slightly. William did not know what that meant...Probably just trying to screw with the new kid, right? he asked himself before flipping his geometry textbook to the right page.

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It's all so stupid! Ahh!!! William Jones screamed in his mind. To say he was mad would be an understatement. He was pissed. Dumbasses be dumbasses, he guessed. So, Girl A, who was beside William asked Girl B, who was ahead of Girl A, if William was hot. Girl B looked at William. William looked back, threw a cocky smile and winked. Girl B nodded back to Girl A. Then, Boy A, behind Girl A, laughed and then called William ugly. William was having fun just listening in, it was hilarious. So Girl A finally looked at William and agreed. Then William started laughing. "Hey, you. Person beside me," he said to Girl A, "You got that question wrong...and it's seriously simple...and that one...and that one...repetition...over and over..." Thought that was going somewhere else?

It...it just pissed him off the people could be so stupid. Just, why? He could understand some reasons. Like, no education whatsoever, but if you have the resources then you're lucky and should just...agh! It was frustrating, to say the least. "Oh, and by the by, I'm sexy as fuuuu-" William was cut off by the glare of Mrs. Brown. He then coughed nervously, before shaking his hands wildly out at his sides and saying, "Jazz Handss!"

After finishing his schoolwork, William spaced out and started looking into The Void. A place of nothingness that some people see when not paying attention. At all. Focusing back on Girl A, he smiled at her. She said, "I change my mind. Your pretty good looking."

William smirked as he thought, Winning left and right. Never gonna stop, never gonna stop. What was left now was to wait for the bell to ring.

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Rylie Kallin Scout


Rylie knew she was running late to fourth period. The bell had already rang, signalling the end of third period. Rylie had her jeans on, just peeling her tank over her head. Sprinting out of the locker room, Ry stuffed her plaid button up shirt into her backpack, slinging it over her shoulder in her rush to make it to her Speech/Debate class. "Scout!" The gym teacher called out just before Rylie managed to escape. "Great work today. Keep improving and I know we can make it all the way this year. Counting on you kid! Now get to class." Throwing a smile, Ry nodded to her coach. As she exited the gym, she saw the halls thinning and knew the bell was about to ring. She heard a couple of girls giggling as she passed, offering little waves.

"Hey ladies, plenty of this to go around." Rylie smirked, walking backwards as she lifted her tank top a little to show her abdominal muscles. Without caring for their reactions, Ry turned to her locker and grabbed out her speech book. The bell rang, and Rylie groaned, leaning her forehead against the cold metal in exasperation. Her pocket buzzed.

*Your father will be in LA closing a business deal with a client. He'll be back next Tuesday. -Lucile* Of course, Lucile was her father's assistant and occasional fuck-buddy. The woman tried to pretend that she wasn't getting in the older Scout's pants, but Rylie knew better. With a wicked grin, Ry had a plan. She marched to her Speech/Debate class, opening the door with a cocky smirk. As she entered, the teacher Mrs. Nelson glared.

"Well since you decided to make such a big production of your entrance Rylie, how about you be our first volunteer. And your... tank top should cover your shoulders." The woman pushed her thick rimmed glasses up her nose, motioning for Ry to stand in the front of class. A few of the students snickered, and Rylie decided to join them. "We're just going to do an exercise... a short improv speech to help get everyone in the mood for class. Your topic is: I Could Never." Rylie only nodded, biting her lip a bit as she bit back a laugh. Tossing her bag on a chair, she stood in the front of the class. A few of the students knew to expect something from Rylie Scout, and swiftly pulled their phones out to tape it, hiding the devices from the teacher.

"I could never show up late for Speech class." Rylie grinned, staring right at the teacher for a second. "I could never kiss a girl." Winking at some of the girls in class, earning a bunch of laughs. Everyone knew Ry was gay. "I could never stand up here and tell you all that Friday night is going to be epic.... I could never do that, because I could never have an empty house this weekend. And I definitely could NEVER EVER expect to see you all there at say, around 10? Because you all know, I could never throw some sort wild get together. I just could never do that." Ry winked at the teacher before walking up to one of the phones she saw video taping her, whispering right into it. "See you all there. Bring some party favors." With that, she took a seat in her chair, folding her arms and ignoring the teacher's heated glare. Instantly, the video was sent through texts and passed around. Everyone knew about it, and everyone was invited.

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The bell rang. William jumped in surprise. William left the classroom to put his supplies away. Remembering that is was gym, he groaned his most despised class. He was fine working out at home, but just what he had to do in school. He really didn't like it. So, deciding to skip the class entirely, William started walking through the halls. The next bell went, and he just kept on going. Grabbing his hat from his head, William slipped his headphones over and onto his ears. He grabbed his iPod, his main music device, unlocked, and pressed the shuffle. Turning it up, he found he was listening to Sail by Awolnation. Awesome.

Looking around to see that the hall was empty, William thought, Why not some rhyme-less poetry? He whispered, "He was walking down a road. No destination. No rest. He didn't know why he kept on walking. He didn't know where to go. He didn't have any clue. So he kept on walking with no destination. No rest. He couldn't stop."

Spotting a door to a classroom, he started to want to wreak some type of havoc. So, walking casually towards the door, he opened it. He heard a feminine voice, "Bring some party favours." Then shuffling. He looked forward to see the teacher look at him. She asked, "And you are?"

"Hmmm...William Cipher Jones, at your service," William said with a touch of sarcasm.

"Are you in my class?" the teacher said, looking at her attendance sheet, "Because it's says you aren't in Public Speech and Debate."

Looking at her like she was crazy, William said in fake disbelief, "Of course I'm in this class! There must've been a mix-up somewhere."

Believing it, the teacher ordered, "Then, for you being late, you will have to speak."

"What subject?"

"Why not Miss Scout's subject of 'I would never.' But please, keep it more professional than what she did."

Nodding, William walked up to the front of the class, "Hello. My name is William Cipher Jones and I would never try to fail at anything. To me, who is 25% win, it's pretty important. I try to give everything my all. I would never intentionally hurt somebody. I've been bullied and hurt before I grew, and it was terrible. I would never kill-wait yes I would...in self defense. So, I would never intentionally kill someone. I would never get intoxicated, or be under the influence of anything. I'd rather have my body movements under my control then make a mistake. I would never take anything for granted. The things that we have...they are just wants. In some countries, people barely get any food. So I am thankful for living in places that let me have these things. I would never not try to save the world."

"Please elaborate, Mr. Jones," the teacher said from her desk.

"Elaborate, eh?" William then thought for a few seconds, "I mean I would try to save the world. It's our home, and people, namely us, are destroying it. With all the pollution, all the war and overpopulation, we are all screwed. Maybe not in our life time, maybe not in our child's child's life time, but we are screwed if we don't do anything. It makes me irritated to see kids, teenagers, on their phones all the time. We don't need that. What we need is an education. Maybe not to save the world, but to at least have a future. There are the people who do this, but there are also those on the opposite side of the spectrum. I just want to save Earth. It's to important to die. Before anything else, I have a something to ask. In one word, what would you describe yourself as?"

Heard mutters of "Sexy," and "Awesome," and other things. One of the student asked, "What about you?"

William smirked, "Me? I would describe myself as human, through and through. To call yourself sexy and awesome is just human nature. And we make mistakes. We do things that make us who we are. So, human. Human. Remember my name, William Cipher Jones. I'm somewhat of a realist. I am a music-man. And I would never lie about a class in school...just kidding, I would"

William saluted the class, turned towards the teacher, bowed, then left the room. In the hallways, he ran. "Why did he walk that road?" the tall teen said under his breath, "It was because he wanted to. What other reason did he need?"

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William Cipher Jones was eating his lunch, quietly, in front of his locker when the bell rang. After some time, he realized what was about to happen. "Oh no..." the teen said, obvious fright in his voice.

Getting up off the scuffed floors, he started walking. He set a quick pace for himself while students started coming through the halls. Making it to the cafeteria just in time, William exhaled. Thinking, I think I overreacted...I did...whatever. Still eating his cold pizza, he just sat there. Until he felt a shift in the force. Looking towards where some other people were looking, William saw someone that he recognized. It was her, Ms. Scout, or whatever. She was with some other people that he clearly didn't know. "I have a multitude of options," Will started talking to himself, "I could stay here and make probably no friends. That sounds inviting... Or, listen here, I could go up there and introduce the awesomeness that is me...Well, I should live life to the full-"

"Get out of my seat, new kid," a rough voice said from behind him.

Coughing, William just turned to look at the guy and said, "I'll call rape, and other things. But, because I'm taking this as...a sign, somewhat, I will leave. Goodbye and good day to you sir!"

William stood up and left the table, food in hand, and walked over to Ms. Scouts group of...friends? Yeah let's go with that. He didn't know who they were, he didn't even know Scout's first name. They might not even be friends. So many possibilities! Shaking his head to get out of those trailing thoughts, William finally made it to where they were. With a grandiose gesture using his whole body, the teen said, "Hello!!"

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#, as written by Lucky
Rylie Kallin Scout


Ry had made her way back to the group, hearing Tristan tell Christina to go sit down with her friends and that he'd grab her food. So getting in line, Rylie saw Christina sit down with her very popular friends. Tristan was a very good brother, and a caring friend. That was demonstrated further as he asked Ashley if she was okay. Groaning loudly, not caring about the looks she received, Ry sighed in defeat at having the aroma of food wafting through her senses, yet not actually having the substance on a plate, or better yet, in her stomach. Just about to complain about being bored, she heard a very grand "Hello!" from someone and she immediately recognized the guy.

"No way dude, you're that guy that broke into my speech class. That was impressive shit." Rylie laughed with a huge grin on her face. "To say the teacher was pissed would be an understatement." Ry's smirk only crooked to the side as she crossed her arms to look him up and down. "William, I think this could work. I've been looking for someone to aid me in some completely random, nonsensical, and often times blatantly dangerous stunts. Interested?" Rylie didn't hide her devious expression, although her gaze lingered as a girl walked by them, her and her friends not so subtly checking both Rylie and William out with hungry eyes. Rylie winked at her, only to have the girl wave her cellphone screen at the rebel that happened to have Rylie's video on the screen. "I could sign it if you'd like." Rylie shrugged smugly, and the girl and her friends laughed as they took a seat at a table. Directing her attention back to William, Rylie held out a fist bump for the new guy. "Rylie Scout. Pleasure to make your acquaintance."

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"Now way dude, you're that guy that broke into my speech class," Rylie started saying as William kept munching on his pizza. She then said how the teacher was more than pissed, which made William smirk, "William, I think this could work." She then went on about how he could aid her in her activities. He saw her gaze shift, but thought nothing of it. She then said, "I could sign it if you like."

That was when he turned his head. William was curious of what she was talking about. He saw a video of Rylie Scout. Must've been before he crashed her class. He then raised his eyebrows when he noticed one of the girls look at him. Turning his head back to look at Rylie she said, "Rylie Scout. Pleasure to meet you acquaintance."

William smiled and met her fist with his own, and with a grand voice, "William Cipher Jones, please, do not stare long, my awesomeness might burn your eyes..." then, with thought in his voice, "Your offer...I could say yes, I could say no. But what is the answer we're all looking for? I could weigh the negatives, which are...the dangerous stunts. Danger!!! And I could weigh the positives, which are me making friends, because I'd probably not make friends while here, hanging out with you, you seem cool, and you're hot. And I could have fun this probably boring school year...So, what should I answer with? Yes, no...? Yes, I will aid you in your stunts."