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Charles Mayfield

"It's all about Rock 'n' Roll, baby."

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a character in “Manor Horrors”, as played by Kuukakulily


Name: Charles Robert Mayfield
Nickname: Charlie
Role: Deceased Guest
Face Claim: Aaron Johnson
Age: 23 at the time of death
Sexuality: Straight
Hobbies: Charlie was the quintessential fifties badass who liked smoking, partying, smoking, drinking, smoking, sex and rock and roll.
Personality: Charlie never had a great depth of character, at least not much that he showed others. On the surface, he was the typical fifties rocker wanna-be. He could party with the best of them and women swooned after him. Of course he had always been accepting of their advances.He always had something of an ego and that carried on into the afterlife. Under all of that vanity however, he dreamed of being the next big thing in rock and idolized bands like Bill Haley and His Comets and great singers like Nat King Cole. He has a deep voice much like Johhny Cash and had he lived he might have succeeded as a singer. The only thing that could equal his love of rock and roll was smoking. He was a habitual smoker who only stopped doing so when he was asleep. This habit become so prominent that it too followed him into the afterlife. His ghostly presence is always preceded by the scent of smoke in the air.
Date of Death: May 25, 1956
Family History: Charlie was born on May 25, 1933. His earliest memories are that of war and depression. From an early age, he never did as he was told causing his mother a lot of hardships. Once the war ended, things didn't get easier. His family was poor and destitute. By chance he met a girl from the well-to-do Hunter family. She was entranced by his good looks and basically threw money at him for his affections. He wasn't one to just throw money away and courted her for a time before he eventually grew bored of her. She had also tired of him and they ended their relationship on good terms. By this time, he had left his family home and earned enough money playing small gigs here and there to support himself. Whenever the Hunters threw a party, he was likely to arrive fashionably late, but he never missed one. At one such party, coincidentally on his 23rd birthday, he was pulled aside by a rather pretty girl. She was nice enough and pretty soon he was 'doing his thing' so to speak. It turned out that this pretty girl was a member of the Hunter family. This didn't faze him, he could've cared less, but as it turns out this pretty lady was pretty insane. After they had finished as he sat smoking a cigarette the girl came up behind him and slashed his throat with a butcher knife. He would later find out (after becoming a ghost) that she was a stalker and had her eye on him for years. She came to realize that he would never truly be hers and killed him, claiming "If I can't have him, nobody can!" Of course the family covered it all up, payed his mother money not to speak and so on. Now Charlie takes to haunting the house and has taken a liking to the young medium Angie. He enjoys pestering her very much.
Theme/Favorite Song:Bill Haley and the Comets- Rock Around the Clock.
Truthfully he loves anything by Bill Haley and the Comets and is actually pretty upset at how rock and roll has changed.

So begins...

Charles Mayfield's Story


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#, as written by Sonohra
The manor was lit up with lights of all colors and music played loudly in the ballroom. The whole family was on the first floor, dressed up in their gowns and tuxedos. Many of the guests had already arrived, and some still staggered in. The party was lively and festive, just like any other of their parties. Tall men flanked the front door, watching to make sure that only invited guests entered. Servants ran through through the crowds, serving drinks and food. Little Conner plug his ears and walked around the ballroom, knowing he was not allowed anywhere else in the house. He was upset with the fact that he had to be in the room, but he promised his mother that this year, for the the 300th anniversary. Conner watched as a servant with a tray of drink towards him and as the man passed him, the little boy reached up and grabbed a drink without the man noticing.

He looked at the cup and then up at the other guests. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves. He saw his mother fluttering around, meeting the guests and welcoming back past guests. His father was busy drinking with his old pals. Conner looked around to notice that there were ghosts here too. He could tell the difference between the ghosts and the living because the dead tended to be slightly transparent. Conner stood on the edge of the room, hoping one would come talk to him, since he was a bit lonely, but he knew the ghosts did whatever they wanted. He looked back down at the drink, thinking about drinking it. Last time he had some, he had turned into a whole other person... but he was bored right now and he needed something to get rid of that feeling.


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Angie glanced around the room, surveying the coming and goings of guest and ghosts alike. The corner in which she stood smelled profusely of smoke thanks to her unwelcome friend, Charlie. Even now the apparition had ghostly cigarette perched on his lips. She never had very much to say and she supposed that was why Charlie preferred her company to that of the child medium, Conner.

To Charlie, she was his calm in the storm. Sure he enjoyed partying and flirting, even if nobody could see him, but when he got tired of listening to the other ghost's chatters and moans, he always sought out Angie for some peace. He liked to think of himself as her guardian ghost. He protected her from the more malicious spirits, even if she never realized or acknowledged it. He even tried on more than one occasion to stop living men from approaching her. As a matter of fact, he thwarted at least five men from approaching her at this party alone. She was making it rather difficult with the dress that she was wearing. Even Charlie had a hard time keeping his eyes off of her.

If Angie had any say in what she would wear, it would definitely not be this. In fact, if she ever had any say at all about her life, she wouldn't even be here. She would be in her room, watching the new Game of Thrones episode that she was currently recording.

As Angie scanned the room, she looked to Conner, the boy with the same gift she possessed. A ghost she had seen around often was pestering him, probably for the same reason he had tried to pester her before Charlie told him to "Buzz off, square." Conner was impressionable sometimes, but he was a good kid, no matter how creepy he looked. The ghost, Duncan she thought, seemed to finally reel the boy into helping him. As the child and apparition were having their silent conversations, her aunt Gabrielle was talking to a tall man with blond hair. The man had obvious twitches, at least to her, and it didn't take her very long to deduce that he was a junkie. After the man left to find the nearest bathroom, a girl around her age approached her aunt, introducing herself and being altogether peppy and brown-nosing. Angie turned to Charlie and mimicked vomiting to which Charlie gave a chuckle in reply. She saw her cousin Lydia and waved at her, more out of politeness than an actual call for her attention.

Angie caught her mother's eyes from across the room. Margaret Hunter had always hoped Angie would bloom into a Hunter woman to be proud of. To her dismay, Angie was as different from her family as anyone could be. Margaret gave her a look that said "Socialize-Or-Else" Angie, fearing punishment, went to the nearest guest she could find. Imagine her displeasure to find it was the junkie from before, stoned, having gotten his fix.

"Hello sir, my name is Angelina Hunter. We Hunter's are so pleased that you could make it to our party." she said to the man, offering a supremely fake smile. At that moment a waiter stopped by, champagne on his platter. Angie grabbed one from the tray and handed it to the man. "Here you go." Under her breath she whispered to him, "You might want to wipe your nose, you have residue." She gave another fake smile and went on to the next guest, Charlie following close behind her.