Marcus Soto

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a character in “Man's Zenith”, as played by Sadantus


The militarized policing force of Prax.


Name: Marcus Soto
SEX: Male
HGT: 6'-3"
WGT: 185lb
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Blonde
AGE: 38
OCC: Director of Prax Police

Brief History:
Few have lasted as long as Marcus as director of the Prax Police. For more than fifteen years he has held that position. He rose in the ranks of the Prax Police due in part to limb and neural augmentations. His ruthlessness quickly spread to the lowest of decks. And though he is hailed as a champion of justice, he is not a man without controversy, as he continued to endorse the militarization of his department by his predecessors. As it stands, he has no intention to scale back any of the current measures implemented in Prax Police forces.

His civilian life is almost nonexistent since he joined the department. His heavy augmentations keeps him tapped into the city's public safety network at all times, his weapon never being far off. Such a high profile individual keeps close to the administrative center. Despite this, he does maintain a public image -- like giving talks or attending ceremonies. You might even catch a glimpse of him at his favorite locales.

Mods & Augs:

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