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You idly watch as series of commercials ends and that familiar opening theme plays. It's the afternoon news.

"This is PBC, bringing the news to you."

After that dramatic line delivery, the video cuts to the newscaster and woman in professional business attire standing in a what can be assumed as a ballroom. Sunlight filters through the tall windows that line the leftmost side of the room as crystal chandeliers hang from the vaulted ceilings and bask where the natural light stops in a warm glow. Various round tables are rolled around the room by the workers while some go around setting up and straightening their white tablecloths.

"Welcome back everybody! Today we're here at the Sunrise Resort and Spa where the 17th annual charity event, 'Angel Ball', will be hosted. Joining us is long-time director and coordinator, Julia Lane. Mrs. Lane, can you please tell us where we're at right now?" The camera zooms in on Julia, an aged woman with wrinkles that would put crumpled napkin to shame. Her red lipstick is the brightest thing on her face, with darkened eyes either from her eyeshadow or from a lack of sleep.

A gravelly voice fills the briefest of silence, Julia's voice. "Yes, well, we're inside our most famous ballroom, our 'Sunset Ballroom'. It has an unobstructed view of the western horizon and where we will host the dinner celebration -- which will be taking place in the evening when we get that beautiful golden light shining through during the evening hours." As you continue watching, the video cuts to a shot of the city through the windows. The various parks of the uppermost decks are within full view, as well as the opulent mansions that dot the surface.

"You've really got a great view of the city's horizon! A perfect way to set the ambiance of this event!"


The camera cuts back to the two standing in the room. The workers have hauled in carts of plates and utensils.

"So what's the purpose of this event?"

Julia turns her head and wheezes into a handkerchief right as the camera unfortunately zooms in on her again. Composing herself, she continues,"So this event has been organized by the, 'Charity for Better Lives' -- a charity that connects low-income families with services that provides things like education grants for young adults and financing healthcare for their children, that sort of stuff -- to help raise funding."

"And how do you guys plan on doing that?"

"Well, most of the entry fee will go to charity, but we also have a couple events as well, like our gambler's den. But our most popular over the years has been the art auction, where prominent pieces of art have been donated to be sold off."

"You don't need a room to attend this event, right?"

"No, you do not, but those who are staying here will receive a discounted ticket rate. Our dinner, however, will be exclusive to guests of the hotel or those who have already received an invitation in the mail."

"I've also heard that you guys are accepting applications for temporary workers as well. What kind of positions are open?"

"Yes! We need all the help we can get, and volunteers will be compensated for the work they do. We have positions open for wait staff, housemen, that sort of deal," she said, pushing up her grey curls. "For those looking to earn a little extra money, just contact our main office and they'll handle the rest."

"Well, thank you for your time. I'm sure many of our viewers are excited to watch this gala."

"Thank you," she said, smiling into the camera revealing less-than-pearly white teeth.

The camera then centers on the newscaster."This has been PBC news live, and I'm Johnathan Greene."

End of broadcast.

OOC: Okay, so, to kicks us off, this charity event will be the main 'entry point'. Is your character prominent enough to receive an invitation to this event? Would they apply as a staff member for the money, or for fun? Would they sneak in? Those are just some general questions to get you started. It's an expensive event as well, so a lot of prolific people would be attending. Expect to brush shoulders with government officials, Syndicate officials, and business magnates.