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Guan Qing Yue

The Traveller from the East

0 · 464 views · located in Veis Di' Becca

a character in “Mar' Valoah Revolution”, as played by RedRaine


Name: Guan Qing Yue
Alias: The Killing Edge
Age: 22
Height: 5"7
Weight: 122 lbs
Body type: Lean and Athletic
Skills: Qing Yue is a master of the dadao, a massive blade only found in her country, that usually one can only wield while mounted; Qing Yue is able to utilize such a massive weapon with grace and efficiency; seemingly without any effort. Qing Yue is also a natural musician; able to play almost any wind instrument without prior training in it.
Special Skills: Qing Yue is a natural born rider and has an affinity for animals that goes on unrivaled. She is able to befriend, and mount when applicable, any animal she comes in contact with.
Strengths: Qing Yue's body houses a frightening amount of power; her upper body trained with the use of large mounted weaponry, while her lower body was trained through excessive exercise and mount riding. She's swift, powerful and can shrug off most unarmed attacks.
Weaknesses: As she is a foreigner from a distant land, Qing Yue is prone to 'culture shock.' She has trouble adjusting to such situations and will take a considerable amount of time before she is situated enough.

Personality: Qing Yue, like her father and grandfather Guan Yu, is fiercely loyal to anyone she considers family and will always rush to their aid despite what's in her way. Qing Yue is a headstrong and mentally resistant woman that typically takes responsibility onto her own shoulders. While she's calm and collected, Qing Yue has a strong determination for doing what she believes is right and an even stronger passion for protecting her loved ones.
Equipment: Weapons: A dadao with a solid black handle and the characters 'tiān xià wū yā yí yàng hēi' etched into both sides of the blade in black. It means "All crows in the world are black."

Other Items: Carries a 'dizi', a flute, to play to her mount in her spare time.

History: Guan Qing Yue comes from a country in the far East, an almost unspeakable distance across the Great Sea. Daughter of Guan Ping and Guan Cai, Guan Qing Yue is a rather revered daughter of the Bull Clan, a group noted greatly for their ability on mounted animals; both her father and mother were key generals in the Imperial Army during The Golden Age and are acclaimed highly in the Bull Clan.

Guan Qing Yue, although sought after by the men of the Bull Clan, ignores most of the basic traditions of the Clan; this included both arranged marriage and the pressure to choose a mount to ride. Qing Yue found the many animals of her country to be quite boring and so spent many years ridiculed for being so picky. To compensate she took up a typical mounted weapon, the dadao, and mastered its use on foot. Qing Yue's proficiency with the weapon earned her the nickname 'The Killing Edge'.

At the age of 16, Qing Yue chose to leave her village to explore the lands in search of a proper mount. She dressed herself in dark garbs not familiar to the Bull Clan as to hide her true identity as one of the clan and swiftly disappeared into the Kingdom of Qi. Qing Yue traveled the lands for many years afterwards, doing odd jobs to keep herself monetarily afloat as she wandered the Kingdom; many of these 'odd jobs' were in fact protection and escort jobs. Many of these included caravan escorts and overnight village protection. Rumors of 'The Killing Edge' began to spread throughout the lands, all stories of a black haired warrior defeating bandits left and right as well as reducing the steadily increasing crime rate. Within two years 'The Killing Edge' had become well known in the lands of the Rabbit, Phoenix, Dragon and Tiger.

However, despite her extensive journeys throughout the land, Qing Yue still was unable to find the perfect mount for her to take. Almost giving up and returning home, Qing Yue overheard villagers speak of a land in the far West. This land held many animals not found in her land and that there was such a thing as a 'knight' which rode in gallant armor on top of an equally armored equine. Finding such a tale fascinating, Qing Yue immediately found her way onto a ship bound to the west and sailed off, eager to discover the new and strange land for herself.

So begins...

Guan Qing Yue's Story