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Marked 2

Town Centre


a part of Marked 2, by shmband.

About a mile and a half from the pack house; 5 minute drive or 30 minute walk

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About a mile and a half from the pack house; 5 minute drive or 30 minute walk
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Town Centre

About a mile and a half from the pack house; 5 minute drive or 30 minute walk


Town Centre is a part of Connorsford.


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#, as written by shmband
"That's right." Adrian replied warmly, and glanced across at Tai, eagerly soliciting some information as to why the stranger was riding with them.

"Sahvanna is passing through." Tai said obligingly, "She doesn't know anybody in town and needed accomodation."

"Oh I see!" Adrian chirped, smiling back at Vanna, "Well it's serendipitous that you happened to run into us first."

He had to struggling not to allow his backward glance to linger longer than was necessary. Sahvanna was clearly a striking female, but his senses were keen enough to pick up from her that she probably was mated...although determining such things by scent alone was scarcely an exact science.

"Actually," Tai answered Vanna's question, "the party is for the youngest in the pack house but one, Reina. We've eleven under our roof at the moment, not including ourselves, all ranging up to the age of about twenty one."

She noted tacitly that Sahvanna was evidently unfamiliar with the working of a town pack, whereby the young people would stay in the Pack House under the care of the alpha from the ages of 12 - 21. Which merely corroborated the female's own story; that she was a lone traveller and probably had been for most of her life.

"We'd never ask a guest to help out," Tai added with a good humoured huff, "but we've yet to see the state of the place since the pups started arriving back from school! Most of the preparations have already been made. But Reina - the birthday girl - she's a little...unpredictable shall we say."


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Ash felt her jaw drop to Jason's words. A human? He had to be joking with her. As he walked away from the group, Ash could quickly tell that this was not a joke. How. . . wonderful. "Have fun with the meat sack," Drake sneered behind her, setting off a ripple of laughter. All the boys knew that Ash felt wolves were superior to humans. Or at least smarter.

"It will be nice to see someone with manners," Ash short back, shooting a glare to him. "And someone with less hair." With that, Ash flicked her hair and quickly followed Jason, her face still growling with annoyance. "Awe Jason, ya better make this worth it for me," she mumbled, head low. "Once we get this new pack started, I better get a good role for all the pain I've suffered with you boys."

*~_~ *~_~ *~_~ *~_~ *~_~ *~_~ *~_~ *~_~ *~_~ *~_~ *~_~ *

Ash felt like mentally face palm herself as she sat in the corner of the cafe. Wait, no. She actually did it.

The blonde rolled her eyes and sighed heavily as she watched the greasy man walk into the cafe and peer at the menu board. This was her cue. Trying to ignore the hairs bristling on the back of her neck, Ash slipped into line just before the old timer. Jeeze. He was as old as Jason. And he wasn't even old in that adorable way. Ash sighed and looked away with annoyance, wrinkling her nose slightly. He also smelled. Just great. She would have enjoyed the Lost Boys's company more than this guys. Winter better appreciate this. . . .

Ash stepped up to the counter and placed her order of a hot breakfast sandwich and a black coffee. When the cashier gave her the bill, it was time for her to being her game.

Ash slipped her hand to her pocket and froze, an innocent and terrified expression crossing her face. "I, uh, I forgot my wallet," she said clumsily, glancing back to the line. She frowned, noticing the sleaze was ignoring her. Of all times for a guy not to be checking her out! "I'm so sorry. Can I make a tab or something?" she pleaded softly. "I'm starving."

"Hey, I'll pay for her."

Ash glanced to her side and smiled shyly to the man. Finally... She twisted her golden hair around a slender finger and grinned, "Thank you so much. I promise I can repay you," she cooed.

"No worries, I would have been paying for two anyway, but my travel mate found a friend to stay with." The man smiled to Ash as they sat down at a table together. "I'm Lance, by the way."

"Ash," she said with a smile, attempting not to reach as she shook his hand. Ash couldn't remember the last time she introduced herself and Ashley. That didn't matter now anyway. "So Lance, you were traveling with someone? A wife perhaps?"

"God no," Lance said, shaking his head with a chuckle. "Just my... erm, niece. Tabby. Hey, you haven't heard of a production studio in the area, have you?"

Ash took a bite of breakfast to prevent a smirk from streaking across her face. Jason had fooled this guy well. She almost felt bad for him. Almost. "No, I haven't," she said, watching his face fall instantly. "But you're with Tabby? I know her. She's staying with my friends. She was looking for you, I think. Want me to show you how to get to the house?" Ash offered kindly with her good- samaritan -of-the-year smile. "Come on, I'll bring you to her." She rose gracefully from her seat and smiled, waiting for Lance to follow her. This was almost too easy.