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Cyra S. Fox

"The whole village in the balance and I bargain for one child..? I am going crazy." Complete

0 · 310 views · located in Morrin, Village

a character in “Marked For Death”, as played by DreamerOnTheStars


Name: Cyra Scarlet Fox
Age: 28
Gender: Female
FC: Scarlett Johnsson (for now)
Child to protect:
[Each protector has a specific child that they are to protect, it can either be one they're close to or one they absolutely hate. It doesn't matter, as long as they are kept safe at all times. By the way, you must ask the person before picking them as your protected child, and you don't have to fill this out until all the kid spots are taken]
She is seen always as calmed and cool.. She is able to keep her emotions in check. As described by many, she is something of a mystery. However, she is shown to be capable of feelings like everyone else, as evident as she is shown to be wary, if not afraid of those who make an effect on her. She also has an undeniable loyalty to those who make an impression, or earn her respect. She also has a soft spot for children who still have their purity within them. But despite this, she does not accept romance or love easily, for she believes its for children. But it may change.
[5'7||108 lbs]
Cyra defiantly not a child, and you can tell just by looking at her. Her body especially. Behind all the curves, she holds feminine muscles that are barely noticeable, until she gives you a hit. Its hard and focused, but most are to overwhelmed by the pain to notice. Leaving a few scars and black eyes, she also leaves a few broken hearts. By looks Cyra is nothing small, she isnt considered ugly, but very unique. Her red hair catches many by surprise, and her sky blue eyes leave a moment of daze in anyways expression. And with a charming smile, she can leave many trailing her, while a glare can just kill someone. So she is very two sided.
Her heart shaped face, plump lips, and desirable body is defiantly out of reach by any wealth however, she enjoys personality far more then anything.
History: Cyra as a child was born to be nothing but a tool. Her supposed family was a russian [she assumed] "agency" while her parents were killed off, along with the village she called home.
She was trained along with other orphan children, who were also from the same village, to be the best of the best. To earn money and kill, was there main purpose. However even if they grant their "parents" great fortune, they are treated like freaks, monsters, trash, etc. It was unknown to them that they had to strength to attack back at the time, for their "parents" were the only thing they had, and they were also broken mentally. They had no emotion, other then the love for each other, and always, as it was a rule in their little prison, to keep emotionless on the job and keeping emotions in check. So they were all calm, and naturally, it got stuck to the point, most couldnt snap out of it anymore. However, Only Cyra was able to break out of her daze as she saw what was happening to them.. Bring it to herself to break free along with the others, she secretly schemed a plan. Now, being children, 7-16, many would believe it was thought up on paper and with crayon, but no. It was in depth, they thought through the future, and present, preparing themselves for almost everything. Almost.
However that was an understatement.. To put it bluntly, The plan failed, survivors - 1, Deaths -...
[age 11]During the plan, Cyra faced things that were completely random and off the grid for her. The "parents" sent things that couldnt be negotiated with, things that had no control over themselves, and so she had no control over them. These things killed all of them, all of them, except her. They all led her to it, freedom, her real family, the children, her friends, were killed sending her off to safety. To revenge them, years later after deep planning, she used her clever mind to destroy the whole "agency" in flames leaving nothing. [age 16] Miserable, Cyra remained "gone" or off the grid, and continued training. Well until the age of 19, near the age of 20 where she was founded by a little organization where they were protectors. And of course, she capable of being one. She trained to do this. To protect others.
Additional Info:
  • high level of combat training including many forms, so not perfected.
  • apparent high level computer training and psychologist training.
  • She is also deceptively strong, though not superhuman.
  • an expert markswoman
  • Expert Acrobat, this being her most known so far.
  • Not really known, but she is an excellent actor.
"4 children...unnatural powers.. helpless... fine Ill be right there..."

So begins...

Cyra S. Fox's Story