Marked For Death

Morrin, Village


a part of Marked For Death, by RawkFist.


RawkFist holds sovereignty over Morrin, Village, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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Morrin, Village is a part of Marked For Death.

7 Characters Here

Cyra S. Fox [0] "The whole village in the balance and I bargain for one child..? I am going crazy." Complete
Quasar Biswas [0] "Honey, it's not that you're doin' bad... but how about a performance enhancer for insurance?"
Helena Chen [0] You sell yourself short, think yourself weak. I would never make that mistake.
Sarah Williams [0] Yeah yeah, I'm paying attenion...
Pippa [0]
Hollie Knight [0] I don't belong here....I shouldnt exist
Sabre [0] "If I don't learn to control my powers soon, who knows what'll happen?.."

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