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Calvin Roseblade

If you've got the stuff, you deserve a shot right?

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a character in “MARKED II”, as played by shmband


My Name is: Calvin Roseblade

I am the: Omega

I am age: 18

My mate is/I hope my Mate is: Raena Khöller

In human form I look like: A well honed teenage beefcake. Cal has rugged, rough features which are well defined and imposing. He's not "larger than life", he's just sculpted by many hours a week of sport and an inflated self-image.

Image: Image

As a wolf i look like: Image

Personality: Calvin's exactly the sort of person you want on a sports team or an outdoors endeavour; forthright, tenacious, motivated and determined. Around the dinner table, he's a little more difficult to be around. He had a rather exhaggerated sense of his own self-importance, and sees his physical qualities as being objectively superior to what other people bring to the pack. He's immensely proud of the fact that he's a wolf, and even has a slight disdain for humans, seeing them as weak and one-dimensional. Despite his high opinion of being a wolf, he dislikes the idea of mating being all down to the FEMALE'S eventual instinct. In that sense, he's a bit of a chauvenist. He's not a total meat-head jock, but he can too often seem like it to folk who don't know him.

Likes: Basketball, Rugby, Pizza, 'time with the boys', impressing people

Dislikes: Being bossed around by females, board games and other sedate activities, people who are excessively cautious or 'organised'

How you feel about the pack: Being in a pack is the best thing. Some of us are clearly stronger and more important to the whole than others, and it's important that we find our place and look after the weaker ones.

Other: Calvin respects Adrian, but has a bit of a chip on his shoulder that he'll never even get a shot at being the alpha. He feels the closest he could get would be to become Rae's mate...but that all depends on her wolf. That thought puts him on edge...if Rae's wolf doesn't reveal Calvin as her mate, Calvin's reaction could be very bad.

So begins...

Calvin Roseblade's Story


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#, as written by shmband
Tai could see that her chances of getting much help from the gum-flapping males in the room was diminishing as they got more bolshy with each other. Some things didn't change much! But it was OK. One person chopping, one person peeling, once that was done all that had to happen was for it all to go in the pot with a few sprigs of...

She looked at the meagre offering of greenery Erin presented her with, and managed to turn her look of dismay into a look of serendipity quickly enough for anyone to notice.

"Ah good thinking Erin!" she said, "Coriander goes well with lamb too. I'll put in a bit of cumin and paprika, and we'll give it a bit of Moroccan heat. Well done."

With a smile she took the herbs and began to quickly chop up the leaves, before she was distracted by a yelp of pain and looked up to see her daughter nursing an injury. She raised an eyebrow incredulously. Really, she's cut herself on a potato peeler?

"Oh Rae...OK don't worry go get that washed. That's probably enough potatoes anyway. Maybe go keep an eye out for your father, and see if Duncan is with him. Need to now how many places we're setting at the table OK?"

Adrian prowled along the treeline pensively looking for any movement...and then there it was. He could see Duncan steering the figure to the right spot, and put himself right in the person's path. Whoever it was was fast, and made a cunning lunge to get away, but Adrian was well prepared enough and managed to tackle the girl to the ground, gently so as not to hurt her. It didn't take him long to recognise who it was.

"Emily??" he exclaimed, quickly releasing her and standing up. "Are you OK? Why were you running from us?"

Calvin slammed the ball hard against the surface of the basketball court and weaved from side to side, feigning against imaginary opponents. The community game was tomorrow night and, typically, none of the team were available for practice. Something had Calvin in a foul mood tonight. He wasn't sure what it was, but the last thing he needed was to be around the rabble at meal-preparation time...Quinn being an honourary female, Erin answering all the questions nobody ever asked...grrr.

The pack dynamic got to him sometimes. Especially when it was so close to the full moon. Just four night away, and everybody was still living like a bunch of...he couldn't even bring himself to say it. He'd gotten in trouble for starting the discussion too many times before.

With a sigh her turned and went into the house, stepping into the hall and pausing just in case he caught the sound of anything worthwhile going on.