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Kylar Slayde

"There's always a way out. I will not be controlled."

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a character in “Married To A Stranger -Remake-”, as played by Thadine



"No nicknames yet...let's keep it that way."


"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind."

| Gender |


"That's pretty obvious, I hope."

| Age |

Appears to be around 21, though he's lost count of his age.

| Height |


"I've been blessed with a tall height..."

| Weight |

Around 190lbs.

"And a lean body..."

| Race |


| Appearance |

Though most elves are often seen with a light hair colour, such as white or blonde, he has seemed to defy that standard. His hair isn't extremely dark, however is a middle shade of gray, often seen even slightly darker in low-light settings, however seems more of an off-white when in sunlight. It's cut in short layers, reaching to about the nape of his neck. He's often seen flicking it out of his vision due to how messy it usually is, no matter how badly he tries to tame it. His ears are like those of any other elves, pointed tips that stick slightly out of his hair, giving a hint to everyone about his race. His eyes are a light blue, a common colour amongst his kind, though some seem to admire it. He is very thin and tall as most elves are, and may even appear lanky because of his height, though he does have a decent amount of upper body strength, especially in his arms from constant use of his bow as his main weapon. Kylar's face is quite angled and sharp, his chin very thin, with prominent cheekbones. Under certain lighting, he may even have a skeletal appearance. Because of his sharp facial structure, he looks quite menacing to a few, which may push people away rather than draw them in. He's often seen wearing dull colours such as black, white, and gray, mostly for convenience. If he dresses very monochromatically, then he doesn't have to waste time thinking about what to wear for the day.

| Likes |

+Dark Chocolate
+Classical Music
+Mind Games

| Dislikes |

-Overly enthusiastic people
-Angels (He doesn’t understand why they have such high opinions of themselves)
-Close combat
-Most animals

| Personality |

Kylar is quite an unpredictable person, due to how difficult he can be to read. While most people have some extreme emotion about them, whether anger, happiness, sadness, etc. he has none, unless you consider boredom an emotion. He really seems to care about almost nothing, and hardly ever shares in anyone’s accomplishments or excitement. He usually prefers to be by himself, practicing with his bow, reading up on ancient spells, or doing a puzzle. However, when forced into people situations, he’ll show a bit more of himself. (Which, isn’t necessarily a good thing.)

He’s passive-aggressive. When irritated or angered, he often seems to act the same towards people, yet has an edge to his voice, or speaks with obvious fake kindness. His sarcasm and odd use of words tends to throw people off, and despite studying various languages, he hardly knows how to put his own feelings into words. Though he may be graceful in his movements, he is quite the opposite with his words. Kylar may seem like a very average person, perhaps even boring, but after awhile one can see that’s he’s complex.

He can be quite competitive depending on the situation. He may be nice and helpful one minute, but cold and unforgiving the next. He tends to notice small details about people, and often toys with them in odd ways, from mocking them to confusing them. He’s not very adept at reading emotions though, and oddly because of this, comes off as almost clueless, or innocent. He hasn’t seen a lot of bloodshed or violence in his life, so when things like that come up, he’s shocked.

Overall, he just seems very unsure of himself and what he’s doing. He’s childish in the sense that he enjoys games and teasing, also in his form of innocence. Kylar tries to make things more interesting, yet always seems unaffected by the outcome. He really believes that he’s just a mess of emotions and thoughts, and needs someone to convince him otherwise.

| Magic |

He doesn’t use magic often, rather studies it. He knows a lot about ancient languages and such, so is able to decode lost spells that others have created. He has a book full of them, yet hardly ever uses them. He’ll often use some spells for convenience, such as moving objects without having to get up, conjuring small flames to light candles, etc.

| Weakness(es) |Image

He absolutely hates it when people turn on him and play with him as if he wasn’t able to control the “game” anymore. It’s at a moment like this where he’ll get completely frustrated.

He likes to have control. If put into a situation where he couldn’t do anything to affect or change future outcomes, he’d go insane.

When people are generally unaffected by what he does or says, he will be slightly irritated and try harder to get a response or attention.

| Equipment |

-His large book of various spells
-Papers and books on specific languages he studies
-His clothing, which consists of various dress shirts and pants, jackets, etc. all gray, black, or white.
-His bow, which is a lithe and flexible one made of the finest wood, engraved with various markings, painted with skill. He doesn’t carry it with him casually, yet has brought it so he can practice.
-Many other small things (deck of cards, varying snacks, puzzles, etc.)

| Pet(s) |

“I usually don’t like animals, and they usually don’t like me.”

| History |

He doesn’t remember much of his childhood. However, what he does recall is lonely afternoons playing outside in the trees with toy weapons, fighting away invisible enemies that didn’t exist. When he wasn’t fighting, he was playing with spells or just lying in the grass. His father and mother were old elves part of a council that decided many important things among their kind, and therefore were often away, leaving him on his own. Due to this, he never spoke with people much, which led to his difficulties in social situations.

The family had a good reputation. He was spoiled, and got mostly whatever he wanted. However, he learned things like posture, manners for speaking to those above him, and such things, for his parents were preparing him for the role he would be passed down when they stepped off. He remained an only child, as elves do not have need for many children, and in his teens (approximately 40 human years), they were at their prime. He had been stuck in a life of repetitive actions and lessons. He was speaking to the same people over and over again, however this was good. He was spoken with good word amongst other families.

However all of this changed when a member of the council was murdered. It was a close family friend, and the blame was instantly pushed to his parents. They lost respect with almost everyone, and even though no one had proof it was them, everyone constantly blamed his father and mother, believing they had been plotting to kill the member so they could move up a rank in the council. The real murderer was never found, and they slowly began to slip into lower ranks, everyone looking down at them. Kylar had spent years preparing himself for the role he would get when he was an adult, yet it was all in vain.

After a few more years passed and he entered early adult-hood, his parents sent him off for an arranged marriage, hoping that getting him a partner would get others to respect them like they used to, and gain new friends so that they might return to their original position. All of this sounded extremely selfish to Kylar, and soon, every aspect of his parents and his life he began to hate. While once he loved to go outdoors, he shut himself indoors. He abandoned all of his mannerisms and training he had learned, and quickly began to attempt to change himself. He’s almost determined to sabotage the plan in some way, yet he has to figure out how.

So begins...

Kylar Slayde's Story


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#, as written by Rari
Butterflies danced in jacks stomach as he neared the mansion, not really knowing what to expect. Jack only new that this is where he was meeting his bride to be and that he would be living with thirteen other people. He only new his brides name, he had never even met this woman before. Jack pulled up to the mansion, parked his car, grabbed his crud and unlocked the huge mansion door with the key he was given. Upon entering the mansion Jack noticed the giant chandelier hanging in the main room, and of course the other rather expensive looking furniture.

Jack closed the large door behind him and left his things in the entrance and, with his kitten close behind him, started to explore the mansion. After exploring for about ten minutes jack found the smallest bedroom in the mansion and claimed it for himself. jack didn't bring a lot with him , just clothes and a few other things he needed from the room he had a home, so the smaller room worked perfectly for him. Once he had a few of his things set up he explored a little more, discovering a music room , a library, the rather large dining area, and the stable outside behind the mansion. He decide he had done enough exploring and returned to the main room, awaiting the arrival of the others.


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#, as written by Thadine
He wasn’t really sure what to think. In a way, he was grateful to get away from his home that he had been trapped in for so long. He never was able to leave when he was younger, or even when he got older. His parents were always so strict towards him, in order to keep their reputation amongst everyone else. A badly behaved child would do nothing good for them...but now, they were desperate to get any good attention they could after the incident for which they were accused. That included sending off their only child to get a new partner. Briefly, he wondered if his parents had thought about him at all during their decision. Had they even once wondered whether he would be happy about their decision? Had they even considered how he would feel?

No, of course not. They were selfish, and were only doing this so that they could gain respect among their peers once more. He didn’t want to get his hopes up by believing that his parents had done this for him...he knew that he was only important to them because he would later take their place in the council they were a part of. These thoughts occupied his mind for most of the trip to the mansion. He wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, though he was almost certain that he would be driven insane by the company of eleven other people, not even including whatever people would be brought along by the other grooms and brides.
Kylar reached a thin hand up towards his head, running his fingers through his messy off-white hair. Out of habit, he grabbed the few strands covering his pointed ears, and tucked them away. His parents had always taught him to be proud of his race. As soon as the memory of the manner he was taught came to mind, he frowned slightly, and brushed his hair back to its original place, though his ears still showed. He wanted to abandon all aspects of his old life. He didn’t want to be reminded of what he had been like before.

His hands rested on his knees, he lightly tapped his fingers out of nervousness as he stared out at the approaching mansion. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the neatly folded piece of paper, opening it and staring at the few words written on it.

“Victorique Fiammata Aria de Wayrin”

It was all he knew about her. He had no idea what she looked like, what she acted like...he didn’t even know what race she was. All he knew was that she was his new partner.

Kylar grimaced slightly at the thought of being with someone that he hardly knew. Sure, they were staying in the mansion for the amount of time just for this reason, but what if after awhile, he still didn’t like her? What if she was loud and annoying? What if she was stupid and impulsive? He just knew that this wasn’t going to end well.

The vehicle began to come to a stop. As it paused in front of the mansion, he took a deep breath, staring out at the building. Opening his door, he put the paper back in his pocket, and stepped over to the back seat, taking out his few bags. He slung them over his shoulder, and then grabbed his last iteall m. A thick leather-bound book, filled with loose papers with writing in various languages. He hardly glanced at the driver before turning and leaving towards the home. It was quite warm outside, nothing he wasn’t used to, however he felt as if he was suffocating. Probably because of the dark clothing he had chosen to wear. He was wearing a white button-up shirt, a fine black jacket, and black pants as well.

Kylar walked up towards the tall doors, noticing that they were already partially ajar. Others had already come in before him. He slipped inside, and upon entry, the first thing he noticed was how high the ceiling was. Even more vaulted than his own home. There was a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and a grand staircase that probably lead up to all of the rooms. There were a few people in the main room nearby, already talking amongst themselves. Kylar glanced at them indifferently, then turned away and made his way up the stairs without so much as a hello or a friendly smile towards them.

He carried his book close to his body, for it was his most precious possession, and walked by each of the rooms, glancing into them as he went by. Some were already claimed, yet he soon found a room that was a empty, save for a carved wooden desk pressed up against the wall, and bed dressed in deep blue sheets. The whole room was a tone darker than most, for the curtains were closed and only a bit of light was able to filter through. He put his bags on the bed and rested his book on the desk, looking around briefly. There were a few candles placed on the bedside table and various shelves around the room. He was glad for that, for candlelight always seemed to soothe him in even the worst situations.

He pressed his index finger and thumb close together, rubbing them slightly. A tiny flame conjured itself on his fingertip, appearing to have almost burned through his skin in order to get there. He lowered it down to the candle, lighting it, then picked up the candle and carried it over to the other ones around the room, lighting them as well. Afterwards, the whole place seemed to have a warm glow. Kylar thought for a moment about going down to where the rest of the people were to see if his future partner was here yet, but decided against it. He wasn’t much in the mood for speaking now.

He pulled away his desk chair and sat down, opening his book and setting out some of the pages he had been working on. He figured that he might as well try to relax a bit before going and doing anything.


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      just call him "ARES"

      If there was ever a time Ztenares was regretting his decision to go through with this thing, it was now.

      The young man walked down the long, gravel driveway that lead to the rather grandiose mansion silently, wrapping his tan trench coat around himself nervously. For a moment he paused to look up at the dull, gray overcast, deep blue eyes blank as the faintest of frowns tugged at his lips. He didn't mind the rain except when he was caught in it, and it was beginning to smell like rain. The last thing he wanted to do was get soaking wet right before he arrived at this place.

      Ztenares sighed as he quickened his pace, but the boom of thunder in the distance quickly eliminated the idea of flying the rest of the way. He had gotten struck in mid-flight a few times in his life and he was quite sure that he'd die happy if he was never hit again. But at the same time, what would people think if he showed up the way he was now with his five-o-clock shadow and his slightly disheveled hair? He should have taken the time to make himself look somewhat presentable, but he had gotten so nervously earlier that he had lost track of the time.

      Which was why he was running late now.

      Really, the only reason he had agreed to this was because it was the closest thing he could get to an olive branch between him and his parents. They had been less than pleased when he up and left, interacting with all the races they deemed 'beneath' angels. But after years of travel, Ztenares was honestly beginning to have some doubts about the idea that angels were superior. He wasn't sure what to think quite yet, but he was getting to the point where he felt that he shouldn't think like his parents. It seemed... wrong, in some way he couldn't yet understand. It just didn't sit well with him. But no doubt his parents ensured that his new 'wife' would be the same species as his. Not that he blamed his fiance or anything, but he was more interested in learning of the other races that would be staying in the mansion.

      His approach to the mansion stilled his thoughts, and Ares paused at the door before him. His stomach was doing somersaults due to his nervousness, but reluctantly, he reached out and grabbed the handle, pulling to open it.

      It wouldn't budge.

      For a moment Ares paused, staring at the door blankly. Was it stuck. He tugged again, but it wouldn't open. So then he pushed, but still, it wouldn't budge.

      The door was locked.

      "Hello?" The male angel called out somewhat hesitantly, hoping someone would hear him. It would start raining soon, and he didn't want to be around when it did. He preferred watching the rain, not being in it. Another crack of thunder startled him and the angel jumped, looking around before sighing. Looks like he would have to find another way in. Maybe through the roof... the angel looked up, sighing once more before getting ready to fly.

      Removing his jacket, Ares let his wings stretch out, looking the three pairs over for a moment, stroking the feathers to align them. He considered himself a freak of sorts, possessing six wings instead of the regular two, but his parents often tried to assure him that they were a blessing rather than a curse. But the linger doubts and feelings of inferiority were still there, no matter how much his family tried to dispel them. Silently he took to the air, gracefully ascending before landing on a ledge of one of the windows to the mansion. The room that this window belonged to was hidden by thick curtains, but Ares could make out a small light coming from inside. Maybe... maybe there was someone in there. Someone who could help.

      "Hello?" His voice was deep, but it was soft. He lightly rapped his knuckles on the window. "Is someone in there? Can you help me? I'm kind of... locked out."


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#, as written by Ever
Victorique's eyes finally flutter open after several hours of a car-ride induced slumber, a small yawn escaping the slightly parted pink lips. Straightening herself from her former position, Victorique allows her one-eyed gaze to wander around the spacious back of the pitch black limousine, that was, undoubtedly, carrying her to the destination of fate. A frown tugs at her cupid's bow shaped lips at the thought of what "fate" really was. "Fate.." does that mean.. I'm destined to wed someone whom I don't know? Seems illogical.." came an exasperated murmur as Victorique began to speak aloud her thoughts. Trying to find a way to distract her mind from the worst case scenarios about her future husband, the petite Vampiric Elf changed her line of attention to the tinted windows as the chariot passed through wrought iron gates.

No later than 10 minutes had passed before the sight of a peaked black roof materialized through the tops of the leafy canopy above, indicating they were drawing closer. Closing her red eye, Victorique began to try her hand at making the pessimistic thoughts of her new life and husband flee from confines of her mind. She would have stayed like there all day if she could, lost in thought. Unfortunately, those 10 minutes passed by in a blur and before she knew it; Victorique was standing in front of imposing house, her butler gathering her bags. Instinctively, a slender pale hand reaches up gingerly to touch her medical gauze eyepatch, relief filling her body feeling it was still in place. Pausing briefly, Victorique began to ponder what would happen if she absolutely despised her fated-to-be-husband but that moment only lasted briefly as her logical side began to take over. "This is your duty as a not only as lady of upper class but as compensation."came her usual soft voice, the tone reasoning and unwavering. Without a further moment, she delicately and calmly walked up the front stairs to the porch where her butler, holding a suitcase and a duffle bag, proceeded to hold open the door.

The interior of the mansion didn't surprise the doll-like girl in the slightest. In fact, it bore some slight resemblance to her home in France. Giving a slight shake of her head in disappointment at the lack of excitement, Victorique pulls out a simple piece of rectangular paper with rather beautiful scrawling on it that read: Kylar Slayde. "What a...peculiar name.." she whispers softly before following her butler up the stairs.

The small girl paused briefly in the middle of the hallway, trying to get her bearings, before continuing to the room that was designated hers. Giving one last glance around the empty hall, Victorique quickly slipped into the the room, eyes widening at the decor A slight smile appears on her lips knowing who had customized this room to look exactly like her home's in Paris: her aunt. In the midst of her admiration of the likeness, Victorique had almost forgotten her butler's presence until he cleared his throat. Glancing over, the usually-stoic-girl casts him a rather warm half-smile before nodding her head "Do tell my Aunt that I loved her present... and please take care of her." And just like that, her butler, the deliverer of her fate, left the Elfin Vampire's life permanently. Sending yet another cautious glance into the hallway, Victorique quickly closes the door before slumping on her bed.

The small black cat quickly jumps out of the limousine with ease, a small agitated mew slipping through her lips. The feline's black tail flicks in annoyance at being ignored by her master, pouting in a manner of sorts. Without a further ado, Mint gracefully pads into the house and slipping up the stairs before stopping in front of a door and scratching on it, oblivious to the fact it was Kylar Slayde's.


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#, as written by Thadine
The silence lasted for a few minutes, and those few minutes felt eerily similar to how he’d spend his time at his home. He leaned down close to the papers, reading each thing word by word, constantly referring to the few sheets that surrounded the books. It was a slow process, yet worth it. The knowledge he would be able to get from this was always worth it. Familiarizing himself with the ancient spells and stories made him feel much more knowledgeable than any other learning could. He felt like he had something that no one else did...something that was his and his alone.

He couldn’t hear the voices outside, just the flickering of the candles and the scratching noise from the sheets of paper moving against eachother. The silence was relaxing and familiar. Any other aspect of home would have unsettled him, yet this was the one thing he wanted to hang on to. Staring down at his current work, he held the pen in his fingertips, twisting it around nervously. What he was interpreting now was odd, something he hadn’t really seen before. He narrowed his eyes, his mind reeling with recent stories he had read before, trying to make sense of this one. It spoke of a God he had never heard before, nothing that had ever been mentioned. Was this one of the few that had been lost in translation?

Kylar reached for the candle nearby, grabbing the edge of the plate it was sitting on. At that moment, he heard a light tapping noise not far away, as if something or someone was rapping on the window. He tilted his head towards the sound, glaring at the window in confusion. He didn’t even have time to wonder whether it was his imagination, or reality before he heard a voice speak up. It startled him, and he dropped the plate from his hand in surprise, the candle falling out onto the wooden desk, rolling down to the edge. The flame escaped, and jumped towards the dry papers close by, setting the corner of one alight.

He cursed under his breath, pressing his hand down on the flame to suffocate it. His hand burned briefly, and he winced, yet when he lifted it, the flame was gone, the corner of the paper only slightly scorched. Relief washed over him suddenly, and he nearly sat down again until he remembered what the cause of the incident had been. The voice. Kylar turned suddenly, stepping almost cautiously towards the tall window. He clutched onto an end of the dark curtains, and pulled it apart so he could peer through. His light blue eyes met the eyes of another, and he nearly dropped the piece of cloth on impulse, yet kept hanging on.

He spread it wider, then took hold of the other one and pulled that as well, able to have a wide view of who was outside. The first thing he noticed were the feathered wings, not two of them, but...four. No...six. Six wings. The tall elf found himself grinning weakly at this sight, as well as the fact that an angel, who always thought as themselves as so perfect and flawless, was in need of help. The front door was probably locked, and he had no way to get in because of that. Kylar’s smile grew slightly wider because of this, and he just nodded briefly.

“Quite a predicament...” He muttered quietly to himself, his grin fading in almost an instant. He pointed briefly to the direction where the front doors were, signalling that he would go to open them, and dropped the curtains. He turned quickly, too quickly, and hit the corner of the desk by accident. Reaching a hand out to steady himself, he continued again towards his shut door, opening it suddenly. He stopped himself just before he was about to step on a cat. Its black fur stood out against the lightly coloured floor, and his eyes automatically were drawn to it. Rather than feeling hostile towards it as he usually would any animal, he stared down at it for a moment. Did this belong to the mansion, or someone here?

Kylar bent down towards it, strands of his light hair falling in front of his vision. He used a hand to brush his hair away, and then reached it out towards the animal so it could catch his scent. A few seconds after, he lifted his fingers and gently brushed the top of its head. Usually he’d walk away from the cat, but he did the opposite. Wasn’t it time to try new things here? Abandon his old self and do something unknown to him? He had to take small steps, but he did exactly that.

He reached his other hand towards the animal, slipping it underneath its body, and lifted it up gingerly, careful enough to seem as if he was comfortable with animals. Then, letting it lean over his shoulder, set off towards the front doors.


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#, as written by Thadine
He hadn't really ever held a cat before. Well, once, a long time ago, when he was outside by himself in the woods. His parents had been away, which was quite a common thing, so he had to find some way to entertain himself. He happened upon a stray cat with light gray fur, and slightly lighter stripes across its back. The younger him was foolish and brash, and without even thinking, went towards the animal, assuming it would be friendly. Obviously it wasn't expecting this, and threw itself at him, scratching him in more than one place on his face and neck. The experience had made him view all animals a bit more bitterly than most, yet know he knew that he could put that experience behind him.

Kylar stroked its head gently, still carrying it with confidence, as he made his way down the stairs, oblivious to the fact that this was probably someone's animal and they were most likely looking for it, or at least worried about it. He was so used to getting whatever he wanted even as a child, that he didn't even once think about this possibility. He held the animal with a certain pride, and anyone that looked might assume that it was his. With his mind clouding with past memories and experiences with animals, he had nearly forgotten what his mission was. The door, that...angel. Right.

He stepped past the few people that were in the main room, casting a brief sideways glance towards the few there out of curiosity. They all seemed to be focused on their own things, either speaking or reading, so he tried not to draw any attention to himself, and continued towards the front doors. A couple briskly walked past him, an angel and someone else, up towards the staircase. He had to swerve out of the way to avoid them, and found himself glaring slightly as they walked away. He wasn't sure if he would be able to get use to so many people in one place, even if it was a giant mansion. He was pretty sure that there were still more people to arrive too. This was just the beginning. Kylar sighed quietly to himself, and just as he was a few feet from the doorway, he paused, noticing that it was already slightly open. Leaning to the side slightly, he saw through the crack a girl outside near the front. Well, the man outside his window could find his own way in, now that it was open.

Kylar turned quickly, his white-grey hair falling in front of his eyes. He struggled to clear his vision just by slightly shaking his head, but decided after a few seconds that he probably looked like an idiot, and might be startling the animal, so quickly stopped. He began to ascend the stairs again, hoping to get back to his room so he could unpack his things, and maybe even think on how to get out of the current situation he was in. He was not going to let his parents control him, force him to marry someone just for their own selfish reasons. Most people saw the time here as a time to get to know their future spouse. He saw it as a time limit, a ticking bomb. He had to find some way to escape the deal. Maybe if the girl really didn't like, him, then she would speak to her own parents and they could call it off? Of course, he'd have to find out how lenient her family was, what the circumstances were. And to do that, he'd have to meet her.

Distracted by his thoughts, he hardly noticed that he was about to run into someone directly in front of him. Luckily, he had quick reflexes, and rather than his height limiting his movement, it almost helped him flow better. He twisted out of the way of the small, black-haired girl quickly, yet it the process, pulled his arms apart, dropping the animal for a slight second. He didn't even look at the girl he had narrowly avoided, yet reached for the falling animal and grabbed it again. He was sure that the cat would have been able to land on its feet, yet he took hold of it again anyways. Turning to glance over his shoulder, he muttered a quiet 'sorry', probably not even heard by the girl, and continued on his way as if nothing was wrong. If he had paid better attention and realized that she was frantically searching for something, then maybe he would have grown curious as to what, and realized that the animal was hers....yet, he was too focused on his own plans.


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#, as written by Ever
Victorique quickly scurried down the halls, a frantic air radiating off her. Mint.. where could you be!? echoed the worried thoughts in her mind due to the absence of the black kitten that she loved so dearly. After every few minutes of this panicked pacing, the small Vampiric Elf would pause to check behind statues or paintings, with each spot coming with a new hope that would be quickly shattered. 20 minutes had passed, and with no sign of the black feline, overwhelming dismay rose to her throat. All too well did Victorique knew what that constricted throat would lead to, an action which she absolutely despised. Swallowing the lump forcefully, she chastise herself as she continues the search "Victorique, really now. You are far too old to be crying over a trivial matter! To think of how Auntie would react if she saw you right now! Shame on you."

In the midst of reprimanding herself, Victorique had carelessly forgotten about other people in the house. In a flash of an instance, just as she had opened her red eye, a body appears in front of her. Before she could react, the masculine form quickly spun around her with amazing grace, muttering a quite "Sorry" before it continued on its way. Standing there, Victorique blinks in slight shock of the encounter before it came to her: the male was holding a small black figure in his arms. "Mint!" comes her exclamation as, just as gracefully, spins on her heels to hurry after the retreating figure.

"Wait! Sir, please wait!" she calls after him, hope welling up in her again. Seeing him stop, the petite girl swiftly walks after him, keeping a controlled pace. In a matter of a few seconds, she was behind him, voice hopeful "Um Sir.. perchance you've seen a small black kitten?". Gazing up at him from one eye, she watches for his reaction, eagerly anxious.


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After the storm died down SyKo calmed. It was about 5:30 p.m. Then it hit SyKo. She totally forgot about making dinner.. SyKo facepalmed then scurried off to the kitchen to search for things to make. When she couldn't make up her mind she decided to go around and ask the couples what they would like for dinner. "I um.. Can't decide what to make so... Er, what would you like for dinner?" She asked each couple.