The island of Marstica has been a safe haven for magical and mythical creatures of all sorts thanks to the treaty that was signed many years ago. The Rangers and their Companions care for and keep the peace on the island. But rebellion is brewing...

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Marstica is the name of a rather large island in the Bermuda Triangle. Hundreds of magical creatures call this hidden island home. The island is also home to a group of humans and elves… The Rangers. The Rangers are there to protect and preserve the Magic of our world. Everyone has lived in peace on the island for many many years thanks to the Rangers and their Companions. But there is trouble brewing in the Dark Forest. A group of 5 Rangers must band together to save their world and everyone else's from destruction...

The Rangers live on a very large island in the Bermuda triangle that no humans know of. They are the keepers of the Mystical world and creatures. They protect and preserve it.
Once a Ranger turns 12, they go on a boat to a smaller island off the coast of Marstica to the Hatchery. Once at the Hatchery, they walk through along the many rows and rooms of very young mythical creatures that have agreed to become a companion to a Ranger. These young creatures either volunteer themselves, or are given to the Hatchery by their parents. Once the Ranger and Companion have found each other, they are bound by an unbreakable magical bond that connects their souls.
This is a very special and dangerous thing that happens. If one of them were to die, the other would die as well. But this also gives them an advantage, they are stronger together.
As they grow together, Ranger and Companion will learn everything they need to know to become a true Ranger at age 18. This is also the age where they choose their profession.

The jobs available to them are as follows:
Companion Caretaker (Works in the Hatchery)
Instructor (Trains the future Rangers and their companions)
Healer (Works in the Infirmary.)
Defender (Travels all around the island, keeping the peace between all of the mystical creatures)
Searcher (Goes out into the human world, to find any potential Rangers and/or magical creatures to bring them back to Marstica.)



Dark Forest- Home to any/all of the darker magical creatures.
Enchanted Forest- Home to many of the more numerous magical creatures
Elven Forest- Home of the Elves and the more rare magical creatures

Rose Lake- Each evening this lake turns a deep crimson, reflecting the sunset and sand that surrounds it.
Lake Natichi- This lake is home to the Mer-people. They actually live mostly under the island and make their way around to the different bodies of water through underground tunnels. This lake glows brightly during the night.
Crystal Lake- This lake was purified by a couple of Unicorns. The unicorns enchanted the wayward falls so that any water entering Crystal lake was pure and clean.

Wayward Falls-The enchanted purifying waterfall that leads to Crystal Lake.

Major Mountains
Mt. Never-Rest - This huge mountain is also a dormant volcano. It receives it’s name from the many rock slides that constantly occur. It’s a favorite spot of a good many dragons.

Other Islands
Faerie Island- Home to all of the Fae people. The island is divided almost down the middle, with the darker Faeries on one side and the lighter kind on the other.
Hatchery Island- This island is home to the Hatchery. This is where all of the to-be Companions stay and are cared for. There is also housing for the Companion caretakers on the island as well.

Mountain Ranges(Not Dwarf or Troll)- These mountains are roamed by giants, dragons and a good many other magical creatures. The larger more sturdy creatures live here.
Training Grounds- This area includes and archery range, stables and open ground for riding, an arena for sword fighting, and a good sized library. Classes are held for the Rangers in training here. They alternate from one area to the next each day. (Ex: Mon-Archery, Tues-Swordsmanship, Wed-In class study, Thurs- Horsemanship...etc.)
Infirmary: This is where the healers can be found and where the sick or injured go/stay. The infirmary is very large to be able to accommodate all kinds of creatures.
Docks- Where the boats and ships are kept and maintained until needed.
Housing- Where the Rangers and their families live or stay. Rangers in training do not stay in their family home. They house together depending on gender in large cabin-like houses.
Farmland- This is one of the ways the Rangers get their food. They farm the land. This is usually done by retired Rangers(their ages can range from 20’s-100’s depending on the Ranger.)
Treaty Hill- This was where the treaty that all different kinds of creatures that live on the island signed a treaty with each other and the Rangers. The treaty is now kept in the large Library in a strong glass case.
Desertland- This land is home to some of the less sociable creatures that have the adaptations to survive here.


Male Ranger (just turned 18)
Male Ranger's Companion

Female Ranger (aged 20-25)
Female Ranger's Companion

Male Ranger (aged 20-25)
Male Ranger's Companion

Female Ranger (aged ?)
Female Ranger's Companion

Male Ranger (aged ?)
Male Ranger's Companion

Support Characters are also needed, just ask. :)

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Comapanion/Ranger(if needed):
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Image(if possible/needed):

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