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Salis Hunar

Careful! Don't get your blood all over my stuff, now sit the fuck down so I can stitch you up!

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a character in “Martyrium”, originally authored by Falron, as played by RolePlayGateway


Salis Hunar



Salis has the appearance which is reminiscent of Dingos found on Earth. Standing at 4'9 Salis is one of the shortest members of the Second Horseman and takes pride in the fact that she isn't the shortest, no, that title goes to the Minagora, Rin. She has a lithe build with wiry muscles from her years as a slave and a fairly average bust which is generally covered by her crossed arms. Her fur is sandy in colour, a grayish-black tinge around the paw pads, nose and the inside of her ears. White fur is present on the underside of her muzzle and runs down her neck and chest, stopping mid abdomen. Her fur is short in length and kept in good condition by Salis. A few scars cover her body from mistreatment, the most prominent of these being a large gash under her right eye.

She has sandy blonde hair which pulled into a rough braid that stops at the bottom of her shoulder blades with rough-cut bangs that are shoved to the side so that they don't cover her eyes.

She has brown eyes with irises that dominate her eyes with barely any of the white showing. Her brows are generally pulled together in concentration or annoyance. She is generally on her back legs with a straight back, only dropping into a quadrupedal stance when absolutely necessary.

Ever since her escape Salis has used this opportunity to express her new-found freedom. During this time she has gotten several ear piercings that run up the outsides of her ears. There is also a bar that goes through her right eyebrow and a large stud in her right nostril. Her clothing style is simple and comfortable, something that she can wear and not worry about getting it blood stained. This generally consists of a loose fitting dark singlets and loose jeans that are held up by a belt. She wears no shoes unless necessary and when she does, she wears combat boots that are loosely laced.

Salis is a non-violent person, well, more accurately she doesn't have the physical strength or marksmanship to be considered a threat and therefore stays out of violent situations. Though she will not hesitate to bitch-slap anyone who comes to her with half their arm hanging off and saying, "I thought I might get this looked at..". Salis loves all thing medical, spending majority of her time in front of the myriad of text books within the infirmary which she likes to call her 'office'. She doesn't leave this area often, mainly due to the fact that people seem to be getting fucked up on a daily basis, but also because her quarters are directly adjacent. When she does leave however, it's for food and other necessities.

Despite this anti-social way of spending her day Salis is quite happy to spend time with others talking or just in their company, though she prefers if people come to her. She likes to think of herself as important enough to the Second Horsemen that they will come to visit her and not forget she exists until they have a couple bullets embedded in their chests. Salis gets along with most members of the Second Horsemen, with her having had a slightly rough start with Rin, with her being one of those damn Minagora and all. But after hearing her story, Salis could find no reason to hate her.

Salis is slightly submissive by nature, the way she was raised and treated probably being the reason for her holing up in her office, after all, if no ones around, no one can boss her around. She tries to be assertive though, having gathered enough courage and well, sass, to slap people without instantly apologizing and expecting them to beat the living shit out of her.

Inside of her office Salis is an overconfident woman with an attitude and a sarcasm streak a mile high. There she is queen and completely in control of the situation, the place where she has the upper hand against everyone else. It's her domain and no one, not a single fucking person, can take the power she holds here away from her. Take her out of the room though and be ready to meet a completely different side to Salis. Here she's self-conscious, slightly jittery woman who likes to blend into the crowd.

Salis was born to a litter of three pups, two females and a male. When she was deemed to intelligent for her own good at age 3, she was removed from her family with whom she'd been serving with until that point thanks to the generosity of the Minagora family they served. She was moved to a rich family of Minagora's, where she was treated harshly and kept under close supervision to make sure she wouldn't do anything that she wasn't allowed to. During this time Salis feared her masters, keeping her head down and doing as she said to make sure she didn't get beaten. She barely spoke a single word beside, "Yes sir" or "Yes ma'am" for a large portion of her youth.

When she was 15 a mate was chosen for her according to the characteristics the Minagora's wanted. At age 16 Salis fell pregnant with a litter of two, twin girls who she ended up naming Isla and Marny. When they were old enough to be removed from their mother that's exactly what happened. Salis begged them to let her raise them, to at least have them let her know how they were going. They ended up having to forcefully remove her from them, she became so violent that they were forced to knock her unconscious. When she woke she was punished severely for her actions, the beating earning her the gash that is present under her eye.

After this she wasn't placed into the breeding program again and didn't speak a single word until she was 19 when she yelled at her 'owner' and threw the dishes at him. She has never snapped like that since and quickly learned her lesson after another beating. It was when she was in her cot that night she began planning her escape. Biding her time she became overly polite and docile until the opportunity presented itself. Sent out to pick up something she managed to sneak onto a cargo ship, hiding inside a crate. She still feels horrible for abandoning her daughters and vows to rescue them somehow.

Salis left the crate when the cargo ship docked at a station and worked odd jobs. She became fascinated with medicine and began working for a surgeon in exchange for lessons on everything medicine related. She was a quick learner and studied hard, finishing with her lessons after six months and continued by her own. Her quickly found expertise caught the attention of the founder of the Second Horseman, I guess even they needed someone to give them their fucking flu shots. With the hopes of being able to get her daughters back Salis was quick to accept the offer and has been traveling with the merc group ever since.

General skills/specialities:
Salis is an expert at all things medicinal, from stitching up a gash to surgery to relieve the pressure in your skull because you conked it too hard on something. She knows anatomy from the inside out and is the first person people turn to when they get sick or injured... no matter how minor. She's in charge of keeping everybody fit and healthy... and not falling apart at the joints.

She's good, no scratch that, brilliant at general housekeeping thanks to her former status as a slave. She can't stand a messy office and will spend a large portion of her spare time making sure its tidy and clean.

Typical weapon loadout:
Salis isn't very good in combat situations and therefore doesn't generally have a weapon. Though she does have a thermal-round handgun for self-defense, just in case...

So begins...

Salis Hunar's Story

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#, as written by Savader

A long, long time from now...

Actually, it's not really that far into the future...

In a galaxy far, far away...

Wait, that's not right either...

It's THIS galaxy...

Yeah, this one...

The one with the spiral, or whatever...


Well here we are, folks... The beginning of the story... The moment that started it all... Well, maybe not all of it, I mean, I'm not the guy who created the universe-- I'm just the guy who wrote this little introduction to an epic tale following a ragtag group of mercenaries doing whatever the hell they please throughout the Milky Way Galaxy IN that universe. No... No, that other guy was God. God did that. I'm not God. If you want creativity, then go and talk to that jerk. But hey, thanks for reminding me of my insecurities! Assholes... Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah; The beginning of a...really long journey...filled with...epic...stuff-- OKAY, YOU KNOW WHAT? FUCK THIS SHIT. JUST... Here it is...

It was a rather boring day for one particular crew of mercenaries that were currently stationed at a sad, sad place, in their equally sad, sad ship, doing God only knows what. One of them, however, was very clearly snoring quite loudly with the side of his face stuck to a desk thanks to the help of his own spit. In one hand, he held a near-empty bottle of whiskey. In the other? Well...that one... That one was digging around in the front of his pants. Again; doing God only knows what... This man, who was not unlike the common lowlife of a man you'd regularly find in any dysfunctional family's study each night after getting drunk for no other reason than simply because "fuck you", was none other than Captain Zack Archer: founder and current leader of the widely unknown mercenary business, The Second Horsemen. But hey, at least the name is cool. How many better names for a mercenary group can you think of other than the second horseman of the apocalypse? None, that's how many! Well, probably none aside from the actual horseman's name, War -- but that was already taken by another group known as War & Ruin, so fuck you anyway! Know why? Because that group doesn't have Captain "Mother-Fucking" Archer on-board their ship, now do they! No, they do NOT. And he's fucked a LOT of mothers, most likely, so deal with it!

So there was Archer, sleeping his troubles away without a care in the world. Wait, that doesn't sound right... If he's got troubles to sleep away, then doesn't that mean he's caring enough about them to do so...? Ahhh, that's right-- he's sleeping his cares away without trouble! What was I thinking? The Second Horsemen don't have any "troubles". Least not yet, anyway... Well, that was more-or-less the run-down of an average morning for Captain Zack Archer. A killer hangover from the now-passed Sunday night. Which meant that today was Monday. Which meant that something terrible was about to happen. Because Archer totally forgot all about it until that terrible something reminded him that it was so incredibly terrible.

The phone rang...

Well, it was the future, so it wasn't really a 'phone' phone, but rather the thing that acted as our sense of the word's replacement, which was in the form of an inter-galactic bridge of communication networks stretching across to every corner of the Milky Way Galaxy. In other words, a fancy-ass cellphone. But I'm going to call it the "holophone". So yeah-- suddenly, the "holophone" rang. And it was loud. At first, Archer just kinda grunted slightly, trying to turn his head the other way, only to give up because his face was too damn stuck to the surface of the desk he never used for anything other than...well, that. Then again, there was the occasional female bartender he'd pick up and bring back here from time-to-time... Anyway, as the "holophone" continued to ring, the orange light from the Caller ID's 3D hologram flashed the name of one of his clients, which illuminated the immediate area. This bright light was beginning to annoy the young captain, although he still managed to fight it with a scowl and a grit of his teeth.

Because someone on his ship chose to change the settings of his "holophone" so that it would continue to ring louder and louder each time he didn't pick it up; by the 4th ring, Archer was practically screaming inside his head, telling himself to 'Just pick the damn thing up already!' However, being Archer, he didn't actually give in until the 7th ring -- which was a good thing he did, too, because if he would have waited even one more second, he would have lost his chance at what was supposed to be their biggest job to date!

"HWAT!?" he yelled, rather stupidly, dropping the bottle of whiskey after forcefully ripping his face off of the desk. "D'YOU rEALIZE WHaT TiMe" Pausing to check the time on his holophone with squinted eyes, Archer nearly vomited all over his desk, but somehow managed to keep it down for the time being. "S'like... 12 iN the afTeRNOon, bro...!" he grunted into the receiver, burping a little. The voice that spoke from the other end of the connection sounded rather annoyed with Archer's usual lack of professionalism.

"Yeah, today's the day, asshole." said the client. "You know, THE day... I'm gonna need you guys out here to pick up the package within the next couple 'a hours, or else I've been told told to pass the job off to someone who can tell me with certainty what fuckin' day it is..." Archer merely scowled in disbelief before looking to his right at the calendar on his wall.

"Well I'm certain you it was on...MONDAY..." hiccuped Archer, looking ahead once more with a slight wobble. What happened next nearly made him drop the "holophone" out of startle.

"IT IS MONDAY, YOU JACKASS!!" screamed the client. "Now sober the FUCK UP, get DOWN HERE, and DELIVER THE PACKAGE!" With each raise in emphasis, Archer pulled his ear away from the receiver, creating something of a comical head-wag.

"O-Okay, okay! Jeez... You don't to yell--" began Archer, only to be cutoff by the sound of his client hanging up on him. "H... Hello...? Pssht, little bitch hung up on me...!" Turning off the "holophone" and setting it down on the desk he was now propping his elbows on top of, Archer sighed and rubbed his hands over his face. Trying to kick his thoughts into overdrive so that he could remember how important this job was supposed to be, Archer just sat there, barely breathing. And then it started coming back to him... For over a month, Archer had been promised a "special job", as it were, by a reliable client that would regularly get him jobs from various groups and other businesses. However, this one was said to be completely anonymous; Archer's client telling him how little he knew of them himself, other than the fact that they always pay well. This job in particular required some sort of package to be picked up and delivered to the mother ship and home of the Xilass race: The Dephdra. Until a week ago, Archer was beginning to lose hope, as most everyone on his ship figured he was spouting the regular nonsense that came out of his mouth each day, since there had yet to be any "big" or "special" jobs. The job itself was easy enough: Archer needed to swing by The Dephrdra again anyway in order to keep his promise with a certain Xilass crew member of his, so there was nothing all that "special" about it... And then he remembered the best part. The main reason why he accepted the offer back when he was first told about it.

"THE PAY!!" he suddenly shouted, waking up the female bartender that was crashing on the floor beside him. Her shout having made him give out a rather high-pitched scream of his own as he turned his head to look at the bizarre creature that was capable of making such a sound. Pausing for a moment to look at her, he scowled. "The fuck are YOU still doing here...?" he asked her in a strained voice. Her reaction to such words was less than pleased.

"Well, excuse ME for not being able to walk home after last night!" she sassed back at him. That's when they both smiled at each other, Archer giving her a nod.

"That good, huh?" he asked with a suave tone of voice.

"Oh, yeah~" she replied, giving him a suggestive look, by which Archer just leaned back in his chair, one arm over it as he stared at her until his smile began to fade.

"Well that doesn't quite answer my question, now does it!" he gradually shouted back at her, making her flinch slightly. "You can walk NOW, can'tcha'?! So get the fuck off my ship! I've got important mercenary crap to do here!" Finishing with that, he stood up and walked over to his coffee pot next to the sink. Scoffing, the female bartender stood up, albeit weakly at first, before moving towards the cabin door.

"Fuck YOU, Archer!" she said back, giving him the finger.

"Too bad you already beat me to it, lady!" said Archer, waving the back of his hand at her in farewell as he poured himself a cup of fresh coffee while the woman growled at him before leaving. There was nothing like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning to Archer... Well, it was 12 in the afternoon, but that wasn't the point. Taking a few sips of the delicious concoction, he let out a satisfied sigh, walking back over to his desk to sit down once more. Head still pounding quite fiercely, he took a couple of sips more, already thinking that he would be needing a bit of the hair of the dog that bit him in order to make a comeback from last night's binge. But instead, he figured he had better get to work, so to speak...

Leaning over his desk a bit, one hand grasping the handle of his mug while the other stretched out its index finger to click in the ship's intercom system. Speaking into the mic, Archer made his first announcement of the day.

"Well... It's that time of the day once again, kiddies." he started, his voice low and soft over the ship's speakers; evidence that he was suffering from yet another hangover. "Just got off the phone with one of our top clients... Looks like that big job I mentioned awhile back is happening. Like, right now. That means it's time to WAKE UP, you lazy sacks of shit! Ow... It's time to go to work! Hnng... Let's get Rev started up and heading for planet Alta Jarvis, located in the...Centaur Region. Don't keep papa waiting! Guh..." Finally done torturing himself with the sound of his own loud voice, Archer took his finger off the switch to the intercom. And then, on cue, one of the hands stopped while passing by his doorway.

"Archer, dear." she said, pausing to give him a look. "It's 12 in the afternoon; the only one who hasn't already been awake since morning is you..." At this, Archer made note of two things: 1, that bitch bartender left his door wide open, and 2, Kelly was looking rather hot today for someone who wasn't even compatible with his species.

"I know, Kelly." replied Archer. "I was just doing the 'professional' thing for once." Taking another sip of his coffee, he then kicked back with his legs up on the desk, looking relaxed. "By the way; your ass is looking especially awesome today."

"My name's not 'Kelly'..." she said with a bored tone, giving the impression that she'd told him this many times before. "It's Kei'Hally..." Placing her hands on her hips, she blatantly ignored his 'observation'.

"Knew that too, Kelly." said Archer, giving her a tilted nod while looking away from her. This just made Kei'Hally smile wryly and roll her eyes before hanging her head back in defeat as she walked away. Things were looking good, Archer thought to himself as he finished his first cup of coffee. By then, Rin-Naera should have already been prepping the ship for departure just as the bartender finally left, and the others would be getting ready for any problematic situations that may arise to meet them in the near future. For while Archer's crew knew how much nonsense he spewed out each new day to be his regular thing, and no matter how much they figured on this "big job" having been just another one of those things, they also knew one very important thing: Archer never joked about a job...

They knew it was go-time.

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#, as written by Falron

It was your average morning aboard the ship for a certain Tatari woman... or what passed for normal aboard the vessel. Salis pulled on a vest, hand reaching up to pull the braid out before she left her small living quarters, entering the infirmary of the less than infamous Second Horseman. The medical facility was easily one of the dodgiest that Salis had ever set her eyes on... but in retrospect, there weren't many that she had actually seen. A quick sweep of the place informed the woman that no one had rummaged through the medicines for their hangover cure, which meant that Archer was probably still passed out somewhere on the ship with whatever woman he'd found on the station they were docked at.

Rolling her eyes she walked about her area, cleaning up loose ends, eyes drawn to anything that she deemed out of place. Once complete Salis made her way towards the canteen, noting how, as usual, the hallways were filled with minimal activity. They didn't have a job to do, the Captain passed out somewhere on the ship and nothing better to do than throw tennis balls at the wall. But could you really expect something more... active from a mercenary group that could barely get its shit together long enough to do a job and get paid.... Not really, but they all hoped that it would.

As she entered the canteen and collected her breakfast, the appearance of the meal making her nose wrinkle slightly, a gesture she was getting used to, she noticed how empty and quiet the place was without people drinking and making more noise than should be considered healthy. It was a silence that the Tatari woman enjoyed above the sound of raucous and drunken laughter that seemed to permeate the air of the ship too often for her tastes.

She sat there long after her meal was finished, enjoying the rare quiet of the canteen. Archer had been going on an on about a super special job that they would be getting, he didn't say when or what the fuck it was... but he pressed the importance of the pay every chance he got. And Salis (with majority of the crew) had begun believing that this "job" was just a way for the Captain to keep the morale of the crew up... The longer the charade went on the more he was failing at it.

As noon neared Salis found herself wandering back to her infirmary, back to her domain. As usual, it was deserted save for herself. To keep herself busy, and by extent from going bat-shit crazy, Salis did an inventory check, opening every cupboard and draw in sight. It was during this menial and downright dull task Archer's hungover and relatively soft voice graced the airways with its message. She stared at the nearest speakers with a slightly amused expression until the job was mentioned. So Archer hadn't been full of shit when he'd been talking about it? Fuck, Salis probably owed the guy an apology now for not believing him earlier. As his message ended with a groan of pain Salis was quick to finish her job, closing everything she'd left ajar with a grin on her face.

They were off to another job... a job that, if Archer was to be believed, would pay very well. She just hoped it wasn't something that would get them killed.

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#, as written by Rann
Fine. Archer liked chili dogs. That's normal. But ... Rin sat in her little corner of the Revenant, struggling over what was the Second Horseman's finances. And wasn't this a heck of a doozy? She let out a frustrated sigh - they were in the red now, and there wasn't much tweaking she could do. Why, exactly, did Archer need to buy so many cheap women, so much liquor, and mountains upon mountains of chili dogs? the Minagora had no idea. It was ridiculous. And yet - classic Archer. To be expected really... you couldn't separate that man from his muses no less than you could separate Jag from herself for too long. The Noxchi might end up flipping tables. And that'd ... be detrimental to the team overall. Anyways, in some of her brief moments of peace when she's not trying to help out the others, she fluttered her wings to get the cramps out of the muscles. Stretching, they felt lighter and more at ease, letting her get back to work.

She was considering talking to Archer about setting apart a portion of each mission specifically for him, so that he wasn't allowed to touch the rest of the cash. Because the Gravity Diffuser in use is still behind by two models, and they'd have to restock the spare fuel stocks pretty soon. Not to mention food, they were starting to run low, and their chef, the Ilae'Illian named Velinare, was starting to make complaints that there wasn't enough ingredients to do anything but make chili dogs, and that there was more booze than water.

She wracked her brains. There simply wasn't enough cash left over - she also wondered how the medical supplies were doing. She thought about asking Salis about how it was, but then decided against it, still not feeling entirely comfortable around her. It reminded her of her old friend, Varen - fully aware that Varen was a status thing, and not the actual name - making her mist over with melancholy. One day, she'd have to redirect the ship to go and find her. One day.

In a way that avoided the prospect of war, of course.

So. She had scouted out a few prospect jobs not too long ago... there was that one from the Xilass "The One That Brings Light and Happiness to Stray Pets Abandoned In A Dark Sad Life; Beware The Kindness" - seriously, she was glad to get a sane Xilass on the team, because those names could really get long winded fast - asking to find a stray Qunar - those fluffy things akin to kittens on the human world, except cuter - for a nice sum of cash. It was pretty mundane though, despite it being a peaceful job. The more fighty members wouldn't go for it. Particularly Jag, who might just kill the first Qunar they come across.

Maybe that job from the Minagora Orn-Minet, who'd wanted them to board his ship and act as bodyguards for one of his business trips to the Relean Sector. Incidentally, the Relean Sect was where the last estimated location of the Xilass Dephdra that left advanced tech in it's wake for every port they dock at, so that might be pretty interesting. Didn't Aranoth mention something about that a while back? The problem with this one was a more personal one though - Orn-Minet was really a controlling business man, and Rin just can't stand authority in that form, amongst others. She'd rather not have to bend to his whims. So this one probably wasn't a go either, despite the more action involved.

"Just got off the phone with one of our top clients... Looks like that big job I mentioned awhile back is happening. Like, right now. That means it's time to WAKE UP, you lazy sacks of shit! Ow... It's time to go to work! Hnng... Let's get Rev started up and heading for planet Alta Jarvis, located in the...Centaur Region. Don't keep papa waiting! Guh..."

Rin just more or less stared at the ship's speaker in mute shock. Of course Archer was Archer, but sometimes he just manages to out-Archer himself in various ways that made little sense at all. Centaur Region would set them pretty far from the current location. Rin then quickly called both "The One That Brings Light and Happiness to Stray Pets Abandoned In A Dark Sad Life; Beware The Kindness" and Orn-Minet and kindly declined their offers, saying that they found a particularly good job that'd send them quite a distance away. She did, however, invite them to message again next time they were in the area.

She doubted they would. Leaving the budget for later, Rin flitted down the halls with agile speed, almost running into Salis in the process - quickly apologizing to the Tatari before speeding off - and got to the controls room for the Revenant, essentially powering up the booster system for them to fly off at a moment's notice. The calming whirr of the power core soothed her troubled mind - they were heading out again, after all.

She quickly called Archer on her holophone.

"Uh, Archer. Ship's ready to go - if you want to fly it, or you want to make me or Aranoth fly it..." She paused, and then decided, why not? It wouldn't harm, right? "We also need to talk about the finances... again. This can wait until after the mission, however, but please don't forget. I'll update your memo for you." And so she did.

The Minagora then zoomed over to Jag's room as naturally as anything., literally bumping into Avis this time, apologizing to the well-armed gamer profusely, even bowing down a few times before flying off again. After a short debate of whether she should or shouldn't, she decided to do it, and knocked on the shiny door to her Noxchi companion's room, partly because she sort of missed her, and partly because she really needed to be around her at all times in order to make sure the Noxchi didn't start any fights with the team.

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#, as written by Falron

The Tatari woman sat behind her small desk, its surface littered with her inventory check. A frown worked its way onto her face, there was nothing unusual for there to be a lack of medical supplies on the Revenant, hell, it was expected. But this... this was worse than usual, she'd have to bring it up with the Minagoran, Rin, when she next saw her. Hopefully Jag wouldn't be present, if Salis was completely honest, the Noxchi woman scared the living shit out of her. She always felt like the woman would punch her.. or rip out her throat... should she not move out of her way quickly enough.

Salis shuddered at the thought and decided to push the thought out of her mind and returned her attention to the papers scattered across the table. The lack of funds going into the infirmary was probably Archer's fault... the entire ship didn't have anything but bloody chilli dogs to eat for the past week since Archer put such a large portion of the budget into his favourite food.

Oh, their wise and gracious leader...

She finished looking through their meager medical supplies and filed the paperwork away. She would talk to Archer about it, but everyone and their mother knew that the man hated talking finances and that was reason enough for him to shove his responsibilities onto poor Rin. Reaching over to the hollophone she pulled up Rin's number, quickly dialing it.

It rang a few times, the moment that the Minagoran answered Salis was speaking, "Hey Rin, I hope you're not to busy, but is it possible that I could talk to you about the state of the medical supplies?"

She hoped that she wasn't, with the supposedly huge payment that would be coming in with this job, Salis wanted to make sure that the infirmary got its fair share of he payout.

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#, as written by Rann
And sure enough, the giant stepped out of her room, looking somewhere between enraged and enraptured before setting her glare upon the Minagora. Rin offered a slight wave - she had long since been desensitized to Jag's violence, and more or less knows she's the only one really able to keep her steady. There was the problem of life span, of course.... but it wasn't time to worry about such things for now. She was exasperated by Archer's refusal to really mature - but she had expected more or less nothing at this point from him - and at the very least, their illustrious leader had the charisma to keep the team together, on some level, right? At least, she hoped. There was no accounting for the nickname, though. Tink? What did that have to do with anything?

"Just checking in on you." Rin said pleasantly. "Really. You - eh." She looked at the holes made by what appeared to be more fits of psychotic rage, and internally sighed, still keeping her relaxed cat-like smile on. "Glad to see you're as strong as ever!" She made mental calculations - to repair the holes, the materials needed would put them in the red by a little bit. Not a crucial amount, of course, but it was still noteworthy. She'd have to try and do some non-combat jobs on the side to reign in more cash. Once landing on the planet, she'd try to establish connections with anyone who might need it.

"I'm about to go and pilot the ship again." Rin said warmly to her large Noxchi friend. She almost gave the Minagoran equivalent of a shrug, invitingly flitting closer to the door, still faced towards Jag. "You heard Archer on the speakers, right? do you mind preparing the weapons for me? Moderate to light arms, I don't think this will necessity anything too major."

With a wave and a happy "bye!" the Minagora left Jag's room, and darted her way back towards the area to pilot the ship; wondering why Archer just didn't buckle down and hire an actual pilot. Air support during a mission could be invaluable, after all, and without a pilot at the helm, they lacked that option, most of the time. And without that, it limited possible plans Rin could make during an engagement - and god knew she didn't really trust the others to work as a team if she didn't try to outline exactly how they'd move. Everyone was really skilled individually - Rin was trying to make it so that they were strong as a team, too.

So far, though, that wasn't really working. It was a while until she noticed that her holophone was ringing. Rin pressed the holographic button in front of her, feeling a bit of guilt, as she picked up, already having set up the auto pilot for take off. It was Salis.

"Hey Rin," The Tatari medic said. "I hope you're not to busy, but is it possible that I could talk to you about the state of the medical supplies?"

"Yeah." Rin replied. "I'm on my way, just give me a sec."

She then set the controls on standby mode, before ringing up the Xilass - Aranoth. It seemed she wouldn't be piloting, apparently.

"Aranoth! Do you mind flying the ship, please? I have to talk to someone. And if Jag comes by, tell her I'm at the medic bay. thank you!"

And with that, the overburdened Minagora flew her way to the med bay, feeling further guilt and slight awkwardness - she still wasn't quite used to talking to another free Tatari yet, not after what happened to her old friend. In any case, this wasn't the time to dwell on such things. Rin smiled kindly at the canine-like medic, pushing her own personal feelings away in favor of more professionalism.

"What do you need? Is this about the supplies, Salis?"

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#, as written by Falron

Salis breathed an audible sigh of relief when Rin informed her that she'd come over. She finished going through the stocks and set about tidying her workspace before the Minagoran appeared. As she tidied she froze as she came across a rough sketch of two young Tatari, their eyes barely open. Gritting her teeth she shoved the picture into her pocket, she would have to search for a job that would take her back to them, back to Herina. Or somehow convince Archer to go back just to save her two girls... but she somehow doubted that he would agree, if it didn't make him money, he was probably too fucking lazy to do jack shit.

She flinched at the thought of leaving them there for longer than necessary.

Salis forced herself to push them aside and turned in time to see Rin enter the infirmary, looking rushed as usual. It was unfair that Archer dumped so many jobs on the young girl, the man was notorious for dumping his duties on others, but this was a new low, even for him. Beside all that Rin was highly professional, a warm smile on her face despite the fact that Salis knew that she felt awkward around the Tatari.

She nodded in response to her question and took a seat behind her desk, gesturing to one of the padded chairs on the other side of the metal desk, "Unfortunately yes... Archer's never been good at thinking about what the infirmary needs and seems to always spend too much of he budget on his own pleasures."

She chuckled before shaking her head, "This job's supposed to rake in a large sum of cash, and the medical supplies are running dangerously low. I have enough for some minor injuries or if someone gets the stomach bug or a hang over... nothing more serious though."

She pushed over the latest stock numbers before getting to the point, "All I'm asking for is enough of budget to keep this place afloat and the people on board alive and in one piece."

She gave the little Minagoran a warm smile before letting her curiosity get the better of her, "How do you do it? All those jobs that Archer palms off on you... how do you manage?"

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#, as written by Rann
Rin was doing mental acrobatics in her mind. There simply wasn't enough cash to stretch out, was there? More medical supplies, too, was added to the list, along with the high price of whoever Archer felt like fucking at any moment in time, and how many chili dogs he felt like eating, or the repairs to Jag's room ... -so many times this has happened, too, Jag just wrecking things and Rin having to clean up after her, but Rin tried her best to not get frustrated at her psychotic friend, she had her reasons, after all - whatever repairs Aranoth needed to his body from whatever he did. Or if not repairs, at least money for the materials used to do self-maintenance, right? Sure, this new job would dole out a lot of money - though Rin herself already had misgivings about the mission at hand; not really certain whether it was really smart to just blindly take it, despite them giving many previous assignments and clients - but nonetheless. She'd find a way. Probably would have to go without sleep for the next while, but such things are unavoidable. Better not to have a conflict, that'd just make them even more of a rag-tag group of individuals who happened to be travelling together, rather than an actual team. Teamwork? What? Was there such thing?

Now for these people, there wasn't. The Minagora forced herself not to sigh as she listened to Salis's request, nodding her head pleasantly, taking a seat as best as she could, opposite to the Tatari. Her wings went flat to make room for the back of the chair, and she more or less snuggled in. She couldn't be long, though - Aranoth was waiting for her, wasn't he?

The Tatari made a bit of a laugh as she shook her head. "This job's supposed to rake in a large sum of cash, and the medical supplies are running dangerously low." Salis said derisively. "I have enough for some minor injuries or if someone gets the stomach bug or a hang over... nothing more serious though. All I'm asking for is enough of budget to keep this place afloat and the people on board alive and in one piece."

This was a bit of a problem, wasn't it? Rin was correct in her assumption, and she knew, more or less, that she really would have to pull off a lot of smaller, miscellaneous jobs in the background. Somehow.

"Sure." Rin said. "Medicine is important, after all. If someone get's injured, we need to be able to treat them. According to how much Archer's job will net us.." She thought in her head, and decided to fluff the numbers a little bit in Salis's favor. It wouldn't do any harm as long as she managed to complete extra jobs on the side, after all. "You should have enough for most combat injuries and some general illnesses common to space travel - we can't develop a native immune system, after all."

"How do you do it? All those jobs that Archer palms off on you... how do you manage?"

Rin smiled again.

"Someone has to do it, right?" She did the Minagoran equivalent of a shrug, acting as if it was nothing major to her. "If I do it, and it helps, then that's what matters." She wasn't necessarily lying, but it's not as if Rin was just going to let anyone have an inkling of the exhaustion she felt. They depended on her, after all. "In any case, Salis, I gotta go, Aranoth needs me for something." She let out a bit of a chuckle. "See you later!"

And with that, once again, Rin flew off to head back to the cockpit where she heard Aranoth's voice drone over the intercom - they were going through hyperspace now, were they not? The stream of stars blurring past stunned her momentarily, but then she continued on, only stopping to check up on any requests lined up at station 293 in Alta Jarvis, numbly noting that a rival Merc Team (or possibly gofers) were taking up quite a lot of the jobs. The Nolai Regents - presumably named after the star in the Sothoth Quarter - and Rin quickly jotted the name down in her mental notepad, before accepting various jobs; specifically the ones where she'd help balance people's finances. The major one that caught her interest was for the small budding business, "Yolanum Softworks", that specialized in little apps and modifications to the standard holophone, in which she had to more or less help them win the stock market rat race by investing and buying the right stocks and whatnot in order to stay afloat in the hyper-competitive business world.

Hopefully, the Nolai Regents didn't have a Minagora on their crew that was equally or more skilled than Rin at finances. In any case, it gave her little things to do during the wait for reaching Alta Jarvis. She also looked at a few other jobs, like finding another domestic pet, or... entertaining the client, in another one. Rin more or less stared at that one a bit - sure, the reward was awesomely high, and she did fit the criteria... (Minagora females only) but then again, it didn't make much imagination to deduce what that job would entail. She sighed - if things got drastic, she just might have to take that one. Otherwise, she'd pretend she'd never even saw it. How Jag would react if she found out - that was possibly even worse than the act itself.

Rin then took her seat next to the Xilass, once again maneuvering her wings so that they didn't fit awkwardly. She regarded him -it was a him, right? She didn't know much about Xilass and self identity - with a kind, if not very slightly worn smile.

"Well, I'm here." She said easily enough, already looking up the stocks for Yolanum to put their shares into, and doing even more mental acrobats in her head. "What do you need, Aranoth? I'll help with whatever I can." With that, she tapped a holographic button, securing Yolanum's finances for now, when she got a sudden notification. Curious, Rin tapped into it, hearing a pre-recorded message going into her neural link. She set it to private, to make sure no one else overheard it.

"Vintar Sharathra Nurvat here, leader of the Nolai Regents." The voice, as well as the name sounded incredibly Execrulian. Rin did a few cross-checks, halting her work with Yolanum, and quickly brought up basic information, a 52 year old female, with some military service. She listened carefully to the rest of it. "Rin-Naera, of the Second Horsemen. You should know, that you taking up some of the jobs doesn't sit so well with us. We suggest that you leave the Centaur Region entirely, unless you want a conflict. Because this is our territory, and you muscling in on here makes money-getting harder for us. Let's hope you listen to this warning, between Mercs."

And that was that. Rin only let herself make a bit of a troubled frown, before beaming again at Aranoth. she'd have to talk to Archer about this, in private, wouldn't she? Might be best to just ignore the job completely, if it meant conflict with another team. But on the other hand...

"If you have time..." She whispered quietly to the Xilass. "Look up whatever you can on the Nolai Regents. Keep this private, and please relay whatever information you find to me."