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Fate, Taima

"Can you hear that ? That a proof that everything can be obtained if you put your mind to it"

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a character in “Marvel Armageddon”, as played by nltniko


Taima, 20, Raven, Male

< Physical Info >

He have red eyes and long black and red hair. He doesn't look pumped, but actually looks rather skinny.
He usuaally wears a long white shirt and black pants. He got several rings on his fingers and necklaces around his neck.
He is standing at 5'9'' and weights 140 lb.
Alice Jackson and Thomas Jackson (Adoptive parents)
The Avengers
He is a very open person that likes to have a laugh with his friends.
Jason is usually seen with a smile on his face and it would be unnatural otherwise, he is almost always happy and loves to do what he feels is right.
He hates to be unable to choose what he wants to do and prefers to do whatever he wants to, when he wants to.
He helps his friends if they need any and he loves to play music, which he does when he needs to unstress.

[Likes] [Dislikes]
o Playing Music Like1 Dislike1 x Master Ultron
o Doing what he feels is right Like2 Dislike2 x Fleeing
o Swordfights Like3 Dislike3 x Being forced to do something

< Ability Statistics >
tools or weapons
He uses a sword with a small hidden blade in the handle that can be fired from a trigger.
He also haves a black violin he keeps with him.
Power or abilities
He have Enchanced Swordsmanship which greatly improves his swordsmanship to what a normal swordsman would use a life time to get. He have trained untill the point he is able to deflect bullets with it (Though a barrage from a Machine gun will require all of his focus and a lot of energy)
He also have the ability to control Kinetic energy that he can charge into most things to either overcharge them, which results in explotions, or stopping them by removing the kinetic energy. Although this takes lots of focus and keeping it up for long can result in him going uncouncious, a giant headache or too dizzy to stand on his own.
He is well trained at parkour allowing him to come around fast. He uses this to dodge various attacks and move around in the areas fast.
If he uses his abilities to long he gets to suffer from side effects as: going uncouncious, a giant headache or too dizzy to stand of his own
He tends to disobey when he is given an order resulting in bad teamwork
He loses focus sometimes and will be unavailable to come in contact with
When he stresses out, or gets hit by side effects, he'll need to relax by playing music, which is quite hard in a battle field.
Personal Traits
(have at least 3)
He is a great musician and is a good singer, and have played in many years.

Likes to do things his own way instead of always taking orders

If he finds things weird, or is really exhausted he spins his rings around his fingers.
< Personal Background >

He was originally left at the door step of an little family when he was a kid. His biological parents were killed as master ultron and he was left at this doorstep by a friend of the family. However after some years these adoptive parents were killed aswell. He was taken in by stark who noticed his abilities and decided to train him so he could become a part of the new Avengers.
Now he have been in several battles against Master Ultron's robots. However while waiting between the missons the sound of a violin have often be heard at his location.

So begins...

Fate, Taima's Story


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Character Portrait: Alex Parker Character Portrait: Fate, Taima
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#, as written by nltniko
Taima was walking down the street playing on the violin.
He hadn't heard from any of the others in some time now, but then again everyone had probably been busy gathering ressources or something like that.
It was a nice day. The sun was shining and there wasn't a single robot in sight. Simply a peaceful day.

Then he noticed someone sitting on a building with his legs hanging from the roof.
He stopped playing and walked closer, but still weren't able to see who it was.
"Hello ?" he shouted at the person.
"Can you come down here ?"
He started packing the violin away and prepare the sword, just if it happened to be an enemy.