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Peter Wilhelm (14th Baron Zemo)

Decendant of the ancient Zemo family

0 · 362 views · located in Marvel universe

a character in “Marvel Armageddon”, as played by WadeJackel


Peter Wilhelm (changed his name from Hanz Zemo)

39 years old

Baron Zemo VIIII



183 lbs.


Bald, shaves his head


Parents: Mother Superior (forcibly impregnated) by Helmut Zemo

Affiliation: Masters of Evil

Race: Caucasian


The Baron spends most of his time in a great depression, having learned the terrible secret of his birth. Before he became insane from the grief that he felt Peter was an honest, yet somewhat mischievous young man. Peter is now a totally different person. He blames the world and the sick people who seem to inhabit it. Extremely clever and resourceful. Cruel, sadistic and cold, are his main traits.


Not much, most things he likes are are purely self serving and benefit his own interests. On the more mundane front Peter likes dark rainy nights, gloomy rain slicked days. Chocolate and Rum (not in that order).


Humanity, dishonesty (though highly hypocritical in this respect), mistrust, dishonor and betrayal

[Ability Statistics][/size]

tools or weapons:

1. Napier sword
2. Energy staff (powered by two Moonstones) "if he can find them"
3. Utility belt with small canisters, each with a different function, including: Gas bomb to hide oneself in a cloud of smoke, Igniter bomb to blind an opponent and vanish quickly etc.
4. Assorted knives hidden in different places around his body
5. Specialized handgun, personally and perfectly designed for Peter's strength as a marksman
6. Wears circuitry in his headgear guarding against psychic assault, sensors in his suit which help him detach enemies (only at close range)

Power or abilities
The Baron is searching for Karla Sofen's moonstones, the alien power gems which will enable him to manipulate energy for effects such as strength/durability augmentation, gravity manipulation, light manipulation, each moonstone is a shard of a Lifestone derived from the Kree Tree of Life, but he needs both for full potential. Expert hand to hand combatant and martial artist, also highly proficient in firearms and explosives.

Powers and abilities which the Baron could possess if he can find both moonstones:

Telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation and intangibility.


His major weakness is his inpatients, and although he had enhanced physical characteristics, the Baron is still a human being

Personal Traits:
Impaired Judgment, compulsive in many ways, obsesses over things

[Personal Background]


For the last 20 years Peter Wilhelm's whereabouts were uncertain, he had dropped out of society and adopted a new persona, living another life in a far off country. He was fully aware of the war which took his mother, and although it also took the life of his father he couldn't have cared less. The truth of his birth and the actions of his mother, having abandoned her unwanted offspring, had driven Peter insane was hate, disgust, and an inability to trust anyone. He knew the real inner self of every human being, which he perceived to be lustful, dishonest, betraying, deceitful, all human were dirt, scum, the dregs of the earth. His father, Helmut Zemo (13th Baron) was severely disfigured after unveiling his newest scientific breakthrough: Adhesive X, an extremely strong adhesive that could not be dissolved or removed by any known process at the time. Captain America trying to destroy Zemo's limited supply of Adhesive X so that the Nazis could not use it against Allied troops, Captain America threw his shield to release the adhesive from its vat, onto the ground. However, Zemo was standing right next to the vat containing the chemical, which poured over his hooded face. The adhesive quickly seeped inside and permanently attached the hood to Helmut's flesh.

The Baron's own disfigurement came as a result of years and years of clawing at his features, this was the horrible extent of his hatred for his birthright and the accursed genes which he carried within his body. Peter's often confused psychological state would be emphasized in his odd desire to adopt a person and uniform similar to that of his father, whom he despised. This unofficial 14th Baron Zemo would project this great hatred for himself toward the rest of humanity.

So begins...

Peter Wilhelm (14th Baron Zemo)'s Story