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Grant Thompson, "Young Wonderman"

No. There's no bloody Lasso. Just Ionic Energy.

0 · 294 views · located in Marvel Multiverse: Earth - 353

a character in “Marvel Spirits”, as played by JayZeroSnake


Grant Thompson is the name. I'm a sixteen year old boy standing at six feet tall, with caucasian skin and short black hair, with an athletic build. You can usually find me dressed up in a long-sleeved collared shirt and some casual green pants, with a pair of red sneakers.

Okay. So my costume is pretty simple… It consists of a black suit, with some red and blue here and there. The long sleeves are detachable just incase, and I even have my own Utility belt. Pretty sweet, no?

My ionic aura and energy blasts are colored dark purple though. Go figure.




Where do I even start? This is just the greatest thing that has ever happened. I just got turned into a superhero by some alternate universe shit (Which is frigging awesome, mind you). I'm a pretty positive guy, personally. I'm usually always energized and ready for action, too. I try to be real polite, and embrace a mentality of Truth, Justice, and the American way, y'know? Be a nice guy, help out where possible, and make sure no one dies.


Utility Belt- I don't really have much here besides my phone. There's a grenade or two, as well as high protein foods (ionic energy blasting really drains a guy), and other such basic supplies.



Ionic Energy Manipulation: I've been bombarded with all kinds of Ions and stuff, like the original Wonder Man, Simon Williams. My power set is basically that of a flying brick, but I'm not TOO powerful.

- Ionic Super-Physiology: Ionic energy courses through my skeletal structure and muscles, enhancing my strength. The most I can probably hold with ease is probably a 100 tons, with upper limits around 10,000 tons and counting, but my striking power can definitely go toe to toe with Thor's own hammer. I also have killer speed, agility, and durability due to my change in physiology.

- Flight: I can fly at great speeds, my top being the Hypersonic ranges, thanks to my Ionic Energy, but sometimes I have to hitch a ride because of 'glitches' in my powers.

- Energy Blasts: The most basic power of any good energy manipulator. I can fire concussive force blasts, or heat based laser shots. I could take out a couple city blocks, and maybe more at full power. Never actually had the chance to test my upper limits, considering my limited control right now...


Hand to Hand training: I'm an above average hand to hand fighter. Not quite a shaolin monk, but I could probably beat the crap out of any poor skrull. In style.


Other Energy Manipulators: Other users of energy based attacks can 'scramble' Grant's Ionic structure, making his own energy abilities weak against people with similar powers, or some ability to interfere with his Ions.

- Ion Leak: When I get too emotional, my Ionic energy leaks a little, creating an invisible trail that people can follow.

Math: Grant has some difficulty with math, just barely getting by with his high school grades. While you can give him nearly any other form of schoolwork and he'll finish it easily, give him some hard algebra, and he'll cry out in terror.

Superman Ideals: Grant has a superhero policy about himself. He rarely refuses a task, whether it be helping a child tie their shoe, or catching a crashing airplane. He also rarely immediately jumps to killing his opponents, often opting to stun and pummel them into submission before using drastic measures, among other such beliefs.


Grant is an aspiring Filmmaker who was in the middle of a project for a class when the Irregularity Explosion occurred, specifically bombarding him with numerous Ions, and granting him the powers of the hero, Wonder Man. Being a reader of comic books already, Grant took up the mantle of "Young Wonderman," and took to fighting crime, as well as learning his powers, while juggling his high school life and other such things, having difficulty in math (which requires him to study every now and then).

Surprislingly, he was actually among some of the first people to accept the change immediately, and since then, has been searching for others with the powers of the Avengers, or members of said super-team themselves in search of answers, his patron superhero "spirit" being a member of the Avengers team.

So begins...

Grant Thompson, "Young Wonderman"'s Story