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Imagine the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, and all that never existed, and it was up to you to take their place. Write down your superpower(s) on your profile description if you make a character, and then you're in! Just say what group(Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc) you're in, too.

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You awake in a cave where the sound 'drip, drip, drip' is ubiquitous. 'Where am I? Who am I?' you wonder in your mind. You get up and search for the way out. You see a light, and grass. But a mysterious human-shaped shadow appears. It gets closer and closer, and just as you are about to run away, it comes into view, in detail, not just a shadowy black shape in the light. It says, "Hello. I am an Inhuman, just like you." It sounds gentle and sweet, but it scares you deep down. 'What's an.. Inhuman?' you ask yourself. As if it can read your thoughts, it says, "An Inhuman is a human that most people think is part alien, if not all. But we're more human than anything else. The only thing special about us is we have gone through Terrigenesis, which awakens our potential. Watch." All of a sudden, you see a portal open up about 8 inches in front of you. The Inhuman goes through it and another portal appears a few meters off to your right side, and the Inhuman comes through it. You sit amazed, speechless. It says, "My name is Jiaying. And that is just the beginning. I will help you harness your powers." She guides you out of the cave, and brings you to a mountain where a large main building resides in a small town. Jiaying points to the building and says, "This is what we call the Afterlife. It's where Inhumans live." Start your adventure, or become an Avenger, maybe a Guardian of the Galaxy!

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Character Portrait: Aurora Bella Tatui
Aurora Bella Tatui

I am a human(not a talking tree called Groot or anything..), in case you were wondering.


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