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Ace of Hearts

"I'm not my dad, but how you doing?"

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a character in “Marvel's next generation”, originally authored by Guest, as played by RolePlayGateway


Henri Étienne Lebeau
(Yeah I used Dante, :P IT works for who he is)

Name: Ace of Hearts

Power: Much to his dismay, he inherited his mother's ability of "Powerful Touch", which in turn led him to gain his father's ability of "Kinetic Energy Manipulation" It's not really something he's proud of having done, but he was only five when he did it so it's easy to forgive him.

Secret Identity: Henri Étienne Lebeau

Mentor: Jean-Luc Lebeau, but currently no one.

Side: Chaotic Good

Appearance: Henri, has bleached white hair, that hangs in his face and his father dark demonic eyes. He wears a short brown leather coat much much like one his mother wore, carries a quarterstaff that was supposedly his father's, has two handguns that is his own personal touch.

History: Henri was orphaned at a young age, he didn't even know his parents were X-Men till long into his teenage years. He was raised by his grandfather Jean-Luc (hehe). He was named for his father's brother, who died long before he was born. Jean-Luc taught him in the ways of thievery, he spent his life knowing on the legends of his parents, and feeling unable to follow in their shadows.

So begins...

Ace of Hearts's Story


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I was sitting on a roof a few blocks from where I had stolen a few rolls of bread. I could see a lot of purple on the street below.


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Henri walked among the crowded streets all a bustle people going on with there normal lives, unaware of anything wrong it would seem. He kept his head down, and fingers in there pockets as he moved his way into an ally. Four wallets, at least that's what it felt like when he moved out of site of the road, but now wasn't the time to count them as he jumped up onto a fire escape, and climbed to the rooftop. looking the the wallets he grabbed a few twenties, a fifty, and Benjamin making a total of just under three hundred bucks. Not bad, with the added credit card it should feed him for a few days before the owners get wise.

He pocketed the money but not, the cards and looked out at the view. pretty nice if you like that sort of thing, but the thing that caught him guard was a boy on the roof across from him. He almost looked familiar, like a dream or something...


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Night came and went without much of a second thought. The sun's rays brushed past the black ruffle window panel from Xhilaration and sharply buried into her eyes. She had forgotten to close the window making fresh air of the outside cover the room. Sounds of cars, people, and a even a train were now awaking the young woman. Finally she graced the world by opening the eyes, and looking at the clock to see she was over thirty minutes late.
Edana grabbed the clothes already placed out for her, and ran. She was out of her apartment and down the stairs while zipping up the pants. Losing balance she tripped a bit and fell on the last three steps. The tile was cool on her skin, making her groan and complain to herself. Damnit, why am I so damn clumsy?
Once out in the general public she felt more at relaxed and continued to run. It took her ten minutes to screw up and ram into another person. He was taller and probably didn't see her, but it hurt all the same. Without really thinking about it, Edana quickly apologized to the stranger, before taking off again.
When all of the sudden the question that changed her already awful day turn flat out horrendous.
"Ma'am, your ID?" A thick Georgia accent on a huge African-American guard looked down impatiently, chewing on a tooth pick. His hands looked rough and his face even more so.
"Uh, right, right away." She stuttered and raffled through her purse when she noticed, that she had been robbed.
"I had, I was, that man!" She screamed a in the face of the guard blocking her way to the meeting.
"Ma'am I am asking you to leave now." His accent only made him sound harsher and strict, narrow, black eyes glared down at Edana.
"But~" She was cut off quicker than she could figure out what to say next.


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(I won't be available until thursday.)

I saw a lady bump into the local pickpocket but her I.D landed on the floor. I slid down a ladder and grabbed it off the floor and stepped in front of her only to be tackled by the guard. "Ouch hey get off me I found her I.D on the ground." I said as he slapped handcuffs on me. "I got him ma'am the guy said a dumb grin on his face. I dropped a card on the cuffs causing a band that left me fine and broke the handcuffs. "As I was saying before captain bulbous here crushed me. I found you're I.D on the ground because it fell out when that guy took your cash."