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Amara Calen

"Simmer down. We have a job to do."

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a character in “Masks of the Soul: Fragment of Truth”, as played by Witless




Amara Calen
'Be serious, now. We can't afford to waste time on pointless jokes.'


Masked Joker

Which Masks do they possess?
Elegant Harlequin



Physical Description
Amara has dark brown hair which turns lighter in sunlight. She holds herself with confidence and a purpose, often seen with journal in hand. Her long hair is often held back, though at times it comes loose, a disturbance quickly fixed with a hair tie that she keeps around her wrist. She has a superior look in her eye, as if, for whatever reason (upbringing, knowledge, money, status) she's better than you, though she can mask that with a light smile or by changing it to a distracted look.

As far as clothes, Amara wears formal clothes most of the time, generally warm colors around brown and red that work well with her brown hair and eyes. On the rare occasion where she wears casual clothes, they consist of a nice T-shirt, fitted jeans, and a shawl or cardigan.

As a journalist, the owner of a newspaper company, Amara has a strict personality and always works hard toward her goals, making sure others do what they are supposed to and that everything works perfectly. She expects perfection but accepts slight mistakes, so long as they don't delay the job in any significant fashion. In journalism and media, the people who get the information first and present it get the publicity and pay. The more immediately current the information, the better. And of course, pay rates will reflect that: people who do great and timely work will obviously get paid more than those who do less, herself included.

She's a hard working person who will track down a lead as best she can and do whatever it takes to keep a lead solely for her company if she thinks it necessary. Her close associates are influenced by this energy and strive to work harder, a few of them wishing to compete with her just to finally triumph while others simply love putting their skills to the test and others simply wanting the money from a well-done job. She's true to her word and brutally honest at times, not caring for others' feelings so long as it will improve their work. And if they think the tasks she devotes her life to are simply a joke, then she has no qualms about firing them. Well, unless they work hard anyway.

While she used to not be able to express herself well, she has grown more adept at masking her emotions, putting on an acceptable facade of whatever emotion is needed for the job, whether it be happiness, admiration, anger, sorrow, feebleness, superiority, confusion, knowledge, or anything else, she attempts and often succeeds. Her myriad experiences allow her to express a variety of emotions, and the things she learns from Karim (her mask) certainly help as well.

She views everything objectively, making sure to keep her real emotions out of it, either using fake emotions as a screen or simply becoming dispassionate. She dislikes making mistakes and takes care that her own personal feelings come into play for her company's dealings, including pay. She weighs each person's accomplishments fairly, including her own, before coming to a decision and seeks others' help if need be. She takes every little thing seriously and works to further herself, her company, and everyone she is connected to.

As for her time with the Masked, she views it as a way to meet her other goals, those of revenge and maybe more. She respects her teammates and works with them to complete their missions, putting their abilities beside her own when determining strategies. She appreciates the help that Liesel has given her in her time of need, and tries to help her by completing the tasks she's given. Amara's own work is used to gain information to help Liesel and the Masked, as well as to cover up information at times as needed, to the best of her abilities. The reach of Itex is strong, and she's nowhere near infallible, but hopefully the information she can conceal will help them when the time comes.

Amazing memory, which helps a lot with her business.
She's rather smart and is dedicated to her work.
Her business has been around for a while, giving her some connections.
She learned fencing at a young age.
She can play a few different instruments.

Likes {Dislikes}
oCompetition Losingx
oKnowing everything there is to know about a topic Crowdsx
oStargazing Immaturityx
oThe unknown Jokesx
oHeights Mistakesx
oPower Letting emotions take controlx

Amara grew up in a rich family, the daughter of a skilled lawyer and prominent businessman. Her mind grew quickly due to tutors and whatever innate ability she had, and she entered school in the fifth grade at age 8, in hopes of becoming a lawyer like her mother. Shortly after, her father went away on a 'business trip' and never returned. Her mother never revealed the truth of what happened, whether it was another woman, death, or maybe something else. Whatever the case, she failed to notice that anything was strange until much later, a testament to her ignorance of the world and its workings.

In high school, she thrived until one day, for whatever reason, her closest friend committed suicide. She couldn't handle the sudden loss and retreated from everything that reminded her of her friend, knowing that even a simple thing might bring back the horrible feelings. She stopped going to school and stayed at home, going out from time to time simply to stop herself from going insane from the quiet and her own thoughts. It was during one of these outings that she spotted something sparkling on the ground and went toward it to find a golden mask. Coincidentally, or maybe not, it was on that same outing that she happened to bump into a woman (she called herself Liesel) who took an interest in her and her mask.

Amara began talking with Liesel more often, helped through her depression through the fanciful talks about masks and Itex. Talks that she found out were not so fanciful after all, when the mask she had found truly did transform her, though she had little knowledge of Itex. But Liesel taught her a lot, persuading Amara to help them in their battle against Itex, and some of her strict personality rubbed off onto Amara, preparing her for the days to come.

Around the time of Amara's depression, her mother found something interesting in the courts of law: there had been many strange cases, where evidence simply appeared or maybe disappeared and was never questioned. Charges had been dropped with no reason. Some trials and their records seemed... almost incomplete. And so she began to investigate, but she delved too far, and Itex took care of her.

After her mother's death, Amara investigated on her own. Her mother's notes brought her to the conclusion of Itex, though she was smart enough not to investigate, instead bringing the information to Liesel and offering whatever help she could provide to uncover the truth and bring Itex down. To get revenge. And so Amara re-entered school, to seek a different way to uncover truth: the media. She completed her classes, entering college and graduating with a Journalism degree at the age of 20. Using her parents' money and the help of a few friends and colleagues from college, she started up a newspaper company, News From Throme. She started with small stories and began publishing over the internet as well as in print but began increasing her scope and publicity, until it became a rather well-known paper across Throme, even if it was not quite a big name.

It is with this company that she hopes to combat Itex, bringing justice upon those not reached by the law, and if this wasn't enough, there was always the Masked and Liesel. But she pays attention to her company, doing her best to keep the most skilled people and to bring in the best stories as quickly as possible. She has a merit-based pay system that works rather well in keeping things moving and bringing stories in quickly. And as her own boss, she's able to set her own hours, doing work for the Masked in her spare time or investigating Itex leads as Karim. All in all, it's a rather nice system for her, and she hopes with all her soul to bring Itex down once and for all.

TBA once they come into contact.

Nothing at this moment.

So begins...

Amara Calen's Story


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#, as written by Witless
Amara Calen;News From Throme Offices

Amara's offices were growing ever larger. She could barely believe this had all started a few years ago, and now the company was beginning to be respected. She had worked hard, brought dedicated people on board, and it was all paying off. The staff now consisted of around twenty-five people, and they were all working hard on their task, most of the time anyway. Writers, investigators, those who took the pictures used as evidence. News From Throme was a small company, but it was important, not just for the city of Throme to reveal just what was going on, deep below the surface, all the conspiracies that grew and maybe died out, but also for the Masked in their fight against Itex.

There was no question about it; Itex was guilty. They had killed her mother, and Amara was determined to get revenge. Knowledge was power and the first step in taking down such a huge corporation. They reached everywhere in the city, and all of the connections had to be revealed and unraveled, piece by piece until the whole structure crumbled to dust. It was risky as well; they had their own resources and could take care of things once they found out. If they found out. All Amara could do was stay behind the scenes long enough to gain the information needed to stop that fate. She had a lot of work ahead of her, but she wasn't alone. She had her Masked companions, and they would be meeting again tonight, to discuss something of importance.

Amara glanced out the window. It was still raining, and it likely wouldn't stop for a while yet. Sighing, she turned to pick up her jacket and addressed those still in the office. "I'm going out to get farther on another lead I've recently discovered. Hopefully this turns out more fruitful, and I can get another story to add to tomorrow's issue. In the meantime, finish with your editing and get these articles done before you head home. I'll finish up tonight and add the finishing touches. Rain or shine, we still have to get this paper out to the world if we're going to be some competition. Oh, Lara, did you get the pictures I asked you to? We'll need them by tomorrow, so get them if you haven't yet. And Kevin, your story still needs editing, unless Ivory took care of that. You all have things to do? Good. I'll see you all bright and early tomorrow."

Taking her umbrella from the stand near the door, she headed out into the wind and rain, off to Dullahan Library. Once she was a great enough distance from her offices, where no one could be seen, she muttered under her breath, "When you're not used to it," pausing to finger the mask and smile, "being happy is a lot of work." Her poise grew less stiff, more relaxed, and a grin spread across her face, new clothes replacing the ones she had been wearing, a bright white parasol replacing the umbrella she had previously been carrying. Karim had arrived. Now things could get interesting...

Karim, Masked Joker; Throme -> Dullahan Library

Skipping along, Karim twirled her pretty parasol and recited in singsong, "Rain, rain, go away! Come again some other day! Cats and dogs raining down, pets abound for those around!" Grinning, she pulled a rose from her hat and held it in the rain, watching it unfurl. "Rain for the roses, roses are red. Red for the blood, blood from the dead. Dead are them, or soon they will be. Them and these, them versus we... Ahahaha! Roses are red, the sky is blue. Rain falling down, nothing to do." The parasol went away, rain not mattering, she pulled out a deck of cards, letting her feet continue carrying her where they would.

"King the King, high above all. Tell me something, will pride be your fall?
Queen of mine, beauty your power, influence spreads, hour by hour.
Jack, the Knave, subordinate first. Think for yourself, before you grow worse.
Ten of ten, a card of perfection. Second digit, that no other could mention.
Oh, it's nine? Square of three? Magic by magic, so it shall be.
Eight not a square, three sets of two, infinity sideways, forever is you?
Seven now, the number of luck. But as it ate nine, maybe you'll duck?
Six, six, six, a number of sin. What will it be, the devil come in?
Five by five, all is good. Half of the numbers, all as it should.
Four we're at, the number of death? To draw and survive, that is the test.
On to three, power of magic. It comes with a price, sometimes so tragic.
Two it is, choices and doors. Which will you pick, for less or for more?
Ace, not one, high and low, what it can do, only it knows."

By now, she was near Dullahan Library, and the voice nagging from behind reminded her to head inside, down to the underground parking lot. Heading in, she pulled a card from the deck. "What will it be? Joker? Ahahaha! What a joke-reporting for duty!"


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Liesel Moringmer | Dullahan Library Underground Car Park

How long had she been waiting? An hour? Maybe two?

How many clicks had it been?

Well, then again, she was the one who came early.

One wouldn’t have thought the woman anxious if it weren’t for the lighter in her tight grip. Even now, the click, click, clicking of the empty lighter persisted, growing more frantic with each passing second. With her free hand, she braced herself against one of the columns in the lot. ‘Get a hold of yourself, Moringmer,’ the she told herself, but the crease wouldn’t leave her brow. Her lips were still pulled in that terribly agitated scowl. Damn it. She heaved a sigh tired sigh, letting her unlit cigarette fall to the ground – she was far too worked up over this, over one measly change. She had thought that he couldn’t surprise her anymore… and then he went and pulled this stunt.

“Just what the hell’re you thinking this time, Torrings?” she murmured. One would think that she’d be used to the man’s antics by now… ha. She’d like to see anyone who could read Arthur Torrings. After all, she’d known him for all of four years and she still didn’t have a clue. Just when she thought she had him all sorted, was finally dancing to his tune, he always went and changed up the rhythm and tripped her up. That man had a real knack for making her want to throttle him. Her gaze idly followed one of the last cars leaving the car park. About time. The library had been closed for quite some time now.

click, click, click

With another agitated sigh, she pulled up her left sleeve, glancing at the customized com-unit at her wrist.

Outbox: 12
Inbox: 0

click, click, click

“Fuck you too, Arthur,” she muttered, eyes narrowing just ever so slightly. Damn it. Why wouldn’t he answer? It was always like this with him – he says what he wants then just disappears for another week or two or if, she was lucky, even a month. He was never there when she needed him… well, no. That was obviously just a frustrated lie. He was always there at the right moments… but never anytime else. Like right now. His little present for a certain someone was weighing rather heavily on her mind (and lightly in the pocket of her coat). She was always the messenger, wasn’t she?...

The woman was snapped out of her thoughts and to attention at a sudden footstep. Hm? "What will it be? Joker? Ahahaha! What a joke-reporting for duty!" Ah, it was her. The first of the lot, finally. The lighter was tucked away into her pocket.

“Took y’long enough, eh, Karim?” Liesel called, an irritated smile pulling at the corners of her mouth. “Where’s the rest of the deck?” As soon as the question left her mouth, the second arrival showed himself. And then there were two… there were only two. And here Liesel had thought that she was being a kind and considerate person by setting the meeting this far into the day, but hey, what did she know? This obviously wasn’t a good time, despite everyone agreeing to it, or whatever happened to suddenly pop up in their schedules was more important than the fate of the city itself. Obviously, otherwise everyone would have been on time like she had told them to over and over.

She gave the missing members ten seconds benefit before her patience snapped. “Damn it, is it just you two?!” Her voice echoed in the car park, making it seem even louder than it was. A glance at her wrist told her the time: too late. She couldn’t wait much longer. “Leave it to you idiots to throw a wrench into plans first thing. Damn it.” She had planned to send three to one location and two to the other, but that wasn’t going to work right now. Sinking deeper into her thoughts, the woman began to pace, eyes shut in concentration. “Damn it! And you,” she said, pointing blindly at the Jack, “you’re not even complete yet. I can’t send you off alone, can I? Don’t answer that, I know I can’t.” Not unless she wanted more blood on her hands.

She could… no… or maybe… … all of a sudden, Liesel stopped, just heaving a sigh.

“Okay, you know what? We don’t have time for this,” she said flatly. She looked up, eyes narrowed, and gave both the Joker and the Jack a firm look. “Bottom line, Itex is acting up – getting more active – and we’ve got word on certain hotspots.” She glanced at her wrist once more. “There’s no time for questions – we don’t know when they’ll hit,” she continued, “so for now I want you two to head on over to Lil’ Maybelle. Not the main district, but that shady little area behind that… that spot apart from the popular bit, behind that rental shop or whatever.” They’d know where she meant. Probably. And if not, they should be used to her directions by now, so not her problem.

“Your job is to intercept whatever Itex plans to do there. If y’need specifics or got any questions, you got the units,” she lifted her wrist, “that I passed out. Just shoot me a message on the go.” Well, with that, she was done. The red-haired woman simply folded her arms and leaned against one of the supporting pillars… oh no, wait. “And you know the drill – keep away from civilians. You aren’t superheroes. You aren’t vigilantes. You have a mission, so focus on that. And Ax, you in particular, be careful – believe it or not, you have a bigger disadvantage than you realize with that mask of yours.”

And now she was done… and while they were on their way, she would be spending God-knows-how-long waiting on the rest of them.

The setting changes from Throme to Little Maybelle


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#, as written by Witless
Karim, Masked Joker; Dullahan Library

“Took y’long enough, eh, Karim? Where’s the rest of the deck?” Karim picked a few cards from her deck at random: a Jack, Queen, King, and Ace (wow, what luck!) and threw them into the air. As they hit the ground, a man walked in, the only face-up card: Jack. “Damn it, is it just you two?!” Of course it was! The cards rarely lied, though circumstances did change from time to time... “for now I want you two to head on over to Lil’ Maybelle. Not the main district, but that shady little area behind that… that spot apart from the popular bit, behind that rental shop or whatever.” Ahaha! A shady part like that? Sure, Itex might go there, none ever populated the area. It was worth checking out anyone there. “And you know the drill – keep away from civilians.” Yes, mother. It wasn't like Amy always ranted on and on and on and on about... the Jack left, wind from his cape scattering the cards and flipping two of them in the process... Karim should be getting on her way as well. A car drove in as Karim left, probably a poor soul left to face Liesel's wrath... Ahahaha! Sadly, it wasn't worth getting caught up in the back-draft to stay and watch.

It was still raining. The parasol came up, and it twirled as Karim pranced through the back streets on the way to Lil' Maybelle. So much had happened, so little, but it was time to face Itex! Who could they be? Would they be excited at all to meet them? Hahaha, of course not. But fights were just boring, weren't they? This was... thievery, yes, guile, deception, trickery... magic. Would they see it coming? Not at all, but it would help to have more than just the two versus them, however many. Oh, they were there weren't they. Amy pushed her back to attention on the streets, to the mask she kept on her. Ah, masks! They were such fun! People never knowing who you were, always guessing, guessing, guessing... And who was this lovely mask? It seemed like only yesterday it was another... Was it?

Amara Calen; The Streets of Throme; November 21st, hours before

Amara walked out of the News From Throme offices, holding her umbrella and notepad as she walked through Throme. There was a meeting today, and a chance to confront Itex; Karim needed to be prepared. Amara shook her consciousness into awareness, making her keep watch for anyone interesting, pointing it out to her as needed. Masquerade needed a new target, and it would be stupid to let the enemy know Karim as herself from the get-go. Wrapping her coat around herself, Amara walked out toward Sagaro Mall, where people would still be walking even on miserable days like today. Karim kept a lookout and pointed toward one, a man walking briskly with a suit and briefcase, some businessman. Him? Karim gave assent. Whatever you want...

Amara walked up to the man, "Hello, could I have a few seconds of your time? I'm Amara Calen, from News From Throme. It's nice to meet you." She held out a hand which the man accepted and shook cautiously. "Umm... may I help you? I'm- I'm in a rush, you see? Business, you know, as usual?" "Oh, I'm terribly sorry to disturb you, but I'm conducting a survey for the papers; it won't take more than a moment of your time, and then we'll be on our separate ways again." The man sighed and pushed up his glasses, "Alright, but... only a few questions. I have an important meeting to go to, you know?" The conversation continued for not long after that, but habits didn't escape Amara's eyes. He shifted from foot to foot, answered questions evasively. He adjusted his tie, pushed his glasses up constantly, his eyes darted from here to there in conversation. He kept looking at his wrist for a watch that wasn't there. Whatever he was doing, he seemed nervous of it; the briefcase never left his hand for a moment. It looked heavy.

They parted, and Karim took over, following from above, making adjustments to the mask as needed...

Karim, Masquerade; Lil' Maybelle

Yes, Amy, no need to remind me... Ahaha! Hah. The mask went on, and Karim transformed, an Arthur Thorne standing there instead. The white suit was replaced by a darker one, a navy, dampened by the rain. His black umbrella (no longer the well-designed white parasol) did little to stop the rain hitting his legs or even the lower part of his suit. His glasses were taken off from time to time to be wiped clean then pushed back on and periodically pushed up again as they slid down the bridge of his nose. His brown briefcase by his side was wet and not getting any drier. He picked it up and began walking briskly through the backstreets of Maybelle. From time to time, he shifted his items in his hands: putting down the briefcase to wipe his glasses, moving it to the same hand as the umbrella, setting the umbrella aside quickly to dry his glasses using both hands (this got his already damp, dark brown, close-cropped hair even more wet).

The man paused in the alleys, looking for a signpost, any directions to get anywhere. "Drat. Umm... where was it. He said we were meeting... forgotten, as usual. Gosh darnit, write these things down sometime! Hmm... what was the name?" Arthur continued on his way through the backstreets of Lil' Maybelle, that bit behind the rental shop. He may have looked distracted, but he was ever on the lookout for potential meeting spots and strange characters in meeting...


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#, as written by Witless
Karim, Masquerade; Lil' Maybelle

The umbrella wasn't helping at all. Arthur put aside his umbrella once again to dry his glasses; he had no idea where he was. Wandering the streets of Maybelle would only get you something if you were lucky, and that hadn't happened yet. Well, he was finding where suspicious people weren't, narrowing down the search. Maybe Liesel was wrong? Ahaha! A quick response, No, we were sent here for a reason. Quitting halfway would only bring punishment. But they were turned around; where was a sign? The glasses went back on, see-through-able again for now (sure, they weren't needed, but a disguise was a disguise; it needed to be perfect). A nearby street sign proclaimed this Orion Street, and a quick glance showed a coffee shop nearby, with eaves which would at least stop the rain for a little while.

Arthur walked past, as a man in a coat walked up to the door before him. He paused, waiting for something, as Arthur walked by. A voice in the head, Why'd he pause? Take note, pay attention. I will not have you slacking off here! So Arthur slowed down and paid attention. And felt a slight wave of heat... that shouldn't have been there. A quick turn of the head, a whispered "Decoy" followed just as quickly by "End." An onlooker might have seen another "Arthur" for a split second, less, actually. It started to appear in the back of the head before disappearing as quickly as it came, facing the other man, and its information was conveyed to Karim, the other image of Arthur.

The man was dry; his hair at the very least, his coat stiffer than it should have been after walking through however much rain. Coupled with the sudden heat, there was something strange going on here. A coffee shop was a meeting place, and this was no normal customer. Call it investigator's intuition or whatever. Keep track of that man. And don't be seen... ...Yes, yes, 'mother.' No need to remind me twice! Ahahaha! This looks to be an interesting day! Haha! At the end of the eaves, the end of the building, Arthur sat with his briefcase to the side, his umbrella down, his glasses wiped. The watch that wasn't there was fidgeted with, as a message was input to the communicator. "@J2: Orion St Cafe, suspiciously-dry man, keeping lookout, following if needed. Come here and help. P.S. you won't recognize me. Ahahaha! ;)"

Sitting there, an organizer was brought out from his coat and looked at, scribbled-in additions entered from time to time. Suddenly, the cafe door opened once again, and a pair came out, one the dry guy, the other a man with... some presence. Something just felt... strong about him, confident. As they walked off, Arthur finished his dry spell and packed up, opening the umbrella and picking up the briefcase. With safe distance, he headed off in a... similar direction, where he could keep tabs on the duo. Back at the end of the eaves, a piece of note paper was left, left for Jack when he arrived looking for her, the Joker.