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Coraline Starling

"U-uh, sorry... I think I'm lost..."

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a character in “Masks of the Soul”, as played by AmiOfTheRain


Coraline Starling

11 Grade.

The Masked Queen

Which Masks do they possess?
The Empress of Hearts



Coraline, she's discribed in many ways, yet all have to do with shy. She tends to have a bad problem with balance, tripping over her own feet most of the time. She has even more trouble just trying to show that she isn't a airhead like other people believe, and sometimes she actually gives in and calls herself one. Though she seems like she'll need help in everything she does, she's actually pretty smart and able to handle things on her own, though she will ask for help once in awhile.

She over reacts at the slightest wound a friend may have, but only because of the principal's death. She never actually got over it, but she hides the fact that she's depressed about it. Most people hardly take the time to know Coraline, but only because of her way of tripping. If you look past that, she's a really wonderful and funny person.

She doesn't doubt that helping the Masked is the right thing to do, but she hates that she may end up hurting others. She'd rather fight when talking it out won't work. She takes her spot as Vice President of the Student Council serious, though not so serious that she'll be upset with you from breaking the dress-code or a non-serious rule, she'll be disappointed but will give you a warning not to do it again. She only allows two warnings before doing the next choice of action.

Coraline is normally curious on new things, yet they always change day to day. One day it would be sports, the next day would be animals. When embressed, she tends to stutter more then she normally does, and sometimes she ends up saying things that don't really make sense. She rarely gets angry, yet when she does it's best you start running. She has a violent tempure, going agaisnt many traits of hers. Many people in the school believe she can't get angry, yet she proves them wrong with people who annoy her. At times, she would treaten them with harm then rather talk it out.

Brief Description
Coraline has a light color of orange hair yet bright orange eyes. She is easily able to blend into the setting sun when you pay close look at her while it is. She has short hair, just up to her shoulders. She usually wears a white sundress with a purple jacket, yet not to long. She is shorter then most people close to her age, yet not short enough to be made fun of because of her height. She wears just the right things when needed, yet never goes agaisn't school dress code.

Coraline has little speed or strength in her normal form. She is called 'fragil' in many cases because of this. Yet, she has a amazing aim with bows and arrows, and that skill is hard to go unnoticed for most. She also is able to read things quickly without missing details most of the time, and is comes in handy in most cases. She tends to be excellent in art, though she just uses it to relax most of the time.


Art work- It helps her see the way others think, mainly when they work extremely hard on the piece of art.
The sunset- To her, it's the most beautful thing in the world other then black cats.
Being importent to someone- It's something that rarely happends to her for some reason, so she enjoys it while it lasts.
Black cats- She doesn't believe that their bad luck, and usually finds them adorble unless she gets scratched by them.
Swimming- It's one thing she's actually good at in her mind.


Others making fun of her- She begins to feel worthless and unless to everyone.
Her friends being hurt- She hates the fact that they get hurt while fighting at times.
Letting others down- She can't seem to handle it and gets over emotional at times.
Losing her friends- She really loves the few of them she has.
Death- Death reminds her of her parent's death.

Coraline has a strange fear of heights, thinking she'll fall off if it's too high.
She also has a fear of death and those who she'll leave behide.

Coraline had a wonderful family, they loved and cared for her more then anything. She was eight at the time, her house was set on fire by people who hated her parents. The house was in flames, smoke rising in the air as sirens echoed, screams thined though the smoke and burning ambers, the painful words of help. Coraline screamed her parent's names, being held back by firemen. Only she was able to survive the fire, yet at the cost of her sister's life. The fire was a secret from the public, everyone but Coraline was in the dark about it. Coraline was sent to another relative's home, and the only ones she had left were her grandparents. She was sent to another school, a boreding school in fact. Her grandparents disliked Coraline, and pushed her to her limits with school. Anything Coraline did never impressed them, even when she got A's and B's in school, they never even smiled. Soon, her grandmother switched her to another school, Cenriel Academy. She was around 13 at the time, so she was slightly worried about a new school. She became attached to it though, but when the principal died, it was like a small part of her world vanished. From then on, Coraline had tried her best to be someone who would make others proud.

Lucas Toland

She's turning 16 in 6 days.

So begins...

Coraline Starling's Story

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Kaden Jannsen; Cherry Grove Park

A scream jolted Kaden out of his trance, moving his pen slightly, messing up the picture that was appearing on the paper line by line, color by color. It was yet another new character, one without a name. A young girl with onyx hair and almost translucent skin. She was frozen in the light of the sun, shock and fear fixed on her face. But that one line made a difference. That line changed her background, the houses now uneven, crooked. And that was not what he wanted. Now it had changed, become something different. So he would have to draw it again later.

What really concerned him right now was the scream. It wasn’t far away, so he should be able to see who caused it. Looking around, he saw Misaki, Lucas and Aki in a group. Obviously not them. There were a few other people around that he didn’t recognize, and they all seemed to be going along their merry way, some glancing around in confusion before resuming their stride.

But over there, against the tree, was there someone on the ground? Yes, that Coraline girl, the one always coughing up blood. And who was that old man in front of her? She looked extremely panicked, scared of whoever this man was. There was definitely something wrong there. And Kaden wanted to know what.

Quickly packing up, Kaden started walking quickly over to her, painting in hand. She was coughing uncontrollably. And then she mouthed one word. One word that was unmistakable in its urgency. “Help.” Knowing for sure that something was wrong, he burst into a run and quickly reached her, kneeling down to the ground immediately.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong? Can I do anything to help?”

The setting changes from Cherry Grove Park to Throme


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Aki Evedane; Cherry Grove Park

While he was waiting for Lucas to leave him alone, he spotted that girl - also a member of the student council getting closer to where they were. They were surely ganging up on him, what a bother this was. But strangely enough, instead of stopping and then talking like any normal person, she proceeded to bump into Lucas, knocking him hard on his side. “Ow…” he muttered, shooting upright, holding his elbow gingerly.

“Lucas?” asked the strange girl. Her hair was blond - ah, that girl, what was her name? Mis? Whatever it was, she wasn’t a very necessary interruption. He had already been bothered enough for his patience.

“Misaki, I was just looking for you, Lie -,” Here his voice cut off as he glanced at Aki. “Leader duties. We have a Student Council meeting, and we’re late.” So that’s why he was asking about Queenie before - those maskies needed to meet up. Here, Aki sobered quickly, although no trace of it appeared on his countenance. What if the meeting dealt with him - it would be horrible for him to be found out after months of hiding.

His phone rang then, just as Aki was going to remark about the strange pause. The Maskies couldn't be doing something about - him, were they? He quickly obtained it from his pocket, before continuing to talk to Misaki. “Yeah, so we really ought to hurry. Do you see Coraline anywhere? I already talked to Gage.”

It was then that he pressed a button on his phone and a loud voice - well, noise, he couldn’t really hear what it was - started to emit from the technological device. Luckily, there was no keychain, if such a disturbing object could possess such a small and useless name. With a sheepish smile, the Kingpin left, clutching his phone.

Taking that to be his cue to leave, Aki turned away from the scene, hoping that he would be able to simply sneak back home.

A scream suddenly caught his ear, and he twirled around to see Queenie coughing on the ground. Looking in shock, he saw that Writer-Want-To-Be, Kaden, by her side, attempting to help her. Ah, so the problem could be counted solved. Not to mention, Lucas and Misaki were here after all. They had to do something to earn their student council position anyways. And thus, Aki walked away from the girl who was coughing up blood. It didn’t concern him in any way, anyways. There were people who could deal with the issue there anyways.

The setting changes from Throme to The Greenhouse


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The Greenhouse

The dysfunctional beeping of the watch continued, as a woman wearing a terrifying smile continued to stare at the students in the greenhouse. She ignored the exits of two of the children and the question of the older boy, to point her attention towards Lucas.

“Get on with it, Lucas,” she stated, clicking the now useless lighter, and placed the tray of tea she was holding on the table. “I’m sure that the b- kid wouldn’t want you to be wasting his time.” Her amber eyes glowered at the brown-haired boy - there was still the contents of the message to get to. Another colorful word almost escaped her mouth, but she stopped herself just in time.

Maybe that brat was Itex.

No, he couldn’t be. Not if he was willing to show her his mask. Itex wouldn’t have allowed him to do such a thing. It was lucky that she’d found him before they did - with their sweet promises of a granted wish, he would have been sucked away into the ranks of the enemy. He was lucky too. The Itex were no place for a child - even a brat like him.

“Well,” said Lucas hesitantly. “These masks appear for some people, and they transform the wearer.” He shot a look at Liesel, as though waiting for a cue, and she merely widened her smile. Ignoring the small tingle down his spine at that obviously fake smile, he continued. “There’s another organization out there named Itex, which is trying to collect these masks. We’re the only ones out here that can take them down. There’s also a Grace stone, which Itex is going after - and with them being who they are, they could end up trying to destroy the entire world. Um...”

Liesel quickly cut him off, before shooting all the members still in the greenhouse, other than the newbie, a glance. “Alright, now that the introduction is over, you guys can get down to your job. Get yourselves downtown to the roof of Sagaro Mall. There will be a package there, and you had better get your hands on it. Now, get out of here, br - students.”

Then, placing the cup back on the table, she all but pushed Lucas out of the greenhouse, before turning to look at the new brat. “You’ll learn faster by acting,” she said abruptly. “The others know what to do, just get over there.”

The setting changes from The Greenhouse to Throme


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The All-Seeing Eyes of Nivosity (Narrator) ; Throme

The eyes blinked - two brown eyes that looked over the affluent and influential city of Throme. The gaze alighted on the grassy campus of Cenriel Academy, and further focused in on the greenhouse. After being pushed out of the greenhouse by the irate Liesel, still wearing her mask of a smile, the student council slowly meandered its way to the entrance of the school.

“Student council folks?” asked the security guard, before opening the gate of the school, and waving them a cheery good-bye. “Good luck. Hope you were all productive during your meeting.”

Pushing forward the time on that scenario with something akin to indifference, the narrator watched as the students made their fast-forwarded way to the roof of Sagaro Mall, the center of all things social. Here they could do anything they wished to: watch a movie, ice skate in the rink, or even play games in the arcade. But this time, the student council were here for more pressing matters. Liesel had sent them on another reckless visit to retrieve something that might be possibly related to Itex.

Not as though any of these previous pressing matters of Liesel’s had turned up anything interesting.

Riding up the glass elevators up to the roof, the student council managed to catch a glimpse of the amazing night-life of Throme. It was already maybe 7 PM, and the sun had already set maybe 10 minutes before. On the roof, there were still a few families enjoying themselves in Children’s Playground of Spades, but many of the mothers had already bundled their children inside, in fear of catching a cold. On the other side, Suna’s Stargazing Observatory was just opening its doors to the first people who wished to catch a glimpse of the early stars. The strangely enigmatic owner of the observatory, Suna, stood outside her observatory, collecting tickets calmly from those that entered her dome.

The last point of interest of this roof was the Rooftop Rose Gardens - and there were quite a number of couples either wandering the garden or watching the view together. A strange person in a grey hood was leaning against one of the white garden benches, looking at nothing in particular. Sometimes, a heavy sigh escaped from his mouth, as he kept glowering at his watch.


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Throme - Friday, September 27 (4:30 PM)

How fast the clock does turn when there’s nothing important to do.

That is if one was normal. Just a few Fridays in the past, Masked and Itex met each other in a dramatic showdown, not unlike a fight between rival gangs. The thing at stake this time was not territory, but a small nondescript package. What exactly was inside that thin box? No one really knew for sure. Only that it was important.

It would take eight minutes for those on Earth to notice if the sun went out. It would still be warm; it would still be bright. It took longer than eight minutes for the conclusion of this fight to be seen.

Was the package worth it? The Masked were the ones who walked away with the package, and Itex was left there empty-handed, but no one side came out of the proceedings unscathed. A game with a wounded victor. This was the breaking point for the poor stability of a certain Miss Coraline Starlings. A few days after, the harried looking maiden turned in her resignation from the Student Council. This was almost like bowling; the first pin to fall. Liesel Moringmer was murderous.

The Vandergear family was next in line. Chasing some illusory job in nearby Lore, the family burned its own roots in Throme and moved for the sake of greed. It was fortunate for Liesel that her heart possessed a remarkable capacity for wrath. The delicate tea cups were not so lucky. Neither were the flowers.

But this strand of bad luck did not allow Itex to leave without its punishment for failure. A certain female who went by the name of 'En' claimed Oskana Sonnen's blood, time, and responsibility. While she did not disappear per se, Cenriel Academy was without a student when she was transferred to rival Thromain Institute of Fine Arts. But her partner was not spared either. Treia Rawler, with her lucky stars shining from the heavens, remained relatively untouched, with only a warning to show for her troubles. Itex, like Liesel, was not a believer of keeping their murderous intent bottled inside.

The beautiful observatory was without its owner for a week, before she reappeared, looking none the worse for her time. Perhaps there was something hidden under that smile of hers, but nothing was visible to the average eye. The clear nights kept the popularity of that rooftop attraction high.

Friday, August 16th. A day that would mark the transfer of humans from the thrifty Maybelle Avenue to more reputable Sagaro Mall. Many wallets became far lighter due to the ever-growing paranoia. Hector Mason, a man with two daughters who worked nights as a security guard, was seen in a puddle of his own blood. Was there a serial killer hidden in the depths of that brilliant district? The police found no leads or evidence. Despite attempts from shop owners to catch more customers, those that dare enter that shining crime scene were few and far in between.

Judgement did not have anything interesting for the Itex for the longest of time.
Liesel had no leads.

Perhaps they were waiting for today. The day that the package pointed to as important. So what exactly was in that package of Itex? It was with hoping expressions that the Masked had opened the case, to fall downtrodden.

A letter.

To whom it may concern:
After months of research, we may have stumbled upon something of great importance. The previous sample that we have received is an enigma, to say in the slightest. Despite weighing like an average granite shock of the same size, its chemical bonds are completely nonsensical. Instead of forming bonds in order to gain eight valence electrons, many of the carbon atoms possess nine or even one with six. Perhaps you were right in saying that this was a strange rock.

When attempting to find the volume of the sample, we were astonished to find the rock glowing upon contact of water. We were unable to find the source of this energy, but it is believed it is some sort of chemical reaction. Other than the output of light, we have discovered no other abnormalities. Our sample glowed red, bright red, but we shall be asking for further samples to support this hypothesis. It would not surprise me if it was a fluke. If it wouldn't be an issue for your organization, if you'd send us another shard, we would be much obliged. The things we do for science. Until then, we'll be sending back the sample on 9.27. Please do send a messenger to pick it up. This cannot fall into unaligned hands.


The letter was signed, but illegible and smudged, seemingly on purpose. It appeared as though the writer was unwilling to give up his or her name. The letter continued with an address.

Nivcien Science Institute, Throme
Research Division

It is now September 27. Yet another Friday afternoon. The weather had mellowed in the months, with the leaves already in the process of dying. They were dull brown, many of them withering in the streets and on the trees. A steady wind made its way through Throme. Life is unfair, but yet it brings hope and excitement. Perhaps their adventure will beat reality television's entertainment value on this blustering November afternoon.

Those whose souls belonged to Itex ought to be making their steady way to the back rooms at Brio, where that violent angel of doom, Judgement, was doubtless waiting for them. The Masked had likewise, been summoned by Liesel to deal with their recently collected information. How will both sides dance this afternoon? That is a story to hear.

The setting changes from Throme to Floor 6


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#, as written by Witless
Kaden Jannsen; Sagaro Mall Floor 6 - Nebula Ice Rink (??? - 3:55 pm)

It was a warm day outside, fitting for the shorts and t-shirt that Kaden wore. A calm breeze struck up every now and then, a reminder that summer had ended to bring in the beginning of fall, only to die down quickly. The latter half of classes had been skipped over, forsaken in order to spend time writing, doing something relatively important to real life. And so Kaden had somehow ended up at Sagaro after wandering the town on this gorgeous day. And from there, the next seemingly logical place to go was the Ice Rink, on the sixth floor.

Kaden had started a new book, or at least had a few ideas for it. There was no name yet, and the main character was simply a young woman, with some power yet-to-be-determined. It took place in a strange world, on a southern continent, filled with ice and snow. It had previously stayed separate from the rest of its world, with the natives calmly going about their lives, doing what they always did. Until recently, when explorers happened across it and reported the strange powers they witnessed there. Thus started the main storyline, the interactions between the outside and inside world, between this young woman and an interested adventurer.

So the Ice Rink was of course where he needed to go, in summer clothes, no less. Not for skating, no. He'd surely fail at that. He'd tried a few times before, somehow always ending up ble- staining the ice. It was unlikely he would try again in the near future. He was still not quite over what had happened with Lucas. It's not like Kaden was avoiding him or anything, but they just happened to never meet, not since the last time Judgement had given them a mission... It was just coincidence, them never being at the same place at the same time. And he wasn't the reason Kaden had taken to skipping the latter parts of school, no. He simply saw no use for the classes. The fact that Lucas was in one of those classes hadn't even begun to register in his mind.

But yes, back on the topic of missions, Oskana and Treia had failed. Treia was punished somehow, and Oskana was taken for someone's servant, taken away from school and every aspect of her previous life. Little was accurately revealed about what had happened to her; a cover story made that said little. And they weren't the only people who had disappeared from the school recently. Coraline had been showing up less and less as her condition, whatever it was, worsened. Victor Grayson had also been sick recently, or so it was reported. At any rate, he had been absent from school for a few weeks now, and no one had heard anything from him. Gage Vandergear had moved away, to another town, leaving his friends and school behind. Many people gone in a short time, and only the beginning of school.

Oh, yes. The Ice Rink. It made sense: getting a feel of the cold, of how a newcomer would feel when experiencing this environment which he'd never before known (did I mention the newcomer came from a continent near the equator of the world? an extremely hot, desert- and volcano-filled place?). From hot to cold, suddenly in the unknown, completely unprepared for what he'd experience. And contrast that to those people who had lived there for eternities, believing it to be normal, the complete opposite of the abnormality that this explorer believed it to be. It was hard to get the full experience, but this was the closest he could think of wi-

BEEP! BEEeeEEeeEEP! Beepbeep! Beepbeep! BEEEEEEEE- *click*

It was time. He'd bought a watch, an ornate one from a strange peddler on Maybelle Avenue. It had many knobs, some which didn't seem to do anything, and it was extremely hard to read. But the alarm worked very well, and it never seemed to run slow (or fast for that matter). The key selling point had actually been the obnoxious alarm... It could actually break him out of his reveries, if at the cost of angry glances from onlookers (in this case, the ice skating class). He generally just ignored them, rushing away on to his destination, to wherever he needed to be reminded to go. Sure, the watch cost him an arm and a leg, but it was definitely worth it to not anger Itex any more than necessary (read: at all). He could always get the money back somehow.

3:55, time to start heading to Brio. Judgement would be waiting, as usual. There may be a job, there may not, but it was always best to be on the safe side and not be late. Not like the first time... He had somehow come out of that with little repercussions... Somehow... But he knew better now, for sure. Kaden Jannsen packed his bags and began the long trek to Brio and Judgement.