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Deus ex Kaos

The Mask of the Tower

0 · 398 views · located in Throme

a character in “Masks of the Soul”, as played by ZenMon


Lower Level Itex


The Tower


What Kind of Mask is it?:

If True, in what state of completion is it in?:

How do you create/transform with the mask?
Masked Transformation: "...and let Chaos reign supreme!"
Mask Only:"Wake us from our passive dream..."

Chaos. Maddening chaos. Zensa's masked form can be said to almost have no heart. If there was a homeless man begging for change, he's beat him with a sock filled with quarters within an inch of his life. And then give him a penny. Madness is the game that is played. If someone angers him, he'll attack or murder them. If he spies something he wants to use, he'll grab it and break anything to get it. If you really get him mad, he'll slowly torture you in the most painful way possible before killing you slowly. He becomes a creature of impulse, all the wrong ones. If it's evil, dishonorable, or depraved, he'll do it. In his eyes, you are nothing more than an expendable toy.

Brief Description of Transformed State:
Dek, the name Zensa's masked self has chosen to call itself, has pale white skin and onyx-black hair. Tall is a very accurate way to describe him, as he's 6'8". He is finely muscled, almost to the point of being slightly burly. He prefers black clothing (similar to the picture). His overcoat is covered with different sized pockets, containing different things that he uses to do whatever his current whim is. He has a pocket-watch that is kept in the pocket of a vest that he wears. Depending on his mood, he'll check the time or strangle someone with the immaculate silver chain. If he's running late or doesn't know the time, he'll do both.

Skills/Abilities when wearing mask:
Heightened Senses: Zensa's mask empowers him with the chaotic might, heightening his senses to a level beyond normal people.
Augmented Strength: Zensa's muscles are strengthened, giving him above-average strength and stamina.
Chaotic Mind: Zensa's mind works incredibly fast, allowing him to process lots of information at one time. However, it also makes him forget about other things, one being his physical being. Mounting minor injuries will go unnoticed, which can get dangerous.

Skills/Abilities of Transformed State:
Whispers of Madness (Minor): Dek sends out a mental attack towards the target, making it seem that the shadows themselves are whispering at them. Every nagging doubt, every past failure, every worry is thrown at them by a chorus of unseen voices. This attack is less powerful to those with a strong mental state. Weak willed people would most likely collapse, overcome by their own fears and failures.
Bedlam (Minor): Dek throws his knife into a nearby wall or in the ground near his opponent. The knife begins to draw upon the surrounding shadows and lower the light level of the surrounding area (to a range of about 10 meters). Dek can still see his opponent, but they cannot see him. The effectiveness of the ability decreases the further one goes from the knife, until they leave its radius.
Arc of Chaos(Minor): Dek swings his axe in a large arc, sending out a wave of chaotic energies. This wave does not directly cut the targets, but chaos follows in its wake. For example, if it hit a computer console, the console would overload and explode. If it hit a building, the mortar that holds the bricks together would crumble and the building will slowly collapse under its own weight. If it hit someone's leg, the bone would fracture and their next step could break their bone and send it through their skin. The effect decreases for each object it passes through until it's hardly anything at all. Like someone gets hit by the wave and it feels like someone has flicked them. It falls off pretty quickly.
Anarchy Prime(Major): Dek infuses his hammer-axe with chaotic energy, similar to that of the Arc of Chaos, increasing the power of his hammer and physical strikes immensely. Any environmental object struck by the hammer will be similarly affected like the Arc of Chaos, only with much less potency.

Weapons they have when they have transformed
A massive axe-hammer combination (the one that this gentleman is holding). He also has a very long, serrated knife (It's about the size of a machete).

So begins...

Deus ex Kaos's Story

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??? ; Liron River Pier

She waited in calmness until she realized that there was no quick acceptance of what she had to say. It was a while from the last time that someone had dared to disobey her orders. An almost petulant frown appeared on her face when she realized that she had to do something about it, or the Chariot would think that she could continue to place her own wants before those of Itex.

And that would be something that would bring problems in the future. With almost a weary sigh, she lifted the ribbon in front of her, a three-word phrase dancing at the forefront of her mind. It seemed as though there was nothing else to do but to resort to violence to get what she wanted. She, personally, hated to do this by herself. It was all the more fitting to give her subordinates something to do to cool down their hot heads. Anyways, Death would enjoy it a bit too much.

Her gloved head dropped with the crimson ribbon, falling about a meter and a half, before lifting up into a small, but ornate loop, before her ungloved right hand slipped neatly into the loop. All of this done in a total of a few seconds, as she focused all of her concentration upon a few words. ‘‘Edge…’

It was just then that a series of footsteps appeared on the pier, and she, with a start, lost concentration and the ribbon fell loosely downwards again, without the spell becoming complete. Who could this be? Itex had arranged for the pier to be completely vacant for this period. It couldn’t be some random pedestrian, could it? Her gloved hand once again started to sketch the same design in the air, in preparation for removing any witnesses of this meeting. How annoying.

I was assigned to come here for a package for delivery. I am the Tower. What is the job?” Ah, good, if he was the Tower, then there would be need to do anything to him. But still... he was late, extremely late. Her eyes narrowed under the blindfold as her bearing became more erect, almost regal. It was disappointing that she had missed his approach from before, but if she needed an excuse, she was preoccupied with recent events dealing with the Chariot.

Perhaps it was that that caused her voice to be so much tighter than usual. “You’re late,” she said, sharply. “That task has been given out already.” Once again, the air lacked the tangy scent of blood, so it must not have Judgement keeping him behind. He was supposed to have gone with the Moon to Sagaro Mall, but getting him to catch up to the Moon would end up being a waste of time. But there had to be a task that she could give him… some way that she could use this new student, the Tower, to the greatest of her ability. “But there is something for you to do, of course, Tower.” She didn’t realize that she would be lucky enough to get a subordinate so quickly to do her dirty work. And what fortunate timing too.

“I want Chariot’s mask. And I want it now,” she said quickly. It was up to the Tower how he wanted to deal with the mess, but she hoped that it wouldn’t be too much of a mess to clean up. Itex had already used one of their connections to claim this pitiful amount of time in which she could speak with them without attracting too much attention. Causing the entire pier to blow up would be so much of a bother to work with. “Whatever way that you want, just don’t make too much of a mess in the process.” Pitting Lower Level Itex against Lower Level Itex was something that was distasteful at best, but she would do whatever was needed to deal with this mess.

Then, of course, if there was too much of an emotional connection between the two, it could end up with them allying against her. But that wasn’t too much of a bother, as she completely believed that even if all of the Lower Itex attempted to take her down, they wouldn’t be able to scratch her. “Don’t damage her too greatly, Tower - Itex still has use for her, and we don’t have the time to wait for her to heal.” Without the healing idiot around, Itex could do little but to entrust her to the care of a doctor.

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#, as written by ZenMon
"You're late. That task has been given out already."

Zensa swallowed nervously, but maintained his outward composure. If only just. Offending the higher-ups, especially one who was floating in the air and seemed to radiate malice. He was very nearly tempted to flee, and disappear from the city altogether. But he knew it wasn't possible. With the power that Itex wielded, they could track him and make him suffer for the rest of his days. He'd rather have it end quickly and painlessly.

"But there is something for you to do, of course, Tower."

An explosive sigh of relief almost tore itself from his mouth, but he kept it shut and exhaled a long-held breath through his nose. At least he wasn't going to die. Not at this moment anyway. It still left the doubt of what this strange floating woman wanted of him. Not the most pleasant of situations, but at least I'm not dead. "What would you ask of me?"

"I want Chariot's mask. And I want it now. Whatever way that you want, just don't make too much of a mess in the process." Zensa nearly gaped in shock at the request. "Don't damage her to greatly, Tower - Itex still has use for her, and we don't have the time to wait for her to heal.", the woman added, almost as an afterthought. He almost spoke up, but silenced himself. He was already in trouble, no need to aggravate the situation. Orders were orders, and he was a pawn in this grand scheme. No need to mess things up any more than they were.

No time was wasted. "And let Chaos reign supreme.", he whispered to himself. The single eye on the mask shone brightly, if only for a moment. A split-second later, the surrounding shadows seemed to leap onto Zensa. They whirled around him until there was nothing else to be seen of Zensa, and a howling moan came from the whirlwind. A second later the shadows departed. Zensa was gone, and Dek stood in his place. The mask's lone red eye gleamed menacingly. Dek said nothing, only held his hammer with his right hand on the shaft. The eye seemed to shine for a moment again and stayed lit. Dek unleashed the Whispers of Madness. He rested his left hand inside his coat on the hilt of his long knife. He awaited for a reaction from his target.

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#, as written by ZenMon
--Deus ex Kaos--

Liron River Pier

"You annoy me."

Dek giggled. Softly at first and growing steadily louder until the laughter crescendoed into a maniacal cackling. His entire body shook with his laughter, yet his hands remained right where he had them before: one casually holding the massive hammer in its grip, the other resting on the handle of his long, serrated knife. A moment later the laughter subsided with a breathless sigh. Slowly, carefully, he removed his hand from the handle of the knife and let it hang limply at his side.

"Well now. Oh well, oh well, oh well, oh well, oh WELL now. What DO we have here?" Dek cocked his head slightly to the left, allowing the moonlight to play off the blank right half of the mask and casting the left side in a dusky glow. "The Chariot has come out to play now, has she? Such a fierce look on your face! A game face?" He stroked the elongated chin of the mask with his left hand in an imitation of thinking. "Or a murder-face! I'd be happy with either, really. It shows you're ready! Committed! Prepared for any outcome! We're going to have SO much fun tonight! Just you, me, and this lovely referee here. Although.." His voice took on a petulant tone, like that of a spoiled child not getting exactly what they wanted. "I'm bound by my orders to not pound you into ground meat. Or to wreak lots of destruction in this area." His shoulders slumped, but then he resumed his previous motion of stroking the chin of his mask. "I wonder if you'd make a good hamburger? Probably not with bits of wall or nasty, rotten pier wood in it. Another time will come for such thoughts." He waved his hand as one would to stave off a particularly annoying gnat. "Like after I take your precious little mask off of your battered face. Or better yet! What if I used, oh, what was sit called, Caledfwlch or something, to take your mask of? That would be so much FUN to take your own precious mask from you with your own weapon." Behind the mask, Dek was smiling gleefully. His grip on the handle of his weapon tightened. "But...." His voice grew husky and deep. "We'll simply have to see what happens. After I beat you into a quivering, useless, pile. Of. Meat." He enunciated the last words so strongly it seemed as though he was spitting them.

Within a fraction of a second of the 'tuh' sound leaving his mouth, Dek's hand flashed into his coat. In one fluid motion, he drew the serrated knife and threw it into the pier near Chariot. It struck the boards with a dull thunk, before becoming blacker than night. The darkness seemed to intensify around the knife, making it as dark as a cave. Not even the dim city lights could penetrate the inky black area. Without missing a beat, Dek swung his massive weapon twice, each one unleashing Arcs of Chaos in their wake. Both Arcs were vertical, and both were aimed at either side of where Chariot stood. As the Arcs passed through the wood of the pier, the chaos took effect. Some boards rotted away almost instantly, others splintered and sent shards of broken wood spraying into the air. Dek waited, body tense like a coiled spring, for any sign of Chariot's reaction to his attack. Come now, little Chariot. Let us dance., he thought.

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??? ; Liron River Pier

After giving her order, she beat her white wings, lifting her out of harm’s way, to the far side of the pier behind the Tower. Hopefully that should keep her out of the fight - she would hate to deal with fighting at this moment. While the two of her subordinates fought it out, she supposed that she ought to deal with the complications that might occur from the fighting masked Lower Level Itex. Fishing out a small cell phone from her pocket, she opened it, and dialed “1” on the speed dial. Of course she called her most loyal subordinate who would deal with this mess - and more importantly, the Itex member would do it without complaining. The atmosphere around her abruptly changed as both people must have transformed into their other state, as the transformations let out huge waves of energy.

The subordinate finally picked up after a ring. “Liron River Pier - we need to cover this up,” she ordered curtly. “You know what to do. Chariot decided that she didn’t want to cooperate with Itex - her and Tower are fighting it out… Yes, it was because of that. Tell him that his little protege needs to learn more obedience… Of course I want it done immediately.”

After a short pause, she gave a murmur of affirmation, before snapping the phone shut and turning her attention back to the battle. It irked her that the girl was still not injured or begging to give up her mask. That was more trouble than it was worth. The modification she wished to do was only for the girl’s benefit and still, she was there, causing more trouble. Would there be someone else that could do the task that they needed to have done? The Tower and Moon were both male - so they were out of the question. The Hermit was far too support-based to do something like this along, and only the Lower Class Itex were sufficient for this task.

Perhaps she could use that one skill of hers to deal with this problem. No, that wouldn’t work. It needed an agreement, and Itex still had very little that they could use to manipulate the girl. The softness of that darned superior of his - he wanted to keep her from as much pain as possible. But as soon as she did something on the shadier side of life, they would be able to control her easily. Most people were all so careful about their own reputations, and were willing to do anything to save them. Itex was lucky that the police turned a blind eye to everything that they wanted to hide, but would work on the side of justice if Itex asked them to.

The Tower was saying something, the speech unnerving her somewhat. It was true that the personality of masks differed between person and person, but this one was taking it too far. It appeared as though it brought madness and complete violence along with it. It was masks like those that made her disgusted, and she wished that she didn’t have to deal with him just now. But - right now, Itex needed ever mask that they could get their hands on. As soon as they finally succeed with their goal, his mask would be the first one that would be removed. Just as she was about to get even further away, as the battle could end up becoming extremely messy, the Tower made his move and did something.

This something resulted in quite a lot of destruction. For all that she knew, he used his weapons and destroyed the pier. Probably on purpose. Shards of wood flew this way and that, but much of the other wood rotted away and fell into Liron River. She grumbled under her breath - hadn’t she told him before to not make a big mess?

“Tower, what did I say?” she called out to him, mindless that she was distracting him in the middle of a battle. “If you’re not going to keep the pier intact, you will be the one that will be rebuilding it tomorrow.” It was unacceptable for him to disobey her commands, just as though she hadn’t said them in the first place. Maybe this was why the Chariot had been rebellious; it seemed as though the newly recruited ones didn’t always have enough fear of Itex. She made a mental note that she would have to do something about this eventually - she knew someone who would be perfectly pleased to do such a thing.

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#, as written by ZenMon
Deus ex Kaos - Liron River Pier

The other woman above him was saying something. Something that he should heed if he wanted to avoid further punishment. For all the good it was worth, she might as well have been trying to talk a hurricane out of destroying things. Chariot was the sole object of his focus. The objective of his mission that he was determined to enjoy to the fullest extent. His enjoyment diminished somewhat as she didn't display any reaction to his taunting. She'll be a fun one to toy with. Everyone breaks eventually. They all do. The pier began to disintegrate beneath her feet as she leaped towards him.

"Oh, sorry, we're starting now? Good, I thought you'd never finish speaking."

"Good! I would be severely disappointed if you gave up right now!" The blade in her hand gleamed gleefully in the moonlight, eager for his blood. "Forward! I like that! But not good enough!" He leaped onto the head of his hammer, grabbing the chain on his way up. After he landed on the head of the hammer, he flipped onto a nearby light fixture and pulled the hammer after him. Dek spun the hammer around him in a quick flourish before settling it across his shoulders.

"Come now! You can do better than that! A brutish charge seems so unlike you! Get creative! Be passionate about your fighting! COME AT ME!"

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#, as written by ZenMon
Deus ex Kaos

"You taunt and rave like a lunatic. And you know words. But how good are you really other than flashy tricks and mere words? Let's see how you... Ride the Winds."

Dek bowed gracefully atop the pole. "You honor me madam! I now know that I have done exactly what I wanted! It's a truly marv-"

For the first time since time immemorial, Dek was caught by surprise. The upper half of the pole that he stood on gave way, sending him tumbling forward through empty air. A roll at the last minute saved him from landing face-first into the wooden boards of the pier. However, he didn't have time to stand steadily before he was attacked again by Chariot. He felt the blade slice a shallow wound across his chest, spinning him around only to slam into a nearby wall. The swords arc after it inflicted the would sent a spatter of blood onto the nearby wall and boards. Dek spun around, laughing even harder than he had before.

"This? This is all you can muster? A scratch? Pathetic. Simply pathetic! A kitten could have done more harm to me than that scratch! You don't deserve to call yourself a warrior or fighter or swordswoman or whatever you think you should be called. You are weak. Useless. Inept. A waste of talent. Give up your mask now before you further injure your 'warriors pride' or whatever code you fight by. I might as well put you down sooner rather than later. I have much more interesting business to attend to.

In a split-second flash of motion, Dek spun around with his hammer to swing at Chariot with a two-handed blow. Just before any impact, he infused his hammer with the power of Anarchy Prime, magnifying the power behind the blow and adding chaotic energy to the actual strike.

The setting changes from Liron River Pier to Throme


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??? ; Liron River Pier

She continued floating behind the fight, frowning at the disobedience of the Tower, who continued on his pattern of destruction despite her warnings. Mentally, she pursed her lips in irritation, but continued to stay out of the way of the fight for now. She would trust the Tower to break down the defenses of the Chariot and do what he needed to - unless he failed, and then there would be no more Tower. Failure was not to be accepted. She vaguely noted that the woman from the observatory could be a good candidate for the position. Perhaps, she would even be able to keep stronger control over the demonic personality of the mask. After all, it was not the best idea to have such a mask be put in the hands of someone so young. This Tower - if he would mature a bit, and gain the same control over his mask as she had over hers… maybe he would be a good subordinate.

On the topic of subordinates, another one of their Lower Level pawns would be coming into play soon. ‘Ah, the Magician…’ Yes, there was someone else that she needed to call before the end of the day. He was to report in on his success or failure, as it was scheduled that he would be returning to Throme tonight.

Digging into her pocket a second time, she scrolled down and pushed a few buttons. “Hello, this is Itex. Magician, correct?” She paused a bit for his answer before replying, feeling a sudden wind, probably caused by the Chariot’s fast movement. She ignored that - she was only putting off the inevitable. A small smile lined her face as she realized that perhaps they had accomplished what they had been planning for almost five years - where they would be in possession of a majority of the Grace stone. And the Magician’s wording was exactly what she wanted for in a subordinate - he understood obedience and the importance of Itex’s gifts. “Very well, Magician. I’d like you to report immediately - this important is vital to the Itex cause.”

She ignored the fight going on ahead of her, although it seemed as though the Chariot was pulling her own against her enemy. After all, if the Chariot had fallen, the Tower would have notified her. It was such a noisy fight though… both of the students seemed prone to speak quite a bit. “And I prefer mistress, not master,” she corrected, with the hint of a frown. After the magician’s apology -

There was no success after all. She reigned in her growing annoyance before continuing to listen to the rest of the report. So it seemed that he had removed the loose threads of that as well. Good. Then there would be no reason to send another of their little students there as a follow-up. She should have known beforehand though. The entire situation was far too… perfect. Somewhere inside her heart, she felt slightly amused at the Magician’s wording, as though he wasn’t a human himself. “Very well, the sooner the better. Is there anything else that you may want to report?”

Stop.” So that pesky man had arrived. Late though. If he had shown up a few moments earlier, perhaps they would have less of a mess to clean up. “This unnecessary fight has gone on long enough. En, call off your hound. This can be resolved much more peacefully.”

She almost felt like ignoring him as she was currently involved in dealing with another conversation, but disconnected the call instead. The Magician could wait - while she dealt with this complication. She turned to face the direction that his voice came from, descending slightly as she went, listening as the new arrival was attacked verbally by the disobedient puppy of his. “Why are you disrupting us,” she hissed, like a snake with a voice filled with anger.

Calm yourself, Chariot. The whole battle was a misunderstanding. The Tower is not your enemy.” She probably would have laughed. The fact that even one of his most loved subordinates would end up disobeying him while he remained oblivious made him seem so much more foolish. Not that she would ever think that he wasn’t. He was the master of being clueless.

“Tower, stop. Or I’ll make you,” she ordered, calmly, with a slight tilt of her head to the left. “If you continue on with this fight… Itex has its ways of punishment,” she warned him, quietly. There was no way that she would be humiliated by disobedience in front of this obnoxious man. “With our new guest here, I suppose the Chariot will behave herself.”

I see you’ve learnt little in your attempts to deal with the younger generation,” the new arrival said, mockingly. “So, do let’s get this over with. The police will be here before too long, with this ruckus, and I’d rather NOT make a surprise appearance on TV, if you don’t mind.

He always was oblivious to the faults of the Chariot. It just went to show how he was unable to see that this entire occurrence was the student’s fault, and instead placed all the blame on her. “Well, En,” she drawled, before floating down to land on the ground, “perhaps the younger generation should learn the definition of orders, no? And perhaps due to her previous action, do you really think it’s safe to trust her to this extent?” She wouldn’t hide the fact that she didn’t like the fact that the Chariot was given this task.

She didn’t trust her to finish it.

Being the loose cannon that she was, the Chariot was far more likely to end up destroying Itex allies than capturing the Emperor. And with even more power, well, even she wasn’t sure about what harm she would end up doing. “Perhaps you should keep your puppy on a tighter leash. She would do well to learn who holds the key to her life.”

The setting changes from Throme to Liron River Pier

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#, as written by ZenMon
Deus ex Kaos; Liron River Pier

"Stop. This unnecessary fight has gone on long enough."

Dek froze. His muscles clenched before he could swing back again at Chariot with the axe side of his hammer. Slowly, he turned his head to look towards the speaker who was addressing them. Fury boiled in his mind. Adrenaline was pumping though his veins. He didn't want to stop! He very nearly couldn't stop! Bloodlust had taken the reins of his mind and he struggled to control himself from leaping at Chariot and the intervening man. Only the woman floating in the air behind him stayed his hands. He cautiously brought the hammer back to rest in both hands yet he did not release the chaotic energy quite yet.

"En, call off your hound. This can be resolved much more peacefully."

Dek's grip tightened on the shaft of the hammer. Hound? Hound!?, he thought incredulously. I am nobody's dog! My will is my own! My mask is my own! They can take those away from me when I die! His body tensed up as he prepared to leap from where he stood towards Chariot and the man.

"Tower, stop. Or I'll make you. If you continue on with this fight... Itex has its ways of punishment. With our new guest here, I suppose Chariot will behave herself."

Muscles bulged slightly in Dek's neck. He ground his teeth behind his mask. Every instinct called for him to leap at them both and rip them apart. He suppressed those urges, if only barely. If he was to die, he would want to inflict as much chaos as was possible. The furthest way from that would be to die here with nobody around and be dumped into the sea. The woman's threat was far from empty, that he knew. If he continued, dying here was almost assured.

"Very well," he growled. "I will take my leave then. If you have further use of me, it had better be worth my time. I'm going for a stroll along the pier, catch up if there's something I missed."

Dek strode off between buildings, fuming silently. Two sections away, a night guard saw him passing by a shipping company's warehouse. Noticing the massive hammer-axe and the slash across Dek's chest, the guard immediately assumed that Dek was a murderer and followed. At the next block of buildings, Dek disappeared around a corner into a walkway between two warehouses. The guard followed thinking that Dek was going to flee. He failed to notice the long knife stuck in the floor at the entrance of the walkway. In a split-second, inky blackness surrounded the officer. Fear took hold of the officer's heart. "C-c-come out! I know you're there! Put th-the weapon down and come out with your h-hands up!" Dek seemed to materialize out of the blackness in front of the officer. Before he had time to pull the trigger, Dek snatched the officer's pistol out of his hand.

"Not your night, officer. I'm in a foul mood, and you're the exact kind of person I was hoping would be here. If you're religious, make your peace with whatever god you believe in. You're about to meet them."

The man didn't have time to scream. Dek jabbed the officer in the abdomen with the head of the hammer, knocking him back into the wall. The chaos energy in his hammer was immediately transferred into the officer and sprung into effect. Before the officer could retaliate, most of his major organs ruptured. In a violent spasm from his abdominal muscles, the officer spat up blood and dropped to the side. His eyes rolled in his head as his body involuntarily convulsed at the pain. Blood began to leak out from his mouth, nose, and tear ducts. A gurgling noise emanated from the dying man's throat. Within a few agonizing seconds, he was dead. His crimson blood leaked slowly over the boards of the walkway and drained through the gaps between the boards. Dek calmly walked back to where his knife was, snatched it up and sheathed it in one fluid motion.

"My regards, officer. Thanks for making my night better." As he walked away, Dek began to laugh. The sound of his maniacal laughter echoed off the surrounding warehouses while he strode away from his latest kill.

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#, as written by ZenMon
Deus ex Kaos - Liron River Pier

Dek meandered along the pier by the light of the moon. There was a spring to his step of one who was incredibly happy-go-lucky but it seemed disturbing to see a man like Dek walk that way. To any observer who would even think twice about looking at him more than once, he appeared to be a careless man strolling around at night. On a pier. With a massive hammer. And a disturbing mask. You would never have guessed that he had just committed murder in cold blood. Given the opportunity, he would do the same act again and again and again. Luckily for the general populace, no soul was even relatively near Dek at that time.

Dek suddenly froze. He could hear a faint buzzing noise. A light vibration accompanied the buzzing noises which now came in triplets. Reaching into the back pocket of his pants, Dek pulled out a mobile phone. The small screen on the lid displayed a string of numbers that were foreign to him. Behind the mask, an evil gleam shone in his eyes. Another potential victim? Fantastic! And they even came to me instead of me paying them a visit! How delightful! He was about to flip open the phone when something stirred within him. The phone fell to the pier as a pale silvery light shone from behind the mask. ..on't... hurt... -ra... Dek howled in fury as he was being forcibly separated from Zensa's body.

Zensa Valobo - Liron River Pier

It took a prodigious amount of mental focus to take control of his own arms again. The battle of wills between himself and Dek seemed to drag on for an eternity. With a final burst of will, Zensa forced his arms to reach up and take the mask off. The shadowy clothing that had covered Dek disappeared in wisps of blackness, leaving only Zensa's street clothes behind. The hammer itself seemed to melt into the dark spaces between the boards of the pier. He stooped to pick up his phone, wincing slightly as he felt the gash in his chest twinge. In one motion he flipped the phone open and put it to his ear.

"Hello? This is Zensa, how can I help ya on this fine evening?"

The setting changes from Liron River Pier to Throme


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Throme - Friday, September 27 (4:30 PM)

How fast the clock does turn when there’s nothing important to do.

That is if one was normal. Just a few Fridays in the past, Masked and Itex met each other in a dramatic showdown, not unlike a fight between rival gangs. The thing at stake this time was not territory, but a small nondescript package. What exactly was inside that thin box? No one really knew for sure. Only that it was important.

It would take eight minutes for those on Earth to notice if the sun went out. It would still be warm; it would still be bright. It took longer than eight minutes for the conclusion of this fight to be seen.

Was the package worth it? The Masked were the ones who walked away with the package, and Itex was left there empty-handed, but no one side came out of the proceedings unscathed. A game with a wounded victor. This was the breaking point for the poor stability of a certain Miss Coraline Starlings. A few days after, the harried looking maiden turned in her resignation from the Student Council. This was almost like bowling; the first pin to fall. Liesel Moringmer was murderous.

The Vandergear family was next in line. Chasing some illusory job in nearby Lore, the family burned its own roots in Throme and moved for the sake of greed. It was fortunate for Liesel that her heart possessed a remarkable capacity for wrath. The delicate tea cups were not so lucky. Neither were the flowers.

But this strand of bad luck did not allow Itex to leave without its punishment for failure. A certain female who went by the name of 'En' claimed Oskana Sonnen's blood, time, and responsibility. While she did not disappear per se, Cenriel Academy was without a student when she was transferred to rival Thromain Institute of Fine Arts. But her partner was not spared either. Treia Rawler, with her lucky stars shining from the heavens, remained relatively untouched, with only a warning to show for her troubles. Itex, like Liesel, was not a believer of keeping their murderous intent bottled inside.

The beautiful observatory was without its owner for a week, before she reappeared, looking none the worse for her time. Perhaps there was something hidden under that smile of hers, but nothing was visible to the average eye. The clear nights kept the popularity of that rooftop attraction high.

Friday, August 16th. A day that would mark the transfer of humans from the thrifty Maybelle Avenue to more reputable Sagaro Mall. Many wallets became far lighter due to the ever-growing paranoia. Hector Mason, a man with two daughters who worked nights as a security guard, was seen in a puddle of his own blood. Was there a serial killer hidden in the depths of that brilliant district? The police found no leads or evidence. Despite attempts from shop owners to catch more customers, those that dare enter that shining crime scene were few and far in between.

Judgement did not have anything interesting for the Itex for the longest of time.
Liesel had no leads.

Perhaps they were waiting for today. The day that the package pointed to as important. So what exactly was in that package of Itex? It was with hoping expressions that the Masked had opened the case, to fall downtrodden.

A letter.

To whom it may concern:
After months of research, we may have stumbled upon something of great importance. The previous sample that we have received is an enigma, to say in the slightest. Despite weighing like an average granite shock of the same size, its chemical bonds are completely nonsensical. Instead of forming bonds in order to gain eight valence electrons, many of the carbon atoms possess nine or even one with six. Perhaps you were right in saying that this was a strange rock.

When attempting to find the volume of the sample, we were astonished to find the rock glowing upon contact of water. We were unable to find the source of this energy, but it is believed it is some sort of chemical reaction. Other than the output of light, we have discovered no other abnormalities. Our sample glowed red, bright red, but we shall be asking for further samples to support this hypothesis. It would not surprise me if it was a fluke. If it wouldn't be an issue for your organization, if you'd send us another shard, we would be much obliged. The things we do for science. Until then, we'll be sending back the sample on 9.27. Please do send a messenger to pick it up. This cannot fall into unaligned hands.


The letter was signed, but illegible and smudged, seemingly on purpose. It appeared as though the writer was unwilling to give up his or her name. The letter continued with an address.

Nivcien Science Institute, Throme
Research Division

It is now September 27. Yet another Friday afternoon. The weather had mellowed in the months, with the leaves already in the process of dying. They were dull brown, many of them withering in the streets and on the trees. A steady wind made its way through Throme. Life is unfair, but yet it brings hope and excitement. Perhaps their adventure will beat reality television's entertainment value on this blustering November afternoon.

Those whose souls belonged to Itex ought to be making their steady way to the back rooms at Brio, where that violent angel of doom, Judgement, was doubtless waiting for them. The Masked had likewise, been summoned by Liesel to deal with their recently collected information. How will both sides dance this afternoon? That is a story to hear.