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Elegant Harlequin

The Joker

0 · 424 views · located in Floor 2

a character in “Masks of the Soul”, as played by Witless


The Student Council of Cenriel Academy


Elegant Harlequin



What Kind of Mask is it?:

If False, how many Grace Stone fragments does it contain?:

If True, in what state of completion is it in?:
In Progress

How do you create/transform with the mask?
To summon: "When you're not used to it..."
To transform: "Being happy is a lot of work."

Karim, as she calls herself in this form, is very expressive and prone to making jokes. Whether they're good or bad, puns or wit, satire, caricature, mimicry, or any other form of humor, she'll find some way to get her point across. She seems to be constantly moving something: a hand, her head, pacing, dancing, just doing something to stop from being completely still. She laughs often, at times sincere, at times mocking, at times with little feeling behind it at all. She takes an interest in the world around her but would care little for anything outside of her sphere of influence. While she has all of Amara's abilities and memories, they concern her little.

Everything comes and goes in her eyes, nothing taking up more than a fleeting moment of her time, everything holding her attention for that eternity of a moment. In a fight, she gives her entire attention and being to it. When wearing someone's mask, she focuses on that personality completely and performs it to the best of her ability. Once uncovered, she wastes little time reflecting; that moment has come and passed.

Eccentric in others' eyes, she finds others to be dull, boring, and, well, slow... She doesn't feel like slowing down to their speed and carries on, constantly moving from position to position, place to place. Everything moves in a rush, and things jumble together, the only memorable things being the ones she decides to focus her attention on. She simply focuses on what interests her and ignores what doesn't.

Brief Description of Transformed State:
Karim wears an elegant suit of red, white, and black, and she often carries around a rose (or a few), sometimes nonchalantly plucking petals, sometimes using it as a prop, sometimes wearing it for whatever effect it gives. She has long, blond hair and always wears a smile upon her face whether or not it is sincere. Nothing seems to surprise her, and she is always seen with an almost mischievous gleam in her dark brown eyes.

Skills/Abilities when wearing mask:
If this counts, she becomes more expressive and humorous
Fast reflexes, and increased speed and agility
Amazing sleight of hand
Great focus/concentration, though what she focuses on changes often

Skills/Abilities of Transformed State:
Sharp Wit (minor): The pen may be mightier than the sword, but Karim's wit is sharper. By adding a quip, joke, or other witty comment to an attack, Karim adds insult to injury and cuts to the soul, causing more harm than expected. However, if the joke doesn't go over well, it detracts from the injury, causing less harm than expected.

Decoy (minor): Karim creates a body double of herself. It moves in a mirror image to her and cannot be distinguished from the real one. However, as soon as it is hit by something, it dissipates into a cloud of smoke. The body double cannot do any damage, but copies everything that Karim does perfectly, including attacks and powers. The line of symmetry (for the mirror image) is a straight line in the direction she faces when she creates the body double.

Tintinnabulation (minor): Karim rings a special bell which creates a sound. Each successive time, the sound gets harsher and louder, from a light, melodious ringing on the first hit to an unbearably loud, cacophonous toll which deafens and damages opponents on the seventh. After the seventh hit, the bell does not work until the Joker mask is removed and then donned again. If aimed at a person, the bell's sound is focused on that person, magnifying the effect. Otherwise, the bell can be heard by everyone and affects all within range except for the person who rang the bell.

Masquerade (major): Karim puts on a mask and disguises herself as another person! However, the mask has to be crafted with the specific person in mind, and the disguise isn't perfect. While she gains the look and sound of the person she transforms into, she gets no powers, mannerisms, or personality change. The rest all relies on her acting... The mask conforms to the face and does not appear like a mask, and the rest of the body is disguised by illusion which is very hard to see through. Height changes matter little, as the illusion appears to be as small or tall as the person should be, but touching the illusion's head is the same as touching Karim's head, and the same follows for the rest of the body. Touch is not affected, however, so she still has the physique of her own self. The mask can be removed by anyone (cancelling the disguise) so long as someone realizes that it actually is a disguise. Once the mask is removed, the illusion disappears as well. It takes a lot of time to create the mask as well as a lot of energy to transform. As such, she rarely uses this skill.

Weapons they have when they have transformed
Ignore the gun in the picture. Karim has some knives concealed on her person as well as a collapsible staff.


Collapsible Staff:

So begins...

Elegant Harlequin's Story