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Empress of Hearts

0 · 98 views · located in Fountain Square

a character in “Masks of the Soul”, as played by AmiOfTheRain


The Empress of Hearts


What Kind of Mask is it?:
The Empress of Heart is a true mask.

If True, in what state of completion is it in?:

How do you create/transform with the mask?
To summon: "Am I not cute,...
To Transform:"...because I find myself to be adorable!"

Countering Coraline's soft, shy personality, when using the mask she's bolder and flirtouse, she seems to be more rude in this state as well. She tends to show off, and has a more serious side to her. Instead of being so quiet, she's quite loud and isn't afraid to express herself. She's isn't as over-reacting while using her mask. Though, she does it to get on other people's nerves at times. She is more reasonable if possible though, and understands more on if someone is hurting her and wants to explain why. Unlike when not wearing the mask, she snaps on others daily. She hardly ever shows emotions when shocked or scared, she just says simple insults to show it.

Brief Description of Transformed State:
When transforming, a darker shade of color slowly over comes Coraline's hair, making it a brown color. Her hair also gets a lot longer as well, though she normally has a headdress in her hair to pin a tiny bit of it back into a loop. Her eyes turn into dark red shades, sometimes her eyes look almost clouded with some sort of hate no one can understand. She wears kimonos and tends to reveal a lot more skin then before.Her outfit normally has brown, black, dark oranges, and red in them as well as the golden color headdress and necklaces.

Skills/Abilities when wearing mask:
One of her improved skills is her cat-like reflexes, she is more steady and able to walk normally without tripping. She's able to land onto her feet when also jumping out of high places. It's the one time she is no longer afraid of heights. Her way of countering is also better, and usually is able to throw attacks faster and more effectively. Multitasking is another thing, though she doesn't do to much that she won't be able to handle it.

Skills/Abilities of Transformed State:
*One Heart As Two*: This ability allows her to create a shield of two large heart shaped diamonds for defense. Though they seem strong, it can take very few hits and can easily be broken if the enemy hits the top center. The shield is a bright pink but will slowly get lighter and light before vanishing, it's one way you can tell if the shield is being destroyed.
*Lovely Painting*: This, is a ability she can quickly use to her advantage if a painting is nearby. If a painting is near, everyone within a yard of it will be sucked in to it, no matter what the painting is. It is difficult to get out of, and you will need to take out the Empress before your able to get out. There is also another way to get out, and that one is the easiest for her. It's to just simply to touch an object in the painting the reminds her of something, then everyone is forced out of the painting.
*Love Beyond Death*: The way this skill works, is that Coraline is able to use memories of a love one to toment another. It could be how they died, the funral, when they confessed their love, or simply the last moments together. Yet, the move only lasts for a short amount of time, 10 minutes max. Yet it would be the last skill she would use though, since she believes that the skill is to cruel.
*Loving Dust*: This skill will be important to Coraline, yet only because of the affect it has on Coraline's bow and arrows. It makes the arrows shine in unimaginable colors and it starts shooting of hearts and sparks while in air. The arrow is then, able to track the target it is shot after. Though it seems like it doesn't have a affect on Coraline, it does. It wipes out much of Coraline's energy, and sometimes damages her lungs and her own heart. She can shot at least 17 arrows before the damage starts. How this whole skill starts though, is how it matters. To use it, Coraline has to whisper the first person that comes to mind while squeezing the bow and quiver to her body. A pink dust comes from Coraline's body, and slowly becomes absorbed into arrows though the quiver and bow.

Weapons they have when they have transformed
Though it may seem plain, the Empress of Hearts simply uses a bow and arrow, easy for long range attacks and also sneak attacks. The bow has a strange shape to it, almost as it's half of a heart while the arrows has a heart shaped edge to them. It's normally a perfect weapon for many things, but it's terrible when close up. That's when her bow and arrow are quickly formed into a scythe, though it holds no special ability in this form it's able to help her a lot. Though she still hardly ever uses it in that form.

So begins...

Empress of Hearts's Story