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Liesel Moringmer

"If you don't take this seriously, I'll kill you before Itex does, you hear me?"

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a character in “Masks of the Soul”, as played by Cienpher


The Student Council of Cenriel Academy


Liesel Moringmer

Research Scientist

The Masked Advisor / Organizer of the Anti-Itex Movement

Which Masks do they possess?



Something of note is that this woman is one of few in the world who is completely at peace with herself. Yes, she indeed has her flaws, which she recognizes as a fact, but they were the flaws she chose to embrace. She knows who she is, what she wants, and what to do with herself – she is someone who will never be swayed, for she has chosen her path long ago and accepted it. This security is the foundation of her strong, rather flamboyant personality. Born with passion, she is expressive in her thoughts. Raised in a rough and tumble environment, she’s accustomed to coarser words and a sterner hand. Her irritation can be exaggerated to nearly comic levels, but she isn’t afraid to do so. She is Liesel Moringmer, she does what she wants, and too bad to those who think otherwise.

Brief Description
Tall with a solid build, Liesel is a woman whose looks are as impressive as her personality. Her hair, startlingly red, is almost always tied back into a pony tail, but shorter strands frame her face to highlight her eyes – dull green, almost grey, steely in their nature, yet there is a light there that expresses her inner strength, her peace with herself. Unexpectedly, it seems she takes pride in her work and chooses to dress in a professional manner unlike her usual demeanor. A button-down dress shirt and form-fitting skirts or slacks make up her usual choice of attire.

Though the kids might not quite notice, Liesel is actually quite the talented individual. With a doctorate in analytical chemistry and a finger every other pie, she’s not quite the average layman off the street. Advanced mathematics come easily to her along with understanding of theoretical deduction – her rambling tirades when angered suggest a strong grasp of the English language as well, but it seems that scripted prose is beyond her. Although she is strongly against stereotyping, it’s clear that she does indeed have notoriously bad handwriting that doctors are said to possess and thus, prefers to communicate via text. Despite her mastery of verbal eloquence, it is obvious that she does not care about or simply lacks the skills in the written conventions of language. Misogynists ought to beware, because this woman isn’t one to be trifled with. Her physical strength is only slightly outmatched by her personality.

Smoking – rather than the cigarettes themselves, she likes the nicotine rush in her bloodstream. Yes, she knows the consequence, and in fact, she even had a hand in the research… but it’s her body and she’ll damn well do what she wants.

Research – or to be more precise, she loves the thrill she gets when her research is a success. A hard worker by nature, she isn’t one to take slacking lightly.

Tardiness – Liesel is all about punctuality and readiness, so anyone who’s late is looking for a good ol’ fashioned roughing in her book.

Research – when she hits a wall at least. There is never a time when she’s more irritated, so people should definitely watch themselves when she’s frustrated.

Fancy Schmancy ‘Coffee’ – oho, anyone who calls a grande-café-vanilla-caramel-fraps-with-extra-whipped-cream-and-an-extra-shot-with-chocolate-sprinkles-on-top real coffee doesn’t deserve a sense of taste. Or a tongue at all for that matter.

Itex – they caused her hell, she’ll do the same right back at them tenfold.

She knows no fear. Okay, no, but she certainly isn’t about to let anyone know what it is. It is pretty much unimaginable for those who know her to picture her frightened of… well… anything.

All Liesel says of her history is that it wasn’t as easy as the kids’ lives in Veriston, and that she was a good friend of Arthur Torrings. She seems unwilling to say much more, although it seems she does have a vague connection to Nivcien Laboratories.

She doesn’t plan to get married, if that’s what you’re asking.

Although she isn’t afraid to let the Masked know who she is, she’s surprisingly low-key in society and the internet. Shops she visit often will recognize her face and demeanor, but rarely her name or really, any information about her. It might as well be that she doesn’t exist in society at all. One has to wonder if this has anything to do with her being the remaining thorn in Itex’ side.

So begins...

Liesel Moringmer's Story


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Character Portrait: Vera Chung Character Portrait: Liesel Moringmer
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Peddler speech written by Witless.

Vera Chung | Goatstone Bridge -> Maybelle -> Greenhouse

It was a beautiful afternoon. Not only was the sky a cloudless blue, but the sun shone down with just enough intensity. While the world was not the brilliant, sparkling sculpture it was during the winter, it was getting to just the right temperature. The wind gusted again, and Vera frowned when her black skirt whipped around her knees. With a sigh, she got on the balls of her foot, thrusting her head over the top of the rough, stone wall that made up the bridge. She was only a few feet away from the statue that stood in the center of the old structure. That ugly-looking troll, though incontestably an important part of the Throme scene, was getting on her nerves with its disquieting grimace.

Vera looked down at the sparkling, dancing surface of Liron River and with a sigh, realized that it was already September 27th. The day that the letter had marked with almost torturous implications. Now that Liesel’s information had been proven without a doubt - they showed up, didn’t they? - Vera couldn’t help but believe that she should have left when she had the chance. Gage and Coraline had the right idea when they abandoned them, but now… even if she wanted to, she was sucked into the problems of Itex. But, there was no sense in fretting over this. There was no doubt that they wouldn’t win. They were on the side of justice after all, and heroes always beat villains. It was the way that the world worked. This was just a period of problems, that’s all.

Her heart calm for the moment, she turned back to the shore on her right. Maybelle Avenue, with its new reputation of hidden gangs and murderers. Perhaps… it had something to do with that Aki Evedane, but Vera would not hold her breath. Anyways - it was time for her to get back to the school greenhouse. With almost halting, stumbling footsteps, she grounded her back in reality and stepped off towards the shopping district. While it wasn’t exactly on the way to Cenriel Academy, she needed to do something to calm her nerves. It was lacking even the smallest semblance of the bustling region it had been in the past, with the shop owners calling at her vainly. Customers were few and far in between.

She flashed a smile before going to a familiar stall. “Excuse me, how much is that?” she asked, looking at a set of porcelain tea cups. While Liesel had broken them, she hadn’t gotten to the point of replacing them - plus, she had gotten used to having a cup of green tea during each meeting. The man, with dark black hair and sunglasses, was smoking, and observing one of his wares. The Peddler. While Vera wasn’t quite a repeat customer of his, she, at the very least, recognized his slouching form. He ignored her, continuing to observe something.

“How much are the tea cups?” she asked again, this time exasperated.

“Hm? What? Oh, you’re buying something, huh… Hmmph, interested in those? Suit yourself, then. You do know how rare those are? Not too many to be found.” Vera couldn’t quite understand why a tea set would be rare, but shrugged anyways. Maybe it was the design - they seemed to be quite pretty after all. “But hey, you want them, I’ll sell. At a bargain: 57 argen. Per item. You have the cash, right? If not, get lost. I have other customers…”

Vera dug through her pocket, before pulling out a black wallet. She’d buy the pot for sure, and maybe the cups… as many as she could afford. She could wait to buy the tray… if she managed to find the Peddler before they were bought. Thumbing through her wallet, she realized she had a total of 200 argen. While she would normally carry less than this, her parents were suffering under the misconception that she was going out to dinner with her friends. Handing him 171 argen, she bought three pieces from the set, out of the seven total. “Thanks, Peddler!” she called out, with a smile, before returning to her previous path. Off to Cenriel Academy~

A few minutes later, she had arrived at the welcoming gates of Cenriel Academy - none too early either. Vera waved towards the security guards, before crossing campus to get to the meeting place. The greenhouse. It was normally such a bright and cheery structure, if not a little too colorful, this time she couldn’t help but feel a sense of nervousness. Pushing open the doors to the warm room, she noticed that, just as she had expected, Liesel was already there. The woman was busy smoking a cigarette, but looked just as murderous as usual.

The setting changes from The Greenhouse to Throme


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Character Portrait: Amara "Amy" Calen Character Portrait: Vera Chung Character Portrait: Liesel Moringmer
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#, as written by Witless
Amy Calen; Greenhouse -> Throme

Ah, what a confusing welcome. The first word heard was "teacups," and Amy had no idea how the topic had reached there. There was supposed to be a meeting today, correct? She could have sworn that was so, but before she could get more than a few words in edgewise (they were "What? Teacups? Where ar- Ah!" for those interested), she was dragged toward the door by the hand. And then followed the irritating conversation, probably to the bystander as well, but Liesel was always irritated, or so it appeared.

"What are you doing? I can walk by myself!" overlapped with "So, Amara, I think that we haven’t been able to really talk to each other yet."
"No, that's right. You won't let me. Wait, Lucas? What's that got-" overlapped with "Since Lucas isn’t here yet, we might as well go on ahead and have a nice conversation since we’re the only girls on the student council now."
"Well, what does that have to do with a-" overlapped with "Is that okay with you?" with "-nything..." hanging out awkwardly at the end.

What was with Vera? She seemed to always wish to be in command, but she was so immature about it! Talking over others, not letting them speak their mind, not encouraging an actual conversation. And no matter what, Amy never seemed to be able to find free space to say anything in. Well, aside from this awkward silence (okay, it wasn't a long awkward silence, but it was awkward nonetheless) while they paused in movement and voice. Speaking of... Amy opened her mouth to speak, probably something along the lines of Okay, Vera. What should we talk about? There really wasn't much to talk about... But Vera got there first, starting to speak again, and it was a battle to speak against the torrent of questions.

"What’s Valencia like? I’ve heard so much about it..." and Amy began once more to try and speak her mind.
"It's, well, a high school. Pretty, I guess you could say, and..." but that was drowned out as Vera spoke again: "but I figured that since you were the one who really understands it, you should know it better than Sanya and her posse."
Amy sighed, following as they neared the door and spoke under her breath, "Sure, ask but don't listen. That's so polite of you." as Vera continued speaking, "I bet it’s not as good as Cenriel, right?"

Vera thrust the door open, and went out, dragging Amy (whose lack of a hair tie was now more evident as it whipped around her face in the breeze) in tow as she tried to get an answer out. "Well, they've both got their benefits. I mean, both are, are good at academics and are prestigious... Umm... *pheh* Well, I think I like Cenriel better, but I don't know, I mean, I'm not, I haven't, well, been here... long enough?" The hair getting in her face and mouth didn't help at all, and she rummaged in her pocket for a hair tie, found none, and started as she noticed Vera had continued walking away without her.

Amy rushed, stumbling once or twice as she caught up with Vera to hear something about a bus, 50 cents, the environment, and Ms. Cosette. "Ah, um... Where are we going? There's a, a meeting, right? Shouldn't we be in the Greenhouse?" A bus. A bus? No, no, no, no, no. That wasn't going to happen; she'd walk if she had to. Did Vera know how small those were? How many people jammed into them, pushing up against you until you could scarcely breathe? How dreadfully stifling they were? No. She could get her own ride. Or something. But not a bus, never a bus. And where was Vera taking her, anyway? It was all so confusing...


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Character Portrait: Lucas Toland Character Portrait: Amara "Amy" Calen Character Portrait: Vera Chung Character Portrait: Liesel Moringmer
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[Liesel’s portion was written by Cienpher.]
[Niv! You used my account!!!]
[Yes, yes, I got that... D: It was an accident okay! ... And it was a good post too. >.>]

Vera Chung | Thome

Caught in her own thoughts and the current of her relentless speech, the young sophomore missed the vast majority of whatever her companion was speaking about, except when they quieted slightly, just in time to catch the final pieces of her outburst. “A taxi? I have… the money. We could get there? By taxi?” The insistence of hers in taking a taxi bewildered Vera slightly, and she turned from her scanning of the road to stare at her. What was going on in her mind?

There was nothing questionable about taking a subway, right?

Her opinion immediately leaned towards the negative. Amara was most likely trying to show off her great affluence. Vera mentally rolled her eyes and her absolutely transparent attempt, and even then, the black-haired girl was certain that how much money the other could pull out of her wallet wouldn’t surprise her in the least. Valencia brats were always the same even if they changed their abode.

Thinking of this, she was lucky to catch a glimpse of a rapidly approaching person, whose brown hair and recognizable appearance made him their missing Student Council President. “Vera, Amara, wait! Sorry - I got a little held up with… stuff.” Her smile brightened extremely noticeably. Finally, just finally, he had caught up, and perhaps he would actually know what they were supposed to do.

Lucas is here! Umm, why don’t we, umm, get his input?” Vera had no idea what they needed his input on, but before she could say anything, the annoying brat had darted towards the junior. If she didn’t know anything, her companion seemed almost terrified. “Hey, Lucas, um, we don’t need to take the, subway, right? Umm… we could, a car, right, a taxi, something? Can you take sense into Vera? The subway! Really! Think of all the people! She can’t be serious?… right?

… ‘Talk sense into me?!’ … Wait, what?! That can’t be right.

Vera opened her mouth to interject her own opinions over the blabbering of the newbie, before, Amara continued in a near murmur. “And it’s… faster, the taxi. Vera ignored what seemed to be terror. It was just a mindless gushing of words from the other’s part, all because she evidently had no compassion for the environment or Vera’s own opinion. The optimistic sophomore’s eyes narrowed slightly, before stepping towards Lucas with an almost invisible scowl on her face.

“Lucas, I think that with this traffic, it’s better to use mass tra -.” Her voice was cut off when her jarring ringtone slowly emanated from her pocket. “Sorry, I’ll just take this call,” she murmured, the minute traces of anger leaking out of her tone. Rummaging around, she took out a glossy silver cell phone, before holding it up to her ear. After a few minutes pause while her phone did something high-tech, the electronic connected the call and emitted the oft-heard tone of Liesel. More precisely, an extremely irritated Liesel.


As always, the woman was in no mood for pleasantries. “Tell me the royal pain has finally decided to grace you with his presence, and if he’s there, tell him he better unblock my number or he’s dead.” Vera stared blankly at empty space, before her mind connected the two ideas together. The sheer idea that someone would be willing to block Liesel was akin to committing suicide. The royal pain would be a reference to…

Vera thought Amara, just because she was annoying, but Liesel hadn’t been particularly angry with her. Which left… Lucas. That was strange... He was always the one who was always listening to the irate woman, and had never provoked her before - not that she could remember, anyways.

“Yeah, he’s here,” the black-haired girl replied. “Do you want me to pass him the phone?”

The smoker answered in the negative, and Vera acceded, before hearing the telltale monotone beep that signified that the other party had hung up. “Lucas - it was Liesel,” she stated with a frown, arms on her hips. “She… seems to be upset with you, and really wants you to unblock her from your phone. Really? What were you thinking? She’s going to kill you and break stuff - and I just bought those teacups for the student council.”