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a character in “Masks of the Soul”, as played by blackwolf


Lower Level Itex




The Magician

What Kind of Mask is it?:

If False, how many Grace Stone fragments does it contain?:

If True, in what state of completion is it in?:

How do you create/transform with the mask?
To summon: "Blood for the blood god..."
To transform: "...skulls for the skull throne..."

The Magician is the opposite face of Damien - his other self. He's ruthless and sadistic, always wears his heart on his sleeves and never backs down from a challenge. The Magician is extremely cocky, a thing that often leads him to his own failure. He never takes 'no' for an answer and always seeks for more power and more opponents to destroy. He's blunt - a similar characteristic from Damien and speaks what he has in mind instead of hiding it. He is not, by any means, honest but if one ask some questions that catch him off guard then he will often blunt out the answers without thinking of the consequences first. However, if the questions don't catch him off guard then he will use his own mind to analyze it then answers in a way he can have the most benefits. In other words, he's quite some certain extend.

Loyalty is what matters the most to The Magician. He never betrays who he has promised to serve and in this case, the Itex and he never goes back to his promise of serving them to his last breath. He gets extremely angry when someone insults the Itex and is more than willing to destroy its threats. He never refuses any missions given by the Itex, especially missions from the one that has saved him. He despises traitorous acts and betrayals.

The Magician has one very special characteristic. He doesn't, more like...cannot see the difference between right and wrong. He acts how he sees fit and therefore, in some situation, he's merciless while in others, he's extremely gentle and merciful. It depends heavily on what kind of missions he's taking, what are his orders and what kind of enemies he's fighting. He seems like he never realizes that. It's just a part of his instinct, that's how he's created and that's how he'll act.

Other than that, the Magician is also very clueless. He can't realize a girl's feeling for him or sometimes, even his own feelings. For example, he may spend months trying to figure out why his stomach feels funny whenever he's near a girl. He usually cannot see underneath the underneath and therefore, if someone tries to mock him in a subtle way, he usually can't understand it and will probably brush it aside as weird talk.

Finally, he's extremely the point of being possessive over his loved ones. Unlike Damien, who never shows signs of concerning for anyone even his own parents, the Magician will go berserk at the mere sight of seeing his loved ones in danger. This is one of his most obvious weaknesses and is the one that his enemy often uses to take him down. Of course, he never admits that to his loved ones but he cares deeply about them. To them, he's extremely gentle and well-behaved. Of course, he's always very careful of whom he chooses to be his loved ones so he won't betray his loved ones or the Itex...and thus, his loved ones usually come from Itex or unrelated to any of this mess.

Brief Description of Transformed State:
In his transformed state, the most significant changes are his hair and eyes. His hair will turn from silver to blue and so will his eyes. His hair will lengthen a little, reaching past his neck and become softer as well. His eyes will turn into a lighter blue than his eyes and there's a glint of anger inside of them. There is no explanation as to why his eyes have that angry glint but people often assume that it's just his inner anger at being treated just slightly better than dust in his normal form. His skin will turn paler, almost vampire-like and colder as well - maybe it's just one of the drawbacks of his ability. He will be taller, about 6 feet 8 and more well-toned. Damien's emotionless face is replaced with an arrogant expression and a mocking smile, almost as if he's trying to challenge everyone around him. He wears a black coat and a sleeveless black t-shirt with jeans. He also wears a pair of black gloves - his weapons and on his neck is a necklace makes of ice - an indication of his own power. His voice turns darker and lower but a lot less rough since he actually uses his voice quite a lot in this state. In his transformed form, Damien looks more like a young man in his twenties.

Skills/Abilities when wearing mask:
If he hasn't transformed yet, Damien's fighting ability as well as his strength will increase dramatically. Not strong enough to lift a car, mind you...but enough so that he can fight with several fairly strong opponents with minor injuries. In this state and in his transformed state, he will act according to his instincts more than his head and therefore, he doesn't like to use complicated tactics. People have described that in this state, his body temperature will be slightly lower than normal humans but he never has the chance to test this theory. Another special skill he has when he's in this form is playing flute. He won't become a professional player but he has been told that the lullabies he often plays are very soothing. He can never use this skill in combat situations unless he decides to distract the enemies that way but it is certainly an useful skill.

Skills/Abilities of Transformed State:
Ice Making (minor): He can make ice from water in a small area without having to touch it or coming in contact with it. The drawback is that he can only use this ability when he's near an area that has a lot of steam or water or else his ability will almost lose all of its effectiveness. It is not very good to use in combats but he can use it to cause minor harms to his enemies such as: slipping...etc.

Ice Light (minor): A minor ability he gains when he transforms although this ability's usefulness is bigger than Ice Making. He can...for the lack of better words, make his ice glow ...fireflies or small lights. It needs to use more energy to conjure and constantly keep it glow but it's very helpful when he has to come to dark places such as caves or alleys at night. He can control the lightness from light like a small firefly to light like a small flame.

Ice Forging(minor): This ability, once again, is more complicated than Ice Making or Ice Light. This is the ability he likes to use most in combat situations since it doesn't drain him too much but still a very dangerous offensive move and never loses its effectiveness as long as he can still concentrate. Basically, it can make things out of ice such as ice sword, ice spear, ice shield...of course, the objects he can create need to have a real shape. He can't make things that he hasn't know the shapes yet. And things such as guns cannot fire because they are purely made of ice. Once he has lost his concentration, his weapons and/or the objects he has created will instantly dissolve into nothingness. It is not as draining as his major power but it is still very draining so he can only constantly use it about 5 - 6 hours per day.

Ice Summoning(major): He avoids using this ability unless he's in emergency situations. It is extremely draining and can kill him if he uses too much. He tends to pass out afterward and therefore, even if it's a very dangerous move, he prefers not to use it. It can make his ice creation, especially animals, come into life. Ice tigers, bears, lions...etc can all have a temporary soul and attack according to his commands. Of course, summoning a soul into an ice statue is no easy task and he will avoid using this as long as he can. The bigger the animals are, the more draining it will become for him to concentrate and at the same time, keeping the beasts from attacking him.

Weapons they have when they have transformed
As you have seen in his ability, the Magician can forge an ice sword to use in combat situation or an ice shield to avoid being hit. But his weapon is a pair of black gloves. Without these gloves, he can't use his power even if he is in his transformed state or not. They have the purpose to make his power focuses on one single spot so the ice can be formed to use for other purposes.

So begins...

Magician's Story

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Damien Braveheart, Cherry Grove Park, 08:00 PM

The park was dark and empty saved for a few people that came home late quickly walked by. The wind gently played with the people, tossing their hair playfully or moving the leaves of the old oak trees with its invisible fingers. It was a peaceful and quiet moonless night...albeit a little scary for some timid people's taste since the shadows of the trees and leaves kept moving constantly like they were trying to grasp a random people and swallow them whole but to the silent figure sitting on a bench of the park, it was not terrifying at all. He breathed in and out slowly, smiling slightly as his breaths turned into some sorts of fog. The Magician picked up his back-bag and sighed softly as he took out his latest report. The mission was not a success. The information he had been given was wrong and even though he had spent a whole month searching for it, he just couldn't find it. Shaking his head, the Magician muttered "They will not be happy with my report...that's for sure..." He ran a hand through his soft hair and continued to mutter to himself again "...well, it's not like I want it to happen...It's not my fault the location was wrong..." 'but it's your fault in the end haven't searched hard enough...' His traitorous mind whispered and the Magician snapped at it angrily "Well...sorry for not spending a year searching for it! It's not my fault they only gave me a month to search for it...and I still haven't said anything about the wrong information yet..." He growled and snapped the files shut. His good mood was thanked to his wonderful mind. 'but it still is a failure...and you know it...just admit betray their trust...' He grasped his head and gritted his teeth "Just shut the hell up...I know it, alright!?...I know they are not going to be happy with me, happy now?" His mind quieted and the Magician could almost feel its nod its head in satisfaction. He muttered again "that's it...I'm gonna change back least having a logical sense is better than having a voice in my head that likes to criticize me..."

Slowly, the Ice Magician removed his mask and closed his eyes, feeling the usual ticklish sensation as he was forced to change back into his normal form. His body shrank until he was only 5 feet 8 and his hair changed from blue to silver. His eyes darkened until the icy blue turned into deep violet. In the place where the Magician had just sat a minute ago was Damien Braveheart. Blinking slowly as Damien felt his face set into its usual emotionless expression and he nodded his head slightly. It still felt very strange whenever he turned from one type of personality to another type. The sense of logic didn't allow it to happen but somehow, through means he hadn't known yet, it still happened. Taking out a cellphone from his pocket, Damien pushed a button and waited until his Mother picked up the phone "Oh thanks goddess you're alright, Damien...where have you been? Why did you leave without saying anything? Your father and I have been extremely worried...are you alright, Damien? What happened? Where are you right now? Do you need any help? Can we do anything for you, honey?" A worried voice asked through his phone and Damien waited patiently for his mother to finish her rant. He replied calmly, his voice was robotic.

"...Good evening, Mother...I am fine...thank you for your concerns. However, I do not feel the need to tell you where I have gone...we have had a similar discussion before and we both have reached an agreement that you will allow me to go where I want...without following me and asking for for the next question about my destination...I do believe the place I am sitting right now is commonly known as the Cherry Grove Park...I will come back in about 45 minutes. Therefore, there is no need to worry...Good bye, Mother...I believe it is suitable to end the phone now seeing that you have had the answers you are seeking..."

His mother attempted to talk but then paused and sighed in defeat. Sadly, she would never be able to fully understand her son. He had been too much of a mystery for even her to figure out. She spoke softly "alright, honey...just be careful, alright...I'll see you in another 45 minutes...are you hungry? Do you want me to cook anything for you?" Damien shook his head even though his mother couldn't see it and spoke "There is no need for you to concern about my hunger...I am fine..." He paused for a whole minute and then continued "Even though I think it will be appreciated if I can have a bowl of soup...The temperature is low tonight..." His mother said cheerfully "Alright, honey...welcome home..." Damien didn't reply this time and closed the phone with a soft click. Finally, he muttered "...yes, it is nice to be back to Throme..."

He sat there in silence, simply enjoyed the joy of coming back home for so long. He hadn't even realized how much he had missed the city until he came back. He only hoped he could catch up with his classmates now. How were the others? Were they...Damien shook his head, quickly reminded himself that friendship and love would only hinder one's ability. He had experienced first hand how love could affect someone's life. Deep sadness crossed his violet eyes for the briefest second and then it was gone like it had never been there. He truly wished things hadn't been as they were now. Clutching the blue mask tightly in his right hand, Damien stood up abruptly. Wishes were luxury things for him. He never had had a choice in the beginning. And he never had a choice now and would never have a choice in the future. That was his fate and he had accepted it the moment he pushed that door and the moment he put on this mask.

Sighing once more time, Damien forced himself to move. His parents were waiting for him at home and wanted it or not, he still had the duty as a son to stop them from worrying too much. He slipped his mask into his back-bag and took his first step. Tonight was indeed a very cold night.

The setting changes from Cherry Grove Park to Throme


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??? ; Liron River Pier

She continued floating behind the fight, frowning at the disobedience of the Tower, who continued on his pattern of destruction despite her warnings. Mentally, she pursed her lips in irritation, but continued to stay out of the way of the fight for now. She would trust the Tower to break down the defenses of the Chariot and do what he needed to - unless he failed, and then there would be no more Tower. Failure was not to be accepted. She vaguely noted that the woman from the observatory could be a good candidate for the position. Perhaps, she would even be able to keep stronger control over the demonic personality of the mask. After all, it was not the best idea to have such a mask be put in the hands of someone so young. This Tower - if he would mature a bit, and gain the same control over his mask as she had over hers… maybe he would be a good subordinate.

On the topic of subordinates, another one of their Lower Level pawns would be coming into play soon. ‘Ah, the Magician…’ Yes, there was someone else that she needed to call before the end of the day. He was to report in on his success or failure, as it was scheduled that he would be returning to Throme tonight.

Digging into her pocket a second time, she scrolled down and pushed a few buttons. “Hello, this is Itex. Magician, correct?” She paused a bit for his answer before replying, feeling a sudden wind, probably caused by the Chariot’s fast movement. She ignored that - she was only putting off the inevitable. A small smile lined her face as she realized that perhaps they had accomplished what they had been planning for almost five years - where they would be in possession of a majority of the Grace stone. And the Magician’s wording was exactly what she wanted for in a subordinate - he understood obedience and the importance of Itex’s gifts. “Very well, Magician. I’d like you to report immediately - this important is vital to the Itex cause.”

She ignored the fight going on ahead of her, although it seemed as though the Chariot was pulling her own against her enemy. After all, if the Chariot had fallen, the Tower would have notified her. It was such a noisy fight though… both of the students seemed prone to speak quite a bit. “And I prefer mistress, not master,” she corrected, with the hint of a frown. After the magician’s apology -

There was no success after all. She reigned in her growing annoyance before continuing to listen to the rest of the report. So it seemed that he had removed the loose threads of that as well. Good. Then there would be no reason to send another of their little students there as a follow-up. She should have known beforehand though. The entire situation was far too… perfect. Somewhere inside her heart, she felt slightly amused at the Magician’s wording, as though he wasn’t a human himself. “Very well, the sooner the better. Is there anything else that you may want to report?”

Stop.” So that pesky man had arrived. Late though. If he had shown up a few moments earlier, perhaps they would have less of a mess to clean up. “This unnecessary fight has gone on long enough. En, call off your hound. This can be resolved much more peacefully.”

She almost felt like ignoring him as she was currently involved in dealing with another conversation, but disconnected the call instead. The Magician could wait - while she dealt with this complication. She turned to face the direction that his voice came from, descending slightly as she went, listening as the new arrival was attacked verbally by the disobedient puppy of his. “Why are you disrupting us,” she hissed, like a snake with a voice filled with anger.

Calm yourself, Chariot. The whole battle was a misunderstanding. The Tower is not your enemy.” She probably would have laughed. The fact that even one of his most loved subordinates would end up disobeying him while he remained oblivious made him seem so much more foolish. Not that she would ever think that he wasn’t. He was the master of being clueless.

“Tower, stop. Or I’ll make you,” she ordered, calmly, with a slight tilt of her head to the left. “If you continue on with this fight… Itex has its ways of punishment,” she warned him, quietly. There was no way that she would be humiliated by disobedience in front of this obnoxious man. “With our new guest here, I suppose the Chariot will behave herself.”

I see you’ve learnt little in your attempts to deal with the younger generation,” the new arrival said, mockingly. “So, do let’s get this over with. The police will be here before too long, with this ruckus, and I’d rather NOT make a surprise appearance on TV, if you don’t mind.

He always was oblivious to the faults of the Chariot. It just went to show how he was unable to see that this entire occurrence was the student’s fault, and instead placed all the blame on her. “Well, En,” she drawled, before floating down to land on the ground, “perhaps the younger generation should learn the definition of orders, no? And perhaps due to her previous action, do you really think it’s safe to trust her to this extent?” She wouldn’t hide the fact that she didn’t like the fact that the Chariot was given this task.

She didn’t trust her to finish it.

Being the loose cannon that she was, the Chariot was far more likely to end up destroying Itex allies than capturing the Emperor. And with even more power, well, even she wasn’t sure about what harm she would end up doing. “Perhaps you should keep your puppy on a tighter leash. She would do well to learn who holds the key to her life.”