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Misaki Bijou Roux

"Pardon mua, the Ace and queen of drama coming through!"

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a character in “Masks of the Soul”, as played by dawnfire07


Misaki Bijou Roux

10th Grade

The Ace

Which Masks do they possess?
The Soul


15, turning 16 later in the year

Misaki two words: Drama Queen. She exaggerates everything, and make a big deal out of the smallest thing. She treats every problem like it's life or death, which can be very amusing for her fellow masked members. However, she can be serious when she is forced to be. She is, thanks to her Sagittarius nature, very independent when she's taking things seriously, but is very dependent on others when she's being childish. Also thanks to her Sagittarius nature, she is very rough and competitive in competitions, her short temper(and maybe overdramatic one) making her a fierce competitor. Misaki likes to flirt with boys sometimes, but never really takes it seriously. She's forever a boy-teaser though. Misaki does well academically, being among the brightest students, but even she has her airhead moments. Okay, maybe a little bit more than the others students. Misaki likes to have fun, leading her to do dangerous and risky activities. Her innocence and naiveness also makes her trust everybody, which can land her in tough situations. (I plan to change this later on in the roleplay) Misaki used to be unconfident and entirely dependent on others, which led her to want to change herself. Thus, she is slowly accepting her mask. She wishes to become confident, popular, and self-reliant, to be able to handle problems nobody else can by herself. She wants to be kind and to be able to inspire others. Misaki is genuinely kind to others, but she hides her complaints about others and holds her tongue, leading her to have a massive amount of constant stress. She tries not to shows her negative emotions, but they build up and when she finally explodes, she fires out every possible offense to that person. This is one of the reasons why Misaki has parted ways with friends in the past, as well as her stubbornness and unability to apologize. Her soft inside character also makes her somehow easy to break. Misaki will try to be the best friend you could ever have, don't get her wrong, but nobody is perfect and Misaki is far from it.

Brief Description
Misaki has waist length blonde hair, with bangs that fall beside the frame of her face. She has stormy electric blue eyes that can pierce your soul, and a face like an angel. Her golden locks compliment her slim and tan complexion.


- ice skating
- martial arts
- dancing
- an flair for fashion
- a natural understanding of animals
- singing
- being a drama queen!

-arts & crafts
-spending time with her friends
-being on the computer


- being bored
- cliche movies
- reading
- not getting what she wants


-Mild fear of heights
-Supernatural things

Misaki was raised in a large, wealthy family. Her mother was a renowned japanese singer, and her father a French artist. Misaki however, afraid of people disliking her because she was rich, tried to hide her family's wealth and started acting a bit like a tomboy. Misaki managed to fit in and made friends with this mask; before a girl in her class found out her secret. The girl gossiped, and the secret spread like a wildfire. Eventually Misaki started to be bullied, making her sink even farther into her shell. She woke up every day dreading school, and did her best to stay home as much as possible without arousing suspicion from her parents, since she didn't want them to be involved. One day, a new girl named Sapphire entered her school, and she and Misaki quickly became friends. Lisa ignored Misaki's wealthy life, and instead admired her for who she was. Sapphire sustained Misaki, and helped her through her school years. Then, on the year in which Misaki and Sapphire were to graduate from elementary, Sapphire announced that she was moving. Misaki was devastated, and fell into depression and illness. Soon after, Sapphire confronted her about it and told her that it didn't matter that she was moving, because Misaki would always be her friend. Misaki then promised herself that she would cherish that last few weeks she had left with Sapphire. On the graduation day, Sapphire gave Misaki a necklace with a sapphire in the center, a token to remember her by. After a heart-felt goodbye, Misaki knew that she would now try to be strong, for it was what Sapphire would have wanted. Misaki tried to make new friends and to be sucessful in school, but found herself sinking into depression again. Eventually she found out about the masks, but didn't let hers change her completely. As she attended the academy she met the council and became the Ace, even getting a little crush on Lucas. Misaki still longs for Sapphire, but knows that at least now she once again has a friend she can rely on, more than one actually. Misaki now laughs along with her newfound friends, knowing Sapphire would have been proud.

Lucas Toland

Misaki is a part-time actor, and sometimes heads off for a commercial, though she really wants to be a full-time actor for movies.


So begins...

Misaki Bijou Roux's Story

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Kaden Jannsen; Cherry Grove Park

A scream jolted Kaden out of his trance, moving his pen slightly, messing up the picture that was appearing on the paper line by line, color by color. It was yet another new character, one without a name. A young girl with onyx hair and almost translucent skin. She was frozen in the light of the sun, shock and fear fixed on her face. But that one line made a difference. That line changed her background, the houses now uneven, crooked. And that was not what he wanted. Now it had changed, become something different. So he would have to draw it again later.

What really concerned him right now was the scream. It wasn’t far away, so he should be able to see who caused it. Looking around, he saw Misaki, Lucas and Aki in a group. Obviously not them. There were a few other people around that he didn’t recognize, and they all seemed to be going along their merry way, some glancing around in confusion before resuming their stride.

But over there, against the tree, was there someone on the ground? Yes, that Coraline girl, the one always coughing up blood. And who was that old man in front of her? She looked extremely panicked, scared of whoever this man was. There was definitely something wrong there. And Kaden wanted to know what.

Quickly packing up, Kaden started walking quickly over to her, painting in hand. She was coughing uncontrollably. And then she mouthed one word. One word that was unmistakable in its urgency. “Help.” Knowing for sure that something was wrong, he burst into a run and quickly reached her, kneeling down to the ground immediately.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong? Can I do anything to help?”

The setting changes from Cherry Grove Park to Throme


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Character Portrait: Kaden Jannsen Character Portrait: Lucas Toland Character Portrait: Coraline Starling Character Portrait: Aki Evedane Character Portrait: Misaki Bijou Roux
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Aki Evedane; Cherry Grove Park

While he was waiting for Lucas to leave him alone, he spotted that girl - also a member of the student council getting closer to where they were. They were surely ganging up on him, what a bother this was. But strangely enough, instead of stopping and then talking like any normal person, she proceeded to bump into Lucas, knocking him hard on his side. “Ow…” he muttered, shooting upright, holding his elbow gingerly.

“Lucas?” asked the strange girl. Her hair was blond - ah, that girl, what was her name? Mis? Whatever it was, she wasn’t a very necessary interruption. He had already been bothered enough for his patience.

“Misaki, I was just looking for you, Lie -,” Here his voice cut off as he glanced at Aki. “Leader duties. We have a Student Council meeting, and we’re late.” So that’s why he was asking about Queenie before - those maskies needed to meet up. Here, Aki sobered quickly, although no trace of it appeared on his countenance. What if the meeting dealt with him - it would be horrible for him to be found out after months of hiding.

His phone rang then, just as Aki was going to remark about the strange pause. The Maskies couldn't be doing something about - him, were they? He quickly obtained it from his pocket, before continuing to talk to Misaki. “Yeah, so we really ought to hurry. Do you see Coraline anywhere? I already talked to Gage.”

It was then that he pressed a button on his phone and a loud voice - well, noise, he couldn’t really hear what it was - started to emit from the technological device. Luckily, there was no keychain, if such a disturbing object could possess such a small and useless name. With a sheepish smile, the Kingpin left, clutching his phone.

Taking that to be his cue to leave, Aki turned away from the scene, hoping that he would be able to simply sneak back home.

A scream suddenly caught his ear, and he twirled around to see Queenie coughing on the ground. Looking in shock, he saw that Writer-Want-To-Be, Kaden, by her side, attempting to help her. Ah, so the problem could be counted solved. Not to mention, Lucas and Misaki were here after all. They had to do something to earn their student council position anyways. And thus, Aki walked away from the girl who was coughing up blood. It didn’t concern him in any way, anyways. There were people who could deal with the issue there anyways.

The setting changes from Throme to The Greenhouse


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The Greenhouse

The dysfunctional beeping of the watch continued, as a woman wearing a terrifying smile continued to stare at the students in the greenhouse. She ignored the exits of two of the children and the question of the older boy, to point her attention towards Lucas.

“Get on with it, Lucas,” she stated, clicking the now useless lighter, and placed the tray of tea she was holding on the table. “I’m sure that the b- kid wouldn’t want you to be wasting his time.” Her amber eyes glowered at the brown-haired boy - there was still the contents of the message to get to. Another colorful word almost escaped her mouth, but she stopped herself just in time.

Maybe that brat was Itex.

No, he couldn’t be. Not if he was willing to show her his mask. Itex wouldn’t have allowed him to do such a thing. It was lucky that she’d found him before they did - with their sweet promises of a granted wish, he would have been sucked away into the ranks of the enemy. He was lucky too. The Itex were no place for a child - even a brat like him.

“Well,” said Lucas hesitantly. “These masks appear for some people, and they transform the wearer.” He shot a look at Liesel, as though waiting for a cue, and she merely widened her smile. Ignoring the small tingle down his spine at that obviously fake smile, he continued. “There’s another organization out there named Itex, which is trying to collect these masks. We’re the only ones out here that can take them down. There’s also a Grace stone, which Itex is going after - and with them being who they are, they could end up trying to destroy the entire world. Um...”

Liesel quickly cut him off, before shooting all the members still in the greenhouse, other than the newbie, a glance. “Alright, now that the introduction is over, you guys can get down to your job. Get yourselves downtown to the roof of Sagaro Mall. There will be a package there, and you had better get your hands on it. Now, get out of here, br - students.”

Then, placing the cup back on the table, she all but pushed Lucas out of the greenhouse, before turning to look at the new brat. “You’ll learn faster by acting,” she said abruptly. “The others know what to do, just get over there.”