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Sanya Ruse

"Some say that the Vice President is the Queen of Cenriel Academy. But unfortunately, that couldn't be further from the truth - it's me, of course."

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a character in “Masks of the Soul”, as played by Nivosity


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Sanya Ruse

11th grade - Junior

My random character. ^^

Which Masks do they possess?
If I said none, would you fall over your chair? Yes? Then, none.



Sanya Ruse - preferring to be called Ruse - is, unfortunately for her creator, a socialite. She’s always talking with someone or another and is always up-to-date on all the gossip, be it celebrity or just rumors flying around their school. Ruse has a bright, but flighty personality, and she is always looking for the next big thing. This is practically the one thing that will actually drive her to take notes - she has a book filled with the secrets, the rumors, and the facts about almost everyone in the school.

She views herself as the Queen of Cenriel Academy - and she certainly acts like it. Everyone around her is simply her subjects, but a few people form her Inner Court. Her sycophants of the Inner Court always shower her with compliments, which has led to a overblown-ego. She views competitors for her position with disdain, but most of them lose their will to compete with her within a few months.

She can be a flirt at times - those who she wants to join her Inner Court, but don’t want to… she’ll spend all her waking days trying to convince them otherwise through all means necessary. On this note, what she wants, she will have. If she fancies someone, she will spend the rest of the week pursuing him, through constant flirting and attention - carefully crafted to entrap unknowing people in her web. But her favorites fall quickly - within a few weeks, she’ll cast you aside to pick another favorite. It’s widely known that she’s not looking for a stable relationship, but getting chosen means prestige - at least for the brief period that she likes you. Even when she has a favorite, she’ll keep flirting with anyone that meets her fancies, much to her current’s dismay.

However, this ‘Queen of Cenriel Academy’ role was earned, in fact, by her naturally sweet and cheery disposition. Or so you think. She wears this mask in order to get to her aims - complete control over the school. At school, she always has a smile on her face, and she is always ready to welcome someone to her side. This Ruse is cheerful, perfectly obliging, and seemingly unaware of her own power over her classmates and teachers.

But no… unfortunately, she is fully aware of how she’s perceived and will purposely manipulation doubts against her - always with a smile of innocence and pure joy on her face. (Much like Dahlia from Phoenix Wright) Because of this, she’ll purposely interact with everyone that she possibly can - the more people think that her ‘mask’ is the real one, the less there can be dissension.

‘Knowledge is power’, she thinks. And in her case, it’s almost always true. She collects information on people’s faults and then uses this is subtly emotionally blackmail them - but if you confront her about it, she can easily and quickly lie her way out of the trap. Therefore, she dislikes those who aren’t open with her, but it doesn’t quite show. She’ll spend hours wheedling them to say something to her, under the pretense of becoming friends.

Brief Description
Ruse is like a rose that’s always blooming in a way. She possesses large blue eyes and golden locks which are always in place. Her eyes hold a mystery in them, but they’re almost always sparkling. She prefers wearing more formal attire (usually dresses) in white or lighter pastels. Due to her power over Cenriel Academy, she is able to ignore the dress code and uniforms, and thus, is usually wearing a white dress.

~Manipulation: Ruse can easily manipulate others into believing her kindness and make these rumors spread. In a darker way, she can also manipulation people into following her every order by knowing, through collection of information, what plagues them.
~Collection of information: Everything eventually makes its way into the ear of the Queen. She takes note of every shortcoming and can use this information to get what she wants.
~Emotional blackmail: If you ever do something that you want to never make its way into the public, Ruse’ll find out and use it against you - in such a subtle way that you’re not even sure if she did it yourself.
~Flirting: One day, she’ll find a King that will be her equal in every way. Not only that, but her flirting is also a way to twist people around her finger.
Ruse is a skilled piano player whom has been playing since she was young. She possesses plenty of awards and accolades from most of the piano-playing community.[/b]

~Herself: All in all, her greatest ally and friend is herself. She is quite the narcissist.
~Roses: Their beautiful facade covers up their thorns - much like they do for her. She can be seen holding a rose to enjoy its fragile aroma frequently.
~Flirting: Who does it if they don’t like it and the attention that it brings? Sayna Ruse mainly does this to gain more attention (she likes it) and gain control over others.
~Piano playing: It gives her a way to channel her inner thoughts without using her ‘mask’ personality. It is peaceful - also, while I remember, she plays sad, haunting tunes best.
~Being the center of attention: She’s the only one who is worth it, isn’t that true? She likes having compliments being paid on her and holds ‘court’ in order to be the person on everyone’s mind.[/size]
~Sycophants: She won’t admit that this is true - but it is. They shower her with pretty words and gifts after all.
~Gifts: Things that come from the outside in. She feels as though she deserves them simply by existing. Many are willing to fulfill this desire of hers.
~Rumors: They amuse her - enough said.

~People who don’t listen to her: It’s treason, after all. Ruse’s every order is to obeyed, no matter what it is.
~Silence: Silence is just a waste of them - you could spend it doing more interesting things like telling her your deepest, darkest secret.
~Secrets: Well, at least if you’re keeping it secret from her. She prefers to know everything that goes on in the hearts of her subjects.
~Studying: There’s no point to doing it, so she doesn’t. However, her grades are still top-notch because her teachers have been warned never to anger her family - leading to high grades that she takes for granted.
~Being ignored: If she’s ignored in favor of paying attention to anyone else, especially the Vice President, those involved will have to face her wrath - indirectly.

~The World’s End:

History (Actually Herstory if you get my drift)
Sanya Ruse has been spoiled since birth. Her wealthy parents gave her everything that she wants, let along needs. Growing up in this environment, she has never really faced something that was out of her grasp. She went through life like this - always with the most expensive, best quality stuff, and she enjoyed showing it off.

But this perfect life, for her at the very least, wouldn’t last. After returning home from a team-building exercise in the Amazon when she had just reached middle school, her father died through malaria - spread to him by a pesky little mosquito. Her mother was never the same after this - and neither was she. Her mother was shocked out of her earlier socialite lifestyle, but all in all, their life continued the same way. During the day of his funeral, which took place a month afterwards, her mother’s will broke. Her mind broke down, and she became psychotic at times. The doctors asked her to move into an asylum, but Sanya, not wishing to be pushed into living with her cousin, Hayden Ruse, insisted on having her mother stay at home with her. Their life continued - with brief episodes where her normally listless mother started acting strangely… Sanya was mostly left alone, although she never lacked a thing. It was on the anniversary of her father’s funeral, that her mother returned to her previous state - at least trying to go through the motions of doing so.

She continued to spoil her daughter, before finding out about Cenriel Academy, the most prestigious school in the whole of Throme. She set her hopes on Sanya attending this academy, even going to the extremes of donated a large wad of money. In the end, she was accepted. Her mother taking an important role in the administration of the school, it’s widely believed by teachers that without their support (and if Sanya was ever given a bad grade) they would withdraw their support - forcing Cenriel Academy to lose the ability to upgrade their campus. Despite her mother’s apparent health, she’s merely a puppet in the hands of her daughter… it’s really Sanya who is in control of Cenriel Academy... Life has gone easily for this self-acclaimed ‘Queen of Cenriel Academy’ as she’s been pampered and given free reign for all of her existence.

At the moment, she has her eye on Dante.
Ruse is a pianist of wide-acclaim, and she’s been widely acclaimed for her support of all pianists without the cruel behind-the-scenes behavior so prevalent in this field.

So begins...

Sanya Ruse's Story


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Sanya Ruse; Cherry Grove Park

Mr.Browning was being an idiot. School was easy for Sanya - there is no doubt about it. Well, at least to her, that is. Her friends, no - her court, giggled at his strangely excitable state, all waving hands and mindless prattle. She whispered to her friend on her left, shooting a glance towards the girl who normally wore skirts, Oskana, close by, “Any new gossip floating around?” Gossip was the lifeblood of Sanya, and the one thing that she was completely interested in. Throme was all fun and games anyways...

The girl gave Sanya a smile, happy at the attention from the Queen of Cenriel Academy. Her eyes shone with mirth as she rattled off the gossip that she had collected. “Of course. Evedane has come to school with an extra injury, and Haden hasn’t been able to make any friends lately - although there seems to be something different in her expression lately…”

Ruse gave a sad smile. “Really? That’s too bad then,” she looked at the girl, Haden, with pitying eyes as her mind turned this over. ‘Evedane was caught up in more Mafia activities, and over-achiever, bossy Haden hasn’t met anyone who would even bear her presence for a few days. Of course. Everything was just as excepted.’ “Maybe, you could be her friend,” she said with a smile, as though the thought had just occurred to her. “I mean, it’s horrible that someone would be excluded from the rest of the school like that. I can’t think of anyone who would deserve from treatment, you know?” She grimaced mentally, when she heard her own sickly-sweet words pour out of her mouth, but playing with her court was fun after all.

The girl grimaced, but the Queen’s word was final . “As you wish, Ruse. And, of course, the Vice President -,”

Ruse cut her off sharply. “Don’t mention that upstart. She thinks of herself as the Queen - and everyone knows just how she’s striving for my position!” This was one of the few things that she would cause her to allow her thorns to show… she was all sheathed claws most of the time… “Anyways, what do you know about the paparazzi over there?”

The girl looked and with a couple of swipes on her phone, she looked at Sanya’s blue eyes. “The mayor is here to give a speech about the new-coming statue. On that note, Damon Ito has a rehearsal tonight - .”

Sanya gave a small smile at this, before looking down at her purse. “Right!” She took out two white tickets, before looking at the girl, with a disarmingly large smile. “My father gave me a few tickets for the rehearsal - they’re opening it up for VIPs… who should I take with me?”

“What about Dave? Weren’t you two together?”

“Nah, we broke up a few days ago… His complete obedience was boring, although I have to admit that he was cute.”

“Then why don’t you get another knight? Someone who’ll shake it up a little?”

Sanya Ruse thought hard about this idea, and brightened up slightly. “Ooooh, I could always have some fun with that?”

The girl smiled slightly, before looking at the new boy. “What about him? He’s one of the few that hasn’t been graced with your attention yet?”

“Dante? The new boy?” With a smile, the self-proclaimed Queen of Cenriel Academy left the class, ignoring the teachers who was muttering something about a scavenger hunt. “He’ll become my knight, no matter what.”

Watching the brown-haired boy sit down and start reading a book, Ruse pat down her blond locks, and motioned towards her court to follow her. But, alas, her plans didn’t yet come to fruit as someone got there before she did. A certain someone - Toland of the Student Council. Ruse gave a sigh of irritation before leaving the scene. Watching others interact was never for her as she was the center after all. It was then that something caught her attention. With a smile, she strode off towards the Jazz Band - the one who was playing the saxophone surely sounded much better than usual.

Upon arriving at the scene, she saw the silver-haired Zensa Valobo in all his saxophone glory. Nudging a random girl of her court, she motioned towards him. “What do you think or him?” The lady of the court’s blue eyes stared innocently into Ruse’s as she nodded towards him again. “He’s hot, isn’t he?” The girl blushed violently, dropping her head. Sanya nudged her, with a knowing smile, “Come on! Get up there and ask him out!”

That slight bit of manipulating done, Sanya returned to see if her soon-to-be knight was ready to be graced with her presence. The pesky president had left to do something - what it was, didn’t matter - but at the very least it left her newest acquisition alone. Approaching the boy, Dante, with a cheerful smile, she gave a friendly greeting. “Hey, you’re Dante, right? I’m Sanya Ruse, Ruse for short. It’s wonderful that you’ve moved to Throme.” She sat down next to the boy, before placing her hand over the words of his book. “That won’t do…” she murmured to herself, before making an attempt to snatch the book from his grasp. “Now that you’re completely focused on me, the true fun will begin now.”

She licked her lips quickly, before turning to Dante with a wide smile. Her blue eyes held a touch of pride and mystery, at least to her, and she, then, tossed her golden locks. “You see… I am the Queen of Cenriel Academy, and all the queens of history have had a knight at their side…” her voice trailed off, as she folded her legs neatly to her left side, “and of course, who better than you to be mine?” She picked up one manicured hand, with pale pink fingernails, and gently stroked his hair. He was cute, after all.


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Ambra Riviere ; Cherry Grove Park

Fiddling with her cell phone, she typed the certain ten numbers before her finger hovered over the call button, worriedly. ‘Would it be a good idea to call him? What if he’s busy? He’s a senior and everything… and he might not have time to deal with me. I’m just a freshman after all… It’s also really late. Maybe I shouldn’t. Yeah, he might think that I’m really awkward or something...

For the third time in a row, she turned off her cell phone, deciding not to call him. But still, her large brown eyes continued to glance at the ten numbers that Zensa had written on a small slip of paper. His phone number. He did say that he was looking forward to meeting her, right?

Biting her lip nervously, she picked up the cell phone again, this time inputting a different string of ten numbers - the phone number of another person, and the only one that she would trust with a question like this.

“Ruse? Are you preoccupied right now?” she asked, nervously. “I have a question to ask you about Zensa… You know, the… senior who was playing the instrument on the stage… from the park?”

As her voice trailed off, Sanya Ruse spoke into the phone on her end. “Ah, no. I’m unoccupied” Her voice was sharp, as Sanya knew that there would be something interesting that she would find out - almost like a shark. Some juicy information that would bring the young girl even further into her debt. “Ask away. After all, the queen is always looking forward to helping her lovely court.”

“Well-,” her voice broke up as she started to look at her toes. Then, with a deep breath, Ambra started to speak quickly. “He gave me his cell phone number and said that he was looking forward to talking to me, but I don’t really know if this would be a good time to do it? Should I really do it now, or should I wait until later?” The end descended into unintelligible murmuring, while she clutched at the phone with shaking hands.

There was a slight laugh on the other side. “Ambra, go ahead and call him. It won’t hurt anything.” Then there was a slight pause, before the older girl spoke. “Just rehearse what you’re going to say beforehand, and it’ll turn out perfectly. I can tell.”

Ambra smiled to herself, her nerves temporarily calmed by Sanya’s belief. “Ah, t-thanks. I’ll call him immediately then.” She was just about to hang up when the older girl said something.

“Remember to tell me what happens afterward, alright, Ambra? Then I’ll be sure to help you plan the next step. You’ll thank me for telling you to approach him earlier today,” she seemed a little distracted, but her voice was still the same silky smooth and kind one that she normally used.

She nodded, before realizing that she couldn’t be seen. “Ah - yes, yes. I promise. Thank you so much, Ruse! I’m going to follow your instructions exactly and I think that it might end up fine because that’s what you said and you’re always right -” Cutting off mid sentence, Ambra blushed as she realized that she had started rambling again. “Bye, Ruse. Thank you so much for all of your help!” She closed the lid of her slightly clunky phone, before looking at it with a rueful smile. This time, she would be brave and actually speak to him without stuttering or blushing - but even as she thought that, the palm of her hand became sweaty, and she wiped it on her pants nervously.

Dialing the number once again, as she had practically memorized it by now, she waited for him to pick up, mentally rehearsing through what she would say in her mind. First, she would introduce herself - just in case, and ask if it was a good time for them to have a conversation. Then, if he wasn’t busy, she would - calmly - talk to him about the field trip. And then… well, hopefully, he would know what to talk about because she really wasn’t sure. Maybe swimming? No. Most people were bored when she talked about such things… or maybe movies? Movies. Everyone liked to watch movies, right? But what were the new movies that were coming out soon? All she knew was that Skinwalkers was coming out sometime next month… but what if Zensa didn’t like it?