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The Chariot

"Just how long can you hold out? I must know. Not telling me? Fine, I'll find out the hard way.... By slicing you up slowly. *Grin.*"

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a character in “Masks of the Soul”, as played by Alasund


Lower Level Itex


The Chariot


What Kind of Mask is it?:

If False, how many Grace Stone fragments does it contain?:

How do you create/transform with the mask?
To Summon: "Come, join my dance of the winds...."
To Transform: "... and paint the midnight sky with blood."

The Chariot has very little similarity to the wielder, being, instead of doubly masked with a pretend personality, is rather easily to work out. It is a being of impulse, and doesn't quite have the same planning capability of Asuki, but it also has a confidence in itself that she lacks.

Now, more towards the impulses themselves. It will take chances to fight, as it loves fighting, the testing of it's body against another's. A good challenge will excite it beyond words, and a bad one will bore it quickly. In fact, it might get bored enough to actually leave you alive.

It loves the sound of blade slicing through things, the wound that it has inflicted upon another. The sound of pain cut off by a determined opponent that will not surrender. But it also enjoys the hopelessness after a long fight, when it's opponent realizes it can't win...

This is not all to this mask, however. It is somewhat whimsical, and seeks a thrill. Never quick with words, it can sometimes become tangled in a conversation if the opponent is smart enough, but will take offense at anyone that succeeds in this way.

If anything, it's twisted view can be somewhat unsettling, especially as respect for someone that can keep up with it for a length of time is, despite being hard-earned, something that it will remember for a long time. And, even if on the enemy side, will possibly even help those that have its respect.

Brief Description of Transformed State:
In actual fact, very little changes after the mask is put on. Apart from the formation of the sword, and the change of colour from her blue eyes to red, she looks almost exactly the same. It's the personality that contains the largest shift.

Skills/Abilities when wearing mask:
~Exceptional Speed: She can move fast. Really fast. Fast enough to go straight up a vertical surface.(Yes, that is possible.)
~Sight: She can see almost like a bird, able to spot minuscule details further away than any human eye.
~Swordsmanship: Increased technical skill as well as being able to tell the balance of a sword with a look.

Skills/Abilities of Transformed State:
Ride on the Winds:(Minor) For a couple of moments, The Chariot will move faster than you can blink, which takes incredible reflexes to counter.

Song of the Tempest:(Minor) A song will resound through the air, causing anyone that cannot ignore it to be entranced. It won't effect someone with a strong will so much, but those who can't resist it will be struck still, unable to create coherent thoughts.

Race Me, If you dare:(Minor)Another speed increase, but this one isn't quite as powerful as Ride on the Winds, but the wind around will buffet others whilst not effecting the Chariot. Useful to escape.

Raging Winds, Dance of Blood:(Major) The ultimate ability that the Chariot has. Calling forth a storm-like tempest, sometimes reaching hurricane status, The Chariot forms slightly into the whirling winds. Becoming a part of the surroundings, it becomes impossible to predict the exacts of where the next strike comes from, with the blade forming out of the winds around. However, despite the obvious devastating effect this has, it is rarely used. Asuki is not strong enough of mind or body to hold it up more than half a minute, and even that is a stretch.

Weapons they have when they have transformed
Caledfwlch(Not sure on the exact pronounciation, though.) - Longsword

So begins...

The Chariot's Story

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??? ; Liron River Pier

After giving her order, she beat her white wings, lifting her out of harm’s way, to the far side of the pier behind the Tower. Hopefully that should keep her out of the fight - she would hate to deal with fighting at this moment. While the two of her subordinates fought it out, she supposed that she ought to deal with the complications that might occur from the fighting masked Lower Level Itex. Fishing out a small cell phone from her pocket, she opened it, and dialed “1” on the speed dial. Of course she called her most loyal subordinate who would deal with this mess - and more importantly, the Itex member would do it without complaining. The atmosphere around her abruptly changed as both people must have transformed into their other state, as the transformations let out huge waves of energy.

The subordinate finally picked up after a ring. “Liron River Pier - we need to cover this up,” she ordered curtly. “You know what to do. Chariot decided that she didn’t want to cooperate with Itex - her and Tower are fighting it out… Yes, it was because of that. Tell him that his little protege needs to learn more obedience… Of course I want it done immediately.”

After a short pause, she gave a murmur of affirmation, before snapping the phone shut and turning her attention back to the battle. It irked her that the girl was still not injured or begging to give up her mask. That was more trouble than it was worth. The modification she wished to do was only for the girl’s benefit and still, she was there, causing more trouble. Would there be someone else that could do the task that they needed to have done? The Tower and Moon were both male - so they were out of the question. The Hermit was far too support-based to do something like this along, and only the Lower Class Itex were sufficient for this task.

Perhaps she could use that one skill of hers to deal with this problem. No, that wouldn’t work. It needed an agreement, and Itex still had very little that they could use to manipulate the girl. The softness of that darned superior of his - he wanted to keep her from as much pain as possible. But as soon as she did something on the shadier side of life, they would be able to control her easily. Most people were all so careful about their own reputations, and were willing to do anything to save them. Itex was lucky that the police turned a blind eye to everything that they wanted to hide, but would work on the side of justice if Itex asked them to.

The Tower was saying something, the speech unnerving her somewhat. It was true that the personality of masks differed between person and person, but this one was taking it too far. It appeared as though it brought madness and complete violence along with it. It was masks like those that made her disgusted, and she wished that she didn’t have to deal with him just now. But - right now, Itex needed ever mask that they could get their hands on. As soon as they finally succeed with their goal, his mask would be the first one that would be removed. Just as she was about to get even further away, as the battle could end up becoming extremely messy, the Tower made his move and did something.

This something resulted in quite a lot of destruction. For all that she knew, he used his weapons and destroyed the pier. Probably on purpose. Shards of wood flew this way and that, but much of the other wood rotted away and fell into Liron River. She grumbled under her breath - hadn’t she told him before to not make a big mess?

“Tower, what did I say?” she called out to him, mindless that she was distracting him in the middle of a battle. “If you’re not going to keep the pier intact, you will be the one that will be rebuilding it tomorrow.” It was unacceptable for him to disobey her commands, just as though she hadn’t said them in the first place. Maybe this was why the Chariot had been rebellious; it seemed as though the newly recruited ones didn’t always have enough fear of Itex. She made a mental note that she would have to do something about this eventually - she knew someone who would be perfectly pleased to do such a thing.

The setting changes from Liron River Pier to Throme


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??? ; Liron River Pier

She continued floating behind the fight, frowning at the disobedience of the Tower, who continued on his pattern of destruction despite her warnings. Mentally, she pursed her lips in irritation, but continued to stay out of the way of the fight for now. She would trust the Tower to break down the defenses of the Chariot and do what he needed to - unless he failed, and then there would be no more Tower. Failure was not to be accepted. She vaguely noted that the woman from the observatory could be a good candidate for the position. Perhaps, she would even be able to keep stronger control over the demonic personality of the mask. After all, it was not the best idea to have such a mask be put in the hands of someone so young. This Tower - if he would mature a bit, and gain the same control over his mask as she had over hers… maybe he would be a good subordinate.

On the topic of subordinates, another one of their Lower Level pawns would be coming into play soon. ‘Ah, the Magician…’ Yes, there was someone else that she needed to call before the end of the day. He was to report in on his success or failure, as it was scheduled that he would be returning to Throme tonight.

Digging into her pocket a second time, she scrolled down and pushed a few buttons. “Hello, this is Itex. Magician, correct?” She paused a bit for his answer before replying, feeling a sudden wind, probably caused by the Chariot’s fast movement. She ignored that - she was only putting off the inevitable. A small smile lined her face as she realized that perhaps they had accomplished what they had been planning for almost five years - where they would be in possession of a majority of the Grace stone. And the Magician’s wording was exactly what she wanted for in a subordinate - he understood obedience and the importance of Itex’s gifts. “Very well, Magician. I’d like you to report immediately - this important is vital to the Itex cause.”

She ignored the fight going on ahead of her, although it seemed as though the Chariot was pulling her own against her enemy. After all, if the Chariot had fallen, the Tower would have notified her. It was such a noisy fight though… both of the students seemed prone to speak quite a bit. “And I prefer mistress, not master,” she corrected, with the hint of a frown. After the magician’s apology -

There was no success after all. She reigned in her growing annoyance before continuing to listen to the rest of the report. So it seemed that he had removed the loose threads of that as well. Good. Then there would be no reason to send another of their little students there as a follow-up. She should have known beforehand though. The entire situation was far too… perfect. Somewhere inside her heart, she felt slightly amused at the Magician’s wording, as though he wasn’t a human himself. “Very well, the sooner the better. Is there anything else that you may want to report?”

Stop.” So that pesky man had arrived. Late though. If he had shown up a few moments earlier, perhaps they would have less of a mess to clean up. “This unnecessary fight has gone on long enough. En, call off your hound. This can be resolved much more peacefully.”

She almost felt like ignoring him as she was currently involved in dealing with another conversation, but disconnected the call instead. The Magician could wait - while she dealt with this complication. She turned to face the direction that his voice came from, descending slightly as she went, listening as the new arrival was attacked verbally by the disobedient puppy of his. “Why are you disrupting us,” she hissed, like a snake with a voice filled with anger.

Calm yourself, Chariot. The whole battle was a misunderstanding. The Tower is not your enemy.” She probably would have laughed. The fact that even one of his most loved subordinates would end up disobeying him while he remained oblivious made him seem so much more foolish. Not that she would ever think that he wasn’t. He was the master of being clueless.

“Tower, stop. Or I’ll make you,” she ordered, calmly, with a slight tilt of her head to the left. “If you continue on with this fight… Itex has its ways of punishment,” she warned him, quietly. There was no way that she would be humiliated by disobedience in front of this obnoxious man. “With our new guest here, I suppose the Chariot will behave herself.”

I see you’ve learnt little in your attempts to deal with the younger generation,” the new arrival said, mockingly. “So, do let’s get this over with. The police will be here before too long, with this ruckus, and I’d rather NOT make a surprise appearance on TV, if you don’t mind.

He always was oblivious to the faults of the Chariot. It just went to show how he was unable to see that this entire occurrence was the student’s fault, and instead placed all the blame on her. “Well, En,” she drawled, before floating down to land on the ground, “perhaps the younger generation should learn the definition of orders, no? And perhaps due to her previous action, do you really think it’s safe to trust her to this extent?” She wouldn’t hide the fact that she didn’t like the fact that the Chariot was given this task.

She didn’t trust her to finish it.

Being the loose cannon that she was, the Chariot was far more likely to end up destroying Itex allies than capturing the Emperor. And with even more power, well, even she wasn’t sure about what harm she would end up doing. “Perhaps you should keep your puppy on a tighter leash. She would do well to learn who holds the key to her life.”