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The "Cursed" Empress

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a character in “Masks of the Soul”, as played by AmiOfTheRain


The ‘Cursed’ Empress



What Kind of Mask is it?:

If False, how many Grace Stone fragments does it contain?:
Two. One in the middle and one on the left side. They glow a muted pink and a bright violet in water, respectively.

How do you create/transform with the mask?
To summon: Why do the dirty work yourself
To transform: when you have puppets to do it for you?

The Empress seems quite emotionless, leading her to be called stoic, which she is. She doesn't normally say many words unless she has to, yet she does them in a very formal manner. She seems almost as if a puppet herself at times. The Empress does not know any of the Itex, yet, she obeys anyone who says the word "Marionette". She has almost no sense of humor as well, yet when she tries to have a bit of humor, her jokes don't make sense. The Empress refuses to have much contact with others for many reasons, but a main one is them getting in her way.

Brief Description of Transformed State:
When in her transformed state, the Empress's hair is a black color that has a purple type of highlight. Her eyes are also a golden color that is close of being a honey color. The empress tends to only wear purple and black clothing, but normally a dress. She wears black ballet shoes as well with the dress. The empress also has a childish outlook to her, though she is far from childish as her personality states. She wears a beautiful flower the color of violet type of purple.

Skills/Abilities when wearing mask:
~Boosted mental control: As much of the Empress’ abilities rely on her ability to concentrate, she is able to concentrate much better, although only on one task at a time.
~Indifference and Stoicism: Even though this may not seem like a skill, the Empress has no qualms against using her tools to the best of her ability. She couldn’t care less if she has to throw them away as it helps with her goals.
~Coercion: She can easily gain supporters through her ability to find what exactly will persuade people to do things - their weakness so to speak. She can either do it through threats or through the promise of power or whatever they want.
~Strategy: The Empress is a strategist. This directly relates to her power over her puppets, and thus, she can devise plans at high speeds - although the faster she plans, the more holes there will be. [However, she isn’t quite up to Lelouch’s standards]

Skills/Abilities of Transformed State:
~Death by Bronze - She summons a puppet which she has named Hei which will follow all of her orders. To do this comes at a high cost, however, every injury that Hei takes on will show up on the wearer of the mask instead. Hei is a durable puppet that specializes in attacking and possesses a silver short sword. In order to summon her, not only does the Empress have to say these words, but must have a cup of molten bronze - which will be formed into her body. After Hei takes too much damage (about three normal hits), she’ll return to her previous state. She uses a medium amount of energy to summon and can be used alongside Bysatine.

~Flying Silver: - Another puppet summoning is that of a puppet which is named Bysatine. To do so comes at an even high cost than that of Hei, as each movement that Bysatine does is paid through the ultimate currency: that of blood. Bysatine has the ability to fly - and is one of the more fragile of The Empress’ puppets. She possesses a total of five throwing daggers, and has the aim to use them with great effect. In order to summon Bysatine, she must have some silver which is then formed into her body. When taking any damage, Bysatine returns to this state - although she is quite a good dodger. She uses a medium amount of energy to summon and can be used alongside Hei.

~Gold Shines Brightest: - The last puppet that the Empress can summon is named Estrella. She is the most versatile of all the puppets and possesses the ability to shield. She portrays the idea of support at its greatest, and can block a large number of physical attacks, although she is almost useless in the case of an magical attack. She also can physically attack, and possesses a bow and arrow. Estrella is not fast at all, though. In order to summon Estrella, the Empress must not have summoned any other puppet as the energy needed is much too high. While Estrella is present, the Empress is rendered unmovable, and cannot move or speak. In order to summon Estrella there must be a coin-sized amount of gold. She will only return to her previous state when the Empress wills it, no matter the amount of injuries that she takes on.

Note about the Puppets: In the case of her falling unconscious, the puppets return to their previous state. They possess no personalities and cannot speak or think for themselves. The name is merely a nickname that the Empress uses to order them with. They follow mental commands, although speaking them out loud helps with keeping them under control. She must order them around, or the puppets will be immobile. They cannot rebel against her order and will follow them all to the letter. The puppets tend to be quite literal and precise with their following of the orders. In the case of the Empress getting distracted, they will follow the last order and stand around, waiting. They can be controlled from quite a distance away however - but past 50 kilometers, they just abruptly stop. Each puppet can only be summoned once per mask wearing, also - so once it is destroyed, it can’t be used again unless the mask is removed and put back on. They are approximately the size of a child of about eight or seven years of age.

Weapons they have when they have transformed
The Cursed Empress possesses a scepter of a black color, with some hints of purple, which she can use in some way to defend herself when necessary. Other than this, she doesn’t possess any weapons, unless her puppets count.

Hei: Image
Bysatine: Image
Estrella: Image

So begins...

The "Cursed" Empress's Story