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The Hermit

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a character in “Masks of the Soul”, as played by Castella


The Hermit)


What Kind of Mask is it?:

If False, how many Grace Stone fragments does it contain?:

How do you create/transform with the mask?
Summon~ "Seek not for guidance..."
Transform~ " it is here."

The hermit is a wild card of a character acting almost as if she and the rest of the world exist on different planes of the universe. An independent and impartial woman, she refuses to accept help of any kind when dealing with 'her business' but will not hesitate to aid another--be it a normal civilian, a fellow Itex, or even a member of the Masked if the situation is appropriate. Evidently, it isn't beyond her to ignore her higher-ups commands and delicately balances her alliances to avoid being branded a traitor. The wish-washy nature of the hermit has caused much disdain with the members of Itex, but her actions aren't without reason. The hermit's otherworldly nature extends into all parts of her being, disappearing and reappearing at unexpected time and at unexpected places when her help or harm is most crucial. However, the hermit remains empathetic enough as not to alienate everyone she meets. In fact, her presence, while strong and ancient, is strangely calming and no moment of silence is suffered with awkwardness.

Brief Description of Transformed State:
As Oskana takes the appearance of the hermit, she presents herself as a woman neither young nor old--an age that cannot be told. Her hair retains it's black color but grows out and adorned with a large headdress made out of wood and feathers to resemble an exotic songbird. over her body are tattoos of twisting formers and lines, covering all but her face. Fashion is thrown to the wind as Oskana is garbed in a more wild style, a far cry from Oskana's more modest choice of dress. Beads and bits of coral, carved-wood, turquoise and moonstone are worn on her wrist, anlkes, waist, around her neck and hanging from her ears, all of which click and jingle as she moves.

Of all the things she wears, everything save the coral, turquoise, and feathers, take one a shade of brown or gray.

Skills/Abilities when wearing mask:
The false mask of The Hermit grants it's wearer abilities that don't often have the opportunity to show themselves off. As if all the experiences of a true old hermit had been gifted, the wearer's 6th sense is boosted--the ache of bones with a coming storm, the tension before the climax, the dread of the death of a loved one. While this sensation is not realized immediately or even ever recognized, it will never fail for one to escape a stick situation.

The Hermit isn't without any physical enhancements either. Reactions and reflexes that may have seemed unusually and awkward to the wearer become practiced and graceful, much like a dancer. Along with the increased spiritual sense, the wearer gains a greater sense of proprioception allowing greater coordination though her strength and speed are not nearly up to par. The result is comparable with a fragile ballerina; graceful, agile, and flexible that can be shattered with one strong hit.

Skills/Abilities of Transformed State:
Spirit Tracks~(minor) A tracking ability that allows the user to see the tracks of another person within a 24-hour time-frame. Some contact with the tracked person must be made in order to track him. A 'smoke' appears before the users eyes that also highlights any object that the person may have touched or picked up.
Banish~(minor) A blinding light is emitted from the end of her staff, acting as both a deterrent and a weak shield most effective against physical attacks.
Dance of Rain~(minor) An intricate dance used to summon the rain or increase the amount already falling. It takes a minimum of 2 minuets for it to have any effect. The longer she dances, the stronger the summoned storm be. She is almost completely vulnerable while she preforms.
Ocean of Souls~(major) A prerequisite of this ability is rain, whether it be caused by natural weather patterns or from Dance of Rain. At the end of her her staff a lamp appears. Through a series of movements and gestures, she is able to use the rain as both a shield and a means of attack, guiding the rain drops like lost souls following the light of her lamp. In order to be truly effective, it must be raining rather hard, making the prerequisite even more difficult to achieve.

Weapons they have when they have transformed
An aged wooden staff.

So begins...

The Hermit's Story


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Throme - Friday, September 27 (4:30 PM)

How fast the clock does turn when there’s nothing important to do.

That is if one was normal. Just a few Fridays in the past, Masked and Itex met each other in a dramatic showdown, not unlike a fight between rival gangs. The thing at stake this time was not territory, but a small nondescript package. What exactly was inside that thin box? No one really knew for sure. Only that it was important.

It would take eight minutes for those on Earth to notice if the sun went out. It would still be warm; it would still be bright. It took longer than eight minutes for the conclusion of this fight to be seen.

Was the package worth it? The Masked were the ones who walked away with the package, and Itex was left there empty-handed, but no one side came out of the proceedings unscathed. A game with a wounded victor. This was the breaking point for the poor stability of a certain Miss Coraline Starlings. A few days after, the harried looking maiden turned in her resignation from the Student Council. This was almost like bowling; the first pin to fall. Liesel Moringmer was murderous.

The Vandergear family was next in line. Chasing some illusory job in nearby Lore, the family burned its own roots in Throme and moved for the sake of greed. It was fortunate for Liesel that her heart possessed a remarkable capacity for wrath. The delicate tea cups were not so lucky. Neither were the flowers.

But this strand of bad luck did not allow Itex to leave without its punishment for failure. A certain female who went by the name of 'En' claimed Oskana Sonnen's blood, time, and responsibility. While she did not disappear per se, Cenriel Academy was without a student when she was transferred to rival Thromain Institute of Fine Arts. But her partner was not spared either. Treia Rawler, with her lucky stars shining from the heavens, remained relatively untouched, with only a warning to show for her troubles. Itex, like Liesel, was not a believer of keeping their murderous intent bottled inside.

The beautiful observatory was without its owner for a week, before she reappeared, looking none the worse for her time. Perhaps there was something hidden under that smile of hers, but nothing was visible to the average eye. The clear nights kept the popularity of that rooftop attraction high.

Friday, August 16th. A day that would mark the transfer of humans from the thrifty Maybelle Avenue to more reputable Sagaro Mall. Many wallets became far lighter due to the ever-growing paranoia. Hector Mason, a man with two daughters who worked nights as a security guard, was seen in a puddle of his own blood. Was there a serial killer hidden in the depths of that brilliant district? The police found no leads or evidence. Despite attempts from shop owners to catch more customers, those that dare enter that shining crime scene were few and far in between.

Judgement did not have anything interesting for the Itex for the longest of time.
Liesel had no leads.

Perhaps they were waiting for today. The day that the package pointed to as important. So what exactly was in that package of Itex? It was with hoping expressions that the Masked had opened the case, to fall downtrodden.

A letter.

To whom it may concern:
After months of research, we may have stumbled upon something of great importance. The previous sample that we have received is an enigma, to say in the slightest. Despite weighing like an average granite shock of the same size, its chemical bonds are completely nonsensical. Instead of forming bonds in order to gain eight valence electrons, many of the carbon atoms possess nine or even one with six. Perhaps you were right in saying that this was a strange rock.

When attempting to find the volume of the sample, we were astonished to find the rock glowing upon contact of water. We were unable to find the source of this energy, but it is believed it is some sort of chemical reaction. Other than the output of light, we have discovered no other abnormalities. Our sample glowed red, bright red, but we shall be asking for further samples to support this hypothesis. It would not surprise me if it was a fluke. If it wouldn't be an issue for your organization, if you'd send us another shard, we would be much obliged. The things we do for science. Until then, we'll be sending back the sample on 9.27. Please do send a messenger to pick it up. This cannot fall into unaligned hands.


The letter was signed, but illegible and smudged, seemingly on purpose. It appeared as though the writer was unwilling to give up his or her name. The letter continued with an address.

Nivcien Science Institute, Throme
Research Division

It is now September 27. Yet another Friday afternoon. The weather had mellowed in the months, with the leaves already in the process of dying. They were dull brown, many of them withering in the streets and on the trees. A steady wind made its way through Throme. Life is unfair, but yet it brings hope and excitement. Perhaps their adventure will beat reality television's entertainment value on this blustering November afternoon.

Those whose souls belonged to Itex ought to be making their steady way to the back rooms at Brio, where that violent angel of doom, Judgement, was doubtless waiting for them. The Masked had likewise, been summoned by Liesel to deal with their recently collected information. How will both sides dance this afternoon? That is a story to hear.