Dallen Preist

"I'll let you know when I give a damn"

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a character in “Masquerade Heart”, as played by Lost Soul



Dallen is dark haired, dark eyed and dangerously handsome, the bad boy type that always seems to have some girl that likes him and he could care less. His style is get up throw on some clothes (hope they're somewhat clean) and move on with life. He is usually found somewhere smoking, with dark shoulder length hair tousled with the just got out of bed and I don't give fuck how I look style.


Dallen has been described by most adult authority figures as a bad seed that is only gonna get someone in trouble. And he sticks with that he could really care less about what anyone thinks of him, and he isn't about to change. He is well know for getting in trouble at school, whether it's fights or just all around not bothering to a damn thing. He keeps to himself for the most part and be kind of a bully at times his has a respect for females but rarely shows it. He always feels that he has to prove himself as a bad ass showing any emotion but anger or indifference is the way he thinks he can do that.


Always has a pack of cigarettes, a Zippo lighter, and wears a leather jacket.


Dallen grew up in a typical dysfunctional home, he didn't know his father and his mother is the only one in this world he's ever acted like he even cares about. She raised him by herself in poverty working ungodly hours at two full time jobs. This left Dallen left in the care of his grandmother who spent most of her time drinking and watching soap operas. He was typically left to his own devices and when he got older he started spending time out on the streets getting into trouble. His high school years weren't much different he was constantly getting into trouble and his grades had never been good. Finally he just quit going, and now spends most of his time roaming the town till all hours of the night, getting into fights and dragged home by the cops. He has never had a relationship last longer then a few months and could really care less what the girls think of him not that he doesn't like girls cause he does in fact he has a crush on one. But there's no way in hell he's gonna show it.

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