Nothing is never the same. So its a pain in the ass when your on a world fighting for your life, than you find yourself on a whole new world. Why? You ask. Because of a messed up Portal that opens unexpectedly, sucks u up, than spit you out. Fun Fun!!

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a character in “Masquerade, Who Lies Beneath?”, as played by Black Fox


NAME= Shiro Ki Savage
AGE= 19, but is much older
CATEGORY= Half Blood
REASON= Was dropped, well spit out of the fucked up family Porter (Teleporter - Time Traveler)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION= In human form, Ki is 6' 6" with hip length tawny gold hair with silver streaks that is always in small braids with gems, bells, shells and beads periodically placed through out each braid, tied off with bits of fur. With all of his hair in braids, it is a sign that he is of the highest rank of a Warrior among his people. Both in human form and Ka'Tri form. He has silver blue eyes, which shift to slit gold when he is pissed or when he is running or tracking, cat ears (which he hides, allowing his human ears to be seen though they are pointed with tuft's of fur at the tips) and a cat tail that he wraps about his waist with a ball on the end. He has a diamond between his eyes, a tattoo of swirls and stars at the edge of his left eye and down under it and a red ruby embedded in his navel. He is lean and muscled built for speed and endurance. On the left side of his neck just below his ear he has a gold dolphin piercing. Earrings and a necklace with two pale sapphire and light jade gems on either side of two dolphins. His right wrists has a beaded bracelet that was given to him by someone he loved and on his left he has a thin silver bracelet with a hanging cross. In Ka'Tri form, or cat form he is 12'6" and is a mixture between a lion and a saber tooth tiger. His coloring is the same as his hair and he is a humanoid cat. The markings and tattoo's in human form also transfer to his Ka'Tri form.

EYE COLOR= Silver blue, that can shift to slit gold (any time he is in human form)
HEIGHT= 6'6"
BUILD= lean, muscled, a light weight, but not a push over
SKIN COLOR/RACE= lightly tanned, Half Humanoid Cat, Half Human/Cyborg
HAIR COLOR/CUT= Tawny gold with silver chunks, constantly growing and is always in small braids, sometimes loose.

PERSONALITY= Ki is a sweet fun loving kind of guy. He enjoys horsing around and having fun or playing pranks. It takes a while for him to loose his temper, but when he does you better either run or beg for forgiveness. He easy forgives but he can hold a grudge for a long time. Easy to get along, shy but bold and isn't subservient or the brash do as i say now type of guy. If it is needed he will take charge but tends to stick to the edge of a crowd. Being empathic, Ki has a hard time being among large crowds of people. His type of empathy is extremely rare and quit taxing for him. But being who and what he is he has taken it in stride and keeps going.

FEARS= loosing his family and anything that can nutrilize his abilities.
LOVES= racing through the trees and carving

DISLIKES= slavery, collars, shackles and cruel abusive people.
LIKES= writing, sword practice, running from in his true form and practicing-looks like dancing.

HISTORY= Ki was born of a human female and a male cat of the Ka'Tri people. His mom's blood woke a dormant gene in Cha'ko, who is Ki's father and gave him a gift of both his blood and Cy's blood. That gene allowed Cha'ko to con sieve and give birth to Ki. Being a half blood as his people call him is a painful life. Hated and despised by his father's people Ki grew to understand that though he wasn't full blood he was the best of both. Being half blood it took him a while to hold his true form for longer than minutes. But shifting set him even further apart from his people. For he was different from them again. The dormant gene that his mother's blood woke was from the Clan of Saber Fang's who had been wiped out by humans years before Ki was born. Ka'Taria people are humanoid animal's. Take all of our animals and humanize them and that is what Ka'Taria has. All the males and females have a pouch where they carry the cub. Females can't carry over six months or both she and the cub dies. Thus the shaman must transplant the cub from the females pouch to the males pouch, where he finishes carrying the cub for the last six months. Now the Saber Fang's were different. Females rarely survived to breeding age so the more submissive males became breeders, and they carried for the full year. Ki has that ability. Each Ka'Tri is born with an element. Ki's is fire. He is a Master of this element though he can also use the others. There is much to Ki's past that I could type but it would be to much to put down. Ki's life never was easy growing up but he never quit. Something he got from his mom. His right arm is no longer real. It is a cybernetic appendage that is sentaniat. His name is Key and he also has a ship name S'FADI that is linked to him. Ki believes that things happen for a reason and so he doesn't bitch and moan, much, about the life he has been given. The trials he has gone through, along with the hell he has suffered has made him a better person, or so he thinks. He will always put others first before himself. Which normally gets him into trouble. Once you have his trust he will back you and always be there for you. But if you betray him he will never trust you again. To him its a life giving lesson everyday and he takes it head on but yes he has his days where he is in the pits and feels like shith. It doesn't help that with his mother's blood he is hard to kill, his people found that out the hard way, unless you know how. His blood is also very...prized since it can be used for a cure all just as his mom's. Thus another reason to be careful and always on alert. He is strong, determend and emotionally dedicated to what he believes in. He will fight beyond his limitations and when he falls he gets right back up and continues. Though he is stronger each time this happens. He is a Protector/Guardian as is his family.

WEAPON OF CHOICE= Twin Toshiba Katana's given to him by his Mother. Both katana's are linked to Ki, allowing him to hear them sing as he dances with them. (Fight) Both katana's are forged from the remains of a two headed dragon. The left Toshiba is out line in silver but the inside is gold with the eye of the silver dragon, ending in a claw. The right Toshiba is out lined in gold but the inside is silver with the eye of the gold dragon, ending in a claw. Both claws of the Toshiba katana's can latch/hook together to form an Enter locking Blade.

POWER'S/ABILITIES= POWERS & ABILITIES= Ki's powers are, telekinesis, fire bending, telepathy, kinetic, fetching, projection, telaportation, and empathic along with magic. He can also make clones of himself that comes in handy at times. He is a Blood Mage who uses' his own blood for the spells. Sadly though his empathy can be a hindrance if he isn't shielding himself. It is strong enough to not only be used as a weapon but also causes wounds to appear on his body that others acquire. He uses' it to find those in trouble and help them as well as healing them if its needed and a healer isn't around. He is also a Master of all elements, has stealth and chameleon. Which allows him to be unseen and unheard when needed. He can fetch a human or object and teleport over long distances. Being the Chaos of Life means he is linked to each living thing he comes into contact with. He will feel new life being born and old dying and many many more things that are just unpleasant. Now being the Balancer of Magic, Ki is highly unique and exotic in his own way. His other abilities is that he is a Breeder.

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