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Coracia Kerdros

Spec Ops Alliance Special Projects Division Saboteur. Younger sister of Jacoopi

0 · 840 views · located in The reopened Frontier

a character in “Mass Effect: A Galaxy In Pieces”, as played by Jacoopi



Name: Coracia Kerdros
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Size: 6' 3"
Eye Color: Yellowish Green
Skin color: Light Blue
Description/Identifying Marks: White/Light Blue face markings
Casual Details: Under armor Bodysuit Primat color grey, secondary color blue
Formal Details: Dress, main color white, secondary color blue, highlights color black
Armor Details: Light Stealth Armor, Blue, no helmet or ghost helmet
Birthplace: CLASSIFIED
Nicknames: Cora, Kelly (nobody knows where Kelly came from)
Occupation: Alliance Special Projects Division Loyalist Saboteur
Rank: Spec Ops Corporal

Preferred Weapons/Modifications: M-3 Predator (Pistol High Caliber Barrel, Pistol Melee Stunner)
Omni Weapon: Dual Light Omni Blades
Class/Role: Saboteur/Infiltrator
Specialized Equipment: Enhanced Stealth Field Generators
Powers/Abilities: Sabotage, Sticky Grenade, Cloak, Incinerate, Concussive Shot, and Proximity Mine.
Password: Cabal

History/Dossier: CLASSIFIED
Family Members: CLASSIFIED
Relationships/Romances: CLASSIFIED (Open)

Likes: Silence, Isolation, Charismatic
Dislikes: Death (afraid of dieing), Loud noises
Personality: Quiet, Calm, Easy to upset/disturb

Stats:(10 being super human, 5 being average, 1 being completely lacks.)
(Strength: 4)
(Intelligence: 5)
(Agility: 8)
(Endurance: 5)
(Charisma: 6)
(Weapon Skills: 6)

So begins...

Coracia Kerdros's Story

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#, as written by Jacoopi
((Goddamnit, did this die?))

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#, as written by Jacoopi
((gasp)) we still here guiz? :)

Cause I'm still here, and Othesat y u no in chatzy?

(EDIT: Do you mean Kearan's abandoned ship? @FAN)