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Egil Ghede

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a character in “Mass Effect: A Galaxy In Pieces”, as played by Futal_Rage



Name: Egil Ghede

Also Know As: Ghede, Brurdak Tukson, Brurdak

Race: Krogan

Classification: Cerberus OMAC

Age: 17

Personality: Holds honor and respect higher than anything, does not hand respect to anyone and treats them like dirt till they earn it in his eyes. Short and to the point in matters that do not interest him

Weapons: Crusader (currently un-moded) M-96 Mattock (Extended Mag. III [total of 26 rounds per mag.])

Armor: Heavy Battlemaster/Berserker/Rage (krogan)

Krogan: Krogan Charge, Krogan Headbutt, Toughness/Melee, Decreased Mobility

Biotic: Stasis, Throw, Pull, Biotic Charge, Barrier, Rage

Occupation: Cerberus Operative



Weight: 225

Eye Color: Amber

General: Ashen pale skin, several facial scars, rough head plating.

TL;DR Back Story: experiments, biotic betrayal and a new name

Full Back Story: This back story is mainly Project log. It is safe to assume that anyone with the ability to hack into Cerberus Files, could learn all of this information. With that in mind remember Cerberus was very protective of their information. With the assumed death of the illusive man it can be assumed that such information would be even harder to get a hold of due to all the different cells.

As is very well know through out the universe Cerberus has there hands in nearly everything that can be referred to as evil. Though known to be a human extremist group they have never limited themselves to only humans. If there is something to be gained they will pool their seemingly endless funding into it. The most well know being the Lazarus Project, which brought the Commander Shepard back form the dead. This being just one example of the many that Cerberus has done. Which brings us to Brurdak Tukson. A naturally born Krogan shortly before the cure of the genophage. Himself and several others were taken when they were only eggs for what would later be called Project OMAC. OMAC (One Man Army Corp) was designed to start inner species sleeper cells with the intention of destroying their governments from the inside. This plan is unknown if it has been actually put into effect as it is unknown if there has been a new head put into place of Cerberus.

The Project, in the case of the Krogan's, started before they were born. From things as simple as Element zero exposure, to attempted genetic modification through injections to the embryo. It is fair to assume that the mortality rate during this project was extremely high, about 85% were stillborn, however the data is inconclusive as to if it was because of the experiments or if it was the side effect of the genophage. For the few that made it through the beginning stages of the project There was even more experiments for the next year like the ones before, only more aggressive. If the subject lived through that year, the training began. Training in biotics, tactics, general education, as well as culture education on the race.

Data log 241: We have had 2 Krogan make it through the year of genetic modification. Currently both look sickly compared to healthy Krogan, both are male. Currently they are showing no signs of declining health other than the lack of coloration in their skin. This may change over time however it could be a side effect of the massive element zero exposure. Krogan are resistant by nature, we can expect that these trials will need to be changed for other races such as the Asari. Both Krogan seem to have the ability with biotics though it is too soon to know at what extent. Having two Krogan born with Biotics however, no matter how strong means we can continue the project as more data will be appearing if said Krogan live through the Project.

Data log 257: I am no master at Krogan genetics by any means, however these Krogan seem to be growing at a faster rate than expected. I recently inquired to one of my outside sources on Korgan and was told that as a human I wouldn't understand the growth of a Krogan. According to my source Krogan mature earlier than most races reaching there peak size around 10-13 years of age. Due to the lack of control data I can not say for a fact if our current Krogan are growing at par with their natural counterparts or if we may have changed something and are causing them to age faster. With that said however Krogan don't have an average life span. A Krogan doesn't just have a heart attack and die around a certain age. From my source, which is slightly bias, they claim that Krogan only die because of others other wise they potentially can live forever. The multiple versions of each organ does prove this to be at least slightly true. As to the Krogan that are already the size of your average human 10 year old... in the matter of 1 year and 6 months. They have full talking capability however fighting their natural reactions have been proving difficult. Brurdak Tukson for example had a moment of realization during a lesson in Krogan Culture. In said moment he pointed out that he has two names none of which attached to a Clan. During this Cil Chid, the other Krogan said they weren't Krogan. There was quite an argument which the one teaching let go on. Eventually during said argument Brurdak used biotics to throw both his own and Cil's desk out of the way, charged Cil (the report claims it was too fast to have been anything but a biotic charge) and headbutt him. Cil was dazed and was taken medical staff to be on the safe side. Brurdak then claimed he was the true Krogan here. As protical states he was gassed, put in restraints, and held in his room for three days. With that said I broke code and explained everything the Brurdak. In that talk I told him the Krogan have become weak and we, Cerberus, are currently training young Krogan to put them back on the path of true Krogan. I explained what we have been doing to them since before they were born. Brurdak seems to take this to heart and wants to "help his people". I told him this on the pretense that he was to lead this if he can prove he is the strongest. He also is not to tell anyone about this talk, I told him that it was a test to see if he could truly lead for if he can't keep this secret he couldn't keep his intentions hidden for the Project. How this effects him in training is yet to be seen.

Data Log 270: I never thought I would say this but Thanks to Commander Shepard we now can speed up our research. The genophage has been cured. Once this Reaper invasion is taken care of I authorized increased clutch grabbing. Assuming the numbers will be the same as they were before, we can get 100+ seemingly unnoticed. In other news Brurdak as taken up a different name, and refuses to answer to his "human name". Here is the transcript from said conversation.

Myself: Brurdak, I thought we had a deal?
Brurdak: Brurdak is not my name anymore.
M: I don't understand, what are we to call you now?
B: I am not human, I do not want names like a Human. I have no clan thus only one name is what I wish to be called. I am Krogan.
M: So you don't have a name in mind than?
B: No I do not.
M: I understand where you are coming from however while you are here I need you to answer to your given name. I will give you an earned name, much like a clan name if you prove worthy of it.
B: So I will have to prove myself for a real Krogan name, then latter for a clan name?
M: No, We are your clan. We gave you a human name so that you may start your own clan.
B: I don't understand.
M: The Genophage has been cured. Thus we will be able to get more Krogan for out cause. You, if worthy, will have your own clan. And I have a name in mind for your personal name. However your Clan name, if the time comes, will be up to you.
B: And what name did you have in mind?
M: Ghede.
B: What does that mean?
M: I'll tell you the day you earn it, Brurdak.

I understand that I am putting a large amount of trust into Brurdak. However I am starting to think he is more devoted to OMAC than anyone here. Cil isn't embracing his Krogan side enough and may have to be eliminated. Combat training is switching to live ammo in the months to come along with using Cerberus operatives. This is ahead of the plan however I feel at least one of them can handle it.

Data Log 473: The Krogan have proven time in time again that they are stronger than anything we currently have staffed here. We are taking them off station for a year of survival training. We will be dropping them on Garvug. There mission is to not only survive but to destroy any one else on the planet. Resource wise we will be leaving them with enough food for 6 months and of course plenty of weapons and ammo. As the planet is still active they should have no issue however we will still be monitoring them through there suits and an on site over watch. I will be logging everything of note.

In the cover of night a small ship, a UT-47A descended upon the plant Garvug. While dropping into orbit Brurdak noticed lights from what he assumed were the installations they were to be attacking for the next year. A green glow formed on his arm as he started to log the locations in his ommi-tool. He heard a grunt come from his "partner" in this mission. "Why are you wasting your time marking down information when we should be thinking about food?" Cil murmured in his gruff irritated tone. Brurdak walked over to his partner headbutting him into the seat behind him. "We have a mission to carry out your damn hunger isn''t my problem." Brurdax grabbed Cil by the color of his armor sitting nose to nose with him. "I plan on clearing out this planet in this year, to do that we need to know where to attack. We need to know every escape they have, where they get resources from, where they keep there young, everything is a tool and if you can't understand that I WILL leaving you as a corps rotting on this shit hole, Cil."

A shout came from the pilot. "Save it for the mission Brurdak, once I drop you at the LZ you two are on your own. The Director wouldn't want you to destroy your only resource before you land now would he?" Her voice seemed to sing true to Brurdak as he released Cil. "Besides you need someone to take bullets for you!" A laugh followed from the three of them as that seemed to break the tension. As the laughter subsided Brurdak made his way closer to the pilot. "It is a pity you aren't going to be joining us Chris, you are more Krogan than Cil." Another grunt was heard in the background causing Brurdak to turn shooting him a menacing glare.

"We are about to land, and Brurdak I'd shoot myself after the first week of having to deal with your shit. You are too much of a hard ass for me to enjoy this vacation you have been given. Mercs protecting someone else's interests? I'd just pay them off and live like a queen." Chris started to land the ship, the frost from the generally cold planet moved almost like snow as the UT-47A stared finishing its landing. "But thats not the 'true krogan's' way. So while you go and have your fun I'll be taking some much needed R&R back at the base."

The jolt from landing caused Brurdak to slightly lose his balance, which he corrected grabbing the top of the ship's interior. As the door opened new lighting turned on properly illuminating the ship. Several crates packed every space possible to ensure the supplies needed would all be there. The light caused Brurdak to squint before they adjusted to the new lighting. The ashen Krogan skin reflected a small amount of light making him look even paler than he was. His battlemaster armor made the already large Krogan look even bulkier than he already was. The seven foot six inch tall Krogan though still a child by human standards seemed rather calm. His head plating had a tree bark like texture, so rough it gave the appearance of a battle tore Krogan merc rather than a 13 year old Krogan. "Chris would you be willing to give us a hand getting all this out of the ship so that you can be on your way faster? I know how much you've been wanting to spend all those credits you've earned. And lets face it three sets of hands, even if two are human, would be better than one Krogan doing all of the work."

Pulling off her helmet Chris' short brunette hair flowed around her face is a giant mess of helmet hair. "I already spent my money on some weapon upgrades. Speaking of which, don't tell the Director but I got you a gift in honor of your first real mission." She tossed him a small box. "Before you get all sappy it is a Level III Extended mag mod for your Rifle. I figured 16 bullets wouldn't be that helpful in a fire fight." Cil laughed in the background while moving a crate out side the ship. "You mean the great true Krogan needs more bullets?"

The female human walked back to the cockpit pulling out another box. "Don't get cute with me Cil, I grabbed you Medi-gel that I smuggled out of the lab. figured too many more headbutts and you wouldn't be able to see straight." It was then they all got back on track with the task at hand. After everything was said and done the three stood by the ship looking around. Breaking the strange quiet that seemed to currently plague the group, Brurdak let out a sigh. "Chris for a human you are alright. But this is where we part ways. Don't worry I'll go easy on Cil." Smiling she nodded looking over to Cil.

The moment she turned she to see a barrel of Cil's M-23 Katana, as the image clicked in Chris's head what was happening it was too late. The shot echoed. In that moment for Brurdak time slowed as if that single shot released him from some unknown shackles on his mind and body. That instant He threw a stasis on Cil, freezing his body in place before Chris' body hit the ground. As the rage built up in Brurdak he let out a mighty roar that rivaled the sound from the shotgun. In that moment Brurdak threw himself in a biotic powered charge, his body glowing in the blue aura of the biotics. The charge met Cil head on, not that he could resist in stasis, flinging him back into the side of the ship. As Cil bounced off the side of the ship Brurdak used his biotics again to pull Cil to him meeting the force head on with his head sending Cil to the ground.

Over taken by rage Brurdak ripped the weapon from Cil's hands and started beating him in the face with the butt of the shotgun. Shouting in his rage induced assault "Chris was part of our kryat!" Blow after blow Brurdak became more and more violent tossing the weapon aside and continuing with hes armored fists. "You betrayed our clan! You betrayed the mission! You betrayed your own race!" Brurdak stopped breathing for a moment before getting up walking over to the medi-gel Chris had stolen for Cil. Looking over at Chris he knew full well that she was gone, this caused his blood to boil again. The ground crunched under his feet as he walked over to Cil applying the medi-gel. "Get up, I'm not fucking done with you." With a kick Cil opened his eyes. "Brurdak, I did this for the clan..." There was a cough that sent blood from his face off and to the ground. "We had..cough.. set rules for this mission. Chris broke them." Cil started to bring himself up off the ground at his knee. "She shouldn't have... She knew better."

"Who are you to judge what help is worth killing a clan member over?" Brurdak shouted in retort as he disarmed himself of his firearms tossing them to the ground. Cil looked down to the ground before standing following suit with Brurdak. "Valid point. But it changes nothing now. If you were stronger you could have stopped me. Lets get this over with Brurdak, I know what happens next. I earned it, and it is your right to take. I will not resist."

"No you wont. As the only true Krogan here, I banish you from the clan. You will keep 1/4 of the supplies here minus the weapons. Leave your ommi-tool and anything else owned by the clan on the ship. I will not brand, and allow you your armor. But I will return to kill you if you mention the clan again. These terms are final. Now load my ship, and don't get your taint on it."

Cil did as he was told even though he was shocked with the out come. He didn't say a word as he worked nor did he do anything to hint to aggression. There were three crates left before Brurdak stopped Cil from loading the ship. "Those are your rations. I want you to live knowing the shame you have brought to your people when someone tried to make sure to assist in your mission. I hope a day doesn't go by that you don't remember the beating you were given before shown this mercy. If we ever meet again and you haven't learned the honor in what Chris did for you only one of us will leave that meeting. You are now Odium as I am stripping the names our clan gave you." Odium didn't nodded walking over to the crates left for him. He watched as Brurdak loaded Chris' body on the the ship.

The door closed and Brurdak used what knowledge he had to bring the ship off the ground and into orbit. The planet that He was to spend the next year for his mission. Opening comms to the channel he was instructed to use in case of an emergency Brurdak sent out his distress. "This Brur...." he stopped before starting again. "This is Ghede, I have a dead pilot, a banished krogan on the ground, and need pick up from orbit of the mission planet. Mission failed I'm coming home."

Data Log 478: Ghede, as he likes to be called now, has just returned form his mission. Though he aborted the mission from reason mentioned in my report I feel he proved more than anything he is worthy of the position granted him. We have several candidates ready to follow him, as well as several members of our own staff whom were close to Chris Tanner. Her assets were donated to Ghede as I'm sure she would have wanted. Cil... Odium rather is MIA, our on planet over watch has not found a single trace of him. For better or for worse it seems Ghede as settled this issue as he sees fit. I will be done with logs now as my job here is done. Ghede is naming his clan as we speak and has taken the mantle of head of the OMAC operation involving Krogan. This wasn't what my instructions were however I see no harm in allowing this.
Post Script: Ghede has chosen Egil for a clan name. I didn't realize his knowledge in human history reached so far back.

So begins...

Egil Ghede's Story

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