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Tempest Hargrave

Branch-N7 Squad-6 Master Technician "I'm the genius, do what I say and you might survive."

0 · 287 views · located in London

a character in “Mass Effect: Annihilation”, as played by Cheshire Kitten


Full Name: Tempest Emilia Charlotte Hargrave

Nickname/s: Tech or Tempy

Gender: Female

Nationality: German

Age: 23

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 125

Appearance: Tech is a tall, young woman with curly blonde hair and green eyes. She has somewhat pale skin due to the fact that she prefers to be indoors making guns rather than outside using them. She always wears her top hat, her goggles, and her work gloves all of which have her initials T.E.C.H monogrammed onto them. She never goes anywhere without her own custom-made swiss army knife full of tools she may need in the field.

So begins...

Tempest Hargrave's Story


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Character Portrait: Tempest Hargrave Character Portrait: Jon Gates
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Tech was doing her least favorite thing, recon. She was out observing the Reapers near the base of Big Ben but she couldn't get much work done now that she had to watch her own back for husks. Once again she found herself thinking of her team; the fools. If they had only used their brains instead of their muscles they'd have seen the trap coming. She shook her head, now was not the time or the place to be thinking of such things. Right now she had to find out as much as she could about the Reaper. Her position in the shadow of the old clock tower along with the weakened state of the Reaper she was observing gave her the unique ability to get near it without being detected.

She was just finishing up her sketching and was writing down some final notes when she saw a shot fly out from Big Ben and hit the Reaper causing it to tumble backwards into the tower. She had just enough time to grab her things and leap out of the way before the whole thing came crashing down. She was just about to pack up and run when something caught her eye. She put her goggles on to protect from the dust and made her way over the debris and rubble to find a man, unconscious and with a nasty head wound.

She had a choice, she could either leave him there and make it back to base safely or try to save him and risk them both getting caught by husks, or worse. The choice was clear and she began to walk away. She made it about ten feet before her conscience became too great to ignore. "I really hate myself sometimes." She ran back, brushed most of the debris off of him and did her best to hoist him onto her back. When she was certain he wouldn't fall off she began the long trek back to base and prayed that she wouldn't regret this decision.

After what seemed like hours she finally made it back to the base, or at least what was left of it. She laid the stranger gently on a cot and did her best to clean and bandage his head. She didn't have time to wait for him to wake up, if he ever did, so she left some food and water on a nearby table and left to finish her work.