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Squad leader

0 · 271 views · located in Mass Effect Universe

a character in “Mass Effect: Colossus Project”, as played by guru101


Name: Urdnot Draith

Species: Krogan

Gender: Male

Age: 250

Birth date (every member of Colossus Corp is allowed their birthday off): Unknown

Height: 7’ 2”

Weight: (In armor) 800 pounds.

Appearance (Please attach a picture here so the security personnel may have a reference to allow you access to our facility. If you have no picture then please provide a detailed description.):Image
Experience with weaponry (if applying for medical or engineering position then what equipment do you have experience with?): Preferred weapon is the M-300 claymore but can use any shot gun, Biotics.

Personality (We here at Colossus Corp wish our members to be able to work well together and co-exist peacefully): I’ve been working here for five years, do I really have to do this now. Alright fine I don’t care what race you are, or if you’re male or female. If you follow my orders then we won’t have problems, but if you disrespect me then I’ll show you what happens when someone’s thrown out of an airlock without a suit on. My job is breaking in newbies and I am good at my job. Now I’ve got to look at the videos of the applicants and see who I think can make the cut. So leave me the hell alone for the next few hours.

Past work experience: left my home long time ago and since then I’ve worked various jobs from body guard, to bouncer, to mercenary. Hell I’ve even owned a weapons store on the citadel back in the day, but that was too damn slow for me so I hired myself off to the next ship that would take me. After a while I finally ended up here with the Colossus Mercenary Corporation. You know the rest.

So begins...

Draith's Story


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Ragnarök: He turned to the enraged quarian and began to speak in a cold, mettalic voice. "Through me the way is to the city dolent;Through me the way is to eternal dole; Through me the way among the people lost. Justice incited my sublime Creator; Created me divine Omnipotence, The highest Wisdom and the primal Love. Before me there were no created things,Only eterne, and I eternal last.All hope abandon, ye who enter in!" the huge geth then stretched to his full 12 foot height and continued among the group neither caring for nor noticing the clinking glasses and festive mood in the air, instead choosing to run through in his head the twelve possible ways to calm the quarian down. Ragnarok swiped a hand over his modified M-98 and waited whilst keeping his mind in fluid motion, reciting the inferno in his head as a sniper trick and keeping a vested intrest in the quarian.

The setting changes from CMC HQ Lobby to Mass Effect Universe

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Ragnarök: He dropped his head, letting his sniper instincts kick in. Following the others to the elevator, he stood in the far right corner. Watching. Waiting. Finally choosing to speak, he spoke to Draith. "This different world we're going to...Why need a sniper in a remote jungle climate, with thousands of carnivorus species?" Two vanguards and a squad leader would suffice, but a sniper, A sniper'd only be of use if expecting heavy opposition and/or backup for a huge firefight. In case A, the Isle we are planning to go to is a heavily guarded paramilitary/mercenary outpost or base. In case B, another team or faction is also planning to get to our objective. Thoughts?" He folded his huge, massive arms and lifted his head briefly. If Geth had expressions, Ragnarök's would be of curiosity. Simultaneously, however, he was also downloading any available information on their locale to his omni-tool.