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"You have no idea what I have gone through."

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a character in “Mass Effect: Colossus Project”, as played by Nogond


OOC: I will post this as a character application and send this. Hope you find it good enough.

Name: Varal'shan. No ship name as it common with quarians.

Species: Quarian

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Birth date (every member of Colossus Corp is allowed their birthday off): 28 April

Height: 175 centimetres

Weight: 70 kilos

Appearance (Please attach a picture here so the security personnel may have a reference to allow you access to our facility. If you have no picture then please provide a detailed description.): ... arian&qo=0

Experience with weaponry (if applying for medical or engineering position then what equipment do you have experience with?): Report from Colossus Training Facility. Not much to base his abilties on due to lack of formers employers ,but we have compiled a rather extensive report on his abilities and qualifications. Has shown proficiency with pistols and remarkable skill with biotics and the tech abilities that most quarians know. During tests managed score above average on the pistol range and some success with the Shuriken SMG (although not very impressing). His biotics are more interesting though he is the only known biotic quarian in the galaxy. While we don't have much to use as a reference when it comes to quarian biotics he has shown enough raw ability to rival an untrained Asari. Tech abilities are rather average not much use for direct combat, but has shown skill in repairing/maintaining devices and bypassing security consoles, also has a natural affinity for salvaging equipment and using it for his own needs. This makes him a good mechanic and allows him to bypass most doors and computers, don't expect him to hack a mech in combat though.

To summarize this. He will be of great use as a biotic. While he lacks to training and skill most biotics have he makes up for it in raw strength, with more experience he will probably become a even better biotic. As for the rest of his abilities he will probably fit right in with maintenance and engineering due to his knowledge and training. Weapons abilities are going to require some combat experience, but are not deemed a liability. In short we recommend hiring him.

Personality (We here at Colossus Corp wish our members to be able to work well together and co-exist peacefully): Psych Eval from Colossus: His psych eval is rather clean. He has no problem we can detect except for hostility with the rest of the Quarian race. We have not identified the reason, but he muttered something about the quarians being betrayers and liars, despite that he is one of them. When we tried to get him to tell more he became very defensive and agitated and tried to evade the question. Aside from that shows high curiosity and a good capability for multitasking. Might seem a bit distant from the people in general, but we believe this has something to with his past. To summarize we see no reason not to hire him, although we recommend avoiding discussing the quarian people with him until he opens up more about his past.

Past work experience: We have not found any significant past work experiences. He mostly worked freelancing for a few engineering companies afterwards he began to do a few jobs as a bodyguard and work for a few small mercenary groups, but there is not much to base a profile on. He is what we probably would call a blank slate.

You can check out my co-gm's application for her character. it doesn't have to be long and can be humorous if you want.

So begins...

Varal'zhan's Story


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Ragnarök: He turned to the enraged quarian and began to speak in a cold, mettalic voice. "Through me the way is to the city dolent;Through me the way is to eternal dole; Through me the way among the people lost. Justice incited my sublime Creator; Created me divine Omnipotence, The highest Wisdom and the primal Love. Before me there were no created things,Only eterne, and I eternal last.All hope abandon, ye who enter in!" the huge geth then stretched to his full 12 foot height and continued among the group neither caring for nor noticing the clinking glasses and festive mood in the air, instead choosing to run through in his head the twelve possible ways to calm the quarian down. Ragnarok swiped a hand over his modified M-98 and waited whilst keeping his mind in fluid motion, reciting the inferno in his head as a sniper trick and keeping a vested intrest in the quarian.

The setting changes from CMC HQ Lobby to Mass Effect Universe

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Ragnarök turned to the turian, unsuprised by the former prisoner's wariness of the "flashlight head". Angry at the moniker, he lashed out with lightning fast speed. First reaching for the M-12 with one hand, and sending the punch with the other, aiming straight for the nose ridge. Though his internal consensus had warned him about the consequences later, violence was the choice that he made now, the geth acting in rage, rather than logic.